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Why The TREP Was Suspended

Why The TREP Was Suspended
(Versión en español)
I've been reviewing public documents in an attempt to figure out exactly what happened on Election Day (October 20th 2019) in Bolivia to cause the stoppage of the TREP (non-binding preliminary vote count). This unexpected stoppage, followed by a late rally that expanded the MAS's lead just enough to win outright in the first round, led to accusations of electoral fraud that fueled a protest movement which eventually overthrew the government.
I think the suspension of the TREP was a result of the tension and lack of communication between Marcel Guzmán de Rojas, the director of NEOTEC, the firm which developed and administered the computer system that processed the votes, and Ethical Hacking, the Panamanian cybersecurity firm that was hired in the last few weeks by the TSE (Supreme Electoral Court, which oversees Bolivian elections) to audit the system then monitor it on Election Day. It's important to note that some MAS-aligned members of the TSE had hoped to develop their own system instead of continuing to rely on NEOTEC, who'd administered elections in Bolivia for decades, but their effort failed and NEOTEC, who had the support of the MAS's opposition, was rehired about five weeks before the election. The TSE reached out to Ethical Hacking about a week later on September 19th. It wouldn't be until October 4th, though, just 16 days before the election, when the first meeting between NEOTEC and Ethical Hacking was held, and the compressed pre-election schedule contributed to frictions between them. Guzmán de Rojas felt burdened by the additional demands on him, and the monitoring software that's so often mentioned in news reports was installed over the protests of Guzmán de Rojas, who expressed skepticism about it, fearing it could create conflicts with his own software and there wasn't enough time to test it adequately. When it was finally installed on his servers three days before the election, he only agreed because the TSE ordered it, and even then he had a contract drawn up in which he repeated his concerns, and he and Ethical Hacking's CEO Alvaro Andrade bickered over the details.
The day before Election Day, there was an event with government officials and electoral observers in which they reinitialized the databases, validated the election software, and preserved a copy of the source code, then had a verbal agreement not to make more changes or connect to the servers. However, shortly before midnight Guzmán de Rojas accessed one of the servers, which generated security alerts. Ethical Hacking called Guzmán de Rojas, who explained that in the earlier event, there wasn't enough time to reinitialize all the databases and he'd planned to finish the process later. Ethical Hacking asked him to disconnect from the server and not make any more changes, but hours later, early in the morning on Election Day, Guzmán de Rojas made two bugfixes to his code in response to errors caused by the arrival of the first tally sheets from overseas, which generated more security alerts and forced Ethical Hacking to redo its review from the day before. According to Ethical Hacking, these unauthorized changes "generated great suspicion and unease toward NEOTEC among the TSE board" and Guzmán de Rojas was forced to agree in writing to not make any more changes without the coordination and participation of the DNTIC (National IT Directorate) and Ethical Hacking. Also, throughout Election Day, Guzmán de Rojas and his staff regularly accessed the servers to check the logs despite the protests of the cybersecurity people, who preferred that it be done via their monitoring software. Reading the Ethical Hacking report, one gets the sense that Guzmán de Rojas saw them as a nuisance that could mostly be ignored as he went about his usual work. In fact, this was the first time that the TSE had hired a cybersecurity firm to monitor an election and Guzmán de Rojas must not have been used to such strict supervision. When he saw something that needed to be done, he sometimes did it without bothering with whatever protocols there might be.
The most serious problems emerged in the lead-up to the 7:45PM press conference at which the TSE board would announce the preliminary results. To facilitate this event, there was a planned stoppage of the generation of TREP results at 7:40PM, so that during the press conference, these results wouldn't change mid-announcement. However, also around this time, there was a large, unexpected increase in tally sheet verification traffic coming an unauthorized server known as bo1. This was the first of the so-called hidden servers, both of which were used to relay routine traffic to the servers that warehoused the electoral data, but it's important to note that, according to the OAS, this server had been active all day relaying tally sheet verification traffic from the SERECI (Civil Registry Service). Ethical Hacking should've sent a notification about this server earlier, since it wasn't in the list provided to them that morning by Guzmán de Rojas, but failed to do so.
When the number of HTTP requests from bo1 increased, an event which began around 7:30PM, 10 minutes after the peak of tally sheet verifications, this activity was flagged by Ethical Hacking, who saw that the traffic was for tally sheet verifications and it was coming from an unauthorized IP address. They tried to call Guzmán de Rojas - who was working at the SERECI offices where the tally sheets were being verified, instead of with Ethical Hacking at the TSE offices - but couldn't reach him. They also consulted the DNTIC about the server, but they didn't recognize it. After two failed attempts to contact Guzmán de Rojas, they sounded a "maximum alert" to the TSE. Guzmán de Rojas says that at around 8:10 PM the utilities at the SERECI offices were cut, which put a stop to tally sheet verifications. Minutes later at 8:15 PM, he received a call from the TSE in which he was ordered to halt the TREP and to come to an urgent meeting at the TSE offices.
It's worth stopping for a moment to consider the explanation Guzmán de Rojas later gave of this unauthorized bo1 server:
(Note: Transmission operators are functionaries present at polling places who use an Android app developed by NEOTEC to transcribe each tally sheet and take a photo of it, sending this data to a cloud server operated by NEOTEC so that it can then be validated by the verification operators at the SERECI who independently transcribe the photo of the tally sheet.)
The bo1 server, a perimeter server (Nginx gateway), was used during the preparations for the election from 9/20/2019 onward. This server was used for the registration of transmission operators and verification operators, the training of verification operators, and during the testing of the transmission of results and the verification of tally sheets prior to the election.
The agent monitor ossec wasn't installed on this server. The server bo21 should've been used on Election Day, an instruction which wasn't carried out.
In his reports, he's vague about the reason for the error, only saying he should've used another server but failed to do so. In their report, Ethical Hacking describe how they performed an extensive security review of this server shortly after the stoppage, reviewing all its logs and checking for any malicious software, and found nothing to contradict Guzmán de Rojas. It really does seem that it was just some test server that was active when it shouldn't have been. Also, he showed the others that this server was where he stored historical data from previous elections, which would seem to support his claim about it being a test server.
What's absolutely clear is that the TSE wasn't in on this at all. Around 8:30PM, everyone meets at the TSE offices and, according to Ethical Hacking, an extremely tense scene ensues:
By this time, the president of the TSE and the board members, except for Dr. Costas, started to accuse Marcel Guzmán de Rojas of committing fraud. The situation became untenable. Everyone started shouting and accusing him of fraud. There was talk of calling the Attorney General, of calling the police. We had to intervene to calm the mood of the meeting.
Again, it simply does not make sense that the TSE was behind this server. What happened clearly took them by surprise and they were extremely hostile toward Guzmán de Rojas. This detail is not in any report, but a friend told me that he'd spoken to an ex-minister from the MAS who suspected Guzmán de Rojas had sabotaged the election, which seems unlikely but does help illustrate just how much the MAS distrusts him.
According to Guzmán de Rojas, the TSE presented him with three reasons at the 8:30PM meeting to justify their stoppage of the TREP:
1: The use of an unmonitored server, bo1.
2: The unexpected increase in tally sheet verification traffic from the bo1 server.
3: The sudden change in trend between the MAS and CC.
