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Wizard101 Crowns - Wizard101 - Reviews, News & Giveaways https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=1086. Wizard101 Promo Codes. Adobe Id And Password Crack Dell Inspiron 6000 Windows 10 Open Pdf In Adobe Not Browser Free Ranch Rush 2 Age Of Conquerors Free Download. This page contains Wizard 101, q&a, questions and answesr cheatsguru, Page 2. Wizard 101 Q&A.

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Wizard101 Crown Generator (free) download Windows version get more. Check out the Wizard 101 website and discover that Wizard 101 is available for Mac and for PC. Wizard101 Crowns Hack 2020 – Online Crowns Generator for Free. Wizard101 Free Crowns.

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Wizard101's Socketing and Jewels: A Guide. Wizard101 Crown Generator 2020 No Survey Download Get Free Wizard101 Crowns Wizard101 Crown Generator starting to become the best hack for the game I would taking into consideration to share an delightful habit to get your hands on Free Wizard101 Crowns to you. We also have something that you need to know before use this hack. Need a tougher ship to handle the difficult enemies in different game worlds?

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Get 10, 000 More Crowns With First Acquire On Wizard101. Wizard Crowns Hack Tool is swift to use and you can quite quickly combine Crowns in your account with just a handful of clicks of button. You can reward from the Crowns established by Wizard Hack Tool. Also you can make new Wizards and as you get up to level 7 put the piggles into your shared bank and go into your main wizard and get all the piggles in your shared bank and put them in your backpack and sell all.

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Wizard101 is one of the most entertaining online crowns game. All you need to do is just download the generator from the site above and use it! The Wizard101 Crown Generator No Survey is one of th ebest wizard hacks ever created that you can use today. Similar Games To Wizard 101.

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Guest answered: You can also go to google and then tipe wizard101 mini games then you see it says free online game from kingslsle entertainment you click that then you choose a game depneding on your score you can get crowns mounts gold. If you do not need any spell, you have to discard it by right-clicking on the spell in combat. CastleVille Cheats Level & Crowns & Coins Hack [ Working.

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I list the quests you have to do in a certain area. Freeware - wizard101 crowns generator. Unfortunately, validation for worlds is handled server side. Ultimate Wizard101 Beginner Guide - Final Bastion website.

Beginner's Guide to Wizard101 Gardening - Final Bastion

All you need to do is just download. The more Crowns you buy, the cheaper the "currency rate" becomes. Normally players have to use real money to purchase crowns on the official. Wizard101 offers player Wizard games set in the magical Wizard school, Ravenwood Academy.

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If you buy a zone with Crowns, your Wizard can have access to it forever. Buy Crowns to unlock premium play areas and to purchase cool in-game items to customize your Wizard! Note that Do Not Trust Anyone Who. Wizard101 is a massively multiplayer online turn-based game for PC, developed by KingsIsle Entertainment.

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Wizard 101 crown generator free no membership needed Full. Unique and helpful guides, tips and tricks for how to become a master wizard. Wizard Hack is a totally working hack tool. Each video earns you 10 crowns to be added to your balance.

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Community Gameplay Guides

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Come back each day to complete more free trivia questions and earn more Crowns! Save Up To 25% On Crowns From Wizard101. You can use your free crowns to buy plenty of items to help you in your great adventure, or to unlock premium play zones. Wizard 101 crowns hack.

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Working Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe Loading. Wizard 101 Hack – Unlimited Crowns Generator https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=1082. Wizard101 New Promotional Codes for 2020-2020 – The Only Cheat That Works (8); Wizard101 Crown Generator (2); How to get unlimited treasure cards in wizard101 (0); Wizard101 How to Get Free Crowns – Legit No Download (0); 4 Reasons Why This is The Best Free Online MMO Game (0); How to Find Wizard 101 Cheats for Crowns: 7 Things You Must Do (0); Wizard101 Spiral Cup Gauntlet Bundle: Watch. Second Best Options At level 50: Wyvern Hoard Pack: The full level 50 Energetic set will give you +38 energy; Hoard of Hydra: The level 50 Pixie hat, robes and boots will get you up to +37 energy; Hive Bundle: The level 50 Stinger set will give you +18 energy; Beastmaster Set: Available to any level from the crown shop for 3500 crowns, gives you +18 energy.

