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Generals/Zero Hour (or any other game) should no longer ask for the DVD because of the 1.03 TFD patch. Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour by EA Pacific - English retail v1.04 patch This patch will update Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour to version 1.04. Zero hour patch 1.04 crack. Step 2 – Run Installer, it will automatically download full game from. C&c Generals Zero Hour Patch 1.04 Cracked.

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Command and Conquer Generals Serial 1900-0448234-1633155-5025 1116-1858923-4205122-0134 1144-4605783-4445926-2433 1233-6264153-235962. Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour: Contra 009 v1.04. This is the patch for Command & Conquer: Generals. Unknown June 30, 2020 7: 21 am. thanks. How Do I Update CNC: Zero Hour to (GeneralsZH-1.04.

Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour Download

Cnc generals zero hour patch 1. How to install cc generals hour, crack, 1. He perhaps to had win7 x86, he said he. I remember that I've used the First Decade cracked exe for Zero Hour 1.04 and worked pretty well.

Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour Registry + Fix file

Apr 2020 Command Conquer Generals Zero Hour Compressed Version 1.46 GB PC Game Free Download. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is a mod for Command & Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour, created by Tieba. The "Patch successful" box will appear when the patch is done successfully, click "OK": Run the "Crack For Zero Hour exe" from the same folder as appears below. Additionally it comes with three anti cheat solutions for Generals and Zero Hour.

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Patch 1.03 for Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour was released in February 2020, after a hiatus in the game's support cycle. Multiplayer should now work. C&C Zero hour problem: Old file not found? Download OptionsBack airstream honeywell inverter generator toshiba satellite c640 x4012 drivers. This is a MOD for Command Conquer: Zero Hour, We are ready reference Generals 2 (FTP) model to create a new model of buildings and units, the number of units of each faction to prevail Zero Hour, the unit will differ from nature (such as the Hummer into infantry units), the total number of units unchanged.

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Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Free Download. Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour Cheats and Cheat. The only solution is to delete the Zero Hour directory usually located in C: \Program Files\EA Games Then reinstall Zero hour, Patch it to 1.04 and then install ShockWave. COMMAND & CONQUER GENERALS ZERO HOUR - TRAINER +16 V1.04. Part 2 - Compatibility: 1. Compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 3) 2.

Zero Hour Patch 1.04 - C&C Generals

Game Patches: Command & Conquer: Generals: Zero Hour Patch. Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour download torrent https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=469. Playing on our server is absolutely free, but donations to our server are always welcome and needed. If you're looking for a way to revisit Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour in a modern and refreshing state, this might help. Take on the African Warlords, Asian.

Command And Conquer Generals Zero Hour Free Download PC Game

Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS. I recently reinstalled C&C Generals, with the Zero Hour Expansion Pack and patched my version to 1.04. Clean install added patch 1.04 and it ran ok. then added NTM and the game ran ok. then tried copying my old copy of NTM over that one and it crashed after two minutes of play. Command & Conquer: Generals Zero Hour - Trainer +16 v1.04. Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour v ENG Skip to navigation Skip to main nice patch Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on March 30 - am.

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Small blockers has no chance of keeping the minority chain alive. Zero.
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Welcome to STEEP, you suck

Welcome to STEEP, You Suck*
Welcome to STEEP, you su... actually given the gentle learning curve of the game, this is not really true and just a title for a Guide/FAQ I have been wanting to use forever. It stems from one of the best guides ever created, written for the competitive Action-RTS Dota 2. But to tell the truth, your first experience in STEEP will kind of let you feel like you sucked at the game. The map and the freedom of choice will feel overwhelming at first, the trick system obscure and the G-Force system too punitive. This is why I think the title is quite fitting nevertheless.
I found the need for a guide because the game deliberately lets you a bit in the dark considering how certain mechanics and the overall gameplay actually work. You are supposed to "explore" each and every aspect that is STEEP. While this gave me hours and hours of fun and excitement, few people don't enjoy that or just have not found the last bits of the puzzle. If you don't see the full picture of the game, you tend to think you saw it all after having completed some challenges. While I believe this vanishing of interest is attributable to the lack of insight into key mechanics of the game, this guide aims to not only be a resource for beginners, but also advanced riders. At the same time - and I hope it is - it shall be a little source of inspiration for you and shift your attention towards game mechanics in order to fully take advantage of all the tools given to you.


