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The burnout is real - seeking some advice

I'm 1.5 years into a CS-03 team lead position that started out well. The position was never perfect (is there such a thing?) but I enjoyed the new challenges and managed to work through the bad. Stabilized a team that was stressed and in disarray and started looking forward, identified deficits, building capacity, etc, etc.
Before Covid, my team was short staffed and the process to address this was in motion. Then Covid... contractor terminations, accelerated project timeline, increasing work expectations and all hiring put on hold. I'm a team lead, project manager, business analyst, programmer analyst and technical consultant. I have eight staff. My FTEs are starting to catch up to me on the burn out front and project contractors keep falling behind schedule. Technical debt is again being kicked down the road (which has been happening chronically in my portfolio for 10+ years). I'm struggling to tread water, working extra almost daily and my manager knows this.
I don't want to leave as I care about my team, manager and other coworkers. I've been in my department three years and was planning on staying in my current position for five years. I also don't want to stay as I'm approaching burnout and don't see anything changing direction for at least six months. I want to be part of making things better, but the only path for this right now is putting in more hours...
Besides venting and some commiseration, I'm looking for advice and resources...
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Apex Fundamentals (Becoming a more consistent well rounded player)

Introduction - Video
I started making videos for a close friend of mine. We were both trying to get better with minimal playtime. His interest in my play-style, thoughts and theories is what inspired this. It seems this information could help others too. Mainly those who struggle and lose confidence after each unsuccessful run or simply when “Shit hits the fan”.
If this helps you, I'm glad. I'm no pro so don't expect anything crazy here. My mechanical skill is basic at best, If you’re looking to improve something like your aim, I recommend “Kovaak’s Aim Trainer”.
Twitch - Since I have more time and a growing following. I'll be doing some theory crafting live too.
The point of this document is to simplify your decision making to very simple, but effective train of thought in the heat of combat. Hopefully preventing or lessening bad decisions, due to being under pressure. This isn’t about becoming a master of anything specific. Such as the character you use, or mastering your favourite map. If anything it’s about becoming a master of “basic fundamental” play. Which in my opinion is what all struggling players lack... Fundamentals.
Below you will find a series of examples videos, showing in game what some of these tips look like in a match. Along side these clips I'll do my best to provide commentary to make things easier to digest. Forgive me as the footage is very basic. The point of these aren’t to make cool engaging content. It’s purely for me to communicate my thoughts, and show ingame examples of what I have written in this thread. This is about sharing knowledge and ideas.
My question was “So what do fundamentals in Apex look like?” To find and understand the answer to this, I decided to take a look into the most common attributes of Apex Legends. Specifically thinking... ”In an average game, what often happens and what can I do to beat it?”
Below I have tried to share what I believe are some serious factors to think about. I fear that the better I become, the harder it’ll be to provide first hand footage. I say this because, I‘ve noticed myself ironing out these habits pretty fast. Showing the solution is way less effective, than highlighting the mistakes in my opinion. In general I'll try to show my mistakes before hand, so the solution clips make more sense.

Common Mistakes / Bad Habits

Mistake 01: Taking unnecessary damage in shootouts Video Example
The most common times this happens is when you:
  1. Decide to return fire when being shot upon. (Return Fire)
  2. Shoot at an enemy, and proceed to shoot once they react and shoot back. (Trade Fire)
  3. Challenge an opponent. Basically when you do not “choose” to back down from a fight.
Solution: Build the habit of “Backing Down” / “Taking Cover” once an enemy looks/aims/fires at you. This sounds very simple, but it takes great discipline at first. Click the links below for ingame examples of this.
Strafing is something you want to do when you’re out of options. Taking cover is the absolute best way to avoid bullets... right?