[Lets Build D100] Things to find on an island

Planning on running a “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” type campaign and could use some ideas for various discoveries and encounters during their trip:
1) A cave system full of luminous crystals
2) The island is full of dangerous plants such as Shambling Mounds and Thorny creatures
3) Lion Mermaids (top half lion, bottom half fish) reside in the bay. They are wise and majestic.
4) An enchanted weapon stuck in a moss covered stone.
5) A scroll with an ancient and forbidden spell
6) A wizard’s tower who’s magic has turned the island into an icy tundra
7) a valley filled with magical darkness and creatures who stalk their prey without the use of sight
8) A yuan-ti temple, long abandoned. Or is it?
9) A tribe of friendly Yuan-ti who have abandoned the bloodthirsty ways of their ancestors
10) A troop of pirates burying their ill-gotten gains
  1. The island is an illusion
  2. The island has constant wild magic surges
  3. The island prevents creatures from being healed
  4. The island is a monster
  1. A group of sea faring monks use it as a waypoint
  2. A hidden pirate town lies in the middle of a bay
  3. An eccentric bard has built a mansion there
  4. A rare heart shaped fruit grows there that acts like a love potion
  5. Two angry gnome castaways having a staring contest over the last ration...they might not notice you
  6. A bar. No idea where it came from. Neither does the guy who runs it
  7. A ball with a bloody handprint on it named Wilson.
  8. A martial artist panda training his skills
  9. A sleeping ancient dragon
  1. The island is actually a massive, mythological beast like a lion turtle, with a forest growing on its back. It is not hostile, and will even offer words of wisdom to anyone who manages to find its head.
  2. A stand alone door that lead to a shop called the Junk Drawer, owned by a wizard. It sells many minor and major magical items. When every party members has entered and exited, the door vanishes the moment it shuts.
  3. An isolated civilization. Despite its isolation, it's just as, if not more advanced than modern civilizations. A downright Utopia. They just never saw a reason to leave the island.
  1. A castaway. he or she has been stranded on the island for (months / years).
  2. A cave system that is full of bio-luminescent mushrooms
  3. A cave system that is full of giant mushrooms
  4. A cave that is being used as a smugglers cache
  5. A coastal (fishing village / sea fort / town)
  6. A creature bound by chains in the center of (a magic circle / ward stones)
  7. A giant monolith covered in strange (glyphs / runes)
  8. A giant statue (god of the natives / actual god of the natives / giant stone golem)
  9. A mission where priest are trying to bring culture and religion to the natives
  10. A native tribe of (half-giants / halflings / lizardmen / ogres / tabaxi / yuan-ti). They are (elusive / friendly / hostile / wary)
  11. A sea cave being used as a pirate base
  12. A sea hag / sea witch
  13. Awakened creatures
  14. Dinosaurs
  15. Shipwreck
  16. Shipwreck + (ghost of crew / monster living in the hull / survivor)
  17. The castle of some reclusive (artificer / noble / wizard)
  18. The remains of a mining operation
  19. The remains of a previous explorer
  20. The skeletal remains of some giant creature (dragon sized / Godzilla sized)
  1. A stone statue of a head 🗿
  1. A series of islands, each with a small, abandoned hut, each with a love note stating, "I'll make it back to you, even if I have to swim to the next island over."
  2. Seven skeletons and a ruined boat named "The Minnow." (Gillagin's Island)
  3. Lots of rum. (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  4. A skeleton holding a treasure map promising the greatest reward of all. The map leads back to civilization and the luxuries of society.
  5. A refuge for wild beasts of the most vicious types, all under the protection of a hermit druid.
  6. A portal. Walking through causes the Player's to go colorblind, making them think they've entered another plane of existence, when really they've gone nowhere.
  7. A family of gnome tinkerers, beset by foreign pirates (Swiss Family Robinson)
  8. A zombie plague and two feuding families, one that wants to kill all the undead, the other that wants to save their zombified family members (Survival of the Dead)
  9. A Zaratan (giant sea turtle) with one mystery on its back, another on its belly. Every few hours, the creature rolls over to float a different way.
  10. Tapioca. Loads of it. Everywhere. In small plastic, sealed cups.
  1. 3 boxes made of sand
  2. A coconut tree with too many coconuts
  3. A big girallon Skeleton with the neckbone broken
  4. A little glass Vial with some drops of blood
  5. A skull made of Glass
  1. A shipwreck on top of a mountain in the middle of the island
  2. undead creatures that aren't hostile
  3. a coven of hags that are squabbling about who has the eating fork
  4. A pool of magically healing waters
  5. A portal that changes where it leads every day
  6. A small stone table surrounded by 1 mile of barren ground
  7. A small ghost town with evidence of the inhabitants planning for a "departure"
  8. A mimic the size of an island
  9. A gargantuan mushroom in the middle of the island with Myconids living in and around it
  10. A disheveled looking man with a poorly made wooden crown on his head claiming to be the king of the island
  1. sea shells, just everywhere, more on the beach of course. But then an odd amount deeper on the island, where secretly there is a cavern hidden by lush foliage, which goes down and down to an underground cove of seawater. Crustaceans sometimes get to the surface then eaten by birds and such. Down here though is a Goliath crustacean, in its secluded lair, undisturbed until now...
  2. a secret cache of bootleg whisky and rum, along with some skeletons of bootleggers