You can tell right away from the first two reasons that the inciting event of this entire catastrophe was the maximum alert about bo1. That's why they stopped the TREP. Because they thought the computer system was being manipulated. In fact, Ethical Hacking says that at the 8:30PM meeting it was again ordered that the TREP be stopped "until what happened can be verified" and it's clear this is a reference to the bo1 server. However, the TSE was alerted about more than just that server. Ethical Hacking also notified the TSE about cyberattacks from Colombia. Here's how the board member Edgar Gonzalez described it:
Regarding the bo1 server, Gonzáles claimed that it was the audit firm Ethical Hacking that pointed out that error, for which the whole board was called to a meeting where the board member Antonio Costas wasn't present. That meeting was between 8:30PM and 9:00PM on Election Day.
González explained that Marcel Guzmán de Rojas didn't declare that server and, "second of all, at that time the system was receiving a ton of attacks. That's what the IT person from the audit firm explained (to us). Something like 70,000 attacks from Colombia," the TSE board member specified in statements to Urgente.bo.
"That's what they told us, that the server was being attacked from overseas. Mr. Guzmán de Rojas (told us) that there was another server, an IP address that he hadn't declared and he apologized," he noted.
In Ethical Hacking's report, there's a section about this event, which they describe as a possible denial of service attack. According to a 6:58 PM email in their report, the public TREP results website had received over a million HTTP requests in less than an hour from a single IP address. Using a simple whois, I found that the IP address belongs to Centro Nacional de Consultoria in Bogotá, Colombia. Based on their website, they're a firm that does market research and corporate consulting, but most importantly they are a parent company of ViaCiencia, one of the principal polling firms for the election and the only one certified by the government to perform a quick count on Election Day. All their requests were for resources of the form https://trep.oep.org.bo/resul/resulActa/xxxxx/yy, which are JSON-formatted TREP vote counts. For example, if I wanted TREP vote counts for the presidential election (1) from tally sheet #71795, I'd request:
(Note: The website was deactivated in January 2020.)
It's clear from this and the large number of requests being generated that they were only scraping the TREP election results website, but there's a thin line between scraping and a denial of service attack, and these folks in Bogotá crossed it. The obvious solution to a single IP address drowning you in requests is to block it, but it's not clear that this happened. Ethical Hacking had no credentials to log in to the servers - only the notifications from their monitoring software - and may have had trouble reaching the person who did have the logins: Guzmán de Rojas. According to Edgar Gonzalez, word about this supposed cyberattack reached him as part of the alert about bo1, which helped set off a panic that resulted in the suspension of the TREP.
In his October 28th report, Guzmán de Rojas admits he shouldn't have used the bo1 server for the election, but insists the traffic level was absolutely normal. Ethical Hacking disagrees, claiming it's impossible for legitimate SERECI tally sheet verification traffic to reach "30,000 HTTP requests every 30 seconds," a figure taken from this traffic graph in their report:
Warning: The times in this graph are all one hour early, which is because Ethical Hacking is based in Panama. Also, you can see that Ethical Hacking's '30,000 requests per 30s' is actually 30,000 requests *per 5 minutes* (=3,000 per 30s).
This question of what constitutes normal traffic seems like the only point where Guzmán de Rojas and Ethical Hacking are in serious conflict about the facts. I'm inclined to trust Guzmán de Rojas here since it's his system and Ethical Hacking only had two weeks of experience with it. (Click here for a discussion of the bo1 traffic spike.)
At the end of Guzmán de Rojas's claim that the traffic was normal, he makes this comment:
If the use of the bo1 server and an increase in traffic were considered anomalies, this should've been warned about and cleared up before 7:30PM.
And he's right! Ethical Hacking should've flagged traffic from bo1 much earlier. You can see in their owb graph that bo1, the green line, had been active long before the labeled spike. In fact, the OAS says it had been active all day. It's possible Ethical Hacking didn't pay attention to it because, like the authorized servers, it had an IP address in a range reserved for private networks (format: 10.x.x.x), which really ought to have given them more pause about sending a maximum alert.
That traffic graph can be combined with other evidence to reconstruct some of the timeline of the TREP stoppage. The number of HTTP requests from bo1 began to spike at around 7:30PM Bolivia time. In their report, Ethical Hacking claims to have detected the traffic increase right at 7:30PM, but they may not have actually noticed until some minutes later, since the traffic level then was about equal with the previous peak. They called Guzmán de Rojas twice without success and consulted with the DNTIC, after which they sent their maximum alert to the TSE. I believe the TSE only learned about this alert between 7:53-7:58PM. I say this because from 7:50-7:53PM there was the TSE's preliminary results press conference, which was attended by all the board members, and none appear to be alarmed or hurried. The TSE president, María Eugenia Choque, even ends the event noting that there were still many rural votes to be counted, which would seem to imply she believed the TREP would continue. The latest the TSE would've learned about this alert was 7:58PM, which corresponds to the apparent first attempt to cut the SERECI's internet. This can be seen in unreleased electoral data which shows a 5-second pause followed by a change in the SERECI's IP address at 7:58:07PM, which appears to be their backup line. Then, at 8:06:44PM, their first IP address was restored and seconds later at 8:07PM, all tally sheet verifications ceased, so the utilities must've been cut. After this, according to Guzmán de Rojas, the TSE board (minus Costas) called him around 8:15PM and ordered him to halt the TREP.
If you'll recall, there was a third reason given to Guzmán de Rojas for the TREP suspension: a sudden change in trend between the MAS and CC. And for all the media coverage this reason has received, you'd think that it was the only one. It's taken for granted that the TSE had no real complaint except that the result appeared unfavorable for the MAS, but there's reason to believe there really was an apparent sudden change in trend. In particular, in this interview (and this one) Álvaro Andrade of Ethical Hacking says that in the lead-up to the press conference, there was a sharp reduction in the MAS's margin of victory over CC, which abruptly declined from 11-12 points to seven points, and that this prompted a request from the TSE to verify these numbers. Andrade explained way the decline by citing the verification of tally sheets from Santa Cruz, whose voters tend to oppose the MAS, but the problem with all of this is that, based on the public data, at no point did the MAS ever have an 11-12 point lead in the presidential election. It's not clear what occurred, but one striking detail that could explain it comes from the November 4th NEOTEC report, in which Guzmán de Rojas explains that the TREP system was set up to serially replicate election data from a primary server to a secondary server, then from this secondary server to a tertiary server, after which this tertiary server would serve as the data source for the TREP website. However, around 7:00 PM on Election Night the data replication process across these servers was unexpectedly slow, with the result that the tertiary server had a dataset that was, at most, about half the size of that of the first server. To ensure the press conference was held with the more complete data set, Guzmán de Rojas says he reconfigured the website to instead reference the first server, whose dataset was at least twice as large as the others'. It's possible that the phantom 11-12 point lead reflected an incomplete data set on the tertiary server, and that when the switch was made to the first server, this gave the appearance of a sudden change in trend. In his October 28th report, Guzmán de Rojas argued there was no change in trend, which he later interpreted as a lead change between the two parties, but it appears only to have been a question of whether the MAS would win outright in the first round. At the 8:30PM meeting, he tried to clear up the TSE board's concerns, but they weren't convinced and decided not to resume the TREP.