  • OfficialZecr made an awesome video tutorial based on this guide! Check it out!
  • UPDATE #4 (03/18/17): Minor edits and fixes & more in depth grinding guide. 1.08 ready ✔.


I heavily recommend only using the user-made lists of Memorable Moments, Points of Interest, Mountain Stories and Drop-Zones if you have been trying to explore, but couldn't find them. For a game like this, heavily emphasizing on exploring, deceleration and taking on things at your own pace, there is no reason for rushing through challenges. So take your time to enjoy the beauty of each little aspect of this game.
With that being said, this guide will focus on game progress as it offers an easily understood structure for explaining the basic and advanced principles of this game.

A. The Basics

By the developers' definition, STEEP is "a new breed of action sports open-world playground". You are introduced to two 25 km² environments based on the Alps and Alaska. Both maps feature different regions, where you can move around freely by either walking or using one of the four different types of sports:
  • Paragliding
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Wingsuiting
View the sportswheel
Additional Info:
  • The Alps' regions are: Aravis, Tyrol, Aiguilles, Switzerland, The Cursed Mountains, Aoste and Mont Blanc.
  • Alaska is one single big region.
  • For a list of all controls, see these links: PS4, XB1
  • For more info on the controls, read "The Motion-System".
  • More sports are going to be added with the Extreme Pack (DLC).

B. The Map

The game features "Challenges" and "Drop Zones". Drop Zones are places you can instantly spawn at, no matter where you are, in order to roam around the map freely. Challenges are races or trick-battles in all the four different sports and offer a great variety of things you can do. In a story-like fashion, the game guides you along them. You can earn bronze, silver and gold medals by finishing them with increasing requirements for each medal. For every gold medal you earn, you receive XP. As you earn XP, your level increases. The higher level you are, the more Challenges and Drop Zones you can discover in more regions. However this does not prevent you from being able to roam the whole map at all levels! You can go anywhere, anytime!
Additonal Info:
  • The level-cap is 30.
  • Helicopter tickets can be used to instantly spawn anywhere on the map. They can be purchased ingame. Once you hit level 25, you are awarded unlimited helicopter tickets.
  • A list of all Challenges and Drop-Zones in the Alps by NessaMagick.
  • There are special places on the map which are called "Points of Interest". Exploring them does not unlock spawn locations, however you have to find all of them for 100% completion.
  • "Mountain Stories" work as a hybrid between Drop-Zones and Challenges, as they offer locations to spawn at, but also demand you to fulfill certain tasks - however without running against time or score.

C. Leveling Up

In STEEP, the XP you earn distinguishes between six different playstyles, let us call it "style-XP". The playstyles are:
  • Freestyler
  • Freerider
  • Extreme Rider
  • Pro Rider
  • Explorer
  • Bone Collector
Each style has a set of tasks you can fulfill. They are called "Memorable Moments". You earn style-XP solely by achieving these Memorable Moments. The Memorable Moments are: (credit to disftactiv)


2000+ Point Jump First Double Flip First Triple Flip First Quad Flip First Quintuple Flip
Score 2000+ points for tricking (yellow score) in one jump. Do a Front- or Backflip by pushing your left analog stick up or down, "W" or "S" on keyboard.
First 720 First 1080 First 1440 First 1800
Do a Spin/Frontside or Backside by pushing your left analog stick left or right, "A" or "D" on keyboard.
Additional Info:
  • 2000+ Point Jump: For more info on all types of scoring, read "Scoring".
  • First Double Flip: For more info on tricking, read "Tricking (yellow score)".