  3. A polar bear, because you're actually on the show Lost! (or whatever crazy twists you want to do)
  4. a genie stuck inside a message in a bottle. It is released when you open the bottle, it is freed from its seal if you read the message. Run your own twilight zone "wishes" adventure, the genies main objective is to be unsealed, and do whatever it pleases after that.
  5. a crashed hot air ship, and a small cast of characters trying to repair it to escape (think Gilligan's Island).
  6. A feywild portal, it's appears to be a mirage until you get to close, then the mirage paradise quickly becomes a tropical island themed feywild nightmare. Lots of possibilities, you might find your way back to the island or maybe to another portal...
  7. a single kobold, with a little hut setup with island themed inventions (made of palm leaves, coconut shells, etc), who seems to be living its best life here. Is it comic relief, a local guide, merchant, or info broker, side kick, or something else?
  8. a giant statue made from jet black glassy rock, in the shape of a half donkey, half octopus (you choose the halves).
  1. A storm giant oracle with a massive observatory to watch the stars for signs and omens. She's friendly but a little short-tempered, she doesn't get many visitors out here.
  2. A human male alone on the island who claims he was shipwrecked. The man is actually a vampire who was marooned on the island by another vessel, this is his attempt to get back to civilization.
  3. A fort garrisoned by dozens of ghosts and skeletons. They were sent here to build and man the sea fort when their kingdom went to war, but the war ended centuries ago and word never got to them.
  4. An island with a hidden cave behind a waterfall a crew of pirates are using as a hideout.
  5. A shrine to the god/goddess of the ocean that has been overrun and defiled by Kuo-toa.
  1. A little old grandma who's living in a house on stilts on what has essentially become a sand bar. The grandma is a little senile and blind.
  1. You hear several roars closing in on you. A hydra seems to have heard the your approach. One of the heads turns right in your direction, a smoldering pupil that pierces your soul. Did it see you?
  1. An Fiend who removes the consciences of anyone who remains on the island for too long. The inhabitants, consisting of the descendants sailors who were shipwrecked there, are quite hostile. Killing or otherwise removing the fiend returns everyone’s consciences and causes most of the inhabitants to go into a temporary catatonic state from sheer guilt. Some will try to make up for it immediately by assisting and healing you.
  2. Once you step on the beach, you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a desert, with the shoreline a two week journey behind you. The island is much bigger when you are on it compared to when you step off.
  1. Another Pirates of the Caribbean one: A jar of dirt!
  2. The washed up bones of some aquatic monster (the bones may or may not be an undead)
  3. A mysterious fountain, the water of which flows up, not down
  1. A hundred sealed barrels and crates packed with building materials for an unused sea fort; the attached bills of lading indicate that it is off course by well over a thousand miles and a century late.
  2. Three abandoned stone cottages in a handmade boulevard crafted from natural materials and paved with slabs of unusually good quality concrete and cobblestone; each one is themed: blacksmith, carpenter, glassmaker.
  3. A pile of long-dead horses, still attached to their respective carriages and wagons, showing indications of having fallen from a great height and at the same time; they all have different flags, pennants and royal seals, none from adjacent kingdoms or holdings.
  4. If in a tropical area: a whaling station, showing signs of recent activity; if in a colder region, a guano and calcium mine, likewise indicating it's not been long since it was operating.
  5. A pair of skeletons, still dressed in pirate finery, holding longswords at each others' throats, animated and uncaring of outside influences. There's evidence of a long-standing rivalry that has gone beyond the living realm and continued unabated.
    1. Buried treasure chests containing the entirety of the research and development for a long-lost alchemical weapon's design and production; this weapon can be anything outside of the normal range: tear gas, killing smoke, doubly-effective alchemist's fire, a freezing agent - go nuts.
  6. A half-buried sailing ship covered in tiny, animated constructs the size of buttons, well on their way to completely concealing the hull and rigging. Anything left in the open air is considered a viable target unless it is in proximity to heat, fire or smoke.
  7. Thousands of jeweled crabs, each one easily worth a gold piece, scuttling along the beach chasing seabirds and turtles. They're edible, and surviving on them for too long will cause painless, yet noticeable, growths of jeweled scabs all over the bodies of those partaking in the meals.
  8. Parrots infest the trees, forever inaccurately forecasting the weather and tidal heights, at all hours of the day and night. Anything shouted at them is repeated for the shouter's Charisma bonus in hours.
  9. Moray eels hide in the submerged wrecks at the bottom of the clear bay, all of them bearing grisly smiles and humming tunelessly whenever they see prey approaching.
  10. An abandoned mining camp, population formerly in the range of fifteen to twenty, discarded tools and gear showing that the operators chose a recent time to abruptly walk inside of the deepest shaft and seal themselves inside, leaving only one cryptic note behind: "Better to be in the dark than have to hide in the light forever." One or more of the miners might be a vampire.
  11. A sorcerer sitting on a portable bench, calculating a historic juncture of planar alignment, confused about a simple equation not working out properly. In exchange for math help, he'll gladly provide the group with guidance to nearby settlements or a good quality map. Given he plans to escape to an inhospitable planar destination, he cannot take passengers on his journey.