Also, in the OAS report, a shadowy figure appears at this time. A advisor who's not on any employee lists but is vouched for by the TSE. They withheld his name in the OAS report, but Alvaro Andrade later named him in an interview. This advisor is one Sergio Martínez. According to his LinkedIn profile, he'd recently done IT work at the National Institute of Statistics and had worked other government jobs prior. He began work as an IT contractor for the SERECI on October 8th, only four days after Ethical Hacking's own start. He appears in passing multiple times in the Ethical Hacking report, always in routine professional contexts: in two emails about security patches and audits on the 15th and in another from the 18th after he provided Andrade with a protocol to reinitialize the databases. He was also present for meetings after the TREP interruption on Election Night, where he appears to have proposed the configuration of a new perimeter server - bo20, the second of the hidden servers - that would be used for the verification of the remaining tally sheets, likely to resolve the conflict between Marcel Guzmán de Rojas and the TSE board, some of whom distrusted Marcel and had accused him of fraud. In a report provided to the OAS, the DNTIC said that this bo20 server was configured a day later by all of the important technical personnel: the DNTIC, NEOTEC, and Ethical Hacking (SIM SRL).
In his November 4th report to the TSE, Guzmán de Rojas offers this description of bo20:
On election night at the 20:00 (sic) meeting, the TSE decided to replace the bo1 server with a new server, bo20. This server was created and configured in the TSE's Amazon AWS server space. Just like the server bo1, the new server is a simple gateway, a reverse proxy using Nginx.
It's clear from statements he's made that he thought the TSE's complaints about bo1 and the excessive traffic were baseless, but there was no way of placating them except with another gateway server that was, as he explained, just like the one it was replacing.
The next day, according to NEOTEC's October 28th report, there was a meeting at 12:30PM between Guzmán de Rojas and the TSE where they all hashed out how to proceed. It was there that it was decided that the internet would be restored to the SERECI offices, the remaining TREP tally sheets would be processed, and then the publication of results would resume once this was completed. Also, a new IP address, this one belonging to the new bo20 server, was given to the SERECI by the DNTIC director for the verification of the remaining actas. Around 2:30PM, the SERECI had its internet restored and their TREP operators began to process tally sheets again. It would be another four hours, at 6:30PM, before the order was given to resume the publication of results, which resulted in a sharp discontinuity when the public website updated for the first time in nearly a day. In that time, 3831 tally sheets were verified and the MAS's margin over CC had grown from 7.87% to 10.15%, pushing it just over the critical 10% margin needed to win outright in the first round.
The rest of the story is less interesting, although some errors and bad practices are shocking for a production system in a national election. It all occurs in the Cómputo (official vote count) and it's scene after scene in which, say, there's a correction requested by an electoral official or a database error, so the DNTIC grants Marcel VPN access and he fixes the mistake in the only way he can: with a SQL command, as I'm sure he's done a million times in a million other elections. In most cases he appears to have permission from government officials, but he's not observed performing the changes. He simply does it, then documents in an email the SQL command he used, and then Ethical Hacking complains that he's not following procedure. There's also a WhatsApp chat log at the end of the Ethical Hacking report that shows there was an informal system between Windsor Saire, the director of the DNTIC, and Marcel Guzmán de Rojas which the two tried to document via email but which didn't appear to include the in-person supervision of Marcel.
(Note: There have been many complaints about the use of these SQL commands, which is terrible practice and even worse within the context of an election, but according to the contract Guzmán de Rojas had drawn up, the database (MySQL) history files on the TREP servers were being monitored in real time. After that second bug fix in the morning on Election Day, he said, 'With the bash (Linux command line) and MySQL history files, you can see what I did.' I'd expect Ethical Hacking to have monitored the same logs on the Cómputo servers, although it's unclear to me if this is the case. At any rate, if Guzmán de Rojas's emails are accurate, these SQL commands were all corrections of erroneous status values, not edits to vote totals.)
I'm confident there wasn't any data manipulation during the outage, and I think the belief that there was is due to the enormity of the technical fuck-ups and the bitterness of the political divisions in the country. Why? Because the final margin is predictable based on pre-interruption trends. Also, the OAS hasn't pointed to discrepancies between the digital and physical records, which for me would constitute strong evidence of data manipulation.
  • Fragment from Ethical Hacking Report to TSE (10/28/2019, link)
  • NEOTEC Report to TSE #1 (10/28/2019, link)
  • NEOTEC Report to TSE #2 (11/4/2019, link)
  • Ethical Hacking Consolidated Timeline (v1.4, 11/6/2019, link)
  • OAS Preliminary Report (11/10/2019, link)
  • DNTIC Report to OAS about bo20 (11/11/2019, link)
  • OAS Final Report (12/4/2019, link)
  • Statement from Sergio Martínez (12/10/2019, link)
UPDATE #1: I wrote to Guzmán de Rojas to explain why I disagreed with the OAS report and to urge him to rebut it. To my great surprise, he responded.
UPDATE #2: Ex-TSE vice president Antonio Costas, who voted against certifying Evo Morales's candidacy and was the only board member with an IT background, points to human error as well. Some choice quotes from this October 23rd article:
"I get word that my colleagues (board members) were meeting with [Ethical Hacking] and NEOTEC. What happened is that there's a security protocol between the two firms and a part of the data was migrated in order to publish the data to another server, a movement which needed to be coordinated. [Ethical Hacking] detects this situation, and I think in this there was an excessively zealous protocol. Instead of making a big fuss, they should've sat down and looked at what happened. (...) They should've warned us," he said in an interview with Unitel.
"There's no fraud here. It was incompetence," he said.
(Other interviews: CNN, La Revista al Día, PAT, NTN, RED+. There's this, too, from 11 days before the election. Costas says that Ethical Hacking was "very demanding", but that they were helping to formalize processes that were somewhat improvisational and this would ultimately improve the TSE as an institution.)
UPDATE #3: The EU also published a report with a few interesting details. They explain that the TSE's original plan with the TREP was to make a single announcement at 8:00PM to avoid confusion with the official count, which they had done in prior elections, but 10 days before the election, under outside pressure, they agreed to two more announcements, one at midnight and another later on the 21st. It seems that, with the decision to suspend the TREP, the TSE tried to fall back to their original plan and in effect wash their hands of the TREP right there, but ultimately gave in to calls to resume it. Also, in the lead-up to the election, there were many dismissals and resignations of key TSE staff, which reduced its technical expertise for the election. It's possible this made the TSE more dependent on its contractors to perform the technical roles.
UPDATE #4: I obtained new electoral data and used it to make a timeline (in Spanish) of the progression of the TREP during the period when the publication of results was halted. The exact time of the interruption was 8:07 PM, at which point the MAS had a 9.02% lead with 95.06% of tally sheets transmitted and 89.98% verified in the presidential race.
UPDATE #5: I missed this uncharacteristically informative November 18th piece from Página Siete where Guzmán de Rojas and Andrade snipe at each other. Guzmán de Rojas denies BO1 was an unknown server, insisting it had been used in testing two days before the election and Andrade should've complained then. He also claims Andrade's erroneous "30,000 HTTP requests per 30 seconds" is a deliberate lie. For his part, Andrade says all the errors were the fault of Guzmán de Rojas, who violated the security protocol over and over. One odd detail is Andrade claims to have received a notification about BO1 at 6:49 (PM). This seems an hour too soon, so I assume he's citing it for the wrong time zone and actually means 7:49 PM, but I'm not sure.
UPDATE #6: A point which needs to be underlined is that NEOTEC (read: Guzmán de Rojas) was the only one with access to the TREP servers. Not even the government had logins. This point has been made by everyone. The TSE board said it. Alvaro Andrade said it. In fact, Guzmán de Rojas first appears in Andrade's report refusing to give him logins. It was the first item in that contract of his, too. DNTIC director Windsor Saire said it. Even Sergio Martinez said it. Any theory of data manipulation that doesn't centrally involve Guzmán de Rojas - who had a long track record, the support of the opposition, and was viewed skeptically by the MAS - is questionable.
submitted by srslyjuststop to BOLIVIA

