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An actual guide to Apex legends positioning and Game optimization (In depth PC guide part II)

An actual guide to Apex legends positioning and Game optimization (In depth PC guide part II)

The complete guide on maximising your Apex legends experience.

Welcome (again) to another apex legends guide, due to the success of my first post "How to actually get better at aiming" I decided to create a follow-up guide for all of you out there looking to get better at the game, and willing to take the necessary steps to actually improve. I'm sure you're wondering why I made a second guide since the first one seemed to cover every aspect necessary to excel at the game, and I'm also sure a lot of you are thinking about skipping this guide as it may be unnecessary, well, that's not the case. My first guide did indeed cover multiple aspects which are crucial to comprehend in order to improve, but it wasn't as analytical as it could've been, it was aimed mainly towards beginners and I wasn't sure if it would get positive feedback to begin with, so I kept it simple. This guide is for those of you wanting to take that extra step in order to differentiate yourselves from your opponents and finally climb up in the ranked ladder. In this guide I will be covering in detail: 1) finding the right mouse 2) optimal program settings for increased visibility + fps 3) Advanced aim training 4) In-depth positioning explanation + guide. As you probably already noticed, certain topics of discussion overlap those of my initial guide, but in this guide each of the topics will be analysed to their cores so that you can follow the steps which will be provided and see guaranteed improvement within two weeks of consistent gameplay. I am 100% certain that your in-game performance and Kovaak's scores will increase significantly if you follow my guide, with visible combat performance in Apex legends and a minimum of 5-10% increase for Kovaak's scores if you are closer to beginner level. For those of you questioning what qualifies me to be putting out information in the context about skill-improvement, I have played CSGO competitively with approximately 7k hours in the game, I was ranked in the top 30 McCree players in S6 of overwatch, I am predator in Apex, and I have top 100 scores in multiple 'Kovaak's FPS aim trainer' scenarios and general top 5% scores. If you haven't read through my first guide, you can do that here. Having said all that, let's get started.

Section 1) Finding the right mouse.

When it comes to FPS games, having a mouse which can accurately translate your arm movements into mouse movements in your game is of extreme importance, and as I mentioned in my previous guide, is constantly undervalued by the casual gaming community. There is a common gaming myth that I am certain everyone regardless of the genre of games they play has heard which is that if your mouse works without blatant issues then it does it's job. Such misconceptions are usually passed on by casual gamers that don't support spending $60+ for a quality gaming mouse, but unfortunately such statements are false, which is why you will never see any streamer or competitive player using a 10$ laptop mouse. It would be pretty useless and unfair for me to tell you to go out and spend $60+ on a mouse without providing a logical explanation as to why you should, so let's go over the reasons you need a quality mouse, as well as what makes a good gaming mouse good, and how to find the mouse that suits you best. First things first, why do you need a good gaming mouse? It's pretty simple, when playing PC games, but FPS games in particular, you want your mouse movements to be fast and accurate, and in order to achieve that you need to have a quality mouse, if you try a 180 degree flick on an outdated laptop mouse you will quickly realise the mouse loses track through the movement and is therefore inaccurate and even if it didn't lose track, the built in acceleration would make the movement of the mouse inaccurate relative to the movement of your arm. If you tried something similar as the previous example with tracking a target you will quickly realise the movement isn't perfectly smooth, along with the fact that such mice have delay, which means your reaction time will be slower as a result. Gaming mice offer precision sensors which will track your movement accurately with no delay or acceleration, this is very important as it will maximise your in-game precision by properly mirroring your arm movements as opposed to a generic mouse, not only that, but training with a mouse that is inconsistent in movement will hinder your ability to train your aim as it will mess with your muscle (procedural) memory. Gaming mice also tend to offer much more comfortable ergonomic shapes which will give you a better grip, fit your hand better, and also allow you to go on extended gaming sessions without your hand feeling cramped / tired. It is important that you choose a mouse that has a flawless optical sensor (laser sensors are inaccurate), most modern gaming mice offer flawless sensors, but be sure to check before you buy your gaming mouse; Any 33XX sensor will work flawlessly, with the best sensors in the category being the 3360 and the 3366 along with the Logitech HERO sensor which is a low-power version of the 3360. Now, while precise sensors may be important what is even more important is finding a mouse that fits your hand well, this will depend on two things, one being your hand size, and the other being your grip style. I have created a guide (guide within a guide, nice) to help you measure your hand correctly, as well as understand grip styles.

