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Second volume of mix on the legendary Paul St Hilaire from Dominica and Rhythm & Sound

Paul St. Hilaire is a reggae vocalist from the island of Dominica in the Caribbean. He collaborated with Rhythm & Sound (Moritz von Oswald & Mark Ernestus) who produced a series of legendary releases featuring his vocals on their label Burial Mix, releases that have inspired a generation of listeners. He had numerous guest appearances on electronic releases by Stereotype, Deadbeat, Beat Pharmacy & Modeselektor. Paul’s dub-poetry has always had an elemental power about it – a power that has often been best realised when it is played off the synthetic tones of dub techno. These long tracks unfold slowly, their hunting drumbeats tethered in delay and ground-shaking sub-bass lines. St. Hilaire hovers at the centre of all of this, his vocals tumbling down as if out of the sky. Over 21 tunes are gathered here. Deep tracks drawn out of the singular fusion of roots reggae and dub with elements of experimental techno that have become the characteristic of the Berlin aesthetic. The tones of the artist’s Caribbean home island Dominica softens the urban edge. The unique voice of Paul St. Hilaire talks to us about the up and downs of our private lives and our all-encompassing involvement in world politics. This music opens up a window to the reggae of tomorrow. A window without borders & boundaries, a window where anything is possible…
1.0 Ras Bigga intro Rastafari 2.0 Round Four Feat. Tikiman - \"Found A Way\" [full lenght] 3.0 Rhauder feat. Paul St. Hilaire - Sidechain (dub version)B1 [ORN023] 4.0 Mind Over Midi feat. Tikiman - Champion 5.0 Rhauder feat Paul St Hilaire - Sidechain (pop-a-dub version) [ORN023] 6.0 Beat Pharmacy - Don't Bodda Me Feat Paul St Hilaire 7.0 Rhythm & Sound - Spend some time ( /w tikiman ) 8.0 Rhauder Feat Paul St Hilaire - No News (Rhauder's Dub) 9.0 Rhauder & Paul St. Hilaire - No News (Assemblage Mix) 10.0 Rhythm & Sound - Music a fe rule part 1 ( /w tikiman ) 11.0 Beat Pharmacy - Nuclear Race 12.0 Martinez feat. Paul St Hilarie - Grandma (Vocal + Version) 13.0 Rhythm & Sound - Never Tell You (Version) 14.0 Rhythm & Sound - Free for All (with Paul St. Hilaire) 15.0 Deadbeat And Paul St Hilaire - Yesterdays Dreams 16.0 Deadbeat - Rock Of Creation ( feat. Paul St. Hilaire ) 17.0 Deadbeat and Paul St. Hilaire Working Everyday 18.0 Rhythm & Sound w Walda Gabriel - Boss Man (Tiki's Pure Blue Remix) 19.0 Mind Over Midi - Revelation 20.0 René Löwe & Paul St. Hilaire - Faith (No Vox Mix) 21.0 Rastafari Elders Dialogue
submitted by No_Hovercraft6405 to Dubtechno

Kaiserreich Beta 0.10 - ‘Blood on the Yangtze’ is out!

Kaiserreich Beta 0.10 - ‘Blood on the Yangtze’
We are out of alpha! Welcome to the first beta version of Kaiserreich for Hearts of Iron 4. We are so happy to be here and couldn’t be more proud of all the work that has been done to get here. We never would have got here without one of the most amazing and passionate communities in all of gaming. Thank you. This update is our largest ever, with no less than 17 pages of changes. Highlights include, of course, the long awaited China update, the Italian rework, new naval changes, our largest ever performance improvement, an insane number of bug fixes and huge quality of life changes. More than ever before, we hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich!
The KR4 team
P.S. We owe a massive thanks to Dayshine, among others, who have been working on CWTools. It has been an invaluable tool for us and we encourage modders from all Paradox games to make use of it.
P.P.S. We are aware of many people still having trouble with the new launcher. We believe we have identified, and fixed, the cause of some of the issues, though not all. If you are still having trouble, we have written up a guide which we hope will be of some use: https://kaiserreich.fandom.com/wiki/Troubleshooting_the_HoI4_Launcher
Notable Additions
  • Industry technologies values in KR are now in line with the vanilla ones, i.e. instead of 10% you now get 20% of new building slots per state in every tech.