  12. Two mummies in sealed sarcophagi, grateful for being released, unsure of how they managed to wash up on an alien island, willing to give historical data or provide minimal efforts in building a ship; one of them is what used to be a pharaoh's engineer, the other a prize fighter of moderate skill; both were meant to be buried with their master, some ten thousand miles away and five centuries dead. Well, still dead, just.. way more dead than expected.
  1. An abandoned stone hut surrounded by ruins of the same material. It appears to have been recently rebuilt. Inside are many strange objects, like weird plants, unrecognizable jewels, weapons with failed enchantments, and old books in odd languages. The wax candles in the hut are wet.
  2. A night when every light source on the island goes dark. Fires will not be lit, magic that would normally illuminate an area will not work, and any races with dark vision cannot see. All the locals of the island do not seem fazed and just retreat to their houses using string/rope/fences/etc. to guide them and emerge holding jars containing small, faerie-like creatures who emanate a 10ft radius of green light.
  3. A nice looking man who makes you unknowingly sign a pact. You cannot leave the island until you have payed off your debt to him. The man is secretly a demon, and his name is Tom Nook.
  4. A strange occurrence on the island causes a lot of the natural resources to be replaced by large, colourful eggs.
u/DrFishPHD (fittingly)
  1. What they believe to be a giant monster is actually a small group of fish using illusion magic to guard their eggs
  1. Sand
  1. Turnips but only on Sundays
  1. Coconut Crabs
  1. You find large amounts of crabs dancing on the island while enchanted music is being played by an overly eccentric and loony bard. Characters must roll a DC 15 Charisma saving throw as to not suddenly break out in moves
  1. A man living in a small but nice shack. A sign on the door reads "Outside the Asylum".(Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy)
  2. A man living in a rundown shack. Some extremely powerful extra-planar entities visit and ask him a series of innocuous questions, such as "which of these stones do you think is prettier?".(Hitchhikers again)
  1. Titan, bound by chains to a mountain. When the PCs ponder that sight, a Roc flies by, to a titan as common eagle to a human, and starts chewing through the titan's gut. The ground trembles, as the titan tosses himself from side to side, trying to escape.
  2. A cave, that looks empty, as far as light goes. Anyone walking in must make Wisdom save. On failure, they bolt out, crazy with fear. On success, they walk out calm and collected, and cannot be frightened, nor charmed for the next 24 hours.
  3. This island is merely a rock, on top of which a dire wolf, or at least what appears to be one, is chained to the ground by chain that doesn't seem to have any substance. The creature asks to be freed, and promises that no harm will come to those who free it. That being said.. it's dire wolf that speaks. And it's eyes are full of malice and anger.
  4. On this little island, there is mountain of black glass. In the mountain, there is a cave. And in the cave, on marble slab, an old man lies, deep in enchanted sleep. Judging by clothing and paraphelia, he must been druid.
  5. medium-sized island wholy inhabited by living food.
  1. A colony of flightless birds previously thought extinct! You’ve found the home of the last colony of dodos!
  2. A colony of semi-sentient sea iguanas. Individually they are not intelligent at all. Collectively, they act as a hive mind and are quite intelligent and can even cast magic spells.
  3. A wooden watch tower made of lumber that is not native to the island. The tower is uninhabited, but still in good repair. Who built it ? Why ? And when did they leave ? Are they coming back? Should the PCs be concerned about their return ?
  4. An airship graveyard inhabited by the undead versions of the previous crews. Inspired by the B-52 sequence from the movie Heavy Metal.
  5. An active volcano which is worshipped by a tribe of primitive islanders. These people are convinced that sacrificing the PCs to their volcano god will appease him and prevent the next eruption (and save their tribe from certain doom).
  1. A large cenote of fresh rests at the center of the island. It becomes a portal to the plane of water on nights with a half-moon. A small fishing village will offer various objects and treasures into the sinkhole to appease a long dead/missing dragon turtle that once roamed this region.
  1. An island inhabited by very primitive people that have somehow harnessed electricity because of an Ancient or Adult Blue Dragon that sleeps underneath it and constantly supplies it with energy
  2. An island that is inhabited by an unusually large amount of turtles, turns out this “island” is a giant turtle’s back and they’re all its children.
  3. An island with exactly four trees. Each tree is carved with “N, E, S, and W” but it actually represents the names of an old pirate crew and the abbreviations are completely opposite of the current cardinal direction the party is facing (ex. N tree is facing south).
  4. An island with unbelievably strong winds
  5. An island with a wall of smoke surrounding it so that the players can’t see anything until they actually arrive on it. Once they arrive on the island, they realize it has come from an enormous volcano that is about to erupt. There’s a small village at the base of the volcano. If your players stay to evacuate the village they might be injured by lava, flying rocks, or inhaling too much smoke, but the villagers will reward them with something if they’re evacuated safely. The party can decide if they want to risk their lives to save them.
submitted by Mythgirl to d100

