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First player to reach 10th prestige in Ghosts revealed

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I do now please help don't wanna get banned. 10th prestige and or infection lobbies - Call of Duty Wiki https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=1109. Call Of Duty Ghost 10th Prestige Hack XP Lobby Unlock All. Call Of Duty Ghosts Online.

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New extinction prestige levels - Call of Duty: Ghosts https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=1120. The images below are in order from 1st to 11th prestige. Use the above links or scroll down see all to the PlayStation 3 cheats we have available for Call of Duty: Black Ops. Latest Post; Archives; About Me.

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To all the people who whine about scorestreaks.

The counter to enemy streaks is not allowing them to be called in on you in the first place.
Call of duty of old always had powerful, rewarding streaks.
All you see now is people complaining about getting shot by a chopper that took 1300 score to earn... That 1300 chopper should kill people, it used to be far more deadly and only take 7 kills.
I've lost count of how many times I have called sniper / attack choppers in to have Timmy no thumbs blast them clean out of the sky before they even got a single kill.
Call of duty mp is a casual shooter, it isn't punishing like other games to keep it casual and accessible. In my opinion we are currently at the absolute limit of dumbing down.
Between the magic specialists giving out free kills, sbmm and the state of scorestreaks being blasted from the sky in 4 seconds, the fun for decent players is vanishing.
I also understand that new players might not enjoy getting pummeled by 10th prestige nerds who have played this franchise their entire adult life... I get that, but when I played ghost recon advanced warfighter over ten years ago for the first time online I didn't insist on the game being changed so I could do better... I just practiced until I got better.
Trying hard to get better at something you enjoy is a better plan compared to shouting at the game developers to handicap people currently more skilled than you...
Otherwise when you do finally get to a decent skill level you realise the game you enjoy isn't aimed at you anymore, it's aimed at a 12 year old who has a real passion for microtransactions.
I hope whoever reads this doesn't think I'm being a dick for telling bad players to just get better at the game... I know it's not that simple. My point is if it is made tóo simple doesn't that make skill progression totally worthless and leave very few reasons to continue playing?
Edit: Just to be clear, I think the scorestreaks are absolute trash in this game because of how easily they get shot down.
The point of my post was to explain how good players are being pushed out of call of duty year on year to make room for complaining kids with credit cards by closing the already weak skill gap. (Making scorestreaks out of paper, free kills from specialists, balancing teams so good players have the world's worst teammates.)
submitted by johnny_no_smiles to Blackops4

Braith Messier

Name: Team: Age: Gender: Species: Aura:
Braith Messier MLIN 19 Male Human Black
Mental # Physical # Social #
Intelligence 2 Strength 4 Presence 2
Wits 2 Dexterity 3 Manipulation 1
Resolve 2 Stamina 3 Composure 2
Mental -3 Physical -1 Social -1
Academics 1 Athletics 2 Empathy 0
Computer 2 Brawl 1 Expression 0
Craft 3 Drive 5 Intimidation 1
Grimm 1 Melee Weapons 4 Persuasion 0
Survival 0 Larceny 0 Socialize 1
Medicine 0 Ranged Weapons 2 Streetwise 2
Politics 0 Stealth 0 Subterfuge 0
Dust 0
Merits # Flaws # Aura/Weapons #
Weapon Mobility 1 Color Blindness Free Aura 2
Armor (Modern) 1 Overconfident 0 Semblance 2
Fighting Style: Large Weapons 4 Weapon 5
Allies (Good Three Shoes) 1
Quick Draw 1
Dust Infused (Electric) 1
Heave 2
Returning Weapon 1
Transport Weapon 1
Prestige Fighting Style: Momentum Master 3


Health Aura Pool Armor Passive Defense Speed Initiative Perception
11 8 2 / 3 2 12 5 4


Name Value Notes
Brawl 4
Ranged 9
Thrown 10
Melee 13
Aura Strike 15 2 AP
All Out Aura Strike 19 No Defense 2 AP
Physical Description: The Messier family prides themselves on the stern, military-ready appearances of their lineage and their children were never allowed to deviate. However, now that Braith has gotten away from Atlas and made his way to Vale, his black hair has been grown out and spiked, a tuft hangs down in the center of his forehead as ever defiant as he is. His heterochromatic eyes, one charcoal and one diamond, shine with a curious light when they become fixed on something or he's particularly fired up. Standing at 6’2” and 195lbs with a strong jaw line and broad shoulders, Braith would make for an intimidating opponent if not for his generally friendly disposition. Braith is athletically trim and sports the frame necessary to wield the massive weapon he created.