5000 Freeride Points in 1 Ride 500 Freeride Points in a Row GoPro 30 Second Sequence Long Ride No Crash Stay At Max Multiplier for 2 Minutes Hand in Hand With Another Player
Score 5000 freeride points without resetting or stopping your ride. Score 500 freeride points without interrupting the scoring. Ride in GoPro-View for 30 seconds. Ride with skis or snowboard for 5 minutes without falling. Scoring will increase your scoring multiplier until the max of 4x. Stay in 4x multiplier by not falling. Stay in 25m proximity of another player for two minutes with no interruptions.
Additional Info:
  • 5000 Freeride Points in 1 Ride: If you fall, the score you earned so far still counts towards this Memorable Moment. For more info on scoring Freeride Points, read "Freeriding (blue score)".
  • GoPro 30 Second Sequence: You can only switch to GoPro-View while riding. GoPro-View will stop when you stop your ride. You enter GoPro-View by pressing L1 (PS4), LB (XB1) or "C" (PC).
  • Long Ride No Crash: For more Info on the G-Force system read "The G-Force system".
  • Hand in Hand With Another Player: You can check this by having an eye on your scoring Co-op Multiplier which is set to 5x. Your speed does not matter for this Memorable Moment. You can also achieve it by drifting very slowly next to each other.

Extreme Rider

Speed Demon Skate On Thin Ice World Record Cliff Jump 30 Seconds Proximity Flying in 1 Ride Multi-Dodge 60m Monstrous Jump Jump higher than 90m
Race at maximum speed for 30 seconds. Be greyscaled (high G-Force endured) without falling for 5 seconds. Jump off a ~70m high cliff without falling upon approach. While wingsuiting, score extreme rider points for 30 seconds without resetting or stopping your ride. Dodge multiple obstacles. Can best be achieved by wingsuiting in caves as each wall surrounding you counts as a single obstacle. Jump off a > 60m high cliff without falling upon approach. Jump off a > 90m high cliff without falling upon approach. This MM seems to be bugged.
Additional Info:
  • 30 Seconds Proximity Flying in 1 Ride: For more info on scoring Extreme Rider-points, read "Extreme Riding (orange score)".
  • Cliff Jumps: You can view the height of a jump in mountain view when hovering the cursor over a track. It is displayed below the score as "Max Height: Number".

Pro Rider

You Proved Your Worth Gold Medal Crushed Gold First Attempt Personal Record Beaten Gain 25,000 Points During Game
Finish "First Ride Together" Tutorial. Get a gold medal in a challenge.


Safe Landing after Major Ascent 6 Minute Uninterrupted Ride All Alps’ Points of Interest Discovered Walk 500m Without Giving Up
Elevate 250m on a paraglider with a correct landing.
Additional Info:

Bone Collector

My First KO Instant KO Stare Death In The Face 30 Second Fall Finisher Anyway Bomb Attack Crash Test Dummy
Accumulate close to 100 G-Force without going K.O. Finish a race while K.O.ed. Hit the ground on a paraglider or wingsuit with another player in 50m vicinity 500 G endured in current run.

D. Scoring

Challenges either require you to race from A to B – sometimes with additional checkpoints you have to pass through – or to score points. Points can be scored in three different ways: tricking, freeriding and extreme riding.

1. Tricking (yellow score)

STEEP's tricking system should be one of the harder ones to comprehend when first starting out. Apart from the ingame tutorial, the developers have also created an advanced tutorial that covers all the fundamentals of tricking:
Steep Official Tricks Tutorial (Controller)
Steep Official Tricks Tutorial (Keyboard)
Additional Info:
  • Its very recommended to turn off the trick-safety feature that is turned on by default, as this will give you more control over your tricks. To do so, go into the menu, select the "options" tab and go to "game settings". Search for "Trick Safety" and switch it off.
  • Here are lists for all possible flips, spins and grabs for both skis and snowboard by repotoast. See a more in depth list for tweaks focussing on skis by witchcoin.
  • Tapping instead of holding the direction of your flip or spin makes you do a long drawn out turn finishing timely with approach on surface. This can be done with both controllers and keyboards. A technique restricted to controllers is defining momentum of your flip or spin by operating the left analog stick accordingly.
  • There is no list on which trick gives the most score. Rule of thumb: The sooner the turning starts, the later it is stopped and the more axis you spin around, the higher you score. Tweaking your grabs or double-handing them increases scoring.
  • Note that most freestyle challenges also count extreme riding score.

