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Sony Vegas Pro 13 Keygen Functions Review. Nov 21, 2020 - 40 Colourful Full HD Shockwave effects and a FREE Download! As well as edit, create and manage your video and audio files. Sony Vegas Pro 10 Demo; Feb 03, 2020 'The Boris Continuum Complete 7 installer for Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 seems to have issues with placing this file in the wrong folder.

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It is a great and environmentally friendly tool to modify. It offers an extremely flexible user interface. Begin by opening the image or video that you want to re-size in Sony Vegas and drag it into the time line. Finally, This video editing software brings all the features at one place according to the user preferences.

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It does not discuss how to add a separate track to a sped up video. Key features include a totally revamped and enhanced LensFlare and Flare Designer, new PixelSort digital glitch art effect, new WhipLash transition, new animating shape tool for Effect and Transition Builder, new Mocha Essentials. This software also has an enhanced noise canceling function that puts an end to the extra noise. Rough cut videos fast with dynamic.

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Sony Vegas Pro 18.0.284 Download https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=1074. Sony Vegas Pro 16 Crack + Keygen [Mac + Win] Torrent Download Vegas Pro 16 Crack Build is a magical video editing software that allows its user to create wondrous effects in any sort of [HOST]ely it was an audio editing software but with the passage of time it got some improvements from its producer and nowadays Sony Vegas Pro is at. NewBlue Motion Blends for Windows. Video fx for sony vegas 10 keygen.

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Sony Vegas full crack also has the abilities to help you in the streamlined workflows, and Smart video plug-ins. Try DVDFab and download streaming video, copy, convert or make Blu-rays, DVDs! Video editor free download - Vegas Pro. Camtasia Studio: Free Intro Templates 2020 Camtasia Studio 8 9. No Text: Top 10 Intro Templates No Text Free Download.

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Download Sony LUTs for Premiere, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects, FCPX. Vegasaur.com Download Center: Sony Vegas Plugins, Video this website. It comes with support for realistic lighting and color. If you want to make best use of it then you must install plugins in your system.

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Is there a way to fix it, if you please post. Objects filters - BCC Extruded Text, BCC Type-On Text, BCC Layer. Sony Vegas 16 Templates; Sony Vegas 13. Top 10 Epic Number Countdown Template for After Effects.

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Free Vfx Stock Video Footage Download 4K HD 184 Clips. From the codec table, we see that the Video Preview window expects/wants to see computer RGB levels. SONY VEGAS PRO 17 + PATCH (Full Version) VEGAS Pro 17 is here to make your video production more efficient than ever before. NewBlue Motion Blends offers dynamic transitions that introduce.

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Now locate the green plugin icon that has a red arrow. Latest Neat Video is obtainable as a plug-in for a lot of standard video enhancing purposes reminiscent of Adobe Premie. Need help getting rid of black artifacts with sony vegas https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=1061. Dec 30, 2020 2 0 1, 510 0. Dec 30, 2020 #1 I'm having an issue where certain fx's options aren't displaying correctly.

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Originally developed as audio editing software, it eventually developed into an NLE for video and audio from version 2.0. Also im editing a music video and i want to add an effect whereby the singer takes off her head can anyone help with. Techniques to Help You Have a Clean Key; Remove Spill and Blocky Artifacts from Green Screen Footage; Slow Down or Speed Up Video Footage; 5 Advanced VFX Edit You See in Superhero Movies; Video Editing & Workflow; Get Inspired with Creative Cuts & Transitions; Video Editing Tips to Edit like a Pro; Flexible Storyboards for Efficient Workflow; Motion Tracking and Video Stabilization; Rescue. Subject: Boris Effects Misaligned After Rendering From Sony Vegas Issue: When I render my timeline from Sony Vegas, my effects have changed position.

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Download Boris FX 2020.5.2 discover here. Sony Vegas Pro Free Download; 2D Intro Template Sony Vegas; 3D Intro Template Sony Vegas; No Text Intro Template. Boris Continuum Complete 10.0.2172 OFX for Sony Vegas. RGB separation blurs can be added for a different look and S_Whiplash can travel in any direction or angle as well as scaling up or down.