Braith wears a quarter-zip turtleneck sweater that sports wide horizontal stripes of alternating white and black. The sweater has his symbol embroidered on the upper left chest in crimson red within a black stripe of the clothing. Accompanying this are a pair of black military slacks with a crimson red strap hanging from his right hip. He wears a pair of simple white running shoes with three black diagonal stripes on the side. On the back of the tongue, in gold cursive font, the word, "Poet" is written. The shoes look something like this. Underneath his sweater, he wears a black t-shirt with a large white insignia representing his symbol emblazoned on it. Finally, he has a pair of riding gloves that he uses both for controlling his bike and his blade. The top of the gloves are black leather with white swathes of fabrics at the joints for mobility while the palms are the same crimson red as his other accents.
When actually prepared for a long trip on his bike, Braith wears a helmet and jacket to more suitably protect him from exposure to the elements. The helmet is of Atlesian make but Braith is still growing accustomed to the idea of wearing it having never used one until joining the Three Good Shoes. The headgear has a sleek white outer shell and a black visor. The helmet is top of the line Atlas tech that was "borrowed" by one of the couriers' less reputable customers and used as payment for carrying for them. The interior of the helmet feeds information about Dawnchaser such as its Dust supply (strictly for fuel, no combat effects), current speed, and engine performance onto the inside of the visor so that the wearer can see it. The helmet also features a diagnostic mode, simple voice commands such as a remote start and stop and engine controls, and an audio system which can either filter exterior noise into the helmet to prevent muffling or play music.
Braith's biking jacket is another item he acquired while working with Three Good Shoes. The synthetic biking jacket is white with black lines running along the shoulders. Its otherwise simple design is augmented by crimson red lights that light the back of the jacket with Braith’s family symbol at the flip of a switch located in the front right hand pocket. The jacket is full zip and features a series of magnetic straps on the back that allows Braith to attach Dawnchaser to his back in rifle form for compact transit.
Braith’s symbol is a broadsword cleaving a pair of wings representing his perpetual urge to cut free of the rules that have dictated his life. It looks like this
The Dawnchaser
Once an old military issue personnel transport, The Dawnchaser is a ghost of its former self retaining only its general color and style. The bike sports an angular frame that is mostly white with accents of black from the engine and moving parts. It's rear facing light is the only color to be seen shining the same crimson red as the accents of Braith's attire. While in its riding form, the bike has no offensive weapon save a three foot sword that is stowed along its frame. This sword is a simple two sided blade with a white hilt and black blade. Crimson red frames the weapon and runs down the middle of the weapon in a single line. However, the sword also works as a key to transform the bike into separate melee and ranged forms. It looks somewhat akin to this This form of the weapon serves as its Weapon Mobility merit.
When the sword is placed back in its sheath and twisted at 90 degrees, the bike condenses and retracts its tires forming a long barrel rifle. The weapon nearly turns itself inside out as the engine forms the rifle's action and stock while the remainder of the bike forms the considerably long barrel. This transformation leaves the weapon in stark contrast with the body of the rifle obsidian black and the barrel clean white. The sole colorful piece of the weapon, its tail light, becomes the rifle's scope. It's engine modifies to receive ammunition that is loaded using a bolt action mechanism and fired using its electric energy as a rail cannon or gauss rifle would propel rounds. This electromagnetic firing mechanism affords the weapon devastating range and impact but an abysmal fire rate.
Should the sword be inserted where a key normally would and turned, the bike retracts its tires and collapses into the steering console revealing the greatsword that makes up the length of its body. Once the blade is revealed, it swings past where the front wheel would be to lock into place at the front of the steering console. The motorcycle's handlebars act as the hilt of the blade while the rest of the bike forms the housing that locks the smaller sword in place. It's left blade is sharp and capable of slicing while the right is jagged and blunt, more effective at crushing. The greatsword mode looks like this. The smaller sword that serves as key for the other weapon modes can be seen within the greatsword as the smaller simple black and red blade in the center. When Braith activates the electric dust infused in the blade, it seems to extend, coated in electric blue lightning as he makes his attacks. Making use of a dual channel gravity dust system, Braith can make Dawnchaser effectively lighter while he swings the blade before crashing into enemies with its full weight when it connects. Two switches in the handle of the sword control which dust is active at which time making this function available only while in greatsword form.