MAME 0.223

MAME 0.223

MAME 0.223 has finally arrived, and what a release it is – there’s definitely something for everyone! Starting with some of the more esoteric additions, Linus Åkesson’s AVR-based hardware chiptune project and Power Ninja Action Challenge demos are now supported. These demos use minimal hardware to generate sound and/or video, relying on precise CPU timings to work. With this release, every hand-held LCD game from Nintendo’s Game & Watch and related lines is supported in MAME, with Donkey Kong Hockey bringing up the rear. Also of note is the Bassmate Computer fishing aid, made by Nintendo and marketed by Telko and other companies, which is clearly based on the dual-screen Game & Watch design. The steady stream of TV games hasn’t stopped, with a number of French releases from Conny/VideoJet among this month’s batch.
For the first time ever, games running on the Barcrest MPU4 video system are emulated well enough to be playable. Titles that are now working include several games based on the popular British TV game show The Crystal Maze, Adders and Ladders, The Mating Game, and Prize Tetris. In a clear win for MAME’s modular architecture, the breakthrough came through the discovery of a significant flaw in our Motorola MC6840 Programmable Timer Module emulation that was causing issues for the Fairlight CMI IIx synthesiser. In the same manner, the Busicom 141-PF desk calculator is now working, thanks to improvements made to Intel 4004 CPU emulation that came out of emulating the INTELLEC 4 development system and the prototype 4004-based controller board for Flicker pinball. The Busicom 141-PF is historically significant, being the first application of Intel’s first microprocessor.
Fans of classic vector arcade games are in for a treat this month. Former project coordinator Aaron Giles has contributed netlist-based sound emulation for thirteen Cinematronics vector games: Space War, Barrier, Star Hawk, Speed Freak, Star Castle, War of the Worlds, Sundance, Tail Gunner, Rip Off, Armor Attack, Warrior, Solar Quest and Boxing Bugs. This resolves long-standing issues with the previous simulation based on playing recorded samples. Colin Howell has also refined the sound emulation for Midway’s 280-ZZZAP and Gun Fight.
V.Smile joystick inputs are now working for all dumped cartridges, and with fixes for ROM bank selection the V.Smile Motion software is also usable. The accelerometer-based V.Smile Motion controller is not emulated, but the software can all be used with the standard V.Smile joystick controller. Another pair of systems with inputs that now work is the original Macintosh (128K/512K/512Ke) and Macintosh Plus. These systems’ keyboards are now fully emulated, including the separate numeric keypad available for the original Macintosh, the Macintosh Plus keyboard with integrated numeric keypad, and a few European ISO layout keyboards for the original Macintosh. There are still some emulation issues, but you can play Beyond Dark Castle with MAME’s Macintosh Plus emulation again.
In other home computer emulation news, MAME’s SAM Coupé driver now supports a number of peripherals that connect to the rear expansion port, a software list containing IRIX hard disk installations for SGI MIPS workstations has been added, and tape loading now works for the Specialist system (a DIY computer designed in the USSR).
Of course, there’s far more to enjoy, and you can read all about it in the whatsnew.txt file, or get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page. (For brevity, promoted V.Smile software list entries and new Barcrest MPU4 clones made up from existing dumps have been omitted here.)

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

  • 02603: [Sound] (cinemat.cpp) tailg: Phasor sample plays incorrectly. (Aaron Giles)
  • 03307: [Sound] (cinemat.cpp) ripoff: Multiple issues with sound samples. (Aaron Giles)
  • 03720: [Sound] (cinemat.cpp) speedfrk, wotw, wotwc: Incomplete sound samples implementation. (Aaron Giles)
  • 06033: [Gameplay] (sothello.cpp) sothello: Gameplay logic is broken. (hap)
  • 06896: [Gameplay] (gottlieb.cpp) krull: Invisible enemies cause deaths in cave scene. (dink)
  • 07237: [DIP/Input] (vsmile.cpp) vsmileg [walle]: Wall-E does not recognise the joystick controller. (Ryan Holtz)
  • 07340: [DIP/Input] (vegas.cpp) nbagold, nbanfl and nbashowt: Digital joystick inputs are not present. (Ted Green)
  • 07537: [Sound] (nemesis.cpp) twinbee: Speech does not play. (AJR)
  • 07608: [Gameplay] (uzebox.cpp) uzebox: All systems (except craft) that use the avr8 CPU have regressed severely. (hap)
  • 07644: [DIP/Input] (pcipc.cpp) pcpci: Mouse movement causes spurious keyboard input. (Samuele Zannoli)
  • 07687: [Compiling] AsmJit fails to compile for ARM targets. (Belegdol)
  • 07689: [Sound] (s8a.cpp) scrzy_l1: Sounds do not play. (Robbbert)
  • 07690: [Crash/Freeze] (kingdrby.cpp) cowrace: [debug] Assert upon start. (AJR)
  • 07691: [Crash/Freeze] (eprom.cpp) eprom, eprom2: Game freezes upon end of demonstration. (AJR)
  • 07693: [DIP/Input] (dooyong.cpp) sadari: Third button (activate power-up) is not present. (hap)
  • 07696: [Graphics] (taito_l.cpp) fhawk, fhawkj: Background graphics are not displayed correctly. (hap)
  • 07708: [DIP/Input] (segas18.cpp) wwallyj, lghost, and clones: Controls do not work. (Ivan Vangelista)

New working machines

  • Conny / VideoJet Dora l'exploratrice - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Conny / VideoJet PDC150 Tactile - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Conny / VideoJet PDC200 - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Conny / VideoJet PDC40 Tactile - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Conny / VideoJet PDC50 - Pocket Dream Console (VideoJet, France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Conny / VideoJet Plug Play TV Games 2 (4-in-1) (VideoJet, France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • DataCash Systems / Staid CompuChess: The Second Edition [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • Dice game [Aleksandr Gofman, MetalliC]
  • Elektor AVR-Max Chess Computer (English) [hap]
  • Fidelity Electronics Chess Challenger (model UCC10, 10 levels) [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • Guitar Star (Europe, PAL) [David Haywood, TeamEurope]
  • Linus Åkesson / kryo The Hardware Chiptune Project [Ryan Holtz]
  • Linus Åkesson Phasor [Ryan Holtz]
  • Linus Åkesson Power Ninja Action Challenge [Ryan Holtz]
  • Micro Vs. System: Donkey Kong Hockey [algestam, Ryan Holtz]
  • Millennium 2000 GmbH Millennium Arcade 101 (M489) (Game Station 2 101-in-1) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Motorola EXORterm 155 [68bit]
  • Motorola M6800 EXORciser (M68SDT) [68bit]
  • Novag Micro Chess [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • SciSys / Intelligent Games Intelligent Chess [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • SciSys Chess Companion [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • SciSys Chess Intercontinental Traveler [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • Senario / Marathon - Mystery Animation Inc. Totally Spies! (France) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Senario Vs Maxx 6-in-1 Casino / Senario Card & Casino Games [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Subor Sports and Dance Fit Games Mat D-555 (PAL) [David Haywood, TeamEurope]
  • Telko / Nintendo Bassmate Computer [algestam, Mr. Do]
  • Ultimate Products Ltd. Reactor 32-in-1 (NTSC) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Ultimate Products Ltd. Zone Mini [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • WinFun Guitar Buster [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Wireless Fitness / Dance Fit (Senario) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous, Kev (FBN)]
  • Xing Wireless Interactive TV Game 'Wi TV Zone' 48-in-1 (Europe, PAL) [David Haywood, TeamEurope]