Hand measurement guide:

In order to measure your hands for the purpose of finding a mouse you will want to measure two things, one is the length of your hand, like so:

The other is the width of your hand, like so:

not my hands btw
Once you have figure out the dimensions of your hand, the format in which mice are presented is L x W. I personally have large hands at 21.5x11 cm, I've been using the Zowie EC2-B Divina for the past year and I am very pleased with it as the shape and texture is ideal for me, being an improved DA shape with a 3360 sensor. The most important aspect of the dimensions in terms of determining which mouse is ideal is the length of your hand.
After you have determined your hand size, you need to find out what grip style you use. There are three types of mouse grips, first we have the palm grip, then the claw grip, and finally the fingertip grip. Here is an image showing each grip.

Once you have the 'L x W' of your hand and have figured out what grip style you use, go to this link and you will be presented with a range of options for mice depending on your hand size and grip style. The recommendations have been put together by RocketJumpNinja himself, for those of you unfamiliar with who he is, he is a Quake player and marginally the best competitive mouse reviewer out there and I would trust him blindly for anything mouse related. Once you have found 1-2 mice you are interested in you can check his mouse reviews on YT for more detailed information on each mouse. Having tested a multitude of mice myself, I would say my favourites have been the Deathadder Elite, Zowie EC2-A and EC2-B series due to their ergonomic designs, and the G305 and GPW due to their flawless wireless capabilities.
Other Important Peripherals: As i mentioned in my last guide, while your mouse is by far the most important piece of gaming equipment in your setup, it is also highly recommended that you have 1) A 144hz+ monitor (makes a huge difference and you can get one as cheap as $200) 2) an extra large mousepad 3) A decent mechanical keyboard (membrane keyboards are trash).

Section 2) optimal program settings for increased visibility + fps

This section will be shorter as everything mentioned here will be a technical step by step guide to insure that you are getting the best performance possible in Apex legends. For myself and many others, Apex legends runs smoothly but suffers from certain technical hiccups, such as: lag spikes, stuttering, fps drops, and input lag. I am playing on a 2080ti and yet I used to have these issues affect my gameplay constantly, to a point where I had stopped playing apex for months and only returned towards the end of S2. If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, this step by step process will ensure that you get rid of them and have your game run smoothly. Note that if you have cheap PC components and you are getting low FPS due to that, this guide will not get you to that consistent 144fps goal, but will still improve your current FPS to some extent. There are multiple steps you need to take in order to squeeze every bit of performance out of your game, we'll start with application / file settings, and move on to optimal launch options and in-game settings.
For the first optimisation you will want to go through is set the game to run on exclusive fullscreen permanently. To do this you will want to launch the Registry Editor. Once in the Registry Editor you want to navigate to: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\system\GameConfigStore\Children. You will see a bunch of series of numbers / letters here, what you will want to do is hit Ctrl + F which will open up 'Search' and search for "r5apex.exe", you'll find a folder called r5apex.exe or something similar, and you will delete that folder. What this step will do is enable your game to run at exclusive fullscreen mode, which the newer windows versions don't allow you to do for some idiotic reason, and this is far simpler and more convenient than a windows rollback.