Additionally, placing the cavalry sword into a slot running along the front of the seat will split the bike in two at its half way point. From here, the chassis will expand around the wheels to protect them while a long chain unravels from within the bike's body. In essence, this creates a massive meteor hammer that Braith can throw at his foes using centrifugal forces along with his own strength to leave devastating impacts. The weights of the weapon, each one whole half of his bike, are look like puck-shaped discs to the casual observer but still hold the potential to use the dust the weapon has in melee form. While currently incapable of utilizing the weapon's long chain and weights as a snare, the potential for such exists should the young man practice more with the weapon and make use of its reserves of Electric and Gravity dust to secure a hold between the weights and chain.
The Dawnchaser itself is about 8 ft in length at its longest (Greatsword Mode), 5ft at its shortest (Gauss Rifle), its chain for its meteor hammer mode is exceptionally long, allowing Braith to throw it to the end of his throwing range and retrieve it.
Semblance/Aura: Forward Unto Dawn [4 AP] Free Action
Aura Pool: 4
A Messier never backs down from a challenge and Braith is no different than his family. Braith channels his Aura and his will to break the barriers that prevent he and his friends from obtaining freedom. His Aura glows dark black and sparkles akin to stars in the night sky as he leaves the ground for a forward charge at an enemy he has vision of while ignoring terrain obstructions. When he reaches his target, Braith throws his momentum and weight into a blow knocking the opponent back with sheer force.
+[Semblance] to speed, straight line only, can go upwards up to [Semblance] yards, ignore terrain penalties of next move action, add [Semblance] to Braith's next melee attack, the target is knocked back [Semblance] yards opposed by a Stamina check from the target.
Braith wasn't born with the dream of being a Huntsman. Instead he stumbled into the profession, finding his way there through a meandering road that lead him to a number of experiences that culminated in the idea of Huntsmanship. The dream of freedom and the ability to go and do what he wanted, when he wanted while saving the lives of others appealed to him. So, he pursued it as a way to free himself from Atlas.
Braith was born into an Atlesian military family with a proud history of service to the kingdom. His father, Cole Messier, had served and his grandfather, Finn Messier, before him. His elder brother, Clancy Messier, was currently away in the north and would send home letters about his exciting experiences as a man of the front that protected Atlas citizens from the ever looming terror of the Grimm. His mother, Gina Messier, had never seen combat but had always been supportive of the family's lifestyle even if she appeared as a wallflower in Braith's life more frequently than not.
Clancy was a ghost of an older brother. While Braith had always received personal letters from him, the elder Messier brother was 7 years his senior and already away at school before Braith had formed many solid memories of him before he too left home for school. Clancy Messier had always meant well and took the time to support his younger brother whenever he was home, even going so far as to accompany him on a night ride more than once. But, ultimately, the brother's ideals differed. While Clancy found solace in Atlas' strict rules and military merits, Braith had a hard time coming to terms with all of the laws and regulations that accompanied a military lifestyle. His brother always ending up stuck in some far off place fighting Grimm and White Fang alike didn't help the young man come to terms with or support such strict guidelines. Braith always knew in the back of his mind that the elder Messier brother would kill him if he found about the ways he skirted Atlesian law enforcement on several occasions once he entered primary school.
The kingdom of Atlas had insured that his family was always comfortable and never had financial troubles since they were a part of its military, but the individuals that Braith attended primary school with were faced with different hardships. Growing up and learning with children from families of Faunus and Dust factory workers weaved a different story when compared to the comfortable life of an Atlesian military brat.
Most of his early education before primary was received at home for Braith. When not giving him unending stories about war and his service, Cole Messier taught Braith about Grimm and technology, even going so far as to show him practical skills in vehicle maintenance and navigation via the stars. This is where Braith’s first desire for freedom took root. His father’s motorcycle was a standard issue Atlas bike with a passenger car. And while the opportunity for excursions were rare due to his father’s military duties, he felt most alive when he'd accompany his father on moonlit excursions using the stars as their map.
