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Key global mapper 13. Global Mapper Crack is one of the best as well as a most useful app in all over the world which has a lot of features. In this way, it contains the topographically spatial learning that empowers you and professionals to work as per their fulfillment in a simple way. Download global mapper 17 for free.

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Global Mapper Overview. It allows a few docked map windows to see. Free download global mapper 10. Education software downloads - Global Mapper by Blue Marble Geographics and many more programs are available for instant and free download. It also presents a Discover Tackle function that dynamically.

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As well as, this software offers a relatively simple and user-friendly interface. Download global mapper V.13 serial number generator, crack. Global Mapper 21.0.00 Crack + Keygen Free Download 2020. You need Microsoft Windows XP, Vist, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit & 64-bit) operating system, a processor of 2 GB or more.

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All retail software uses a serial number or key of some form. The main function is to analyze, record, edit and store all data related to maps as well as locations. Global Mapper 13 Free Download setup in single direct link. The quantity of seats purchased can be changed in your cart.

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Fixing the prior search feature, Therefore, the Attribute Editor can be actually -like exhibit letting listing of in a dockable. Global Mapper Crack v22.0 + License Key Free Download. Global Mapper 16 Crack Keygen Patch - Vindicating Michael visit their website. Virus-free and 100% clean download.

Version 0.19.1 - Draft of Level Systems in MonoGame

Release: v.0.19.1 - Draft of Level Systems in MonoGame

Major Features:

Ported Majority of Level and Room code to MonoGame. Improved Architecture. Implemented many Multiplayer-Ready Systems, including Input. Improved Tilemap System, Collision Systems. 



Setting up Placeholders: Game Object, Static Game Object, Dynamic Game Object Introduced .Activity property on Dynamic Objects. Relevant for Multiplayer Presence. Preparing ObjectTypes list; tracks all base objects by enum. Preparing better organization in File Structure and Components. Atlas Class. Tracks sprite sheet, renders appropriately. Display sprites on screen. New Data Structure for Level Data; using Enums for generation; cut data in half. 


Porting Classes: Camera, Scene, Calc, Ground Objects. Added Screen Class for identifying screen resolutions, etc. Implement Full Screen, Windowed Size Detection, Window Resizing. Completed Type and SubType Enums to Level Data Structure & Types listings. Completed draft of Level Conversion script. 


Preparing shared mapping for MetaData on Game Objects. Created Loader class, Paths class. Game Object classes now have initial params, ids, and metadata. Created classes for Settings: Audio, Graphics, Keys, Multiplayer. Settings save & load from /Settings directory in local app directory. Created classes for Game States: Campaign, Editor, Level, Playlist, World. Setup available for Game States to Read and Write saves. Implemented new types: MetaTypes, StatusTypes, SubTypes, ClassTypes, CollisionTypes. Introduced ArrayPool and Placeholder for Collision Sequence class. Design new architecture for Collision System. 


Created Game Handler Class and Content Classes: Level, World. Read Level Data from JSON, Deserialized into Object. Ported Calc Classes: Snap. Created GameTypes class; added Tilemap Enums. Created Level Generation class. Can Generate Objects via constructors. Now Rendering in Scene Loop. Design new architecture for Scene object tracking. Design new architecture for Tilemaps. 


Rebuilt Level Converter to handle new architecture and values. Updated Level Format. Built Tilemap with new architecture. Should see significant optimizations. Designed concept of Class Objects. Added Objects, Class Object structures to Scene. Prototype of ClassGameObject; registers with scene, builds sub-type textures, etc. Extensive bug fixing; deal with days of coding without rendering. Successfully rendering tiles into Scene from Level Data. Added Ground Tiles to Scene. 