New working clones

  • 4-in-1 (version SWS1-110984) [Siftware]
  • Astro Fighter (set 4) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Cruis'n USA (rev L4.4) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Dead Or Alive ++ (Korea) [chacal231077]
  • Double Wings (set 2) [Jorge Silva]
  • Elektor AVR-Max-Schachzwerg (German) [hap]
  • Fidelity Electronics Elite A/S Challenger (Glasgow program, set 2) [Berger]
  • Galaxian (Cirsa Spanish bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Hammerin' Harry (World, M84 hardware bootleg) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca, Recreativas.org, The Dumping Union]
  • Jack Potten's Poker (set 13, ICP-1 PCB) [Roberto Fresca, Matt B]
  • Jolly Joker (original program, interleaved GFX, Impera logo) [Roberto Fresca, TeamEurope]
  • Jolly Joker (original program, interleaved GFX, no logo) [Roberto Fresca, TeamEurope]
  • Master Boy (1987, Z80 hardware, Ichi-Funtel, set 2) [Retromaniacs, Recreativas.org]
  • Ms. Pac-Man (bootleg, set 3) [Andrew Welburn]
  • Ms. Pac-Man (Novatronic bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • New Lucky 8 Lines (set 11, W-4) [Siftware]
  • Pipi & Bibis / Whoopee!! (Ryouta Kikaku bootleg, decrypted) [jordigahan]
  • Race Drivin' (compact, prototype) [andynumbers, The Dumping Union]
  • Robotron: 2084 (Unidesa license) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Ultimate Products Ltd. Zone 7-in-1 Sports (PAL) [David Haywood, TeamEurope]
  • Slap Shot (Ver 2.2 J) [Jorge Silva]
  • Space Trek (Video Game S.A., Spanish bootleg of Scramble) [Rubén Casaña (Retro Arcadia Valencia), Isaías Hernández]
  • Splash (Modular System) [jordigahan, ClawGrip, David Haywood]
  • Super Forte (version C, V3.6) [Berger]
  • Witch Star [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Zero Time (Spanish bootleg) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]

Machines promoted to working

  • Adders and Ladders (v2.1) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • Barquest (v2.6) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • Blox (SJM BLOX, 50p/20p Play, Version 2.0) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wall, David Haywood, Angelo Salese]
  • Business Computer Corporation Busicom 141-PF [Robbbert]
  • The Crystal Maze (v1.3) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • The Crystal Maze Team Challenge (v0.9) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • The Mating Game (v0.4) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • NBA Showtime / NFL Blitz 2000 (ver 2.1) [Ted Green]
  • NBA Showtime Gold / NFL Blitz 2000 (ver 3.0) (SportsStation) [Ted Green]
  • NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC (ver 2.0) [Ted Green]
  • The New Crystal Maze Featuring Ocean Zone (v2.2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • Nice Code Plug and Play Sudoku Game (NES based) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, GameHistory.org]
  • Photo Y2K 2 / Chaoji Bi Yi Bi 2 / Dajia Lai Zhao Cha 2 / Real and Fake 2 Photo Y2K (M101XX 05/25/01 11:02:54) [iq_132, dink]
  • Prize Tetris (BWB) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wall, David Haywood, Angelo Salese]
  • SCCH LLC-1 [Robbbert]
  • Senario Guitar Star (US, Senario, NTSC) [David Haywood]
  • Strike it Lucky (v0.5) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • TaiKee Rockstar Guitar / Guitar Rock (PAL) [David Haywood]
  • Tetris Payout (BWB TET1 Version 2.2, set 1) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wall, David Haywood, Angelo Salese]
  • unknown rocket/animal-themed poker [Roberto Fresca]
  • Vegas Poker (prototype, release 2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Highwayman]

Clones promoted to working

  • Adders and Ladders (v2.0) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • The Crystal Maze (v0.1, AMLD) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • The Crystal Maze (v1.1) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • The Crystal Maze (v1.2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • The Crystal Maze Team Challenge (v0.8) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • The Crystal Maze Team Challenge (v1.2, AMLD) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • dreamGEAR Shredmaster Jr (NTSC) [David Haywood]
  • Eurohard S.A. Dragon 200-E [Nigel Barnes]
  • The New Crystal Maze Featuring Ocean Zone (v0.1, AMLD) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • The New Crystal Maze Featuring Ocean Zone (v2.0) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • Photo Y2K 2 / Chaoji Bi Yi Bi 2 / Dajia Lai Zhao Cha 2 / Real and Fake 2 Photo Y2K (ver. 100, Japanese Board) [iq_132, dink]
  • Prize Space Invaders (BWB INV1, 50p/30p Play, Version 1.2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese]
  • Prize Tetris (BWB) (Showcase) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese]
  • Sirio II (Calfesa S.L. Spanish Moon Cresta bootleg) [Ivan Vangelista]
  • Strike it Lucky (v0.53) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood]
  • Tetris Payout (BWB TET1 Version 2.2, set 2) (MPU4 Video) [Ryan Holtz, James Wallace, David Haywood, Angelo Salese]
  • Torch Computers Torch CH240 [Nigel Barnes]
  • VTech V.Smile Motion [Ryan Holtz]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • El auto de papa [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • Bingo Roll / Turbo Bingo? [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca]
  • Captain Lucky [Siftware]
  • Destruction Derby [TTL] [Frank Palazzolo]
  • Diana Olakoa [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • E-mu Systems Carnaval - Jugando con Fuego [DBWBP]
  • E-mu Systems EMAX II 16-Bit Digital Sound System [DBWBP]
  • E-mu Systems Orbit 9090 - The Dance Planet [DBWBP]
  • E-mu Systems Planet Phatt - The Swing System [DBWBP]
  • E-mu Systems Pro/Cussion Maximum Percussion Module [DBWBP]
  • E-mu Systems Proteus/1 16-Bit Multi-Timbral Digital Sound Module [DBWBP]
  • E-mu Systems Proteus/1 XR 16-Bit Multi-Timbral Digital Sound Module [DBWBP]
  • E-mu Systems Vintage Keys Classic Analog Keyboards [DBWBP]
  • Far West (Compumatic) [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • Football [PinMAME]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd Hannah Montana G2 Deluxe - All in One (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Kev (FBN), anonymous]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc / HotGen Ltd High School Musical G2 Deluxe - All in One (JAKKS Pacific TV Game) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Kev (FBN), anonymous]
  • JAKKS Pacific Inc Power Rangers Super Megaforce Hero Portal [David Haywood, Team Europe]
  • Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing KSP10 Digital Piano [DBWBP]
  • Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing SX-240 8-Voice Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer [DBWBP]
  • Korg microKORG SynthesizeVocoder [DBWBP]
  • Korg WaveStation A/D [DBWBP]
  • Korg WaveStation EX [DBWBP]
  • Korg WaveStation SR [DBWBP]
  • Lexibook Console Colour - Disney's Planes [TeamEurope]
  • Lexibook Console Colour - Minnie Mouse [TeamEurope]
  • Lucky 7 (Impera) [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca]
  • Macro Winners Game Sporz Wireless Duet Play Ping-Pong [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Dave Silva]
  • Marvel Avengers TV Game Console (32-bit) (Lexibook) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Michael Jordan (1.30) [PinMAME]
  • Millennium 2000 GmbH Millennium Arcade 250 (M527) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Puzzle Me! [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca]
  • Reno Reels (JPM) [David Haywood]
  • RS-70 648-in-1 [David Shah]
  • Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 "Collie" [Ryan Holtz, O. Galibert]
  • Sony NWS-3860 [Plamen Mihaylov, Patrick Mackinlay]
  • Sport Dart TV [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • Susanita tiene un raton [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • Tecnodarts [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • Toy Story 3 (Lexibook) [Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown, David Haywood]
  • unknown 'TE06' [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca]
  • Unknown Compumatic ProSPDP based darts machine [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • VideoJet Kiu Games [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • Virtual TV Ping Pong [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Yataimura Kingyosukui (4-player, China, Ver 1.000) [Darksoft]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Anakonda [Robbbert]
  • Funhouse (L-2) [PinMAME]
  • Funhouse (L-2, prototype PA-1 System 11 sound) [PinMAME]
  • Kharkovsky [Robbbert]
  • Laser Ball (L-2, PROM sound) [PinMAME]
  • Last Action Hero (1.04 France) [PinMAME]
  • Last Action Hero (1.07) [José Renato Castro Milanez, Sergio Munemori]
  • Magic Card - Wien (Sicherheitsversion 1.2) [TeamEurope, Roberto Fresca]
  • Nove Diamante (bootleg) [Ioannis Bampoulas]
  • Unga [Robbbert]