What the people who made Halo 2 are up to now

Oh god, this took a while to put together.
The top recommendation from GTA 3 thread was Halo 2/3 or Shadowrun (2007) from Armonster. Halo 2 seemed like an interesting game to follow, so I researched it again. I decided to look at everyone from Bungie (and people who are listed as additional support. Even with the many, many, many names below, this is not everyone who worked on the game. Close to 50 additional people worked under Microsoft on everything from PR to testing, and this doesn’t even touch on the voice cast (except a few people who worked at Bungie and also supplied voices).
I've decided to break this up into three different categories: still at Bungie, at 343 Industries or Microsoft, and elsewhere. All names in each category are sorted by names.
Now, let's get started

At Bungie

Christopher Barrett worked as one of the lead environmental artist. He is currently serves as game director at Bungie and last worked as the art director at Bungie. He recently founded Oryx Design Lab, which creates pixel art sprites for games.
Chris Butcher worked as an engineering lead for the game. Butcher continues to work in engineering and in 2014 became engineering director. Butcher joined the board of directors of Bungie in 2013.
David Candland worked making the user interface for the game. Candland last worked as the UI lead for Destiny.
Frank Capezzuto III worked as a single-player environmental artist. Capezzutto currently is a senior concept artist and 3D production artist at the company. Capezzutto also worked with Weta and Marvel on non-game Halo projects.
Steve Cotton worked as multiplayer environment artist. Cotton last worked as one of the world art lead for Destiny.
Curtis Creamer worked as a producer for the game. He is currently is director of QA.
David Dunn worked as one of the lead environmental artists. He is currently head of art at the company.
Jamie Evans worked as one of the test leads for the game. Evans last worked as a test manager for Destiny.
Tom Gioconda worked as part of the Bungie.net team. Gioconda is currently a Bungie.net engineer.
Charles Gough worked as an engineering lead for Halo 2. Gough has continued to work in engineering, and was last credited as engineering Overhead for Destiny. According to his LinkedIn, Gough shifted job titles from "Grizzled Ancient" to "Disembodied Soul" at Bungie in 2016.
Tyson Green worked as a mission designer for Halo 2. He last worked as a design lead on Destiny.
Justin Hayward worked as a single-player environmental artist. Hayward was most recently the spec ops visual fx art lead for Destiny
Jason Jones worked as the project lead for Halo 2. He is still at Bungie and last worked on Destiny as a design lead. He still almost never gives interviews
Eamon McKenzie worked as one of the engineers for Halo 2. He is currently AI Engineering lead at the company.
Lorraine McLees worked as part of the Bungie.net team. She last worked as a designeillustrator for Destiny.
Robert McLees (also known as Robt) worked as a 3D artist for the game. McLees worked as a writer start with Halo 3, and last wrote for Destiny. He is married to Lorraine McLees.
James McQuillan worked providing additional support to the game. McQuillan worked at the company Film Oasis which created a documentary about the game. In 2006 he joined Bungie, where he is currently is creative director of visual identity and design. Esmeralda (or Esmerelda, there was some contradicting information) McQuillan is also listed for providing additional support for the game, but I'm unable to find any additional information.
Mat Noguchi worked as one of the engineers for the game. He last worked as one of the combat systems engineers on Destiny. He is also listed as one of the testers for Narbacular Drop (the team that made Narbacular later joined Valve to make Portal).
Bill O'Brien (credited as William) worked as an animator for the game and cinematics. O'Brien was an animation lead for Destiny. Before joining Bungie, O'Brien worked on Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail!
Pete Parsons worked as an executive producer for the game. Halo 2 (along with the multiplayer map pack) was the only game Parsons was credited with producing. He is still at Bungie and in 2016 CEO of the company. Parsons co-founded the advertising company Fyreball (which later became Meteor Solutions) in 2007. The company worked with Microsoft, AT&T and MTV and was sold to Covario in 2012. Parsons came to Bungie from a background of marketing (he marketed MechWarrior 4 for example) and was director of marketing for Halo 3: ODST.
Zach Russell worked as one of the test leads for Halo 2. Russell is currently director of special projects at Bungie, and last worked as head of infrastructure for Destiny.
Michael Salvatori worked providing additional support for the game. Salvatori runs the company TotalAudio, and composed music for the series with Martin O'Donnell. Salvatori has worked with Bungie over his career, last working on Destiny. He has also worked in audio for Stubbs the Zombie and Disney Guilty Party. Edit I listed Salvatori originally as working elsewhere because I couldn't determine if he is a director employee or Bungie or working by contract through TotalAudio. Since he is still making music for Bungie games I decided to move him here.
Luke Timmins worked as one of the engineers for Halo 2. In 2016 Timmins became head of engineering at Bungie.
Luis Villegas worked as a test tools engineer. Villegas last worked as matchmaking engineer lead for Destiny.
Ben Wallace worked as an engineering lead for Halo 2. He has continued to work as the company in engineering, and last worked as one of the engineering directors.
Shiek Wang (credited in Halo 2 as Shi Kai Wang) worked as the lead 3D and effects artist on the game. Wang still works at Bungie as art director, and was the 3D character art lead in Destiny. Wang's job before joining Bungie was working at Subway.
Jay Weinland worked as the audio lead for the game. Weinland last worked as the audio design lead for Destiny.
Roger Wolfson worked as a test tools engineer for the game. He last worked as the online services engineering lead for Destiny.
Mike (or Michael) Zak worked as a single-player environmental artist. Zak most recently worked as the world art team lead for Destiny.