In particular, one late night ride had remained with Braith. It was his twelth birthday, the year he would be entering primary school, and he had just developed his Aura. This particular night, he rode out with his father and was taught what he believed to be the most valuable lesson in his life. His father, believing that one must learn from experience, let him be the one to take a seat as the driver. The elder Messier detached the sidecar and the pair spent hours as Braith took repeated falls trying to learn how to control the motorbike. Luckily, his newly developed aura prevented an serious injuries. But, he learned two things that night. 1) That no matter the circumstances, as long as you can stand, you can keep trying and you should. 2) That being on a bike was where he belonged. After an arduous experience trying to get the vehicle under control, Braith finally managed to find his balance and with some coaxing from his father, laid into the accelerator. Braith's first taste of speed and freedom soon became an addiction that he had trouble getting rid of and he started shirking responsibilities and making excuses to use his father's bike whenever he could.
Raised as a promising addition to the Atlesian military, Braith was enrolled in an early recruitment program at a young age. While he retained the pride that his family had instilled in him with their constant support, his training there would be some of the most arduous time as a young boy where gruelling physical labor and never-ending drills left him with a strong body and strained mind. His innate strength managed to secure him above average scores in his combat tests but left him wanting to get away from the constant pressures of his family and the Atlesian military that they so praised as he struggled to maintain academic scores that they deemed acceptable. After all, average wasn’t good enough for a Messier. He’d been taught from birth to never settle for mediocrity and his parents continued to drill that into him throughout his formative years.
Braith’s color blindness had been a hurdle that he had to surmount, it had never stopped him from succeeding only increasing his competitive drive. While it had proved problematic during his time in the early recruitment program, he quickly learned that there were also some advantages of not having to worry about seeing in color. For example, he never worried about the drab uniforms that many of his classmates despised.
As he entered primary school, his father gifted him the bike that he loved so dearly in his childhood doing away with the sidecar. In exchange, Braith vowed to remain in training to become a Huntsman or Atlas military personnel. The young man cherished the outdated bike and worked with it whenever he had free time at school modifying the engine for electrical power over the course of his primary schooling. When he wasn't working on a new piece equipment for the bike, he did what he knew best. He raced. While not exactly legal in Atlas, Braith found his way into a street racing league that was allowed on the city streets mostly on a technicality. It was there in his years as a primary student that he made lasting friends and learned how and when to signal a race without getting the authorities or bystanders involved. Four years of weaving in and out of city streets earned him superior control of the vehicle that eventually became his weapon as natural aptitude combined with training to create what the other racers liked to call "the poet of motion".
The more time that Braith spent on the streets of Atlas behind the wheel of his bike, the more involved he became with Atlas' underground culture. In particular, Braith found his way into a small circle of former Huntsman who had run afoul of Atlesian law and now resorted to vigilantism and mercenary work to survive. They called themselves, The Good Three Shoes, working under the front of a shoe store. The group worked mainly as couriers, a trusted neutral party for various small groups of would-be criminals and businessmen who operated within the grey areas of Atlesian law. Of this small group, one individual served as Braith's mentor throughout his years of primary school, teaching him about more advanced techniques for his bike in the hope that he would eventually join their circle. This Huntress was named Chloe Beryl, a cat faunus with sharp tongue and dangerous looking eyes. She eventually became the reason that Braith decided that Beacon was the right choice for him.
When they had first met, Braith was suspicious of Chloe. While he'd interacted with plenty of faunus before, he'd never met one so intent on keeping secrets. He eventually found out that the reason she was so covert was that was how she made a living. She offered to make him a permanent member of The Good Three Shoes and race with them not only for the thrill but for a profit, acting as a courier for a specific contact she had recently acquired. But, Braith declined, not quite swayed to join in the vigilantism and work on the edge of the law just yet.