Mistake 02: Missed Opportunities Video Example
Not knowing when the most safe and effective time to attack or push is during combat. If you find that in most of your games, you’re the last man standing before you even get to fire a shot. It’s probably safe to say, you’re missing a lot of opportunities to fight back that your teammates create.
Solution: Pay close attention to your enemy and team. Fire back while the enemy is focused on another target. Immediately take cover when you’re the focus when possible.
This seems to be my favourite of the fundamentals to master. Expect lots of examples to be based on this idea. I often find myself wishing I were a bit quicker when trying to apply this concept. Do not try to be in two places at once, some opportunites are simply our of reach or too dangerous to take advantage of.

Mistake 03: Dangerous Looting
This common mistake often happens when you first drop with enemies nearby. Often picking up everything you see in hopes that you’re comfortable before any engagement happens.
Solution: Upon dropping prioritise these 3 objectives.
  • A Weapon.
  • Armour.
  • Grouping with your team.
If you enter a room that doesn’t have any of these in sight, become Sonic and run to another place. Spending time picking up items that won’t help you once that inevitable fight starts will only have you cursing “There was no loot" and how unlucky you were. When maybe you should have turned around and tried another spot instead of picking up everything in that room. This is a hard habit to notice, but very easy to break.

General Combat Knowledge
Baiting And Switching (With Randoms)
This is simply you taking advantage of what we covered above, but being hyper sensitive and vigilant about it. If you’re lucky enough to have experienced teammates, you’ll end up creating what I’m going to call a “Bait and Switch Vortex”.
This method of combat seems to be ideal, especially when you’re not too confident in making advanced plays. The two key attributes you will need to excel with this fundamental are AWARENESS and PATIENCE.
Awareness regarding:
  • Team Positions and Actions
  • Enemy positions and Actions
  • Shots fired.
Patience regarding:
  • Being able to take cover when fired at.
  • Observing and waiting for shots to be fired.
  • Playing close attention to the Activity or inactivity of your teammates and the enemy.
If your team decides to fireback, this increases your chances to also fire shots without being aimed at. The moment you sense being fired upon, return to your cover. If this is done successfully then you performed a very handsome “Bait and Switch”. If you manage to repeat the process multiple times on the same target, this is what I like to call the Bait and Switch Vortex.
The Vortex should happen naturally if you’re paying attention. Your teammates will also take cover and then return fire once you take the heat ffrom them... (For the most part). It’s very difficult to deal with for the opponent who’s bent on "out gunning" you. This is easier to perform than you may think. If you’re struggling, work on your positioning around your team and be "Aware & Patient".
If you get rushed down constantly, I’d say you’re probably in a positions where your team couldn’t return fire while the enemy focuses on killing you. This goes back to being aware of your teammates throughout this ordeal.
Video examples coiming soon~! (However you will see examples of this in the other videos since all of this is related)
Extra Notes:
Your teammates often do not communicate what they plan to do, often they probably don’t even know since we play with intuition and feeling. It takes a mere second for them to shoot then run away from the fight, leaving you free to be rushed down. It is your job to be aware and notice their behaviour in a fight.

Understanding Crosshair Placement
When it comes to your aim/accuracy believe me when I say “Tracking isn’t everything”. It’s in our nature to want to land every single bullet. Often we end up moving our crosshair trying to match the target’s movements as close as possible ending up with a total mess. I suffer from this too. However! In some very familiar scenarios which used to haunt me, I’m able to execute a different approach.
Firstly imho... We are dealing with a lot of relatively slow projectile speeds. To account for this, we’re going to attempt in increasing our success rate with focused intuition and educated guesswork.
Common Scenario: At Mid toLong range distance, an opponent strafes in and out near cover, peek shooting but never fully going behind that cover. Trying to track his movements left and right, you’re most likely going to miss most of these shots due to projectile mechanics. (This is just scenario, not every situation)
Solution: Pinpoint a spot or a general area your target is strafing in and out of. Keep this area tight! Then fire your shots there. Effectiveness is increased the more you understand what your opponent’s strafe pattern or intention is. This concept may be easier to understand if you imagine trying to shoot a strafing target through a door or window. This is also applicable when the target is strafing at a distance without any cover.
Know when to track your shots and when not to. The further your target is, the more predicting you’ll be doing than actual tracking and clicking. It’s ok to let them bullets fly, a great weapon to practice this with is the G7 Scout.
Extra Info: Everyone can apply this, it’s more about knowing “when” to apply it. This does have its uses even at very close distances. However it’s main purpose is when you’re dealing with longer ranged targets... Composure is your friend.

