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The complete S-class free capital freighter guide

Hey guys! Just got home.
Since many people are asking how I did this, I'll answer in a separate post and point everyone here. (This was initially a reply, but reddit thought it was too long to be a reply.)
I've managed to optimize the grind to be around 2.5 minutes per try (24 tries per hour). If you know the method, but just want to optimize it, check the optimization part.
First of all, I don't recommend doing this at all. I mean, I do recommend the method, just not doing it until you get a S-class. If I had to start over, I would just settle for a maxed A-class (found like 10 of those before the S one). It took me over 8 hours, after the preparation (like having an almost maxed A-class Fighter).
Everything here is my own personal experience, I haven't done this more than once, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt. Also, I did search for a bit before getting here, and I can't point everyone, because I read a lot. One person I'd like to recommend is Khraze, many tutorials on many things, including farming freighters.
This reply is long. If you don't want to know the mechanics or everything else, just skip to the TL;DR.
First, the mechanics you should know:
  • At certain points in the game, after you warp to a charted system, you'll be caught in the middle of a space fight. Pirates attacking a freighter and its fleet. First time it happens is on your third warp (fourth system). This always happens. Then, it happens after you play the game for 3 hours, and warp 5 times. I can't attest to this, since I didn't specifically played for 3 hours to get the freighter, I just played the game normally and started the farm when I spawned the fight.
  • After you kill every pirate, as long as you didn't attack the freighter in the process, the freighter commander will call you and welcome you aboard its ship. It'll offer you payment or the freighter for purchase.
  • The first freighter you save will be offered for free. If you accept it, the others will have a price. If you, however, decline it, the next one will also be free, and so forth, until you get your first freighter for free.This is very important, because the first freighter is capped. It cannot be over 19 slots. The restriction is lifted then. So, in order to get a good freighter for free, you must have refused the previous ones. You can still use the method to find the perfect purchase, though.
  • When you spawn a space rescue mission, it means that this warp was tagged for spawn. If you reload the save file to a point in time just before warping, your next warp will spawn the fight, no matter what system you warp to. You can do whatever you want in between, as long as you don't warp. You can mine, sell, buy, do missions (that don't involve warping), teleport from system to system using base/station teleporters, whatever. Your next warp will spawn a fight.
  • If you refuse your first freighter, a certain fight will 100% spawn a capital freighter. People say it's the second, but it was the third for me.
  • Each system has its fixed capital freighter. When it spawns a capital freighter, it will be the exact same model, with different stats.
  • The system's economy level affects the spawn rate for different classes. The better the economy, the better the classes are. S-class has, supposedly, 0%/1%/2% chance for economies tier 1/2/3, respectively. For me, it was around 0.6%, but I was probably just unlucky, since 180 is not a statistically relevant data base. You can see the economy level by the dots, 1 dot means tier-1, and so forth.

Now, for the method itself.
I'll separate it in three parts, since they can loop.
First part: the spawn
  • If you have never seen a space rescue mission before, warp 3 times, kill the pirates and refuse the freighter.
  1. Play the game for 3 hours. (Or just leave it there, out of pause (so, out of System menu, but it can be on the Inventory menu)
  2. Warp 4 times.
  3. Land on the space station, and get out of your ship so your game saves.
  4. Warp again to confirm that a space battle has spawned.
  5. Check if the ship is a capital ship. If it is, go to the Second Part, if not, go to the Sad part.
  • If it hasn't, something is wrong, do this all again. If a fight spawns, proceed to the next part.
Sad part: the redoing
  1. Warp to at least 3 different systems, to see if, somehow, only that system didn't spawn a capital freighter.
  2. If, indeed, no system is spawning a capital freighter, kill the pirates, rescue the freighter and refuse it. Then, do the First Part again.
Second part: the search
  1. Decide which model of capital ship you want. The wiki has an article showing some models.
  2. Warp to tier 3 economy systems until you find the capital ship with the model and color you want. You can teleport from space station to space station without losing your next-warp condition.If you can't find your perfect ship model near any system you have visited, go to the Badvibes Part.When you do find it, proceed to the next step.
  3. Take note of the system's name. Teleport to a system nearby (probably the one you warped from in the first place).
  4. Either buy materials to build a save point/save beacon or locate a facility in a random planet (since they come with their own save beacons).
  5. Land on a random planet and manually save your game with your point or beacon (or the facility's).
  6. If everything looks good up to now, get up, go grab a coffee and prepare your mind for the Third Part.