Set Window Size to Better Fit on Start. Continued Input handling; designed simpler architecture for Inputs. Added Collectable Tiles (Powers, Suits, Hats, Coins, Goodies). Added Decor Tiles (Caves, Items, Pets, Veg, Arrows, Prompts). Added Toggle Block & Toggle Box Tiles. Added Miscellaneous Tiles (Platforms, Ledges, Log, Wall, Lock, Spike, Box). Fixed irritating bug caused by incorrect gridID assignment. Built new Atlas system, removed unnecessary Texture Packer code. Ported Object Detection into shared ObjectEffects. 


Implemented New Atlases (Tiles, Objects) to optimize render speed (+50%?), removed old Atlases. Added Camera Movement by Directional Input. 


Added Dynamic Objects to Scene, with Rendering. Fixed VSync issue. Removed Fixed Point Math in Rendering Systems. Prototype Moosh added to Scene, Rendered. 


Added Physics Component. Added Touch-Identification Component in Physics. Added Object Tick-Updates, to cycle through Physics Ticks. Added 'Sweep and Prune' Broad Dynamic Collision System. Ported Narrow Phase Dynamic Collision Code: Overlaps, Direction, etc. Ported Alignment Methods. Ported Collision Component for Generic Collision Features. 


Prepared Flags for Slope Collision. Implemented Tile-Based Collision System with New Architecture. Significantly optimized and improved. 


Added debugging class, refined control over tick speed. Fixed Tile Collision Choppiness. New Bounds System using JSON hash for Texture Pack; better than MonoGame's option. Added Placeholder for Character. Added Character Status, Character Stats, Character Wounds. Ported Suit Class, Ninja Suits, Wizard Suits. Ported Hat Classes. Preparing for new Cosmetic Hat Class & Mechanics. 


Engineered New Action System. Ported several Actions. Built New Power System. Ported several Mobility Powers. Creating ActionMap for pooling. Single player (and especially Multiplayer) won't reuse action objects. Added Character Air Movement, Ground Movement. Connected Player Input. 


Re-engineered Animations and Global Animations to significantly reduce complexity. Mapped Global Animations to GameMapper. Updated Character Sprites from Movement (cycles not yet animated). 


Achieved Working Prototype for Tile Collisions. Bug fixes for Sliding and Run Deceleration. Redesigning Animation system. New static AnimCycleMap to store animation cycles. Animations are working correctly. Character Animations added. Platform Tile Collisions working correctly. Implemented Behaviors, Ported Behaviors, Ported Enemy Actions. Implemented Enemy Statuses. 


Altered Behaviors. Removed Enemy Status, Enemy Actions in place of Behaviors. Added Impact Map, Narrow Collision Handler. Added Item Class. 


Added Non-Weapon Projectile Classes: Ball, Bolt, Bullet, Earth Magi. Added Weapon Projectile Classes: Axe, Chakram, Dagger, Glove, Grenade, Hammer, Shuriken, Spear, Sword. Placeholder Platform for HitCompare purposes. Placeholders for HitCompare classes. Simplified collision math for rendering and non-dynamic objects with int-based positions. Debugging very buried collision issues. 


Refined Character Behavior for Collision, Drawing, Movement. Added WallGrab and WallJump action placeholders. Redesigned Tilemap & Tile Collision systems. Cleaned up and removed code. 


Working prototype of newly engineered Tile Collision System. Added Grass Ledge Behavior. Added Tile Collisions. Wall Jumping Mechanic working correctly. Upward Collision ends Jump Actions correctly. Special Collisions: Boxes Enemy Death Action added. Added Sound Assets, Added Sound Class. 


Conceptualized new system for Particles using precompiled updates. Ported remaining Calc classes, converted to Fixed Point Math. Added Separate Calc classes - one for Fixed Point Math, one for Float-based Math. Added Particle Paths: Spiral, Curve Motion, Fade with Lifespan. Redesigned and Built UIComponent Class. Added global UIData class. 


Added Object Pooling System. Added Particle Emitters. Added Particles. Refactored Systems Class as static. Added Box Explosion Particle Effect. Implemented Proper Rotation w/ Sprite Origins. 


