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Serial Key Generator (free version) download for PC navigate to this website. Mighty Pirates Cheats Coins Facebook Credits Battl. All retail software uses a serial number or key of some form, and the installation often requires the user to enter a valid serial number to proceed. The wood shaft is 7/8" to 1 1/8" in diameter and 4 to 5 feet long, making the complete weapon 5 1/2' to 7 1/2' in length. How to hack Facebook account Password using URL online, Yes its possible working Trick is here.

Oculus Quest - Starter Guide / Safety Guide / FAQ / Megathread

This is all information from Ermac on cs.rin.ru. Most things here is also on the direct link here

Where do you start?

So now you are an Oculus Quest owner, and you are looking for ways to try patched games, we suggest you take safety measures first before trying out to sideload anything. Make sure to set up your device for sideloading and enable adb access from your PC. Here is a guide to get started: https://sidequestvr.com/setup-howto Once your setup is done, you can now make changes to the configuration of your Quest and your network settings to play safe.

Safety First

We suggest the following safety protocols to keep your account and device least tracked from Oculus and Facebook to prevent the account from getting flagged for piracy.
Here are the steps to add protection on your Quest from Facebook/Oculus:
Disable Telemetry:
What is telemetry? It's a bunch of services pre-installed in your Quest to log your game activity, playtime, etc. (records all of your library apps and everything sideloaded). You can disable telemetry on your Quest by running the following adb commands.
adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.oculus.unifiedtelemetry adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.oculus.gatekeeperservice adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.oculus.notification_proxy adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.oculus.bugreporter adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.oculus.os.logcollector adb shell pm disable-user --user 0 com.oculus.appsafety 
To do this, first install adb on your PC if you don't have already: https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=746010030569952951 You can run adb commands from SideQuest as well. Please note that this is a one-time setup, and telemetry will stay disabled when you reboot your Quest. You'll have to disable telemetry again after a firmware update or a factory reset.
Block Oculus/Facebook domains:
You can safely block these following domains in your router or a pi-hole device to throw off further tracking from oculus apps and services
oculus.com oculuscdn.com facebook-hardware.com facebook.net facebook.com fbcdn.com fbsbx.com fbcdn.net fb.me fb.com crashlytics.com 
You can also block graph.facebook.com, but this will break apps like Oculus venues.
Keep your Quest offline:
You don't really need to keep your Quest connected to WiFi to play most games. Try to keep your Quest offline whenever possible to prevent analytics services from calling home. Also, remember that whenever your Quest is connected with the phone app (while having WiFi off), it can collect some logs through Bluetooth and send them to oculus. So don't connect it to a phone app if it's not necessary.

How to play patched apps:

You can find all the patched apps for Quest and Quest in their own game topics in cs.rin.ru forum. Just use the forum search with simple queries like Oculus Quest to list all the related topics: search.php?keywords=oculus+quest&terms=any&author=&sc=1&sf=titleonly&sk=t&sd=d&sr=topics&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search
In the game topics, you can find download links for the games. We recommend using JDownloader2 to download from those links (it will bypass all kinds of ads and malware popups and will straight download all of them for you). Make sure to install the latest 7zip or WinRAR (Windows) or Keka unarchiver (MacOS) to extract the downloaded zip files (the common password for those is cs.rin.ru).
You can also get them from VR Pirates GUI (Telegram Needed)
So now that you have downloaded all the games, you'll need a way to install them. From the zip archives, you'll find apk and obb files. apk files are the installer for the games, and obb files are the game data files (assets and other stuff). You can install those games using either the Autoinstaller tool or SideQuest.
Autoinstaller (Windows): Extract somewhere on your computer. Copy the game apk and obb files into the same directory and run autoinstall.bat to install the game. Every time you are going to install a new game, make sure to delete the older apk and obb files from the Autoinstaller directory.
SideQuest (Windows/macOS): The official SideQuest detects patched apps and will block you from installing those. You can get the modded SideQuest v0.10.2 here: Win32 | Win64 | Mac which is modded to disable that feature. Just follow the standard sideloading guide to install anything through SideQuest.
Quest patched tool config: https://app.box.com/s/x5zlvxmfr0ai0cfflxzd6rl88skyl487. This is essential for the patched apps, which sets a username for you in the game. You can alternatively use the following adb command to set a username.
adb shell settings put global username MyUsername123 
Where you replace MyUsername123 with your desired username, this is a one-time setup. You don't need to do this every time you install a game.
User.json file: This is just a simple text file to configure the username for those games which need it. Place the files in the root directory of your Quest (/sdcard/ in SideQuest). The text format for the file is like this.
Where you replace MyUsername123 with your desired username, this is a one-time setup. You don't need to do this every time you install a game.
Additional Quality of Life setup:
Now that you have installed patched games, you can run them from Unknown Sources anytime (Drop-down menu in the top right corner of your Home menu, select Unknown Sources from the option). But going into Unknown sources and launching sideloaded apps are not really that convenient. You can make it much easier to launch the apps with a third-party app launcher.
QuestAppLauncher: Download and install QuestAppLauncher (or we call it QAL) from here: https://github.com/tverona1/QuestAppLaunchereleases/ You can launch it to list all sideloaded apps
Keymapper: Download and install KeyMapper from here: https://github.com/sds100/KeyMappereleases/ Provide it the storage and accessibility permissions through the Settings app (Settings app is available in my Signature) so it can run without any problem. Configure keymapper to launch QAL on the Volume button hold. Now anytime you hold down the volume button, QAL will appear and list all the sideloaded apps.
Settings APK: Install settings APK fro your device: Quest 1 Quest 2 Use it to open the default Android settings app (which is hidden in Quest by default) to make necessary changes to your device or apps (Like giving apps storage permission, accessibility permissions, etc.). Please note that Oculus purposely botched some options in the Settings app on Quest 2 to prevent users from touching those (e.g., developer settings), so it may crash on certain options.
Total Commander: It's a file manager that you can use to install games right from the device. Added bonus is an option to open Android settings (so you don't need to install Settings apk). You can get it here: https://app.box.com/s/7f4presvf53d6tvxtt2rxkwkvj9btbqi
Amaze File Manager: Another file manager to install games and move files around in the device. You can get it from here: https://github.com/TeamAmaze/AmazeFileManagereleases/

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is it safe to play patched games?
No one knows. Oculus definitely tracks your app's usage through telemetry, analytics, and other means, and there is no way to prevent them all. You can log into your Oculus account in the browser and visit this URL https://account.oculus.com/data to see your tracked data (they are obviously not showing everything here). We recommend playing safe and follow our safety guide above to throw off trails from Oculus and Facebook as much as possible.
  • Is it safe to play patched games with multiplayer online?
Just as I explained, playing online is not safe at all. Especially both Facebook/Oculus and the game developer may track down your IP address while you are playing multiplayer on a patched game. Play at your own risk.
  • How do I change app icons and names from Unknown Sources section?
Technically you cannot. But you can configure QAL to change the names and icons of all the sideloaded games shown up in it. Follow this guide to configure: https://github.com/tverona1/QuestAppLauncher
  • Why does it show INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE error while installing a patched app?
The version of the game you are trying to install is using a different signing certificate. Please uninstall the previous version and then install the latest version.
  • Why is unknown sources not showing in my Quest after a firmware update?
Oculus purposely disables developer mode after a firmware update. Go to your Oculus phone app and re-enable developer mode to make unknown sources available again.
  • How to uninstall games without deleting save data?
You can run this simple adb command to uninstall games/apps while keeping the data
adb shell pm uninstall -k PACKAGE_NAME 
Where you replace PACKAGE_NAME with the appropriate package name of the app. e.g., to uninstall Beat Saber, you'll have to run this command: adb shell pm uninstall -k com.beatgames.beatsaber
  • What happens if oculus flag/blacklist my account for piracy?
They have a mechanism in place where they would flag your account for piracy and then generate a token file in your Quest (which is called a killswitch_token). As long as this killswitch token presents in your device, it will be impossible to enable the developer mode (since when you connect your phone app to enable developer mode, it will check the token's presence in Quest). You can use your device further with a new account or a test account (https://developer.oculus.com/distribute/test-users/) but cannot enable developer mode anymore and cannot sideload anything through adb.
  • How safe is playing PC VR games with cracks/emulators using Oculus Link?
PC VR is fair game for all, and Oculus doesn't care much about piracy over there. However, I must warn you that Oculus Home app logs a lot of unnecessary info about your computer usage (including the titles of the opened windows, running background services, etc.). If you want to block all those info, find the log directories from Oculus in Appdata and change directory permissions so that no one can have write access to those folders, this will prevent them from collecting/sending logs about your PC usage.