The next step you want to proceed with is creating an autoexec configuration file for Apex Legends. What an autoexec file does for those of you unfamiliar with the topic (csgo players will know this) is that it will enable you to set certain commands which will automatically be ran in the console every time you run the application corresponding to the file. First, you want to locate the install location for Apex on your PC. For me this is This PC > Windows (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Origin Games > Apex. Click on the file called "cfg" and inside you will find a cfg file called "config_default_pc" make a 2nd copy of this file, open it, delete everything inside it, rename the file to "autoexec" and save it. Within this file you want to type in the following commands:
hud_setting_minimapRotate 1
This will enable your minimap to rotate in game depending on the position you're facing relative to the map
r_shadows 0
This will disable shadows for increased FPS
r_fullscreen 1
This isn't fully necessary taking into consideration the previous step. Ensures fullscreen mode.
mat_screen_blur_enabled 0
This will remove the blur effect from when you open up your inventory etc.
mat_compressedtextures 1
Compresses textures / FPS increase
cl_ragdoll_collide 0
Alters collisions possible in ragdoll physics / FPS increase
m_rawinput 1
This enables raw input for your mouse, uncertain about if it was enabled on default so I included it
optional commands:
mat_letterbox_aspect_goal 1.33
mat_letterbox_aspect_threshold 1.33
These two commands in your autoexec will enable you to play on 4:3 resolutions without having black bars


Next we will be setting the necessary launch options to enable our autoexec to run when we launch Apex, and to add some more optimisations to our game.
In order to get to your launch options launch origin, go to "My Game Library", click on Apex, click on the gear icon below and to the left of 'Play', choose "Game Properties", and finally "Advanced Launch Options". In the text area which says "Command line arguments" add the following:
+exec autoexec
This will run your autoexec file when you launch the game
+cl_showfps 4
This will provide an FPS counter in-game
Self explanatory and once again unecessary but better safe than sorry
Disables V-Sync (vsync is horrible and causes mass input lag)
-fps_max 190
I cap my fps because I feel like anything above 200 FPS in this game leads to screen tearing, could be wrong but once again, better safe than sorry.


Finally we have our in-game settings. This part is very simple, you basically want everything on low. Other than your texture streaming budget which should be on "High (4GB VRAM)" if you have a decent GPU, if you're on more of a budget GPU then you can lower this setting as well.


Section 3) Advanced Aim Training.

If you read my previous guide, you remember how greatly I emphasised training your aim consistently through "Kovaak's FPS aim trainer" for at least 30 - 60 minutes a day in order to see improvement in that aspect. This is a follow up to that for the people that have taken aim training seriously and want something a bit more advanced to allow their muscle memory to develop for a wider range of arm movements and scenarios. If you consider yourself to be a beginner / intermediate aimer you are better off following the warmup / training routine that I have posted in my first guide, if not, this is a routine which for those of you dedicated to improving your aim.
  • 10 minutes - Tile Frenzy 180 - good warmup
  • 10 minutes - 1wall6targets TE - good point & click training
  • 10 minutes - 1wall 6targets small - same as above but more precise due to significantly smaller targets
  • 10 minutes - 1wall5targets_pasu - (tracking mode) - good tracking training for moving targets
  • 4 runs - Air - one of the most difficult large movement tracking scenarios
  • 5 minutes - Thin Aiming Long Invincible - smooth tracking / arm movement training
  • 5 minutes - Popcorn - tough training for learning how to properly "click heads"
  • 10 minutes - McCoy 1v1 - good single fire training vs. strafing targets / good wingman training
In addition to having more difficult scenarios as part of your training routine, there is an extra step necessary in order to push yourself to improve your aiming mechanics, that is, instead of playing 'Free Play' on these aim training scenarios, play the "challenge" modes. Initially you want to aim for scores above the 'median', as you continue training aim to break your own record as many times within a week as you can. Don't be demotivated if the general 'median' scores are high in Kovaak's, as the average aimer doesn't play challenge mode in Kovaak's to begin with, so the scores you're seeing are above average to begin with. All you should aim for initially as I said is "above average", and within 2 weeks you will see improvement to your scores. If you reach the top 100 ranking in any challenge scenario you know you're doing something very right.

Alternatives to Kovaak's FPS aim trainer:
If you cannot afford Kovaak's for whatever reason (It's worth the $10 just buy it), you can use 3DAimTrainer or AimLabs instead, or even simply play FFA DM in community csgo servers with your apex ADS sens (HSDM even better for aim training) and monitor your score there, as CSGO sens scaling is the same as apex. Keep note that these alternatives are sub-optimal and I wouldn't recommend them for aim training as I don't have any training routines to offer for those, although if they are your only option it's better than nothing.
Note: Don't spend over an hour or two (max) a day on aim training itself as you need a combination of aim training and in-game experience in order to properly improve. If you only play aim trainers you will develop bad habits as you are simply training vs targets in very specific scenarios and not actual players that can think for themselves.