New working software list additions

  • fmtowns_cd: Akiko - Premium Version, Cal III - Kanketsu-hen, Chiemi & Naomi, Curse, Eikan wa Kimi ni 2 - Koukou Yakyuu Zenkoku Taikai, FM Towns Application Catalog CD-ROM - Original Soft-hen, G5 (HMA-206), Gambler - Queen's Cup, Gokuraku Mandala, Hyper Fetishism, Illust Hyakka - Yamashita Hideki no Ikiiki Cut-shuu, Iris-tei Serenade, Jouhou Club - Card Processor Ver. 1.1, Mahjong Musashi, Manami no Doko made Iku no? 2 - Return of the Kuro Pack, The Manhole (1990-08-01), Marionette Mind, Mirage 2 - Torry, Neat & Roan Fairladies in MagicLand, Noushuku Angel 120%, Shamhat - The Holy Circlet (FM Towns Marty version), Tenshin Ranma, Two Shot Diary, Viper-V12 RS, Viper-V8 Turbo RS, YES! HG - Erotic Voice Version [redump.org, r09]
  • gba:
    • Rayman IV (Rayman - Sunshine of Trip) (unlicensed) (protection hacked) [RibShark]
    • Crash Advance IV (unlicensed) (protection hacked), Digimon - Ruby and Sapphire (unlicensed) (protection hacked), The Lord of the Rings IV - The Fellowship of the Ring (unlicensed) (protection hacked), Pokemon - Sapphire Version (unlicensed) (protection hacked), Rayman IV (Rayman - Puteshestviye Solnechnogo Sveta) (unlicensed) (Russian) (protection hacked), Sonic 3 - Fighter Sonic (unlicensed) (protection hacked), Super Mario DX (unlicensed) (protection hacked), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 (unlicensed) (protection hacked), Ultraman - Confrontation Between Justice And Evil (Ul'traman - Konfrontatsiya mezhdu spravedlivost'yu i zlom) (unlicensed) (Russian) (protection hacked), X-Man - Armour of Might (X-men) (unlicensed) (Russian) (protection hacked) [taizou]
    • Chaoji Maliou DX (unlicensed) (Chinese) (protection hacked) [yy小龙虾]
    • Leiman IV - Guangming Zhi Lv (unlicensed) (Chinese) (protection hacked) [侵蚀你的私处]
  • ibm5150:
    • Bloodwych (Quest & Glory Compilation) (Euro), Bloodwych (USA), Budokan - The Martial Spirit (5.25"), The Colonel's Bequest (3.5"), The Colonel's Bequest (5.25"), Dragon's Lair (5.25"), F29 Retaliator, Lakers vs Celtics and the NBA Playoffs (3.5"), Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (in Several Wrong Places) (5.25"), Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, Mario Andretti's Racing Challenge, Speedball 2 - Brutal Deluxe (Euro, 3.5"), TV Sports Basketball (3.5", USA, EGA/TANDY version), TV Sports Basketball (3.5", USA, VGA version), TV Sports Basketball (5.25", UK, EGA/TANDY version), TV Sports Basketball (5.25", UK, VGA version), Xenon 2: Megablast [ArcadeShadow]
    • SCO XENIX System V Development System version 2.1.3 [archive.org, Davide Cavalca]
    • IBM Personal Computer Interactive Executive (PC/IX) 1.00 [WinWorld, Davide Cavalca]
  • ibm5170: B-17 Flying Fortress (5.25"), Corridor 7: Alien Invasion (demo), Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle (France), Out of this World (USA, 3.5" DD), Out of this World (USA, 5.25" HD), Sam & Max Hit the Road (Germany) [ArcadeShadow]
  • megadriv: Starwars (Prototype 19930125) [ArcadeShadow]
  • nascom_snap: Adventure 16K, Adventure 32K [The Nascom Repository]
  • pc98_cd: F15 Strike Eagle III, if 2 - Invitations from Fantastic Stories, Manami no Doko made Iku no? 2 - Return of the Kuro Pack, Phobos, Pro Student G (ALS-0010), YES! HG - Erotic Voice Version, Yuurou - Transient Sands [redump.org, r09]
  • sgi_mips:
    • Desktop Special Edition 1.0, European Language Module 1.1, European Language Module 1.3.1, Hot Mix 5, Hot Mix 7, IndiZone 1.0, IRIX 5.2 for Indy R4600PC and Challenge SX, IRIX Patch, ONC3/NFS for IRIX 6.2 Version 1, ONC3/NFS for IRIX 6.2 with Indigo2 IMPACT 10000 Version 1, Support Advantage 10/94, Support Advantage 6/95, SupportFolio 2/97, SupportFolio 4/97 [darkstar]
    • NetBSD 1.6.2, NetBSD 2.0, NetBSD 2.0.2, NetBSD 2.1, NetBSD 3.0, NetBSD 3.0.1, NetBSD 3.0.2, NetBSD 3.1 [NetBSD Project, Davide Cavalca]
  • sgi_mips_hdd: IRIX 5.2, IRIX 5.3, IRIX 6.2, IRIX 6.5, IRIX 6.5.22 [Davide Cavalca]
  • vsmile_cart:
    • Bianfuxia - Zhengjiu Chengshi (China) [tenyuhuang]
    • Disney/Pixar Wall-E (China) [tenyuhuang, Ryan Holtz]
    • Les Bisounours - Le monde merveilleux des Bisounours (France), Nickelodeon Bob L'éponge - Une journée dans la vie d'une éponge (France) [DisizDream]
  • vsmilem_cart:
    • Disney/Pixar Cars 2 (France), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 (France), DreamWorks Kung Fu Panda - La mission de Po (France), Football Challenge (France), Martin Le Dauphin (France), Nickelodeon Dora L'Exploratrice - Les adventures de Dora Apprentie Mécano (France), Sporti'Folies (France) [DisizDream, Ryan Holtz]
    • Action Mania (USA), Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 (USA), Marvel Spider-Man & Friends - Secret Missions (USA), Soccer Challenge (USA) [Sean Riddle, TeamEurope, Ryan Holtz]