100 Local Multiplayer Games from 20 Different Genres

There are more local multiplayer games than ever, but most are indie games overshadowed by AAA titles. The PS4 has been getting about 60 new games a month in 2020 - 28% of which include local multiplayer - but most people only hear about a handful of them. I’m going to list 5 local multiplayer games per genre. I’m setting a limit because I will just keep going for some genres if I don’t. They will be in order of highest quality game to lowest quality. I had no problems finding games for each genre – almost all should have a Metacritic rating over 70%, with only a few exceptions (like Outward, but patches have improved it).
Some games can really qualify for two genres, like Fury Unleashed, which is both a run & gun and roguelike. If this happens, I either pick the one it leans more strongly towards, or I just choose. No game will ever appear more than once on this list.
See below for the list.
Cooperative 2D Platformers
• Rayman Legends – 4 players
• Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope – 2 players
• Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon 2 – 2 players
• Flat Heroes – 4 players
• Unravel Two – 2 players
Competitive 2D Platformers
• Ultimate Chicken Horse – 4 players
• Speedrunners – 4 players
• Runbow – 4 players
• Sonic Mania Plus – 4 players
• Move or Die – 4 players
• Salt and Sanctuary – 2 players
• Guacamelee 1 & 2 – 4 players
• Sundered: Eldritch Edition – 2 players
• Timespinner (limited role) – 2 players
• Blaster Master Zero 1 & 2 (limited role) - 2 players
Arena Fighters
• Duck Game – 4 players
• TowerFall – 4 players
• Extreme Exorcism – 4 players
• Demons with Shotguns – 4 players
• Super Bomberman R – 4 players
Fighting Games
• Mortal Kombat X & 11 – 2 players
• Street Fighter V – 2 players
• Soulcalibur VI – 2 players
• Nidhogg 1 & 2 – 2 players
• Gang Beasts – 4 players
Top Down Action Adventure Games
• Hyper Light Drifter – 2 players
• Cat Quest II – 2 players
• Darksiders Genesis – 2 players
• Titan Quest – 2 players
• Vikings - Wolves of Midgard - 2 players
Twin Stick Shooters
• Alienation – 4 players
• Helldivers – 4 players
• Nex Machina: Death Machine – 2 players
• Nine Parchments – 4 players
• Tesla vs Lovecraft – 4 players
Shoot ‘em Ups
• Jamestown+ – 4 players
• Super Hydorah – 2 players
• Sky Force Reloaded – 2 players
• Sine Mora EX – 2 players
• Battle Garegga Rev.2016 – 2 players
Beat ‘em Ups
• Castle Crashers Remastered – 4 players
• Streets of Rage 4 – 4 players
• River City Girls – 2 players
• Mother Russia Bleeds – 4 players
• Streets of Rogue – 4 players
Run & Guns
• Cuphead – 2 players
• Guns, Gore & Cannoli 1 & 2 – 4 players
• Blazing Chrome – 2 players
• Huntdown – 2 players
• Fury Unleashed – 2 players
• Fortnite – 2 players
• Call of Duty (various) – 2-4 players depending on entry
• Resident Evil 5 Remastered – 2 players
• Borderlands (various) – 2-4 players depending on entry
• Screencheat – 4 players
• Divinity: Original Sin 1 & 2 – 2 players
• Diablo 3 – 4 players
• Children of Morta – 2 players
• Dragon’s Crown Pro – 4 players
• Outward – 2 players
Racing Games
• Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – 4 players