General Aiming: Habits
Here I'm going to share basic ideas of what I believe is the cause of some bad aiming habits. Also what we can do to improve it.
Shakey Aim
Here's a clip of what I'm trying to eliminate. Example.
After doing a simple exercise routine for only 5 - 10mins before I play, I noticed some significant improvements. Example 01 - Example 02
There are many factors I believe that makes a player shake his aim when trying to track a target. Though I'm not 100% sure, here is what I believe happens to me:
  • I'm subconsciously trying to control the recoil, or rather subconsciously reacting to it.
  • I’m also trying to track the movements of my opponent.
The problem is! When tackled in this manner, these two objectives do not go well together.
Solution: Get used to the feeling of controlling the recoil, both mentally and physically. To do this follow this simple exercise. "Must Watch"
  • Focus on applying no more than the gentle motions you’ve, accustomed yourself to in the firing range. (This is not about learning recoil patterns. Rather taming your behaviour to them.)
  • Track the movements of your target as you normally would.
After a few successful "One Clip" attempts, you should start to understand how much force is ever going to be needed to control your recoil. Thus all or efforts can now be placed on tracking and calmly adjusting to the target. This knowledge will not improve your clicking or tracking if it is already sub par, however it could help clean up some messy moments if you find yourself still having them.
Here's footage of me doing this. Example

Positioning During Combat - WiP -
Being able to understand position comes down to your ability of analysing any current situation and your “options”.
Think of it this way. A good position should typically consist of these factors:
  • A view of the target
  • Environmental Cover
  • Retreat options
Always be aware of your environmental cover and use it as much as possible.
Whether you have a good or bad position will change depending on where your team is and where your opponents are. Whoever has the most options, most likely will have the better position. Your aim is to constantly adjust your position to increase the odds in your favour. You’ll find that your positioning in conjunction with your teammates, is what creates good positions more than the actual environment.
A great way to “Check” an opponent is to place yourself in a position where they fight on your terms only. Though this is not always possible, in some cases you can seize control very convincingly if you’re quick enough to notice the opportunity.
What happens in Chess when your opponent "Checks" you? Same thing in Apex, you’re forced to move.

Understanding The Flow Of Combat
In other words, respect for the game. Almost always whenever you engage with the enemy, the only way to successfully win that particular engagement, all depends on the mistakes "they" make. You’re constantly looking for opportunities to punish, and throughout the game you are also being punished for your own mistakes. The moment you “lose yourself”, you increase your chances of self destruction.
The example clips below are all from the same match. It’ll showcase my efforts to understand the current situation during the match. Also while using voice chat to relay my actions and concerns over the mic. (I was never sure if they could hear or understand me, however they played very well.) In the last clip, notice how I “Over Peek'' and "challenge". This essentially ended up losing us the game. I in a sense “lost myself” due to the pressure. To which the Apex gods looked down upon thee and punished thy nonsense! This is common to Apex and won’t be changing anytime soon. If you start to understand this and work towards gaining discipline and composure, my best guess is it will start paying off immensely.

If evenly matched or very close in skill level, your ability to stay alive, be patient and play accordingly in a stalemate, is probably going to be your biggest asset the higher your level of games become. Punishing opponents will become second nature. Focus on your fundamentals. You wont be able to improve if you play too safe/passive. Like anything in life you will have to take action. Experience will turn into performance. This will take a lot of practice.
In the clip below, watch it and try to notice where the basic fundamentals are used. Focus on all players, me, my team and also the opponents. By now the basics should be easier to digest.
If it makes you feel better, I’m working on ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING I’ve written in this thread... I’m struggling too. This game is amazing and depressing at the same time lol.