If you have any more questions please ask here.

submitted by FlowV4 to QuestPiracy

Reddit and gaming saved me from Suicide 17 months ago. AMA

March last year I was ready to end my life, this wasn't a cry for help, I was on suicide watch with my GP, my various consultants, therapists and Sr Psychologists were at a loss, discussion was raised as to having me sectioned under mental health act, medication was also an option but if I wanted to end it I would have succeeded.
How did this come about?
My wife died after 21 year of fighting incurable cancer, I was her primary carer, looked after her every day until 20th November 2018.
On top of that
Formal Diagnosis ADHD, Bipolar type 2 effective disorder and PTSD.
Currently awaiting final review on Higher functioning autistic spectrum to find out where I am.
On Top of that
7 days after Wife died, I was diagnosed with Bowel cancer, had 40% of my bowels removed, regular ongoing CT scan and blood works to keep an eye on nodules in my lungs.
I was also basically dying from a broken heart, Paola was my entire life we spent 24 hours a day together for 20 years, no outside hobbies no career or outside friend we shared everything together.
No close family and after the funeral no one visited me for 4 months.
So I decided to end it, made sure my dogs had a great forever home with my next door neighbour, made sure that professionals would find me after the deed was done and that I caused no trauma to anyone.
I went to all the places online that me and Paola gamed to say goodbye and my final act was going to be watching Avengers End game (the last of only 2 marvel films we never got to see together) then have my own End game.
I hadn't been able to game since Paola died but in march I visited all our old hang outs to say goodbye and logged into the Division game by Massive, walked the streets, smiled at all the places we had fought together, as I logged off an advert came up for The Division 2, and well I had no use of money so I bought it, was curious as to what they had changed.
For the first time in 5 months the next morning I found myself wanted to log on a game, I came to the Massive reddit and told everyone about it.
"why don't you record your gameplay" "why don't you start a youtube channel" "you should video yourself and inspire people"
Was the Rallying cry of reddit fans.
What did I have to loose and what did I have to fear?
So I bought a mic and camera.
It is now 17 months later, No medication and I am down to one consultant who is working with me on a paper on how Virtual reality, gaming and technology like youtube and reddit can help with certain disabilities, he wants to publish it and help others.
I have 1500+ unedited videos on youtube (I never edit them and what you see is me either a good or bad day but it is all me) I game, do VR, do a daily vlog and while I will never be famous or anything, before Paola died I didn't even visit youtube or twitch I was too busy looking after the love of my life. my videos get watched by maybe 1-10 people, my streams 0-3 but you know what, that is enough, if I make one connection if just one person watches I am not alone.
I am still broken and classed as severely disabled but 17 months later still here :)
Ask me anything.
Here is my original post thanking Massive.
How my wife died.

Added the Youtube channel as people asked hope this is okay.
I multi stream using restream to Mixer, Youtube, Facebook and Twitch at the same time. (my Twitch is Quebber).