  • Stability has been changed to be less lopsided; the effects at 0% stability are -20% factory/dockyard output, -10 organisation, and -10% political power gain, and at 100% stability are +20% factory/dockyard output, +10 organisation, and +10% political power gain. The USA and Germany stability debuffs were changed to accommodate this.
  • The endonym/exonym game rule has been removed. The system can now be switched on and off via a button in the UI. News event settings have also been moved to a button.
  • Political ministers can no longer be added manually so performance cost-heavy checks could be removed. Removed the intelligence minister and theorists. This has lead to sizable (up to a 15% raw improvement, though your mileage may vary) performance improvements.
  • Most (though not all) volunteer events removed, replaced by an improved ai volunteer system.
  • Fixed some major supply zone issues across the globe, supply now works a lot better.
  • Added custom tile pictures to major cities.
The Italian Update
  • Italian states can now peacefully reunify once the SRI is defeated.
  • All Italian war and diplomacy focuses have been transferred to decisions.
  • The Venetian Revolt has been reworked. Now Venice will only rise up in Veneto, but will receive foreign aid after 180 days. 180 days after that, if they have not won yet, they annex Italy. Then they can either restore the Italian Federation or release Lombardy and go their own way.
  • ANI Italy can now join the Belgrade Pact
  • The Neo-Sanfedisti event chain has been reworked to provide more benefits for the Papal States and Sicily if they support the rebels in the SRI.
  • The Papal State is now a Sicilian puppet, and can break free or be annexed by decision after certain points in the game.
  • The Papal States will now only support the Neo-Sanfedisti after 1938.
  • The Two Sicilies have had their faction joining changed to decisions, and require the entire political tree to be completed.
  • Two Sicilies has received a new land reform tree.
  • The Italian Republic now starts as an Austrian puppet, but will break free following Black Monday.
  • The Italian Republic’s government can fall after the 1937 elections if the democratic parties win, leading either to a restoration of the Italian Federation, or devolution into Lombardy and Venice.
  • The Socialist Republic of Italy has had their tree simplified.
Naval Rework 3.0
  • Ship equipment was completely revamped to be in line with Vanilla and easy to maintain in cases of further changes to the naval system from PDX side.
  • MTG system is now extremely similar to vanilla, we have just some extra modules and PZS hull is considered as heavy hull
  • There shouldn't be any non-buildable ships for Non-MTG players
  • All variants were changed from generic to the nation unique (based either on vanilla representation of pre PoD ships or on first naval rework lore for KR timeline unique ships)
  • Added first glimpses of MTG version of ship name lists (for China tags, JAP and AUS)
Added Focus Trees to:
  • Anqing Clique
  • Bhutan
  • East Turkestan
  • Guangdong
  • Guangxi Clique
  • Kumul Khanate
  • League of Eight Provinces
  • Left Kuomintang
  • Ma Clique
  • Manchuria (Puppet)
  • Shan Confederation
  • Shandong Clique
  • Shanxi Clique
  • Sichuan Clique
  • State of Kachin
  • Tibet
  • Xinjiang Clique
  • Yunnan Clique
Reworked/expanded focus trees of:
  • Austrian Empire
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Combined Syndicates of America
  • Emilia
  • Fengtian Government
  • German East Asia
  • Japan
  • Legation Cities
  • Lombardy
  • Mongolia
  • Pacific States of America
  • Poland
  • Qing
  • Republic of Italy
  • Socialist Republic of Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Transamur
  • Two Sicilies
  • Union of Britain
  • United States of America
  • Venice
Added Events to/for:
  • Anqing Clique
  • Austria
  • Bhutan