Software list items promoted to working

  • cpc_flop: Secret Agent - Sly Spy (UK), Secret Agent - Sly Spy (UK) (2 faces) (Spain retail version) [Original], Sly Spy - Secret Agent (NonGoodCPC), Sly Spy - Secret Agent (Ocean Software), Sly Spy - Secret Agent (Ocean Software)[cr XOR][t +2 XOR], Sly Spy - Secret Agent (UK) [a1] [Barry Rodewald]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • fmtowns_cd: Pro Student G (ALS-0010), Towns-Telop, True Heart [redump.org, r09]
  • leapfrog_mfleappad_cart: Disney/Pixar Cars (Spain) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • mobigo_cart: Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates (USA, alt), Disney Princess (USA, alt), Disney/Pixar Brave (USA), Dreamworks Shrek - Forever After (US), NAND User Cartridge (unknown data, set 1), NAND User Cartridge (unknown data, set 2), Sesame Street - Elmo and Abby - Nature Explorers (USA) [TeamEurope]
  • novag_ssensor4: Quartz Chess Clock [Berger]
  • pc98_cd: DOR Special Edition '93, DOR Special Edition '93 (alt), Kanji Land 3-nen, Kyrandia II - The Hand of Fate, Lemon Cocktail Collection, Lip 3 - Lipstick Adventure 3, Mirage 2 - Torry, Neat & Roan Fairladies in MagicLand [redump.org, r09]
  • pi_storyreader_cart: Disney Blanca Nieves y los siete enanos (Spain), Disney El Rey León (Spain), Walt Disney Peter Pan (Spain) [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • tvgogo:
    • Basketball (EU) [ClawGrip, TeamEurope]
    • Basketball (US) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • vsmileb_cart: Teletubbies (France) [DisizDream]