Putting it All Together (Damage/Action Over Healing)
Now this one isn’t easy, it’ll rely heavily on your mechanical skill AND very heavily on how well you can avoid incoming damage. The entirety of your understanding regarding the fundamentals will be tested to your absolute fullest, and will probably have you more focused on the game than your RP or stats.
  • Avoiding Damage to your absolute best potential.
  • Being “Hyper Sensitive” to your teammates actions.
  • Capitalising on as many opportunities as possible.
  • Understanding “Moments of Rest”.
This section will imply “Action” being more important than healing. However the ambiguity of these moments might be the hardest thing to comprehend. Choosing to act over healing might be the most uncomfortable feeling when starting out.
Moments of Rest - How many times have we been downed while healing? How many times have you shot a player who’s healing? Plenty right? Join the club.
Well this topic has a bit of ambiguity sprinkled all over it. Whether you should heal to have the upper hand, vs being ready to shoot all depends on… You guessed it. Your opponents and enemy’s actions. Breaking the habit of healing is a tough one, as having more health, seems to generally be the smarter and safer play. Or is it? Ultimately the decision whether or not you should heal, will all depend on your judgment. But through trial and error, we should be able to get a decent understanding of the dos and don'ts.
Example 01 - w/Commentary
Example 02 - w/Commentary
Example 03
If your actions begin to feel more mathematical or calculated… Congratulations! You’re most likely building a great understanding of all of this and are already able to be a consistent contender in most of your matches.
Extra Notes: At times there will be moments of “inevitable death”, either of you or your opponent. I believe your main goal should be, to have as much health as possible before this moment is apparent. Your job is to play in a way that will gain the advantage before these moments are created. Lessening the risk and gamble factor of going into fights evenly matched. This will require a great understanding of how and when to fight, throughout the entirety of your match. Again… this one is tough.

The 4 Major Phases (In Order)
~ Understand the phases and learn how to identify them, I cannot stress this enough. ~
Below I have attempted to simplify a way of understanding the complexities of what goes on, in a match of Apex Legends. Please watch the videos as they complement this segment very well. The whole point of breaking down your endevours into phases, allows you easily pinpoint where these vital moments are. Thus giving you greater understanding on how to approach the situation.
Phase 01 : At Ease
This is simply when you’re holding a position, or moving without any signs of an immediate threat. In this phase you typically only need to be alert. How you react to things will determine how fast you move through the phases.
Phase 02 : Imposition
To threaten or receive a threat from another party. Moments of rest and other somewhat relaxing forms of engagement will happen here. It is very possible for these phases to fluctuate in a back and forth manner. This one can be very ambiguous and subtle. Whether shots are being fired or not, it can be more of an imposition than a battle. Gaining a kill or knock in this phase is very lucky. Understanding the difference between Phase 02 & 03 is essential.
Phase 03 : Engagement / Battle
This is when more sincere attempts are made, to inflict damage and gain the advantage in some shape or form. This is where conserving your health will matter the most, as you may not get that divine “Moment of Rest” until the “Finale” is over. It is also very possible to obtain knocks and kills in this phase. Pay close attention to your teammates as it is very common for these phases to happen individually between members of your squad. This comes back to the “Missed Opportunities” topic. Understand the difference between Phase 03 & 04. The fight can feel so intense and personal yet still not be a Phase 04 situation. Focus on Avoiding Unnecessary Damage here the most!
A “Moment Of Rest” can happen during Phase 03. Nothing is stopping you from healing during a battle, just be aware that doing so may not be the best option for those who might be in a very intense Phase 03 or entering Phase 04. Damage Over Healing is often the preferred option.
Phase 04 : Finale
This is when you force, or are forced to fight to the death. Your options will be significantly limited. Phase 03 is where you have the most opportunity, to gain the advantage leading to this moment. There is no need to enter Phase 04 in a hurry every time you see a team or even deal some significant damage. Try to have a plausable reason to do so.
When you choose to rush in for a fight, you’re most likely skipping the Engagement/Battle Phase. Thus putting it all on the line, leaving no room for error. This will work in your favour, once you’re significantly ahead of your opponents in skill. Until then, assess the situation.
If you’re Soloing ranked, be aware that you will often not have the privilege of deciding what Phases your team will enter and when. It is more your job to understand what phases are taking place between whom and where. Playing fundamentally perfect will not guarantee you a good game, high kills or high damage. What it will guarantee is consistency and overall understanding. Which you can then use to further develop your own playstyle. There are simply too many variables in a game like Apex Legends, especially if you’re Solo Queuing.
Full Match