  • East Turkestan
  • Fengtian Government
  • Guangdong
  • Guangxi Clique
  • Hunan
  • Italian Republic
  • Italian Reunification
  • Kumul Khanate
  • League of Eight Provinces
  • Left Kuomintang
  • Legation Cities
  • Ma Clique
  • Mongolia
  • Qing
  • Shandong Clique
  • Shanxi Clique
  • Sichuan Clique
  • Switzerland
  • Tibet
  • Transamur
  • Two Sicilies
  • United Kingdom
  • Venice
  • West Indies Federation
  • Xinjiang Clique
  • Yunnan Clique
Added Decisions to/for:
  • Anqing Clique
  • Austria
  • Bhutan
  • Chile
  • Chinese Reunification
  • Commune of France
  • East Turkestan
  • Fengtian Government
  • German East Asia
  • Guangdong
  • Hunan
  • Italian Republic
  • Italian Reunification
  • Japan
  • Kumul Khanate
  • League of Eight Provinces
  • Left Kuomintang
  • Legation Cities
  • Lombardy
  • Ma Clique
  • Members of the Legation Council
  • Mongolia
  • Qing
  • Shandong Clique
  • Shanxi Clique
  • Sichuan Clique
  • Switzerland
  • Tibet
  • Transamur
  • Transamur
  • Venezuela
  • Venice
  • Xinjiang Clique
  • Yunnan Clique
Added Custom Paths to/for:
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • Ecuador
  • Paraguay
  • Patagonia
  • Qing
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
  • Major map changes in China
  • Major map changes in Spain
  • Major map changes in the Middle East
  • Overhauled Austrian, Balkan and Eastern European strategic regions
  • Fixed several misaligned river mouths
  • Merged Trieste into the Austrian Littoral
  • Split Bucovina into Northern and Southern Bucovina
  • Redid Baltic state boundaries
  • Added Trento and Pola as new VPs for Austria.
  • Added Sopron/Ödenburg and Târgu Mureș/Marosvásárhely as new VPs for Hungary.
  • Added Slovak renaming.
  • Added German, Polish, Ukrainian and Romanian renaming for Slovakia and Hungary where appropriate.
  • Adjusted the Finnish-Russian border in Karelia
  • Added correct jungle terrain to Southeast Asia
  • Split off Gambia from Senegal
  • Removed several small island states
  • Fixed broken frontlines along the French-Belgian and Serbian-Bulgarian borders
  • Added new portraits for Italian countries
  • Removed vanilla portraits in American (CSA, AUS, PSA,USA) countries and replaced them with KR appropriate portraits.
  • Redid many portraits, including: Francisco Franco, Phillipe Petain, Gustaf Adolf, Clement Attlee, Claude Auchinleck, Tom Phillips, John Tovey, Louis Mountbatten, Kenneth Stuart, Georges Valois, John Winant, Prajadahipok, Plaek Phibunsongkhram, Phraya Phahon, Gearoid O Cuineagain, Leon Jouhaux, Yevhen Konovalets, Mykhailo Omelianovych Pavlenko, Hnat Stefaniv, Christian X, Alan Brooke, John Dill, Richard O’Connor, Tom Wintringham, Nguyen An Ninh, Tadeusz Rozwadowski, Witold Pilecki, Anatoly Pepelyaev, Mohammed V, Souphavong Andriy Melnyk, Petar Bojovic, Duarte II, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, Marmaduke Grove, Benoit Frachon, Maurice Gamelin, António Carmona, Bento António Gonçalves, Joseph August von Habsburg, Alphonse Georges.
  • Replaced Switzerland’s starting Council portrait with a Swiss Coat of Arms.
  • Added many new unit models, most courtesy of MI2 by McNaughton
  • Redid and added many focus and idea icons
  • Added many new event pics
  • Added many new decision icons
Music Mod
  • Please note that we are delaying the update to the music mod by a few days to let us deal with any issues with the main mod first. Sorry for the slight delay there.
  • “Reflection of the Moon in the Erquan Pool” is the new main theme
  • Added 7 Insulindian songs
  • Added 2 KMT military songs
  • Added 5 peace songs for China
Western Europe
  • Changed Switzerland’s SocLib party from ‘Landesring der Unabhängigen’ to ‘Liberale Partei der Schweiz’.
  • The Savoyard Crisis will now not contribute to world tension if it never escalates.
  • Converted Switzerland’s foreign policy from focuses to decisions.