At 343/Microsoft

Michel Bastien worked as a producer for the game. He left in 2006 to co-found Fyreball. In 2009 Bastien co-founded Moonshot games. In 2011 Bastien joined Turn 10 Studios, where has worked as a producer for the Forza series.
Doug Boyce worked as one of the test leads for the game. Boyce last worked as senior software quality engineer for Microsoft, but seems to have left in March.
Bart House worked as an engineer for Halo 2. He worked at Microsoft and was last credited for working on Shadowrun in 2007. I'm seems like House is still at Microsoft, but I can't find any definitive information about him.
Brian Jarrard worked as the Bungie.net lead. In 2016 Jarrard became community manager at 343.
Jason Major was an engineer for the game. Major joined Microsoft in 2005 and is credited as working on games including Fable II and Crackdown. He was the technical director for Project Spark. In 2014 Major joined the Minecraft team, where he currently works. If you remember the E3 HoloLens demo, Major helped build it
Frank O'Connor worked as one of the Bungie.net team. O'Conner helped write for Halo 3, and starting with Halo Reach became franchise creative director for the Halo series.
Greg Snook worked as an engineer for the game. Snook joined Microsoft in 2007 and has worked on games including Gears of Wars 2, Halo 5 and Kinect Adventures. Currently Snook is listed as working on Minecraft.
Joseph Staten was a writer and director of cinematics for Halo 2. Staten left Bungie in late 2013, and joined Microsoft shortly afterwards. He is senior creative director at Microsoft and has worked on ReCore, Quantum Break, and Killer Instinct. He has written Halo novels but currently is not on the series. Right now Staten is writing for Crackdown 3.