Section 4) Positioning yourself to win in ranked.

I have said on multiple occasions that Apex is 90% about aim, and while this may be true in my case as someone with over 10k hours in FPS games, it may not be the same for everyone. Aim is definitely the dominant factor in distinguishing a good player from a bad player in apex, but there is one certain very important thing which is just as transferable as aim from one FPS game to another, and that is positioning. Positioning is everything in BR games, and people fail to understand this. As many great players will tell you, positioning and general gamesense are many times more important than aim in determining the outcome of a fight. The way you move, the angles you hold, and your position on the map relative to the enemy can sometimes turn the best players into bots if they choose to engage with you. The problem with "learning" to position yourself is that you effectively can't, all you can do is take note of the mistakes you make in this context while playing, and try to consciously avoid those bad habits during your games. Let's break down the three points I mentioned initially.

Active movement / Keyboard input

First off we have individual movement, which means the active movement as an outcome of your keyboard input, one of the first things you need to learn in this context is strafing. Strafing is the action of moving from left to right while engaging in combat / shooting at your opponent, this may sound as simple as spamming your A and D keys while shooting, and technically it is, but there are many other factors to consider. Luckily the accuracy factor while moving in Apex is still 100% during ADS, so you don't need to worry about that while strafing in comparison to e.g. games like csgo, but you will still need to learn how to keep accurate while strafing, and how to strafe in relation to your opponents movement so that you can be as hard as possible to hit. The solution to my first presented dilemma would be to either start up Kovaak's and run some scenarios while strafing instead of standing still to get used to the crosshair / aim adjustment while moving so you can learn to compensate for the repositioning, while the solution to the second dilemma is more complex. Imagine a scenario where you and your opponent are standing 5m away from each other on open ground in train yard ADS'ing each other with a wingman (wingman has 100% ADS move speed) you are both on level ground and strafing from left to right, if you don't actively adjust your strafing to counteract his, you may find yourself in a situation where you're simply mirroring his strafes. In that situation you're effectively making yourself a static target relative to your opponent and you are incredibly easy to hit, you need to practice strafing as an active behavior before it can become subconscious, otherwise you will just be nonsensically spamming your "A" / "D" keys and not effectively hindering the shooter's accuracy onto you. Since apex legends has other movement mechanics such as climbing, sliding, and abilities you should also learn to utilise those aspects of the game in order to make yourself as hard to hit as possible, it doesn't matter what the action is, just never stand still, the harder you make yourself to hit, the higher the chances are that you win the fight, the reason this is harder to do than it sounds as mentioned before, is that you need to learn to move around while in combat while also maintaining the same accuracy, having great movement but effectively sacrificing 50% of your accuracy won't do much to win you a fight. Shortly climbing walls / wall jumping can also be good ways of making yourself harder to hit while in fights, if you don't know how to wall jump it's pretty simple, all you need to do is run for 1.5 seconds minimum, slide towards a wall, jump at the end of your slide while releasing your forward move key (W) and then jump again when you hit the wall and look toward the direction you want to "bounce" in.