  • Commune of France and Union of Britain now start on partial mobilization.
  • Added more steel to Luxemburg and Flanders-Wallonia.
  • Rebalanced Switzerland’s ‘New Order’ decisions to make it actually possible to secure the government and take ‘Greater Switzerland’.
  • Henri Guisan can no longer be elected General in NatPop Switzerland due to his Romand origins, and Syndicalist Switzerland will no longer elect a general.
  • Denmark will now always simply join the Reichspakt during the Weltkrieg unless they are ruled by the social democrats to prevent issues with events that didn’t anticipate this behavior.
  • Added annexation mission for Alsace-Lorraine.
  • Removed a few small chances for the AI to start WK2 early over small diplomatic incidents.
  • Expanded Switzerland’s national populist path
  • The Kaiser Wilhelm society now exists at game start
  • Germany is no longer locked out of the Walloon annexation event
  • The British and French each have focuses to initiate returning their colonies that they occupy to each other once the mainlands are reclaimed.
  • Changed Germany’s IG Farben focus
  • Germany can no longer invite Iron Guard Romania to the Reichspakt when it is a faction other than the Belgrade Pact
  • Touched up the Savoie Crisis chain
  • Changed the name of the Belgian-Dutch alliance to BeNeSam
Eastern Europe
  • Annexation mission for the United Baltic Duchy has been added for Germany.
  • Added several flavor events for Lithuania
  • Redid annexation missions for the south Slavic states
  • Russia can now directly attack White Ruthenia instead of buying state bonds when White Ruthenia is socialist and they are not
  • Germany now revokes its guarantee on Azerbaijan if they refuse to defend them from Persia
  • Russian/Soviet general transfers no longer leave some in both countries
  • Changed Russian focuses related to China
  • Poland now starts with Chelm
  • Performance optimisation for Russian events and focuses
  • Russian civil war ideas are removed via annexation
  • Fixed focus available conditions for Poland
  • Removed Molotov-Ribbentrop line from Poland and Galician states
  • Russia now no longer joins the internationale via “Deal With the Devil”, it just enters the war
  • Removed the Russian focus to join the Internationale - Syndie Russia can still join under the proper circumstances via event
  • Cut the Ukranian Civil War
  • White Ruthenia’s focus tree times have been shortened (70 to 56)
Southern Europe
  • Annexation missions for Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Transylvania have been added for the Austrian Civil War.
  • Release events for Slovakia will now take into account the status of Southern Slovakia and Transcarpathia
  • National France now begins the game controlling Malta.
  • Austria now is made aware of its influence in Italy
  • Bulgaria now takes Nis and Macedonia from Serbia when it has lost them then later goes to war against Serbia with Austria
  • Serbia and Bulgaria are now notified when Romania leaves the Belgrade Pact
  • Moved Greek Megali claims to an event
  • Added annexation missions to Macedonia and Dobrogea
  • Serbia can no longer release Croatia
  • Greece and Romania can now end its war with Bulgaria parallel to the Balkan war when it does not join the Belgrade Pact at the same time as Serbia.
Northern Europe
  • Added a news event for Wilhelm II’s death.
  • Cut the “Every King a Turn” focus in Scandinavia for now as it has been causing unwanted results.
North America
  • West Indies Federation can now peace out with Canada via event once they take the “Join the Internationale” focus.
  • Canada can now release the USA regardless of what they supported
  • (Re-)Added Robert Hale Merriman as a general for the CSA
  • Reduced cost of Hawaii’s focuses to 42 days, down from 70
  • The USA no longer hates Canada for taking New England and Alaska if they return them
  • Cuba can now restore the commission of old generals, meaning all factions now have generals
  • ACW states now have ACW templates removed when released
  • The CSA will no longer embargo Australasia if Australasia went syndicalist prior to the 2AW
  • The USA can no longer use its national guard mobilization for wars other than the 2ACW
  • Montreal and Ottawa are now their own states, removed Queen Charlotte islands and Trans-Pecos
  • SocDem Costa Rica should now sometimes agree to join socialist Centroamerica
  • Added Fox Conner as a general for the USA and AUS
  • The CSA now no longer automatically receives cores on former territories like Puerto Rico
  • USA immediate post-war events now auto-complete focuses rather than bypassing
  • Frank Merriam can now lead the PSA democratic party in 1940
South America
  • Brazil’s anti-syndicalist provincial revolt Bahia is now AuthDem instead of PatAut.