Badvibes part: the OP explorer search
  • This is for people who didn't find their perfect model on any tier 3 economy systems they could warp from the space stations they had saved.
  • If you don't have money (like at least 4 mil), go farm it. Khraze has a video with 15 tips for beginners and one of them is how to get money. I prefer ancient bones, but his methods are pretty good.
  • This can be used to farm S-class regular ships for any type, including exotics. (Korvax for Explorers, Gek for Haulers and Vy'keen for Fighters)
  1. Buy materials for either a save point or a save beacon.
  2. Teleport to a Korvax Tier-3 economy system. If you can't find one, it can be any Tier-3 economy system.
  3. Locate a Trading Post using an Economy Scanner. (Quick menu while on the ship, Utilities, Locate Trading Post)
  4. Go up the platform which is surrounded by landing pods, put your save point down, save your game.
  5. Loop begins here. Reload the manual save you just did.
  6. Open the Build Menu and pop the Build Camera (hotkey Z then C on PC), and zoom all the way out so you can see all the platforms simultaneously.
  7. Wait for the ships to land. About 4 should land within 30 secs.
  8. If you see a model you like, exit Build Camera, and bring your scanner up, point them to the ship and see its type, class and number of slots. (It should appear like B/16+5 or something, where B is the class, 16 is the number of general slots and 5 is the number of tech slots.)
  9. Loop ends here. If it's an S-class or A-class explorer with at least 3 tech slots (should be all of them), go buy it and go to step 12.
  10. If it's not, reload your game and repeat the loop.
  11. If after ~15 reloads you don't find a model you like, go to a different system and do this again.
  12. Go from system to system using the teleporter and check the Starship Research for S-class Warp Drive Update Modules. If you don't have enough nanites (around 3.6k), see the Khraze's video, it also teaches how to farm nanites. (But scan the ships instead of talking to the pilote, since it's faster.)
  13. After you find 6 warp drive update modules, install 3 of them on your general slots and 3 on the tech slots.
  14. Your Explorer should warp at least 2k light years now, and you most definitely will find your perfect ship with that range. Go back to the Second Part.

Third part: the grind
  • You can optimize this process. Check the section below.
  1. Go back to your ship.
  2. Warp to your noted system.
  3. Destroy the pirates.
  4. Enter the freighter.
  5. Get out of your ship.
  6. Scan the freighter (basically any wall around you).
  7. If it's your desired class + number of slots, congrats! Go talk to the captain and be happy. If not, reload your manual save, and repeat this part over and over and over and over and over again.
  8. MAYBE THIS WAS JUST FOR ME. When I got out of my ship inside the freighter, my game didn't auto save. If this happens to you as well, you could accept any slightly less desirable freighter (at which point the game autosaves) and continue to farm using the manual save. If you find a better one, you accept. This way you'll have a middle road to fallback should you ever tire of this process.

Optimizing the grind
First: Always scan stuff. Most videos show people talking to the captain, but this is way slower, specially for capital freighters. Always scan.
Second: Have a strong Fighter ship. Mine is an A-class Fighter with almost the max damage bonus for its class and 6 update modules for the Phase Beam. Its phase beam was hitting for over 3.5k per tick. Two ticks and it's a pirate down.
Third: Get yourself cozy with space fighting. Some tips:
  • Use the third person camera. It's on the quick menu.
  • When ships are attacking you from behind, don't try to turn around, just brake and they'll soar past you. This is a perfect moment for attacking.
  • Use the "target closest enemy" and "next/previous target" hotkeys. Preferably move them to a more convenient place for you.
  • When your target flies below your targeting reticle, barrel roll (spin around in place) instead of slowly getting your reticle down.
  • This is for rescue missions specifically: kill the targets that are far from the freighter first, then go to the ones close to it, since they are the most annoying (you can accidentally hit the freighter). You can hit any frigate on the freighter's fleet and not botch the try, just don't attack the freighter itself.
Whew, this came out longer than I had anticipated.
Honestly, I don't recommend anyone doing this for an S-class, since all it gets over a maxed A-class is a slightly better warp range, and Explorers are better at this, anyway. I'd say just settle with a 34+9 A-class.
If you do crave for that golden letter and the feeling of having the most expensive piece of metal in the galaxy, however, go for it. Just be prepared to a not very nice process.