Steve Abeyta worked providing additional support for the game. Abeyta left Bungie in 2002, and founded CleverSense (which produced children's educational software) in 2003. In 2009 Abeyta joined ngmoco (which was later bought by DeNA) until the end of 2013. Over the next few years he worked at SK Planet, npnf, and ipvive. He currently works at Industrial Toys, which he joined in March.
Amanda Anderson is credited as one of the “Bungie Princesses” and worked in administration. Anderson left after Halo 2, but I'm unable to trace what she did afterwards.
Eric Arroyo worked as a 3D artist for the game. Arroyo left the company in 2008, and between then and 2014 worked for a bunch of companies. These companies were Certain Affinity, ngmoco, KE Studios, Epic/Chair, Signal Studios, Imba Games, Scattered Entertainment, Industrial Toys and Z2. In 2014 Arroyo joined Disney Interactive, where he currently works as a lead 3D artist.
J. David Atherton worked providing additional support for the game. Atherton runs Sonic Boom Sound, which records and edits actors for games. Some of the games Atherton has worked on includes Skyrim, Fallout 4 + New Vegas, Dishonored 1 + 2, Life is Strange and more.
Christopher Barney worked doing additional Bungie.net support. Barney continued to work with Microsoft until 2009, but after that I'm unable to trace anything about Barney.
Paul Bertone worked as a lead designer for Halo 2. He worked as a campaign designer lead in Halo 3 and design director for ODST and Reach (where he is listed as an additional design director) before leaving Bungie in 2012 (he is still credited in Destiny for additional design leadership) to join Industrial Toys. The company worked in mobile and in 2015 released the game Midnight Star. Bertone left shortly after release and is now self employed. I'm unable to find anything he's worked on since leaving Industrial Toys.
Travis Brady worked as a 3D artist for Halo 2. Brady continued to work as a 3D artist at Bungie until 2015, when he joined Highwire Games to work as the character art director. The first game Brady worked on was The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain in 1995.
Zoé Brawley worked doing additional Bungie.net support. Brawley left Bungie after Halo 2, and I'm unable to follow anything they did afterwards.
Mike Budd worked as an animator for the game and its cinematics. Budd joined n-Space in 2004 and worked there for 5 years. In that time Budd worked on games including Geist, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and the DS version of Call of Duty 4. In 2009 Budd founded Nightlight Games. Currently Budd works as a freelancer, runs Nightlight Games, and teaches at Full Sail University.
John Butkus worked as an animator for the game and its cinematics. Butkus left Bungie in 2008 to work at Blizzard. Butkus still at Blizzard as a senior animator for World of Warcraft.
Chris Carney worked as the lead multiplayer environment artist. Carney continued to work at Bungie until 2015 (he was one of the world design leads for Destiny) before joining Riot Games as a principal level designer.
Hao Chen worked in engineering for the game. Chen became an engineering lead at Bungie and joined Amazon as senior principal engineer in 2015.
Travis Chen worked as a software test engineer for the game. After Halo 2 Chen worked at Neversoft and Blizzard, working on games such as Guitar Hero, GUN, World of Warcraft, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Chen currently works as creative director at Bad Robot Interactive and as an engineer at Snapchat.
Hamilton Chu worked as one of the producers for Halo 2. Chu left Bungie in 2004 to join Electronic Arts. He only worked at the company for 9 months before joining Spectrum Mediaworks for 4 months before co-founding Giant Bite. He then ran a consulting company before joining Blizzard in 2008. He is still at Blizzard, where he is senior vice president and executive producer at the company. He is currently working on Hearthstone.
Paul Clift worked in art production for the game. Clift last worked as the technical art lead for Halo 3. After that I'm unable to find any information about what Clift did.
Mike Cody worked as a software test engineer. Cody became an audio director at Microsoft and worked on games such as Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends and Ms. Splosion Man before leaving in 2012. Cody now works at Lionbridge, which is a translation and localization company for everything from banking to video games (Lionbridge worked on the translations of games such as Guild Wars 2 and The Witcher 3).
CJ Cowan worked as the cinematic director for Halo 2. Cowan continued to work at Bungie as the lead story designer on Destiny and it's expansions before leaving the company in 2016.
Vic DeLeon worked as a single-player environmental artist for the game. DeLeon left Bungie in 2010 to work with Microsoft on Halo 4 and 5. In 2015 he joined Highwire Games. DeLeon also worked on the PC version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
Tom Doyle worked as a single-player environmental artist. Doyle continued to work in art and was the 3D hard surface art lead for Destiny. He left Bungie in 2015 to help found Endeavor One.