  • Paraguay focus times are now 56 days instead of 70 days.
  • Leader descriptions for all Brazilian leaders.
  • Syndicalist Chile’s foreign policy converted from focuses to decisions.
  • Brazil’s focus tree is now dynamic.
  • Venezuela can now join the Entente if at war with an Internationale member.
  • Venezuela will now attack the West Indies for Essequibo, and can offer the West Indies peace when they hold it for long enough
  • Neves now leads SocCon Vera Cruz
  • Memede now leads PatAut Bahia
  • Siseno Ramos Sarmento added as the new natpop leader of Amazonas
  • Peru’s focuses are now all locked to ideology
  • Removed ideology drift from national spirits in Peru.
  • Peru and Ecuador can now do a white peace if Ecuador is doing well in the Pastaza war. Peru will lose their core on Pastaza when this happens, and when they are outright annexed by Ecuador.
  • Brazil should now receive events about American refugees earlier in the war
  • Bolivian companies are now available to the PBC
  • Syndie Peru should now leave the Buenos Aires-Lima Pact
  • Touched up state ambitions and potential claims in South America, should lead to more consistent peace conferences
  • Buffed Mexican population gain ideas
  • The Co-Prosperity Sphere is now a starting faction.
  • WIP icons in the BHC and DEH foci trees have been swapped with ones from base game.
  • Fixed a mistake in which Ragnar Colvin was using a portrait photo of John Gregory Crace.
  • Princely Federation now goes isolationist far less
  • Added a warning about claiming the title as Caliph for the Saudis and Rashidis
  • Added new flavor events to Siam
  • Fixed Araki Sakao dying randomly
  • Middle Eastern populations fully adjusted to new states
  • Redid Japan’s foreign policy tree
  • Increase the speed at which Indian nations gain cores on the other conquered factions
  • Optimised Turkestan events, deleted many more
  • Japan now has a unique leader when puppeted by any socialist power
  • Syndicalist Japan will now be able to deal with the Imperial House (AI-only paths)
  • Siam can no longer go down its political trees when puppeted
  • Redid Transamur’s foreign policy and industry sections of their tree
  • Indian states should now have priority in peace conferences for Burma
  • Player-led Australasia can now demand territories from the Anderson doctrine at threat of war
  • Fixed several event chains involving artists in National France.
  • Libya’s population has been properly adjusted to account for the absence of the Cyrenaican genocide
  • The UK can no longer change the Head of State of British-Aligned South Africa
  • Replaced the Generic European 1 portrait that was using Frank T. Johns likeness.
  • Mechanized companies no also affect amphibious mechanized vehicles
  • Tank companies now also affect td/aa/spg variants
  • Countries which can join the ISAC by other means no longer are invited to join automatically
  • Removed AOG, Normandy, Schleswig-Holstein, and Yugoslavia tags
  • If a country occupies territory owned by a country they are allied with, they should now automatically turn it over
  • Moderate resource rebalancing in parts of western Europe, the Middle East, and East Asia
  • Continued rebalancing starting slots for states, notably the USA
  • Adjusted many monthly population ideas
  • Added voice overs to several tags
  • Removed starting cores for more nations which aren't around in 1936 - saves on performance
  • Converted colonial government ideas to a special government type
  • The corrupt kleptocrat minister trait is now less corrupt
  • Replaced loading screen quote from probable fictional person.
  • Replaced repetitive loading screen quote sources with new quotes from: John McLean, H.G. Wells, Dalton Trumbo, Westbrook Pegler, Earl Browder
  • Nerfed volunteer size ideas across the mod
Incomplete Content
  • Hunan’s focus tree wasn’t finished. Hunan has been given a temporary tree and a few decisions for the time being. It will be in a following patch.
Western Europe
  • Fixed the UK General Elections firing before they were supposed to.