Read the method part.
submitted by TheLordSet to NoMansSkyTheGame

Elsha Primer Update 8/24/20

The last time update was done on June 14th, 3 weeks after the banning of Flash. Since then I have had more time to fine tune the list we all love, test several cards such as Teferi and Drannith. WE FINALLY HAVE A 3RD WINCON! For more in depth discussion on that topic, you can check out the cEDH Cast podcast on this exact build, as well as a an episode on Greedy Keeps. If you also want to see the deck in action, here is some gameplay from last Saturdays stream on cEDH TV.
If you would like to join the new Elsha discord, here is the link: https://discord.gg/MrXzRfE
The decklist for everyone: https://www.moxfield.com/decks/tj910qUf9Uq-Iibp40QfKw


  1. [[Bloodstained Mire]] - With us no longer main decking Blood Moon, coupled with it being weaker in this current format. It benefits you having more shuffle effects.
  2. [[Copy Artifact]] - Its Floor is a 2 cmc rock, it's ceiling is a game winning combo.
  3. [[Dramatic Reversal]] - This card just got better with the addition of more rocks, breach and scepte
  4. [[Isochron Scepter]] - Back then we didn't have the cards to utilize Iso to it's full potential, now we do.
  5. [[Izzet Signet]] - Increasing the rock density of the list for more consistent mana.
  6. [[Miscast]] - Great against Ad Naus and low on curve.
  7. [[Phantasmal Image]] - Who doesn't want another Dockside?
  8. [[Rite of Flame]] - Increases the consistency of our early game and even can be a T1 Dockside.
  9. [[Serum Visions]] - It's better than running a loot.
  10. [[Spire of Industry]] - with 21 artifacts, we heavily benefit from it.
  11. [[Snap]] - Dockside makes this good card a great one.
  12. [[Talisman of Conviction]] - This rock is better than Azorious Signet due to it being faster.
  13. [[Unsubstantiate]] - One of the best ways to stop Ad Naus now and great utility outside of that as well.
  14. [[Wooded Foothills]] - Same reason as Bloodstained Mire.


  1. [[Angel's Grace]] - No longer need this card due to changes in the format.
  2. [[Baral, Chief of Compliance]] - Was okay, but turns out, he wasn't as good now with a Flash'less format.
  3. [[Blood Moon]] - Has become significantly weaker in the recent format.
  4. [[Cephalid Coliseum]] - Not as good with no Oracle in the list. Yes it fuels breach, but it also makes us go mana negative.
  5. [[Counterspell]] - That double U devotion is rough, so miscast took its place.
  6. [[Frantic Search]] - I love this card. But I ultimately decided that loots isn't where we want to be.
  7. [[Grapeshot]] - We no longer need it in our deck. I will miss this fine card.
  8. Island - With no Whir, it's no longer required!
  9. [[Narset, Parter of Veils]] - We are no longer a midrange deck, we are full on proactive.
  10. [[Not Forgotten]] - Not needed due to no longer running twister loops.
  11. [[Sea of Clouds]] - Spire of Industry to this cards place.


  1. [[Cyclonic Rift]] - By no means is this card terrible, but we are fully proactive now.
  2. [[Mana Drain]] - If you rather this over Spell Pierce, go for it.
  3. [[Scroll Rack]] - It has been under-performing somewhat for awhile, is it the right cut? I do not know, but it will be going in and out of the maybeboard.
  4. [[Winds of Rebuke]] - If you want more dockside bounces and potential fuel for Breach, you could run this.
submitted by SirFlash to CompetitiveEDH

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