Updated games I play.
Due to the nature of my problems I can't stick with one game, my attention shifts sometimes up to 10 games a day, other times just a couple, my total games library amount is below.
Gog game total 51
Steam game total 803
Uplay game total 23
Origin game total 25
Epic game total 26
Total 928
Current games installed.
Bloons TD 6
Assassins Creed Odyssey
Ashes of the Singularity
Ghost recon Wildlands
Dishonored 2
Dungeons 3
Dungeons Defenders Awakened.
Doki Doki Literature Club
Earth Defence force 5
Else Heart.Break.()
Fallout: New Vegas
Gems of War.
They are Billions
Mass Effect 3.
The house of fata morgana
Phoenix Point
Plage inc Evolved
Planetary Annihilation Titans
Kerbal space program
Sanctuary Black Edition
Tales of Berseria
The Long Dark
Wasteland 3
X3: Terran Conflict
Wasteland 3
Yakuza 0
From the Depths
No Man's Sky
Space Pirates and Zombies 2
Bloons TD 6

American TRuck
American Truck Simulator.
Half-Life: Alyx
No Man's Sky VR
Google Earth VR.
The walking dead SS.

Star Trek Online.

Update, I am limited in what I can do in games, for example due to my short term and long term memory being shot, I am not very good at most games.
Beatsaber I can play at any speed up to expert but my brain can not handle directional arrows so I have to switch that off and about 5 times during each song I will forget which hand is holding which colour saber. so a few songs that switch sides a lot really destroy me.
Warframe, I have 2450 hours in game but sometimes I forget how to melee or wall run.
I can't play games with timed situations or quick time events my brain just freezes up.
If I stop playing a game for a week then I can forget the controls or even the story.

After reading how awesome everyone is being about this, going to do a Reddit stream in 10 minutes just me, dogs and whatever game we put on, if anyone wants to ask me any questions please do (I don't plan anything or have a schedule my head doesn't do that well keeping to them but 10 minutes from now I will be live!)

I will keep replying and talking till I go bed and then again tomorrow, you have no idea of the boost something like this does for me, to know I am inspiring others, helping them have a better day, making someone smile, it matters. Thank you.
Thank you all before bed I will now make a fool of myself playing BeatSaber, on stream for anyone who wants to come watch me.
Give me 5 mins to remember how to set it all up.
Bed time for me but I will be back tomorrow you are all amazing.
Update Sunday.
What a start to a wonderful day, just replied to all the amazing comments I could and I wanted to add a little more to the story.
5 year ago me and Paola were living in a medical assist bungalow provided by the local council when another bomb dropped on our heads, My mum who was only 55 at the time was diagnosed with early onset dementia, this is how I ended up living in this house, both me and Paola decided we would move house to live next door to my mum, which allowed us to help her partner look after her for 4 years at home, my mum is now in a really nice care home end stage dementia she doesn't know anyone anymore. but that move allowed us to spend those years at home with her.
Here is the story I wrote about Paola, it is a short novela free download in most formats.
and below is a link to the Heavily pixelated podcast, Scott C Jones does about gaming and how it brings people together, the episode about me and Paola is season 2 Episode 14 Titled Jason.
I got to make a new friend while recording that episode at the end of the podcast you will hear me talking to Ashraf Ismail the lead game designer on Assassins Creed Black Flag, Origins and now Valhalla.
He is now a close friend and one of Paola's paintings hang in the main Ubisoft office, he tells his design team her story and how games can matter to people.
Another amazing thing that happened was Valve contacted me earlier this year "Hello we heard about your story, would you like us to send you a Valve Index, no strings attached just want help you out" and they did send it along with awesome postcards signed by the whole team.
Multi game and fun stream will begin with Google earth vr, if you have never tried it, it is actually amazing for exploring the world, it is 10:33am UK time, in 5-10 mins stream will start all are welcome. We can chat and do silly things or just mellow out.

submitted by Quebber to AMA

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