  • Fixed the Commune of France being able to use sabotage or development decisions on countries that don’t exist.
  • Fixed Germany’s Bring Back Order focus sometimes not giving the proper effect.
  • Ireland’s and Canada’s events have been adjusted to be less performance-heavy.
  • Belgium can no longer hire Totalist, Syndicalist or Radical Socialist ministers after the interim government ends, unless it’s governed by one of the aforementioned ideologies.
  • Totalist Wallonia now has the correct ministers upon breaking from Flanders-Wallonia.
  • You now have to wait for the economic crisis to hit in order to take ‘Combat the Economic Crisis’ as Switzerland.
  • The VNH doesn’t introduce a private welfare initiative after taking power anymore in the Netherlands.
  • Fixed purged Finnish German generals still being selectable as head of staff, the army, navy and air force.
  • Shortened the news event for the Dutch revolution slightly so it doesn’t clip under the option button.
  • Fixed a missing localisation tag on the Danish-German opinion modifier when a trade deal is rejected.
  • The correct Otto Wels death event will now fire if the SPD is not ruling Germany
  • Fixed the UoB occasionally not getting totalist George Orwell when he is chosen
  • Fixed UoB companies having values different from much of the rest of the game
  • Fixed the UK general election beginning before the focus is taken
  • Fixed Flanders going down the council rule tree when not ruled by the council
  • World tension is no longer generated by the savoyard crisis if it never escalates
  • Fixed up an old CoF chain to help the CSA
  • Mussolini no longer rises from the dead in the fifth SRI congress
  • Fixed the UK’s annexation event for Ireland if it had previously chosen to occupy via its own chain
  • Switzerland can now properly join the Donau-Adriabund
  • Fixed a few events for Switzerland not firing at all
  • The Second Peace with Honour now properly peaces the UoB out with everyone under all circumstances
  • Fixed a reversed opinion modifier for CoF demanding Romandy
  • Added sanity checks for Switzerland addressing black monday
  • Harold Alexander removed as a possible general from the UoB (he’s in Canada)
  • Irish ACW decisions can no longer be taken once the ACW is over
  • The second TUC no longer breaks due to the Lawrence coup
  • Rewrote Britain’s Irish event chain
  • Fixed effects of the Treaty of Arel failing
  • Countries other than France no no longer automatically get cores Alsace-Lorraine when it is conquered
  • Fixed an edge case where Switzerland could not recover from Black Monday
  • Fixed the German Women’s Suffrage chain going nowhere
  • Fixed an event for the death of ex-Chairman Mann for UoB never firing
  • Fixed Ireland not being able to approach the PSA after they unite America
Eastern Europe
  • Lithuanian political focuses are now restricted to their specific ideologies.
  • Fixed Russia not being able to declare war on Poland via focus if Poland annexed Lithuania.
  • Tweaked Lithuania’s ‘Revolt’ and ‘Loyalty’ paths to accomodate for a German victory and the return to puppet status if they revolt.
  • Russian event chain about purchasing White Ruthenian state bonds now only applies if White Ruthenia is either independent and not socialist or is a puppet of Germany. In all other cases they’ll immediately declare war instead.
  • Removed the option to only annex half of White Ruthenia for Russia
  • President Dmitriy will no longer be immortal if the Second Russian Civil War is ongoing.
  • The Intermarium will be disbanded if Ukraine chooses to become isolationist.
  • Fixed Polish ministers not being removed on death.
  • Reordered the PLC tree a bit and prevented it from frequently being locked out of its foreign policy tree
  • Dvinsk is now properly given to the baltic states in annexations when owned
  • Ukraine should no longer send all of its units to Germany when the RP is at war
  • Rozwadowski is no longer immortal
  • Hopefully fixed Russia being inundated with strikes forever
  • Fixed the partition of Ukraine between Poland and DKB firing if DKB does not exist
Southern Europe
  • National Populist Italy will no longer receive events meant for Democratic Italy.
  • Albania will now leave Austria’s faction should Wilhelm zu Wied be assassinated.
  • Fixed several bugs with the Ausgleich event chain.