Chloe was a former graduate of Vale's Hunstman Academy and while Braith was curious about her time there, she was reluctant to tell him about her past at best. However, he had managed to squeeze one story from the Huntress after a particularly impressive race. The story she told him stuck. However, the tale she spun wasn't about herself. While she conveniently left out details about herself and her team, she told Braith a story about the school's headmaster, Ozpin. Ozpin had lectured Chloe about a smaller, more honest soul and how something seemingly insignificant could be important. Chloe had taken it to heart and founded The Good Three Shoes as messengers to save the lives of criminals and Atlas law enforcement alike. She justified her morally bankrupt courier work by citing situations in which her messages had avoided conflicts between Atlesian police and the small time crime that ran speakeasies and entertainment for the Atlesian populace. She also explained to Braith that the racing league he was apart of owed its existence to The Good Three Shoes. Braith was sold. He took her words to heart as a message, that he should travel to Beacon to discover what exactly that smaller, more honest soul meant to him.
During his third year of primary school, Braith was awarded the opportunity to create his own weapon thanks to his above average combat aptitude. He elected to create The Dawnchaser. Originally, the weapon was his father’s motorcycle that he so cherished. However, modifying the vehicle’s electric engine to fire ferromagnetic rounds and creating a collapsible frame that allowed the bike to transform into a greatsword proved to be an easy task thanks to Atlas’ superior technology. And when asked if he’d be continuing his education at Atlas Academy, he accepted an offer from Beacon, eager to travel outside of his home country and find the freedom that he yearned for. If he was able to make a difference in people’s lives along the way, that was even better.
Braith finally made his decision to turn his back on Atlas late one warm summer night. He'd just gotten The Dawnchaser back from Atlas' labs and was taking it for a test run. It was at this time that Braith encountered Grimm for the first time. A Beowolve had made it within the city walls and had chased an unarmed civilian into an alley. Braith transformed his bike and slew the beast. The young man was about to be on his way once he knew that the civilian was unharmed when the cry of police sirens blared. Atlesian police arrived and attempted to confiscate his bike claiming that it's status as a weapon was illegal. The civilian whose life Braith had saved defended him but the officer ignored his story, choosing to take the bike by force.
Braith refused to fight back and would have been beaten into submission had Chloe not appeared on the scene and stopped the brutality. The threat of being reported to his senior officers was enough to get the man to leave them be. Embittered by the way he was treated for helping another, Braith came to the realization that Atlas law enforcement was not meant for him and he accepted Chloe's offer to join her runners. He became a part of The Good Three Shoes under the alias, "Poet", and received the secret symbol of their association, his running shoes which he still wears as a tribute to his time with the group.
As a member of The Good Three Shoes, Braith spent a good amount of his time ignoring his studies to either deliver messages or practice on his bike. While what he was doing wasn't /technically/ illegal, that didn't stop Atlas' automated police units to give chase when he passed them at top speed and he'd began to get a thrill out of escaping the automatons even going so far as to intentionally fly past docking units for the droids.
As time marched on, Braith pressured Chloe for more information about her life as a Huntress and the team she had left behind. She grew progressively distant, refusing to acknowledge his questions and evading him by picking up his messages for him and running in his place. Soon, it became more frequent that Braith was chasing Chloe than running messages.
Finally, there came an errand where Chloe needed a second body. All of the other couriers were already assigned or pre-occupied so she called on Braith as a last resort. He accepted immediately, happy to take up the mission after several weeks without a word from the group he'd grown to think of as a second family. It was a two-day excursion deep into the wilds where a not-too-legal still and alcohol manufacture was based, but Braith took Chloe's company as a sign of safety.
The first obstacle they faced was Grimm. While threatening, the monsters proved no match for the seasoned Huntress at Braith's side. The woman made quick work of the Grimm with her mobile weapons, Paradise Blades, and a hearty helping of showmanship. Braith was almost suspicious that the Grimm were specifically targeting her over him. He wasn't sure whether it was his imagination or that the Huntress just simply demanded more attention due to her power.
The second obstacle was the Faunus who owned the small time company. Many of them this far into the outskirts were suspicious of a human in their territory at best. After all, anyone could be a worm ready to expose them to the Atlas police for a reward. However, the sight of Chloe's feline ears was often enough to satiate them into believing Braith was an ally to their cause. Those that weren't swayed were often knocked unconscious with a few swift kicks with a side of wit.