Michael Evans was an engineering lead for the game. He worked with Rare in 2005 to help finish Perfect Dark Zero before co-founding the company Giant Bite the same year. The company didn't release any games, and in 2006 Evans co-founded Fyreball and worked there until 2009. Evans joined Blizzard in 2009 to work as lead gameplay engineer for their next MMO. The game was later canceled and parts were reused to make Overwatch. Evans left before Titan was official canceled to join Riot Games, where he currently works as senior software engineer.
Jeremy Fones worked making additional animations for the game. Fones worked at Bungie until 2008, when he joined Vigil games to work on Darksiders and the canceled Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium. Fones worked as a contract animator for Destiny for a year before joining Motiga for 3 years. In 2016 Fones joined Epic as a senior animator.
Bernie Freidin worked as an engineer for the game. Halo 2 was the last Bungie game Freidin is credited as working on. He seems to currently be at Rockstar, and was last credited as a senior graphics programmer for Grand Theft Auto 5.
Jaime Griesemer worked as one of the lead designers for Halo 2. Griesemer continued to work in design until 2010, when he left. He worked on early planning and prototypes of Destiny and is credited for additional design leadership. Griesemer then joined Sucker Punch, where he helped do additional design for Infamous: Festival of Blood before becoming lead designer for Infamous: Second Son. He also served as creative director of Infamous: Paper Trail before leaving to co-found Highwire Games, where he is currently working on the game Golem. In the last few years Griesemer has also worked as a game design consultant for companies such as Ready At Dawn, Activision Blizzard and Treyarch.
Alta Hartmann (now Alta Schlosser) is credited as one of the “Bungie Princesses” and worked in administration. Schlosser joined Avanade in 2007, where she still works.
Dawn Hershey worked providing additional support for Halo 2. Hershey runs a casting company and has worked on everything from Spongebob Squarepants to Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.
Max Hoberman worked and multiplayer and UI lead for the game. Hoberman left Bungie in 2006 to form Certain Affinity. Since it was founded Certain Affinity has helped work on games and series including Left 4 Dead, Halo, Call of Duty and Doom. Hoberman continues to serve as president for the company.
Ryan Hylland worked as a software test engineer. Hylland joined Microsoft in 2005 and later joined Turn 10 in 2008. In 2016 Hylland left Microsoft and seems to now be at Unity as a software test engineer.
Dàmiàn Isla worked as an engineer for the game. Isla helped found Moonshot Games in 2009. He most recently helped found The Molasses Flood which made The Flame and Flood. Isla also did additional programming for Destiny and Bioshock Infinite.
Claire Jennings worked doing additional Bungie.net support. She worked at Microsoft until 2013. Currently Jennings is a graduate research assistant at University of Washington Bothell.
C Paul Johnson worked as a sound designer for the game. Johnson continued to work in sound design and was composer and audio design lead for Destiny. In 2016 Johnson left Bungie to form his own company Trigger Volume.
Hardy F. LeBel Sr. worked doing additional mission design for the game. LeBel had left Bungie in 2001 (he was lead multiplayer designer for Halo 1) but came back to help on Halo 2. After Halo 2 LeBel joined Zipper Interactive as creative directer until 2006. In 2006 LeBel became CEO of Tyrant Studios, which was a game design consulting firm. In his time at Tyrant Studios LeBel also served as gameplay director at Crystal Dynamics and project director at Signal Studios. In 2012 LeBel joined Industrial Toys, which he left in 2013. LeBel currently is releasing game design videos and is releasing books.
Chris Y. J. Lee worked making additional single-player environmental art. Lee left Bungie in 2004 to work as CCO at Doppelganger Inc. In the years since Lee has worked at companies including ngmoco, and last worked at npnf, inc in 2015. Fun fact: There is another Chris Lee who helped market Halo 2. That Chris Lee is now the director of marketing at Netflix for North America, Australia, and New Zealand.
Aaron Lieberman worked as a test tools engineer for the game. Lieberman continued to work for Bungie until 2016, when he joined Oculus as a software engineer.
Marcus Lehto worked as art director for the game. It seems like he initially left Bungie in 2011 but then stayed another year (he is still credited for additional art direction for Destiny). He was creative director for Halo: Reach. When he totally left in 2012 he helped form V1 Interactive, which is still working on their first game.
Stacey Moore worked as an additional animator for the game. Moore left Microsoft in 2004 to work at Take-Two on Amped 3, and later joined Activision in 2006 to work on games including Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for 360 and Bee Movie for DS. In 2007 Moore joined Junction Point, where he was a senior animator for Epic Mickey 1 and 2. I'm unable to find any specifics for what Moore worked on after 2013.
Damien Neff worked as an additional programmer for the game. Neff is listed as working on 007: From Russia with Love and Forza 2 and 3. After that I am unable to trace Neff.