Added New Behavior Mechanics. Updated Moosh, Moosh Animations, Moosh Behaviors. Implemented New State Changes (improved animation and sprite changes). 


Parallax Handler. Parallax Generator. Redesigned Impact Architecture. Impacts converted to Static. Added Bounce off of Enemies for Characters. Added EnemyLand Placeholders: Bones, Boom, Bug, Goo, Lich, Liz, Octo 


Added EnemyLand Placeholders: Poke, Snail, Snek, Wurm, Turtle Added UpdateParams method to tiles and game objects. Updates on LevelConvert, Atlases. Placeholder Flight Physics. Added Facing Rotations for Rendering. 


Updated paramList to JObject across all files. Adding Params, Param Rules, Mechanics Conversions. 


Adding Params, Param Rules, Mechanics Conversions. 


Updated LevelConvert params. Implementing foundation of Flight Behavior. 


Added Flight Behaviors. Added Geometry Calculations: Circle (for Circle Flight Pattern). Added Health and Armor Level UI, Coin UI. Added Wound Sounds, Suit and Hat Damage. Added Font Classes, Base Text, Counter Text. 


Added Timer. Added Coins and Goodies to Level. Added Goodie Collection Mechanics: Health, Armor, Time, Invincibility. Created ObjectPool class; contains projectile stacks. PowerArc Class created; foundation for additional attack powers. Added ProjectileBall Powers. Added Bolt Powers. 


Added Thrown Weapon Powers. Added 'Marked for Creation' mechanic, to create scene objects outside enumeration. Significant Projectile Updates. Added Hat and Suit Collection Mechanics. Hat Rendering. 


Added remaining LevelConvert entries. Improved LevelConvert script. 


First Stage of Room Scene Integration. Rendering Room Scenes. Improved Camera, Camera Fixes. Implemented Chomper Facing. Added Character Basic Suit, Suit Textures. Added Character Heads, Rendering. 


Added Projectile Collisions Basics, Ground Collisions. Chompers Damaged by Projectiles. Improvements and fixes with Suit Collectables. Converting Suits, Hats, and Heads to mapped instances. Shuriken Mechanics, Behavior, Collisions (Ground, Ledges, Enemies). 


Added No-Collision Mechanics. Added Particle Handler, Particle Effects for Box Breaking. Added Debugging Frames. Added Debugging Modes & Toggling (Tick Speed, Debug Frames). 


Removed DeathEnemyAction, all Enemy Actions (use Enemy Behavior only). Added Particle Mechanics for Knockouts. Advanced Sprite Draw positions correctly. Added Chomper & Plant Knockouts. 
submitted by Scionax to NexusGames

r/GIS 2019 User Survey Results

Reddit.com/GIS User Survey Results

Thanks for everyone who took part. Check the juypter notebook for charts and analysis:

Key points:

  • Users are 17% Female, up ~2% from 2017. 82% male.
  • 64% United States, 36% Other
  • Largest other: Canada 11%, United Kingdom 4%, Australia 3%, Germany 2%, New Zealand 1%, Netherlands 1%, Norway 1%, South Africa 1%
  • Largest states: California 12%, Texas 10%, Virginia 5%, Ohio 4%, Minnesota 4%, Florida 4%, Georgia 4%
  • Age: 53% are between 25 and 34
  • 52% Bachelor's, 33% Masters
  • 55% of Masters/PhD students recommend getting one, just 4% say outright no
  • 23% work in government
  • 1% do not use GIS software
  • 20% use FME
  • 21% use PostGIS, but even more use SQL Server at 35% (however only 18% chose SQL Server as their database of choice)
  • 13% still use ShapeFiles over a database, this is down from 15.5% in 2017
  • SQLite (SpatiaLite, GeoPackage) has gained a bit, 3.5%, up from 2% in 2017, should have asked specifically if people use it at all, separate from the database choice
  • Of ArcGIS users: 31% do not use Pro at all, 6% use only Pro
  • 70% do not use design software to finish maps
  • 62% vector based work, 31% 50/50, 5% raster
  • 39% of jobs do not require programming, 55% require Python
  • 6% have a GISP
How happy are you with your choice of GIS as profession?
7.7 / 10
Slight drop from 2017 when it was 7.8/10
How optimistic are you about the future of GIS as a profession?
7.4 / 10
Slight drop from 2017 when it was 7.6/10


