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Every Metallica Song Ranked - Tier 4: "Stuck In The Middle With You"

Please keep in mind that any comment I make about these songs when I post my rankings is solely within the context of Metallica's music. Even the worst of Metallica's songs are better than 90% of all other music out there. ALSO, THE EXACT NUMERICAL PLACEMENT OF EACH SONG ISN’T AS IMPORTANT AS THE TIER THAT THEY’RE PLACED IN. ON ANY GIVEN DAY, A SONG MIGHT BE A FEW PLACES HIGHER OR LOWER DEPENDING ON MY MOOD. This is all in good fun, I'm not looking to hurt any feelings here.

If you want to read about my methods for compiling this list, it’s all explained in the intro post here.
The List So Far:

Tier Seven: Bottom Of The Barrel

106). Poor Twisted Me 105). Murder One 104). Here Comes Revenge 103). Confusion 102). My Apocalypse 101). Purify 100). All Within My Hands

Tier Six: Ham Sandwich

99). Attitude 98). The Struggle Within 97). Metal Militia 96). Prince Charming 95). St. Anger 94). Atlas, Rise! 93). Cure 92). Better Than You 91). Phantom Lord 90). Of Wolf And Man 89). No remorse 88). My Friend Of Misery 87). 2x4 86). Now That We're Dead 85). The End Of The Line

Tier 5: Directed By J.J. Abrams

84). ManUNkind 83). Motorbreath 82). Slither 81). Broken, Beat & Scarred 80). Escape 79). Jump In The Fire 78). Am I Savage? 77). Don’t Tread On Me 76). To Live Is To Die 75). Hit The Lights 74). Where The Wild Things Are 73). Ain’t My Bitch 72). Through The Never 71). Wasting My Hate 70). Hardwired 69). Ronnie
Today’s tier:


  • 68. Carpe Diem Baby
What I like about this song: Of all the songs that I have ever disliked by Metallica, this one has undoubtedly grown on me the most. It has a slow, bluesy feel to it that is just infectious. On an album full of hard rockers, this one slows things down a bit. I also like the “And make me miss you...” bits. Good stuff. Why it’s not ranked higher: The simplicity of the lyrics. James is really a great lyricist when he tries, but to me, it just doesn’t feel like he tried very hard on this one.
  • 67. The Thing That Should Not Be
What I like about this song: Metallica’s first true heavy rocker, Thing is just a song that smashes your face in. Kirk’s creepy wah usage throughout also just adds to the dark atmosphere. Why it’s not ranked higher: Apparently, this was the only song they wrote for Puppets after they entered the studio to record it, and it shows. It doesn’t quite have as good of flow or purpose that the other songs from that album do.
  • 66. Thorn Within
What I like about this song: I wouldn't consider it the best song on Load, but I would go out on a limb and say that it is the most underrated song from Load. It's dark, it's heavy, it has a cool groove or two, and it has one of my favorite James Hetfield vocal performances to come from this album. Why it’s not ranked higher: For all of the elements that I like about it, it does kind of feel like filler. The song almost can’t wait to be over. I wish that they had put a little more work into it to give it more substance.
  • 65. Dirty Window
What I like about this song: It's quirky. Some moments are heavy, some are more high-energy, and some are groovy. I love love love the "I'm judge and I'm jury and I'm executioner too" part of the song. They're such a radical departure from everything else on the album. Why it's not ranked higher: Admittedly weak lyrics. I'm especially not crazy about the "I drink from the cup of denial" parts of the song, they really drag it down.
  • 64. Holier Than Thou
What I like about this song: It's just a punch to your fucking face. It's like what Motorbreath should have been. It has a little bit of everything that makes Metallica great in less than 4 minutes. Why it's not ranked higher: While it does feature everything that makes Metallica great, it doesn't do any one of those things better than their great songs. It's perfectly average for Metallica, which still means it's fucking awesome. But average.
  • 63. Fight Fire With Fire
What I like about this song: The sign that their songwriting had ascended to the next level. FFWF is hands down more brutal and mature sounding than almost every song on its predecessor. Just a kickass thrasher through and through. Why it's not ranked higher: It's not as musically varied as many of their other songs, even from the same time period. It's good for what it is, but it usually leaves me wanting more.
  • 62. Some Kind Of Monster
What I like about this song: It's the perfect microcosm of St. Anger. It has some really heavy moments, probably among the heaviest that Metallica has written to date. I do (mostly) enjoy James's lyrics on this song, they remind me a lot of Darth Vader. I especially like the "Ominous, I'm in us" section. Why it's not ranked higher: It's far too bloated. Too many riffs and sections are recycled and repeated for no reason. SKOM could have been reduced from 8+ minutes to a 6-7 minute song and it would still retain the same punch. I also don't like the "Are we the people?" lines. They don't fit with the theme of the song at all.
  • 61. The Memory Remains
What I like about this song: First and foremost, the lyrics. Memory might be my favorite song from Reload, if we're purely talking about lyrics. It's also a very well-structured song, it's just as long as it needs to be and always moves forward. Why it's not ranked higher: I'm not a big fan of James's vocal delivery on this song. His voice sounds... greasy, if that makes sense. I prefer harsher, gruffer Hetfield than smooth and greasy. I can also do without the Marianne Faithfull's parts. They always snap me right out of the song.
  • 60. Cyanide
What I like about this song: I love the bridge section that starts right after the second chorus that extends until the final chorus hits. While the rest of the song is serviceable and fine, this part always pumps me up and elevates it from just "another Metallica song". Why it's not ranked higher: The lyrics for the rest of the song are a little subpar for James's standards, and the chorus is pretty weak, too.
  • 59. Unforgiven III
What I like about this song: I love the orchestration in the beginning of the song, it's unlike anything else we've heard from them. James's lyrics are on point, and might be the most introspective that he's given us. His vocals are equally powerful, he's just singing his ass off. Thirdly, Kirk's solo is out of this world. This probably is his best solo since The Black Album. Why it's not ranked higher: I know that they wanted to do something new to end the trilogy, but I wish there were a few more callbacks to the first two songs to really pull it all together.
  • 58. Mama Said
What I like about this song: Musically speaking, it's simply gorgeous. Beautiful chord progressions, along with excellent vocal harmonies throughout the song. It's the best song to go to whenever someone says "All Metallica sounds the same". Why it's not ranked higher: I feel like this song would have been better served if it had just been James and an acoustic guitar on the album, without any of the other band members playing along. Hell, every time it's been played live, it's just been James playing solo on his acoustic. Imagine hearing that after Outlaw Torn fades out. That would have been a hell of an album closer.
  • 57. Bad Seed
What I like about this song: It's heavy and sludgy - but still more upbeat than other similar songs like Devil's Dance or Sad But True. I'm a big fan of James's vocals on this song, particularly on the "Bad..." in the very beginning. I like the "ringmaster" vocals that happen just before each chorus. Why it's not ranked higher: It's too damn short! I want more of this song. The lyrics of the verses could be a little better fleshed out, too.
  • 56. Dream No More
What I like about this song: Dream No More, to me, is a song straight from Reload. It's heavy. It's sludgy. It's a slow-paced head banger (maybe almost TOO slow-paced at times, but it works). We've all heard Metallica make music with those qualities before, but never really quite like this. It's like Devil's Dance, Sad But True, and The Thing That Should Not Be all rolled into one. Why it's not ranked higher: The lyrics are a bit on-the-nose, when compared to similar songs from earlier albums. I also wish that Rob had been mixed in higher on this song, as his thundering bass would have increased the overall doomy feel even more.
Tomorrow’s tier: “The Fender Stratocaster”
submitted by sonickarma to Metallica

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