  • Missions dealing with the collapse of the Portuguese Empire will now be cancelled if Portugal is not at war.
  • Portugal can now no longer always immediately begin its political tree
  • The Iron Guard leadership will no longer flee to Serbia if Serbia has sided against them in the Romanian Civil War.
  • Spain can now bypass certain focuses depending on its level of social breakdown
  • Carlist Spain now always receives the cores it should
  • Sabotage event no longer fires for Spain at the start of the game
  • Romania now loses Belgrade Pact opinion modifiers when it leaves the Pact
  • Italy can no longer join Austria’s faction when at war
  • Fixed Stamboliyski being killed off if Bulgaria is annexed by Serbia
  • Fixed Greek monarchy cosmetic tags being sometimes misapplied
  • Tuscany and Italy can no longer both be ruled by the same person
  • Austria can no longer restore a dead Wilhelm zu Wied in Albania
  • The annexations of Bulgaria are now much less likely to leave odd leftover territory
  • Socialist Bulgaria can no longer join the Donau-Adriabund
  • Fixed Greece being locked out of focuses after losing the Balkan War
Northern Europe
  • Iceland now leaves the Reichspakt when they declare independence in the referendum.
  • Iceland also now leaves its old faction when joining a new one during the ‘Cod War’
  • Iceland can no longer do its resistance decisions once it has broken free
  • King’s Cabinet Denmark will no longer have its government overridden by Kanslergade Agreement events.
  • The Netherlands will no longer have a second revolution after being reconquered by the Dutch East Indies.
  • Fixed puppeted Finland being a kingdom without a king in some cases
  • Changed the name of puppeted Paternal Autocrat Denmark to lose references to kingdom
  • Disabled the choice of government for right wing puppet Sweden
  • Fixed a Norwegian focus relating to Denmark bypassing when Sweden becomes socialist
  • Fixed an improper event tooltip in Norway
  • Fixed the UoB getting a request from Norway meant for the CoF
  • Fixed Dimitriy returning from the dead in Russia
  • August Uproar in Denmark now fires in August
  • Oscar Nygren can no longer return from the dead
North America
  • Canada will no longer receive repeat West Indies annexation missions if it chooses to assume direct control of the Federation.
  • Any trade modifiers regarding war debt repayments will now be removed if the US joins the Entente, allowing for free trade between them.
  • The American Union State can now complete its naval tree if it chooses Trade Interdiction as its doctrine.
  • Fixed broken naval focus mutual exclusivity for socialist Centroamerica
  • Fixed Centroamerica’s native rights event giving the wrong tooltip
  • The ISAC and IEDC are now disbanded when Canada surrenders
  • Hawaii now changes ministers when it changes government
  • Hawaii now peaces out when ts faction leader falls
  • The ACW ceasefire no longer triggers when the PSA is about to win
  • Fixed a Dominican Chain firing for Costa Rica
  • Fixed instances where not selecting anything with the 1936 presidential election could cause Olson to live indefinitely
  • Fixed socialist Centroamerica keeping a non-socialist cosmetic tag when puppeted
  • The American Union State no longer puts its own generals on trial
  • Nimitz is no longer in two ACW factions at once
  • Proper ministers are now added for cuba’s revolutionary democracy path
  • Fixed an edge case where Panama could declare war for Coto Brus without warning
  • Fixed Canada sometimes being locked out of intervening in the US post-ACW when it should be able to
  • Effects and event options for the West Indies Federation are no longer often reversed
  • Fixed the Cuban CNOC leadership event
  • Fixed the Cuban democratic and US-lapdog constitutional convention chain
  • Fixed the Dominican Dictatorship power struggle
  • Fixed status of Belize event for CA
  • Fixed Panama post-1940 focuses not being properly bypassed
South America
  • Ramirez’s Argentina can now access its political tree if he comes to power after the FOP refuses reunification.
  • Removed possible exploit allowing Democratic Argentina to join a faction before dealing with the FOP.