Situational awareness

Another aspect of positioning which is crucial in order to get you to win more fights is playing the right angles. You need to be able to assume the outcome of a scenario before engaging in a fight, if the enemy team has highground in trainyard, and has fenced off the windows / entrances as wattson, and you choose to engage the team, you are forced to fight them from lowground while simultaneously allowing them to maintain their position. You will lose this fight 100% of the time because: 1) The enemy can force you to trade fire in the angle they choose since they don't need to reposition and you can only hit them if they peek you. 2) The enemy can stop and heal safely whenever they want 3) It is much more difficult to accurately hit targets partially peeking from an elevated position in relation to you. In this scenario you should know not to engage the team as is, as that will lead to a wipe. Let's discuss potential DPS here, Potential DPS is the amount of DPS possible on a target in the current instance if every single shot hits the target. The potential DPS you have on a Pathfinder behind a wall is 0, The potential DPS you have on a pathfinder full body peeking you for 10 seconds straight = The amount of damage the weapon you're holding can output in 10 seconds, and the potential DPS on a pathfinder jigglepeeking behind a wall depends on the effectiveness of his movement. In the Wattson / Trainyard scenario the enemy has a much higher potential DPS on you if you choose to engage in a fight, therefore it is wiser to avoid it until they reposition, or force them to reposition. When holding angles you want to force your enemies to reposition to your liking so you can maximize your potential DPS, if you are peeking a 90 degree angle from behind a tree, and you know an enemy is going to push you within the next second, you are already pre-aiming the enemy and therefore maximizing your potential DPS, while he has to turn the corner, locate your exact position, move his crosshair onto you, and start firing. In such situations you should always win the DPS trade unless your weapon doesn't allow you to due to the damage cap, e.g. a p2020 vs. a wingman.

Map rotations

Finally the last aspect of positioning that you need to take into account in order to win your games (this is especially important in ranked) is learning when and how to rotate. This is not a topic that I can go too in detail about since you need to experience team rotations on your own, and me covering this entire aspect of movement would effectively mean that I create a graph of every single potential rotation on the map relative to drop zones. Rotations in apex are the group movement of a team from point 'a' to point 'b', in contrast with individual / active movement this is a different issue you have to tackle which relates much more to experience and gamesense than your mechanical input. When you play ranked games keep an eye out for common drops and where people choose to move to once they have dropped, e.g. Teams that drop refinery and survive tend to move to epicenter after the initial looting phase, or teams that skyhook tend to move to drill site and then train yard, etc. etc. In terms of rotations you need to be roughly aware of where the teams currently are on the map, obviously you won't be able to know 100% of the time the exact location of other players, but it is useful to be able to tell "Oh we're in trainyard right now and we just finished looting, I know there's a team over at Depot, and a couple in capitol city, and the ring is closing out Capitol therefore the teams there will be moving towards us". This awareness skill is something which will save you from wiping many times, especially in higher ranks, knowing not to take a route when zone is closing because a team will be gatekeeping the zone is crucial.

Stop running away!

The final aspect I wanted to briefly mention is the whole ranked playstyle which seems to be engrained in the brains of mid-lower rank players in gold and platinum, which is that they play in a way which involves camping buildings and running from fights the entirety of the game in order to get placement RP. This is not something that will help you improve in the game, nor something that will get you RP the fastest, and will ultimately lead to you being hardstuck in a rank you can't mechanically compete in even if this works for you, nobody likes having that one teammate that can't fend for themselves in a gunfight, or that teammate that drops alone and camps the edge of the zone for the entire game. Instead of running away, utilise the aspects of positioning and movement that I mentioned above, learn to reposition yourself in fights rather than to run away from them. If you don't feel confident in going all out on an enemy squad you can simply position yourself to have an advantageous angle and simply poke away at the enemy for any damage you can put in, this is highly effective in the new meta to begin with due to the larger open map. All you do by running from squads is effectively reduce your potential DPS to 0, and your kill potential to 0. Your best bet if you are not an agressive player is to beat your enemy in the positioning game, and then try to break their shields as often as possible, this will end up in three ways. 1) You manage to break the shields often enough that they can't afford to stay in the same position and reposition / run, effectively eliminating the threat of that squad. 2) You force the enemy to push, in which case you have the advantageous angle to begin with and should win the fight due to marginally higher potential DPS. 3) You knock an enemy and open up an opportunity for a 3v2 push, in which case you should win 90% of those fights, especially in cases like this where you have full control of your position in relation to the enemies.
I hope this guide was of any help to you, I will be replying to comments actively. Feel free to PM me about any Kovaak's inquiries. As a side note, make sure to keep on top of your sleeping schedule, training 10 hours a day means nothing if you are sleeping 2 hours a day, as your brain can't actively process the information it has stored during the day if your sleeping patterns are inconsistent and incomplete, and a lot of that procedural memory goes to waste. Have fun, and good luck in your games.

Good luck legends!

submitted by Hi_Im_TwiX to apexuniversity

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