2. Freeriding (blue score)

Freeriding in the Alps was not a huge part of gameplay. There were few challenges that required riding reliefs and because of missing opportunities, for the most part they were frustrating and dull. However with the release of Alaska, players can now utilize the huge mountain ranges for freeriding, in order to find the true "Alaskan style" of riding.
Balancing on top of slopes and cliffs needs some practise. Start off best with low speed and increase speed for more score when you feel ready. Use the right analog stick or "J" and "L" on your keyboard to utilize drifts and hence control your speed and position along the fall-line more accurately.
Additional Info:
  • For more Info regarding utilizing drifting controls, read "Drifting with skis and snowboards".

3. Extreme Riding (orange score)

The more sorrounded you are by obstacles, the closer they are and the faster you pass by them, the greater the score rises. So scoring greatly depends on the type of challenge and it's location. Expertise in Extreme Riding mostly comes with practice and thorough knowledge of STEEP's motion system.

E. Understanding Game-mechanics

So you know what this game is about and how to achieve its goals. But what is this game really about?! Among other things, like huge emphasis on exploring, STEEP shouts "DO STUFF!". Be creative. Do things you are not awarded for, but that add style and wit to your play. "STEEP's Lategame" you could call it. Mastering game mechanics and the control system will demand a lot more of you than the challenges did. So let's go over the basic and some advanced mechanics.

1. The G-Force System

In order to maintain a somehow realistic approach to winter-sports, STEEP introduces the G-Force-system. When going at fast speeds or jumping off high cliffs, your rider will lose balance depending on impact with an obstacle or just hitting the ground. This effect can not be prevented, but damped by either slowing down or:
  • by aligning the board/skis with the fall-line of the slope you are riding on or approaching to by using the right analog stick or "J" and "L" on keyboard
  • by stopping rotation of tricks soon enough by either countermoving the rotation or letting go the stick or keys
  • by preventing or depressing take-off on small and medium jumps by keeping the jump trigger pressed.
Additional Info:
  • Clarification: G-Force-recovery is directly linked to speed.

2. The Motion System

STEEP distinguishes between two types of motions that behave differently on ground and while in air. Pushing your left analog stick or pressing "W", "A", "S" and "D" on keyboard controls your speed and turn. Pushing your right analog stick left and right or pressing "J" and "L" on keyboard controls your drift.

2.1 Controlling Speed and Turn

These are the most basic controls which behave similar in all four different sports. Although being very straightforward and easy to understand, there are some things to note.

2.1.1 Paragliding: Speed Control

Controlling speed is one of the most important tasks in advanced paragliding. Speed firstly depends on current updraft. Updraft can be read off the current amount of green arrows above your head.
Speed is gained by gliding close to a surface. The steeper the surface is and the closer you glide to it, the faster you go. When you are going against the time, you also want to be using the updraft in order to climb as little as possible. Instead of chosing a route where you have to elevate yourself upwards - and thus transform the updraft not into speed, but height - you should search for an opportunity where you can get along without it as much as possible.

2.1.2 Wingsuiting: Trading altitude for speed

While wingsuiting, you will gain speed only by losing altitude faster. Since you can not gain height, but only slower down your fall, you have to economize the altitude given. What is right about the term "trading" is that it indicates a zero sum game. This is correct, since the loss or stagnation in height does correspond with the speed gained or lost: 5 seconds of diving and 5 seconds of catching the wind will come close to equal 10 seconds of doing neither. Because of this, either of these will always be more effecient in a race, as long as it draws the shortest line between start and finish.
So what you want to do in your runs, is simply chosing the most direct path from start to finish, disregarding speeding up or slowing down and avoiding evitable changes in altitude.

2.1.3 Skiing and Snowboarding: Carving

Carving is done by keeping the jump button pressed and greatly improves control over your rider while racing. It both enhances maneuverability on the ground and also surpresses take-offs for smaller jumps. This however comes with sacrifices in speed as both maximum speed and acceleration are slowed down. This technique should thus only be used when encountering multiple sharp curves with space in between them. It is hard to draw strict rules as to when carving should be used instead of normal turns. See the small chart below.
Carving Normal
Pros Cons Pros Cons
preserves speed in turns slow transitions between turns swift transitions tendency to drift in turns = loss in speed
turns are more accurate slow on flatter ground faster acceleration/overall speed
dampens take-offs
The triggered jump on releasing the jump button can not be canceled, but surpressed, by riding uphill or slowly releasing the jump button on controllers.