Average salary is around $55000
Income level in US Dollars %
Under 20000 16.47
20000-30000 7.23
30000-40000 8.57
40000-50000 15.13
50000-75000 31.26
75000-100000 15.29
100000-150000 5.38
150000 or more 0.67
Industries with 150k or more jobs: Energy, GIS, Insurance
Job titles with 150k or more: Developer, Manager, Project Manager, Senior GIS Consultant
Best paying industries:
Industry Average income by industry
Energy 84500
Real Estate 73214
Natural Resources 71471
Defense 71375
Telecommunications 69375
Consulting 66638
Utilities 66118
Oil and Gas 63684
Public Health 62857
Engineering 62250
Local Government 59495
Civil Engineering 59318
GIS 58693
Environmental 57250
Archaeology 56429
Transportation 54167
Central Government 54107
Education 46667
Non-Profit 46111
Forestry 40455
IT 38333
Academia 33214
Best paying job titles:
Job Title Average income by job title
Project Manager 88056
Manager 84643
Developer 75900
Analyst 65625
Consultant 64500
Coordinator 62344
Specialist 60250
Support Specialist 56250
Research Analyst 48077
Technician 47067
Researcher 44583
Intern 20086
Research Assistant 19643
Main Desktop Software Average Income
None 102917
Other 64167
ArcGIS 56094
QGIS 49733

Desktop GIS usage:

Software %
ArcGIS 89.24
QGIS 51.09
Google Earth 46.89
AutoCAD 17.14
GRASS 11.43
Global Mapper 6.55
ERDAS 6.22
ENVI 5.38
MapInfo 3.53
SmallWorld 2.02
Main Desktop GIS:
Software Usage as main desktop GIS %
ArcGIS 78%
AutoCAD 1%
Global Mapper <1%
Google Earth <1%
MapInfo 1%
None 1%
Other 2%
QGIS 17%
SmallWorld <1%
Europe as a whole:
Software Usage as main desktop GIS %
ArcGIS 51%
MapInfo 4%
Other 4%
QGIS 42%
By country:
Country Software Usage as main desktop GIS %
Australia ArcGIS 61%
Australia AutoCAD 6%
Australia QGIS 33%
Canada ArcGIS 73%
Canada AutoCAD 2%
Canada None 3%
Canada Other 2%
Canada QGIS 20%
Germany ArcGIS 64%
Germany MapInfo 9%
Germany QGIS 27%
Ireland ArcGIS 20%
Ireland QGIS 80%
Mexico ArcGIS 40%
Mexico Google Earth 20%
Mexico QGIS 40%
Netherlands ArcGIS 71%
Netherlands QGIS 29%
New Zealand ArcGIS 75%
New Zealand Other 12%
New Zealand QGIS 12%
Norway ArcGIS 33%
Norway Other 17%
Norway QGIS 50%
South Africa ArcGIS 83%
South Africa QGIS 17%
United Kingdom ArcGIS 57%
United Kingdom MapInfo 9%
United Kingdom Other 4%
United Kingdom QGIS 30%
United States ArcGIS 88%
United States AutoCAD <1%
United States Global Mapper 1%
United States MapInfo <1%
United States None 1%
United States Other 1%
United States QGIS 9%
United States SmallWorld <1%
The general gist of the comments were:
Keep improving yourself, including learning to program. GIS is changing and we need to move with the times. GIS is great in general, but it is you who has to apply it. Let's leave the ArcGIS vs QGIS rivalry behind us, we are a community.
CSV of the responses is on the GitHub:
submitted by tseepra to gis

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