When to Break Fundamentals / Making plays
As you get better, more confident and built some strong familiarisation with situations, you’ll be more equip to bend or break these fundamentals due to other factors. Luckily there is a safeway to practice this by understanding the risk/reward involved.
The most basic of plays would be to aggressively charge an opponent, disregarding everything written above because the odds are in your favor such as, they’re the last member alive and your team is only a second away.
Whatever it may be, your comfort will be determined by how high the “Risk Factor” is. If failing a play means your team gets eliminated, well you’re going to feel some serious stress. Breaking fundamentals will come naturally as you improve as a player. Understanding your fundamentals will naturally increase your gamesense and understanding regarding this topic.

Self Analysis and Theory Crafting
In this section to show you how I go about analysing my experience in apex legends. With the NVIDIA GeForce App, I can effortlessly save the last 3 mins of my screen time with a simple click of a button.
After each death or encounter, I can simply tap this button and have it ready for viewing after the match. It’s always good to review a clip right after the game. Simply because you will have a much easier time recalling your thoughts and emotion on the matter, rather than if you did it after a series of games or a completely different day.

Hopefully this will shed some light on the reality of what learning and analysing looks like. This is important because you may be on the right track already, but if you base it all upon your K/D or win ratio, you’ll end up missing the point and probably feeling frustrated. The more mistakes you make, the more opportunities there are for improvement. You’ll have to be your own support, allow yourself to fail and also encourage creativity. Ideas and theories are good, keep them! What might not work now may become your only option in the future. Think of your process as creating ideas, not rules. If some of these ideas happen to work consistently, then you can consider making it a rule.
Feel free to create your own terminology. An easy way for you to self talk while you’re playing can be a powerful tool, to help free you from tunnel vision.
This might be the most important part of this thread. As it will assist you in helping yourself and ultimately build your confidence as a player in the long run.

All vids will be kept on YouTube in this playlist. Feel free to access at your own leisure.
Getting Better Slowly (Youtube Playlist)

Spot the Fundamentals.
Become a great observer! Go off and watch games of your favourite players. Try to point out where some of these fundamentals are used and why. Regardless of skill, you'll see they often apply these fundamentals. Especially in those competitive tournaments. Feel free to use the clips below.
Spot The Fundamentals Playlist
Don't just watch them, analyse and point out where I did and did not apply the fundamentals. This actually a great way to practice.

~ I just want to clarify. This is not a "How to win guide". It's simply to help build good habits. ~

Please Read : If you guys are interested in practicing this stuff with me, feel free to add me on Origin "EtroHxH". Please don't add me if your rank is important to you. It might sound crazy but I don't care for it. I just like playing ranked for the competition. Climbing and dropping in RP doesn't bother me at all. That being said, if you dont mind losing and practicing is also your priority, please add me.
Due to the restrictions in ranked I will have my current rank here : Platinum EU
Note: I'll be updating (editing) this post as time goes on. Be sure to save/bookmark this page if you're interested. I write most of this on my phone on my way home from work, so if there are any mistakes or typos, it may be 24hrs or longer before I fix! At best I get to play for about 2 hours here and there. I always and only play ranked lol. However working on this "guide" has motivated me to play more. So who knows how much this shall grow. Feel free to message me here or DM I'll do my best to respond. I'm just like you, I'm not an amazing player so if I can find "some" success, so can you.
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