Martin O'Donnell was the composer and audio director for the game. O'Donnell continued to work at Bungie until 2014, when he was fired from the company. He then sued over his firing and reached a settlement later that year. O'Donnell is currently working at Highwire games as audio director for their game Golem.
Stephen Okasaki worked providing additional mission design for Halo 2. Okasaki joined Neversoft in 2004 and worked on Tony Hawk's Project 8 and Gun before leaving in 2006. Okasaki then worked at Concrete Games working on an unannounced game before joining Hi-Rez Games to work on Global Agenda. After a year-long job at Red 5 working on Fire Fall Okasaki returned to Neversoft to work on Call of Duty and an unannounced FPS. Neversoft merged with Infinity Ward, and Okasaki currently works as a designer on Call of Duty.
Adrian Perez worked as an engineer for Halo 2. Perez left Bungie in 2013 (he is still credited as simulations engineer for Destiny) and joined Sucker Punch as a senior programmer. In 2015 Perez joined Highwire Games but left in February 2017 to work as a senior software engineer at Google. Perez also left an Easter egg in Halo 3 wishing his wife a happy birthday.
Kelly Rains worked as an additional 3D artist. Rains worked at Microsoft at the time, but left in 2002. Since then Rains has worked at Midway, Warner Brothers, U4iA, and Monolith. Rains is last credited as working on multiplayer environmental art for Halo 5 as part of Insight Global.
Juan Ramirez worked as a 3D artist for the game. Ramirez left Bungie in 2004 to work at Wideload games. In 2009 Ramirez started Fantom Eye Productions, where he still works.
Paul Russel worked as a single-player environmental artist. Russel left Bungie in 2010 and started work at Certain Affinity as a environmental artist in 2011. Russel founded spazdesign in 2012 and has worked with companies including Moonshot Games and Industrial Toys.
Harold Ryan worked as producer of Bungie.net and test manager for the game. Ryan later became president of Bungie until he left in 2016. During his time at Bungie he was sued by Martin O'Donnell, which he settled in 2014. He currently works as President at PeopleKnot Inc, which I'm unable to find any information about.
Steve Scott worked in effects for the game. Scott last worked as the visual FX art lead for Destiny. In 2016 he left Bungie and currently works at HBO as a senior design engineer.
Stefan Sinclair worked as one of the engineers for the game. In 2008 Sinclair left Bungie to work at Certain Affinity. At Certain Affinity Sinclair worked on games and series including Call of Duty, Halo, and Doom. Sinclair left Certain Affinity in 2015 to work at IVxIV Software, which he founded in 2012. IVxIV has worked on games such as RWBY: Grim Eclipse and created websites that help create Big Brother / Big Sister matches.
Eddie Smith worked making matte paintings for the game. Smith left Bungie in 2006, and since then has worked for companies including Sony Online Entertainment, Day One Studios, DeNA and Microsoft. Smith is currently art director at Soulbound Studio.
Matthew Soell worked doing additional Bungie.net support. Soell joined Wideload Games in 2003 as lead writer. In 2013 Soell joined Certain Affinity, where he still works.
Rob Stokes worked as a mission designer for the game. Stokes left Bungie in 2007 and co-founded Moonshot Games in 2009. Stokes joined Blizzard in 2011 as a senior story developer for Titan. He then joined Harmonix and worked on a canceled Xbox One Kinect game. During his time at Harmonix Stokes also worked with Harebrained Schemes on Shadowrun Returns and Dragonfall. Also during this time at Harmonix he worked designing levels for Moonshot games. Stokes left Harmonix in 2013 and joined ArenaNet in 2014, where he currently works.
Steve Vai worked providing additional support for the game. Vai is a famous guitar player, and was on three of the game's tracks.
Nathan Walpole worked as an animator for the game and its cinematics. Walpole left Bungie in 2008 to work on Halo 4 at 343. He then joined ZeniMax Online to work on Elder Scrolls Online for a year and in 2013 began to teach at Champlain College.
Lee Wilson worked providing additional support for the game. At the time Wilson worked as a freelance storyboard and concept artist. He joined Bungie in 2005 and left in 2012 (he is credited as an additional cinematic artist for Destiny). Wilson then worked with Sucker Punch on Infamous until 2016, when he joined V1 Interactive.
Michael Wu worked as a single-player environmental artist. Wu left Bungie in 2011 (they are credited in Destiny's credits) to work at EA. Wu worked on Dead Space 3, and left in 2013. Wu currently works at Cleveland Institute of Art where they teach.
Ok, that was a lot of people. I’ve put together a partial list below of a few of the studios that had/have multiple Halo 2 devs at them.
  • Fyreball - Michel Bastien, Michael Evans, Pete Parsons
  • Moonshot Games - Michel Bastien, Dàmiàn Isla, Paul Russe, Rob Stokes
  • ngmoco - Steve Abeyta, Eric Arroyo, Chris Y. J. Lee
  • Industrial Toys - Steve Abeyta, Eric Arroyo, Paul Bertone, Hardy F. LeBel Sr., Paul Russel
  • Certain Affinity - Eric Arroyo, Max Hoberman, Paul Russel, Stefan Sinclair, Matthew Soell
  • Highwire Games - Travis Brady, Vic DeLeon, Jaime Griesemer, Martin O'Donnell, Adrian Perez
  • Giant Bite - Hamilton Chu, Michael Evans
  • V1 Interactive - Marcus Lehto, Lee Wilson
  • Sucker Punch - Jaime Griesemer, Adrian Perez, Lee Wilson
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