• Team Sonic Racing – 4 players
• Horizon Chase Turbo – 4 players
• Trackmania Turbo – 4 players
• Wipeout: Omega Collection – 2 players
Overcooked-like Games
• Overcooked 1 & 2 – 4 players
• Moving Out – 4 players
• Catastronauts – 4 players
• Totally Reliable Delivery Service – 4 players
• Tools Up! – 4 players
Creation Games
• Minecraft – 4 players
• LittleBigPlanet 3 – 4 players
• Dreams – 4 players
• Terraria – 4 players
• Gunscape – 4 players
Puzzle Adventure Games
• Pode – 2 players
• Biped – 2 players
• Death Squared – 4 players
• Never Alone – 2 players
• Chariot Bundle – 4 players
• Wizard of Legend – 2 players
• Enter the Gungeon – 2 players
• Spelunky 2 – 4 players
• Risk of Rain – 2 players
• 20XX – 2 players
Indie Sports Games
• Lethal League 1 & Blaze – 4 players
• Windjammers – 4 players
• Stikbold! – 4 players
• Super Mega Baseball 1 & 2 & 3 – 4 players
• Disc Jam – 4 players
Strategy Games
• Wargroove – 4 players
• Tooth and Tail – 4 players
• Cannon Brawl – 4 players
• Worms Battlegrounds & W.M.D. – 4 players
• For the King – 3 players
Board Games
• Monopoly Plus – 4 players
• Risk: Urban Assault – 4 players
• Chess – 2 players
• Backgammon Blitz – 2 players
• Trivial Pursuit Live! – 4 players
Playlink Games
• Knowledge is Power - 6 players
• That's You! - 6 players
• Uno - 4 players
• Melbits World - 4 players
• Frantics - 4 players
UPCOMING: 3D Platformers
• Human: Fall Flat (already out) – 2 players
• A Hat in Time (upcoming DLC) – 2 players
• Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time (upcoming) – 4 players
• Sackboy: A Big Adventure (upcoming) – 4 players
• Balan Wonderworld (upcoming) – 2 players
Lots of upcoming local co-op 3D platformers, so I thought I’d add it at the bottom - it is not counted towards the 100 games in the post. Hope this helps you find something new to play. Obviously there are tons of great ones that didn’t even make the list. I estimate there to be at least 700 local multiplayer games on PS4, though that number could very well be closer to 1000. I still run into new ones on the PlayStation Store all the time.
Click here for a less organized list of 250+ local multiplayer games for PlayStation 4.
Edit: Added Playlink games for a total of 21 genres + the upcoming 3D platformer list. Playlink games are party-esque games that uses players' smartphones as a controller.
There are even more great suggestions in the comment section!
Some more interesting information below about the ratio of local multiplayer games.
As I mentioned before, I recorded all 358 PS4 games released in the 1st Half of 2020. 101 of them had local multiplayer - 28% during this time-frame. I was curious to see how a previous year compared. I recorded November 2013 to December 2014. There were 103 PS4 games released in this time-frame. 37 of them had local multiplayer - 36% of all games during this time-frame. So at the low end you have more than 1/4 games with local multiplayer, and on the high end you have more than 1/3 games with local multiplayer. Just some interesting data I thought I'd share.
submitted by Underwhere_Overthere to PS4

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