2.1.4 Paragliding: Stunt Control

Paragliding does not benefit of drifting controls. To compensate for the lack of dodging-maneuvers, paragliders can use the stunt button for swift turns. This is especially helpful for finishing a challenge with a quick swing into the finish line by pushing both the stunt button and the left analog stick downwards / "S" on keyboard. It can also be very helpful for a temporary gain in height or a quick bypass from one mountain face to another.

2.2 Controlling Drifting

Unlike speed and turn controls, drifting controls behave very differently for every sport. While skis and snowboards drift to either side, wingsuits make a dodging maneuver and paraglides can not be controlled by drifting at all.

2.2.1 Drifting with Skis and Snowboards

Drifting can be utilized to lower your speed after a huge jump in order to recover G-Force quickly. You can also use it to greatly improve maneuverability while Freeriding. For racing, drifting controls are not beneficial as they straighten turns and slow down transitions. So unless you need to slow down and still want to head into a certain direction while doing so, drifting controls should not be used in races.
Pairing up speed and turn controls with drifting controls offers for very precise and smooth maneuvers. Have an example by kalabaleek.
Steep freeriding bliss
While in air, drifting controls serve as a way to align your skis/board with the surface you are approaching to. The rider bends his knees and turns his lower body to the designated direction.

2.2.2. Dodging with Wingsuit

Dodges offer great utility to make small and swift turns. Because each dodge doesn't have to be completed, you can cancel each move left and right by countermotion. This enables you to do wiggly maneuvers with great precision and makes dodging always the better choice over simple turns, as you can hit the racing line more precisely.

3. Advanced Techniques

Advanced techniques utilize both types of controls. The beauty of STEEP's movement-system is that its very unrestrictive as to what types of moves can be paired with others. It does not shut the player into strict control patterns and motion sequences, thus enabling him to play by his personal style.
We find new moves each week, so expect this list to not be final.

3.1 Reversing

Did you know, after going into switch and instead of trying to jump back into regular, you can simply turn into regular? Push your left and right analog sticks in opposing directions (left/right) or press "A"+"L" or "D"+"J" on your keyboard and watch your model make a very smooth turn.

3.2 Buttering

This – reversing – leads us to the next mechanic: Buttering. As there is no mechanic dedicated to controlling the pressure you apply on your skis or board, players have been working on finding the correct timing for chaining a reverse with a trick, in order to make the whole process looking like one single fluent move. This has been directly addressed by the developers in patches 1.03 and 1.04 which now allowed the player to pre-select the direction of his trick while on ground and also started the turning of the trick much earlier than before.
To butter, do a reverse, press the jump-button and release it timed as with any regular jump. Then do a trick. It is recommended to have it pre-selected as this offers for a smoother transition. Butters work especially well with flips and lincolns.
Your position on take-off has a great impact on your riders tilt and alignment while tricking. So the same trick will look different depending on the direction your skis/board are facing after the butter. Lets take the example of a backflip on skis: You want to complete your butter ideally by around 225° - 315° of your turn. This range can be separated in 3 different sections:

3.3 Grinding

Even back in early beta stages, players already had grinding on their mind. Before the developers were working on a grinding mechanic, some of us came up with utilizing drifting controls as they have been found to also work on very narrow surfaces, such as fences, handrails and walls. After ordering the drift with your right analog stick or "J" and "L" on keyboard, you would then balance yourself on those structures using the left analog stick or "A" and "D" on keyboard. This technique became so popular that it was later addressed with patch 1.04 which made chaining grinds or doing exit tricks on take-offs much easier.
However, without a proper mechanic to accompany it, grinding has for the most part been very unreliable. It took multiple tries to get presentable grinds done as the controls, overall momentum and also the right timing were very hard to master. So while you enjoy the grinding mechanic that was announced by the release of Alaska, take brief moment to think of the pioneers of grinding. First Ascend by EvolveStunting
First official footage of the grinding mechanic
So far for the old-school grinding - so whats new? With patch 1.05, a grinding-mechanic has been introduced that works on almost all rails in Alaska, however not (yet?) in the Alps. You initiate the grind by simply jumping on the rail. Once you start grinding, you are attached to the rail without having to balance out your position. You can also move on the rail: with the right analog stick / "J" and "K" on keyboard, you spin anti-clockwise and clockwise on top of the rail, while with the left analog stick / "A" and "D" on keyboard, you drag your rider more to the left or right side of the rail. This can be used to get into a proper position in order to jump off the rail for chaining multiple grinds or doing exit tricks. You should utilize this control-set to prepare for disengaging off the rail as soon as possible for a smooth transition to your next trick.
Too theoretical? Watch this great guide by P4NCH0theD0G.

3.4 Pivoting

While in air, drifting controls can not only be utilized to align your board/skis for smooth approach, but also for doing subtle, little twists with your lower body. Doing a small jump with this technique before doing a larger jump can add much style to your run.
Let me show you!

3.5 Combining Advanced Moves

… is completely up to you. Do as you wish. Find great jumps and great new styles. Combine all sorts of tricks and techniques to create something unique. Try to find new ways to add style to your runs. Everything can look good. Everything can work. Just go out and seek opportunities.
Example (Combined Buttering and Pivoting)
Example (Combined Buttering and Grinding)

3.6 Dodge Acceleration on Wingsuits

Wingsuit Aces have come up with utilizing dodges to propel themselves forward even faster. This is done by countermoving and thus supressing the sideway-drift of the dodge. So a dodge to the right can be paired with a regular turn left for quick little gains in speed.


When will the DLCs be released?

We don't know, yet. The Adrenaline Pack has been released. Everything else is coming "very soon".

I can not join my friends and I don't know why.

This is a known issue and can not always be resolved. Possible solutions include:
  • Forwading Ports. See this Guide
  • Creating a firewall exception. See this Guide
  • Temporarily disabling your Anti-Virus software (not recommended!)

My game does not start or keeps on crashing.

  1. Do you get the error message ND-008-02 or DE-008-02? If so, this might help.
  2. Do you get the error message DE-014-01? If so, the servers are most likely down due to maintenance. If the issue persists see this.
  3. There is a known issue with using both an AMD and a Nvidia graphics card. Removing either of these off the system resolves the issue.
  4. Verify the game files. See this Guide on how to do it.
  5. Try re-installing with the method provided by kinrouxx

What does which edition of STEEP include?

  • Standard Edition: Game
  • Gold Edition: Game + Season Pass.
  • Season Pass can be bought separately and includes:
  • Winter Fest Pack (not available)
  • Winter sled
  • New challenges
  • New costumes
  • Extreme Pack (not available)
  • 3 new sports: rocket wings, base jumping and speed gliding
  • Moonlight Pack: 3 night-time challenges and equipment pack
  • 3 costumes, 2 outfits, 2 boards and 3 wingsuits
  • Snowman Costume (available)
  • Helicopter Tickets (available)
  • 10,000 Steep Credits (available)
  • Pre-order Bonus: (available)
  • Moonlight Pack

Why do slopes drag me off my line?

This is a known issue with the game's physics engine. Ways to prevent this from happening are cutting very close to snowpiles that cause this bug and to not press neither the jump-trigger nor push the left stick forward / press "W" on keyboard.

What is better: Skis or Snowboard?

It depends. (by 5hoe)

G. Patchnotes

1.08 (current)


Additional Info:
  • Minor patch addressing PS4-Systems.

1.06 no info available


Additional Info:
  • Alaska has been released.
  • A grinding mechanic has been introduced.


Additional Info:
  • The G-Force-system has been reworked to only trigger falls on big hits (drops, obstacles) when in black-and-white dizziness state.


Additional Info:
  • You are now able to pre-select your spin before releasing your jump.
  • Keyboard users can now reliably do Rodeos by ordering a Cork + "I"/"K". Also, "I" and "K" can now be paired with any flip or turn!



submitted by aberratio_ictus to Steep

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