  • Fixed a broken company gfx for argentina
  • Fixed marriage event for Portugal and Brazil firing when the bride is dead
  • Fixed Brazilian resource focuses bypassing due to revolts
  • Fixed a weird frontline issue around the great lakes
  • Fixed issues with Brazil-WIF peace conferences
  • Transamur will now drop out of any of Japan’s wars if they rebel.
  • Japan will no longer return Okhotsk and Kamchatka to Transamur immediately after receiving the territory.
  • Russia-Japan peace events will now transfer the conquered territory to Transamur if it is a puppet of Japan.
  • Added missing Hejaz annexation event.
  • Siamese events will no longer refer to German engineers if Siam is socialist.
  • Indochina will now correctly guarantee Siam instead of Burma should they accept to cooperate.
  • The Golestan Pact will now be dissolved if Persia chooses to ally with the Bharatiya Commune.
  • The arrival of Dutch exiles as the Dutch government in exile will now give a research buff again instead of a research debuff.
  • The effect of the ‘An army of all Dutch East Indians’ focus now properly reflects the effect that is put in place in-game.
  • Fixed a double removal of the national revolutionary idea in Insulindia.
  • Yemen is no longer referenced in an event about Russia in Saudi Arabia.
  • Fixed Siam’s annexation event for Burma.
  • Fixed mixed up leader descriptions in Kurdistan and Iraq.
  • Touched up old Philippines events, including fixing the many broken or reversed opinion modifiers in the Philippines.
  • Massively improved the major East Asian peace chain.
  • Transamur can no longer elect the military when a full Japanese puppet.
  • Fixed Japan not transferring Siberia to Transamur in peace conferences.
  • Nations can now actually get Korea when they defeat Japan.
  • Fixed Changtang not being taken from Tibet in peace events.
  • The Soviet Union can no longer core Korea.
  • Japan’s faction and tech sharing group now exist at game start.
  • Transamur can now break free from Japan in their tree.
  • Transamur will be given the correct states in their peace deals.
  • Added sanity checks to Insulindia’s faction joining focuses and events.
  • Nepal can no longer become a republic with the king in power.
  • National France now gets a claim on Rio de Oro if they attempt to seize it, guaranteeing they get the province on the peace conference should war break out with the CNT-FAI.
  • Fixed an event chain for National France in relations to the imprisonment of Lévi Strauss.
  • Egypt and Sudan will no longer receive Mahdist war events as a puppet.
  • Socialist puppet South Africa will no longer have elections in 1943 or 1948 reverting ideology to Social Conservative.
  • Angola no longer takes control of a state in Spain when released.
  • Abyssinia/Ethiopia is now always called Ethiopia.
  • Fixed African state cores from Germany’s decolonization event.
  • Transamur can no longer take its coring decisions multiple times.
  • Germany no longer cedes the Suez Canal automatically when they decide to resist Egyptian demands.
  • Most broken decision and portrait gfx have been fixed
  • Added tooltips to remaining raw oobs without them
  • Fixed the party popularity bar overlapping with the aircraft mission screen
  • General fixes to typos, VP and state names, etc., as always
  • Fixed a government in exile decision remaining after the country was restored
  • Fixed several instances of dates scripted on yyyy/dd/mm format instead of yyyy/mm/dd
  • Fixed up many literature events
  • Fixed several naval commanders having no stats
  • Fixed the Swiss Neutrality tooltip from sometimes showing up when declaring war as any country
We hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich as much as we did making it!
- The KR4 Team: Alpinia, Anbory, Arvidus, Beelzebub, Blackfalcon501, DSFDarker, Dr. Njitram, Drozdovite, Edouard Saladier, Eragaxshim, Fbruchmueller, Flamefang, Jeankedezeehond, Jonjon428, Jonny BL, KeetnaWilson, Khalil, Kracc, Krčo, Liegnitz, Maltesefalcon, MantisToboggan, Mifil, OperationsManagementDecisions, PPsyrius, Pietrus, Rei VL, Rinbro, Roniius, Roparex, Rylock, Saladenicoise, Sjarlewis, Skip, Telcontar101, The Alpha Dog, Thomahawk2k, Vidyaország, WordZero, Yard1, Zaddy-Chan and Zankoas
submitted by zankoas to Kaiserreich

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