The final obstacle was CRLN (Cerulean), Chloe's team from Beacon. The pair were returning from Faunus territory when they were confronted by the remaining three members of a team that Braith could never get Chloe to speak of. Rama, Lavan, and Nila were their names. Spanning a vast difference of heritage and appearance, Braith was surprised when Chloe greeted them aggressively trying to push them away. The conversation that they exchanged was brief but they talked about how the cat faunus had become sloppy and was easy to find. Chloe bit back that she was carrying extra weight but her former team mates supposed that she'd grown accustomed to being followed by a group of clumsy individuals with two left feet. Eventually, Chloe forced Braith to leave with her and the two escaped with the luxury of their mobile weapons, making pursuit nearly impossible.
When they had returned from their errand, Braith's curiosity skyrocketed. He searched out Chloe on a nearly daily basis to ask her about Beacon, her team, and their history. It took a good month to whittle her down but when Braith finally approached her about leaving Atlas, she caved in. She told him about the life of a Huntsman and what it meant to be one. She told him about the freedom of the open road and the adventures she had before she had left her team to pursue her career that she currently held, keeping the tense peace between two passive-aggressive factions. She reached out to Beacon and got Braith an invitation there. She felt that it was right to let him leave and discover his own path instead of keeping him as courier for a cause he didn't fully comprehend. So, she urged him to attend her Alma Mater in Vale even giving him contact information of members of The Good Three Shoes that resided there should he ever need a favor.
To his family, Beacon looked like an escape route for Braith. A way for him to skirt out from under the rules of Atlas and find more of the freedoms that they assumed were unaffordable due to security and safety. But, Braith knew better now. He'd seen the dark underbelly of Atlas and all that it's nightlife had to offer. And neither the dark chaos nor the sunlit order appealed to him. He only hoped that the path of a Huntsman held answers and that he'd find those answers at Beacon.
For Braith, becoming a Hunstman meant that he could have the freedom that he wanted while protecting the innocent people of Remnant as he had been raised to. The satisfaction of being a hero and being able to do so without an individual with more authority directing his hand felt right to the young man. He only hoped that Beacon would be the way to realize this dream.
Personality: Braith doesn't share the same patriotism and zeal as the rest of his family. While he is still devoted and loyal to those he cares for, rules irk him and following orders is troublesome when they conflict with his own interests. Braith sees most things in the same black and white that his vision affords which often leads him to making moral judgements on subjects before thinking and speaking his mind before considering the impact of his words. He tackles life in the same manner as the battlefield, always moving forward, refusing to back down from a challenge, and pressing the advantage. This sometimes leads him to making decisions too hastily and biting off more than he can chew. However, he has trouble asking for help when a problem becomes too much to bear refusing to burden someone else and risk wounding his pride.
Braith is generally amicable and optimistic to those that he meets following the mantra of “give respect, get respect”. His generally positive outlook sometimes leaves him open to fall fool to people he doesn't know if they intend to deceive him. In conversation, Braith is typically casual and laid back speaking comfortably with anyone regardless of rank or merit which often earns him the ire of authority. However, if the situation demands it, he's no stranger to formality and knows how to clean up his language and appearance like a proper Atlesian soldier.
Sometimes, Braith has issues with concentration, his mind fixed on the next modification to Dawnchaser or the next adventure ahead of him. This often lends him to spacing out in academic situations and having a hard time focusing on the task at hand. Due to his restless nature, Braith struggles with personal commitments and generally prefers focusing on a physical task than a promise to friends. He often finds himself in a contradictory situation where he wants move on while not hurting those he would leave behind. The strong sense of duty instilled in him by his life in Atlas still lingers he often marks himself a coward for yearning for the freedom of the open road.
Change Log:
-4/25/16: Changed Braith's hairstyle
-5/6/16: Acquired Brawl 1, Dust Infused (Electric), Addition to Weapon Description, and Buyback of Overconfident
-10/15/16: Acquired Large Weapons 4, Increased Age, Added Team Name, Addition to Weapon Description
-2/17/16: Acquired Athletics 2
-11/21/17: Acquired Heave, Returning Weapon, Addition to Weapon Description
-8/7/2018: HP and AP for Year 5
-9/30/2018: Transport Weapon and Momentum Master 3
submitted by halcyonwandering to rwbyRP

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