Merged pull requests

  • 6825: docs: Improved analog joystick mapping documentation, and added health warnings. [Firehawke]
  • 6837: debugger: Added loadr and saver commands for loading or saving data to/from a memory region. [bombzj]
  • 6838: fmtowns_cd.xml: Added 28 new entries, and replaced 22 entries with improved dumps. [redump.org, r09]
  • 6844: gigatron: Hooked up CPU output callback, fixed program counter wrapping, and added CPU input callback. [Sterophonick]
  • 6848: startouch.cpp: Added Biostar M5ATD motherboard BIOS option to europl01. [ClawGrip]
  • 6849: armedf.cpp, ddenlovr.cpp: Improved DIP switch documentation; nes_vt.cpp: Added zudugo manufacturer. [David Haywood]
  • 6850: ibm5170.xml: Corrected floppy interface for humans_525, and corrected metadata for inca2 and goblins. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 6851: chicago.cpp, exidyttl.cpp: Corrected ROM dumps, and added a skeleton driver for Exidy Destruction Derby. [Frank Palazzolo]
  • 6852: sound/ym2151.cpp: Simplified noise frequency calculation. [cam900]
  • 6853: sound/k051649.cpp: Improved playback rate calculation, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • 6856: sound/saa1099.cpp: Improved sample rate and mixing behavior, and fixed stereo output routing for vgmplay. [cam900]
  • 6857: sound/k007232.cpp: Converted to use device_memory_interface and added support for clock frequency changes. [cam900]
  • 6859: megaplay.cpp: Added motherboard PLDs. [caius, ClawGrip]
  • 6860: cpu/cp1610: Ensure SDBD operations set condition flags correctly. [ElectricMagic]
  • 6862: Only build asmjit for x86 and x86-64 targets. [Belegdol]
  • 6864: Added arm64 and s390x configurations to Travis CI. [Belegdol]
  • 6865: sgi_mips_hdd.xml: Added software list with pre-installed operating system images for SGI MIPS workstations. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 6867: generalplus_gpl16250_nand.cpp, spg2xx_wiwi.cpp, tvgogo.xml: Added three machines and a software list entry. [David Haywood]
  • 6868: sgi_mips.xml: Added eight entries, and corrected some metadata. [darkstar]
  • 6870: leapfrog_mfleappad_cart.xml: Added an entry. [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • 6871: pi_storyreader_cart.xml: Added three entries. [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • 6872: vsmile_cart.xml: Added three entries. [tenyuhuang, DisizDream, ClawGrip]
  • 6875: ibm5150.xml: Added six entries and corrected some metadata. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 6877: sgi_mips_hdd.xml: Added an entry and improved instructions in comments. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 6879: vsmileb_cart.xml: Added one entry. [DisizDream, ClawGrip]
  • 6880: bosco.cpp: Fixed sprite/background priority. [kunikuni]
  • 6881: vsmilem_cart.xml: Added seven entries and fixed two incorrect serial numbers. [DisizDream, ClawGrip]
  • 6882: Added ten TV games, a V.Smile Motion BIOS, and several software list entries. [David Haywood, Sean Riddle, TeamEurope]
  • 6884: midyunit.cpp: Fixed sound and added PAL dumps for mkyawdim2. [TwistedTom]
  • 6885: sgi_mips_hdd.xml: Added one entry. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 6887: sound/rf5c400.cpp: Fixed loop sample loop position calculation (GitHub #6883). [cam900]
  • 6888: video/atarirle.cpp: Fixed source file name in header comment. [cam900]
  • 6889: rf5c400.cpp: Fixed regression in sample loop and end position calculations. [cam900]
  • 6890: vsmile_cart.xml: Added one entry. [tenyuhuang, ClawGrip]
  • 6891: vsmilem_cart.xml: Corrected checksum/digest for cars2mf. [ClawGrip]
  • 6892: microdar.cpp: Added skeleton driver for Compumatic Far West darts machine. [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • 6893: machine/cop452.cpp: Added partial COP452 frequency generatocounter emulation; hp_ipc.cpp: Added beeper. [F.Ulivi]
  • 6894: machine/6821pia.cpp: Added checks for disabled side effects on read accesses. [68bit]
  • 6895: bus/rs232: Initialize serial printer RxD output high (idle state). [68bit]
  • 6896: formats/os9_dsk.cpp: Added 8" 16-sector single-density formats (used by OS9 L1 on Motorola EXORciser). [68bit]
  • 6897: formats/mdos_dsk.cpp: Added Motorola MDOS floppy format. [68bit]
  • 6898: formats/wd177x_dsk.cpp: Be tolerant of missing sectors from the third track onwards. [68bit]
  • 6899: sgi_mips.xml: Added six entries, and added missing disc dumps to one entry. [darkstar]
  • 6900: vsmilem_cart.xml: Added some serial numbers and updated notes. [ClawGrip]
  • 6902: mobigo_cart.xml: Added five entries, and corrected the checksum digest for one entry. [TeamEurope, ClawGrip]
  • 6903: sgi_mips_hdd.xml: Added one entry. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 6904: sgi_mips.xml: Replaced a badly dumped disc image added in #6868. [darkstar]
  • 6905: sgi_mips.xml: Added eight NetBSD installation/source sets. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 6906: monkey_king_3b.cpp: Added skeleton driver for systems based on Monkey King 3B system-on-a-chip. [David Shah]
  • 6908: formats/mdos_dsk.cpp: Fixed the cell size and gaps, and added notes. [68bit]
  • 6909: Added five TV games and a software list entry. [David Haywood]
  • 6910: Fixed arcade subtarget build. [MASH]
  • 6912: ibm5150.xml: Added two entries, and re-dumped on entry. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 6914: machine/cop452.cpp: Fixed timer reloading. [F.Ulivi]
  • 6915: sgi_mips_hdd.xml: Added one entry. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 6917: sound/rf5c400.cpp: Added support for clock frequency changes, flagged imperfect sound, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • 6918: galaxian.cpp: Added Cirsa Spanish bootleg of Galaxian. [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • 6919: tourvis.cpp: Added Tourvision BIOS V4-54. [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • 6920: cave.cpp: Added graphics layout for sprite lines, simplified tilemap graphics decoding, and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • 6921: Added a TV game and a number of imperfect dumps of unlicensed Game Boy Advance cartridges. [David Haywood]
  • 6922: sound/ymz280b.cpp: Improved frequency calculation and cleaned up code. [cam900]
  • 6923: pdp11.cpp: Removed GPL dependency. [shattered]
  • 6924: williams.cpp: Added clone Robotron: 2084 (Unidesa license). [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • 6927: Added Motorola EXORterm 155 terminal emulation. [68bit]
  • 6930: mpu4vid.cpp: Allow v4strike and v4barqst to decode questions, and fixed some parent/clone relationships. [David Haywood]
  • 6931: machine/mc6852.cpp: Implemented more functionality and added a byte communication interface. [68bit]
  • 6933: devcb.h: Use GCC broken friend workaround with clang 8 as well. [Tiago Pierezan Camargo]
  • 6934: pc98_cd.xml: Added 15 entries and replaced 11 entries with improved dumps. [redump.org, r09]
  • 6935: hh_sm510.cpp: Added Nintendo Micro Vs. System: Donkey Kong Hockey. [algestam, Ryan Holtz]
  • 6936: hh_sm510.cpp: Added gnw_dkong3 PCB label to comment. [algestam]
  • 6937: mpu4vid.cpp: Added layout and tweaked inputs for v4addlad, and added a protection workaround. [David Haywood, James Wallace]
  • 6938: ibm5150.xml: Fixed some data area sizes (GitHub #6876). [r09]
  • 6939: megaplay.cpp: Added two more motherboard PLDs. [Kevin Eshbach, ClawGrip]
  • 6940: cpu/gigatron: Added output callback; gigatron.cpp: Started implementing video, and added ROM V5a BIOS option. [Sterophonick]
  • 6941: 4enlinea.cpp: Added Sport Dart TV. [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • 6942: ibm5150.xml: Added XENIX Development System. [archive.org, Davide Cavalca]
  • 6944: galaxian.cpp: Added Spanish bootleg of Zero Time. [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • 6945: goldnpkr.cpp: Fixed syntax error in input port definitions. [Davide Cavalca]
  • 6946: ibm5150.xml: Added five entries. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 6947: ibm5170.xml: Added one entry. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 6949: docs: Updated RTD theme to 0.5.0 (fixes issues with links in search results). [Firehawke]
  • 6950: Improved screen aspect ratio in internal layout for EXORterm 155 terminal. [68bit]
  • 6952: vsmile.cpp: Marked V.Smile Motion as working, as the games are playable even without accelerometer controls. [ClawGrip]
  • 6953: bus/nes: Implemented FDS sound emulation. [cam900]
  • 6954: vsmilem_cart.xml: Promoted software to working, and corrected some metadata. [ClawGrip]
  • 6956: Significant improvements to Gaelco Modular System bootleg emulation, and new TV games. [David Haywood]
  • 6958: Added driver for Motorola M6800 EXORciser (M68SDT) and device for corresponding floppy controller. [68bit]
  • 6958: mw8080bw.cpp: Improved gunfight audio, including a better transistor model and noise generator. [Colin Douglas Howell]
  • 6959: Improved video emulation for several Gaelco Modular System bootlegs, and added inputs/sound for raidenm. [David Haywood]
  • 6960: plugins/autofire: Don’t save empty configuration files. [kunikuni]
  • 6961: machine/v3021.cpp: Converted to use device_rtc_interface, and implemented serial interface and more commands. [cam900]
  • 6962: ibm5150.xml: Added IBM Personal Computer Interactive Executive (PC/IX). [WinWorld, Davide Cavalca]
  • 6963: namcos2.cpp: Worked around conflicting default input assignments for fourtrax. [MASH]
  • 6964: raiden_ms.cpp: Improved raidenm emulation; spg2xx_zone.cpp: Added two TV games. [David Haywood]
  • 6967: ibm5170.xml: Added five entries. [ArcadeShadow]
  • 6969: plugins/autofire: Improved method for detecting empty configuration. [kunikuni]
  • 6970: microdar.cpp: Added skeleton driver for unknown Compumatic ProSPDP dart machine. [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 6971: pgm.cpp: Cleaned up drawing code, and improved timing of intro sequences in some games. [cam900]
  • 6972: hh_sm510.cpp: Added Telko / Nintendo Bassmate Computer. [algestam, Mr. Do]
  • 6973: mpu4vid.cpp: Fixed inputs, fixed up machine ROM sets, and promoted several machines to working. [David Haywood]
  • 6977: gigatron.cpp: Added audio DAC, started hooking up OUTX port, and cleaned up code. [Sterophonick]
  • 6978: mpu4mod4yam.cpp, mpu4vid.cpp: Started untangling sets now that they boot, and tweaked inputs. [David Haywood, James Wallace]
  • 6979: Added netlist-based audio for thirteen early Cinematronics vector games, and minimal artwork for Warrior. [Aaron Giles]
  • 6980: video/imagetek_i4100.cpp, metro.cpp: Improved flip screen drawing; hyprduel.cpp: Fixed sprite delay. [cam900]
  • 6982: Added five TV games. [David Haywood]
  • 6983: sound/ics2115.cpp: Improved envelope behavior. [cam900]
  • 6984: mw8080bw.cpp: Improve 280zzzap audio emulation. [Colin Douglas Howell]
  • 6986: generalplus_gpl16250_rom.cpp: Replaced tkmag220 ROM with correct dump. [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • 6987: Switched AppVeyor MinGW GCC build to use -O3 (works around GitHub #6804). [Belegdol]
  • 6988: Changed Travis CI configuration for installing prerequisite packages in an attempt to speed up builds. [Belegdol]
  • 6989: microdar.cpp: Added Diana Olakoa dart machine. [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • 6993: Added beam_dot_size for controlling the size of “dots” on vector screens. [Aaron Giles]
  • 6997: sound/k053260.cpp: Suppress read side effects on debugger accesses. [cam900]
  • 6998: microdar.cpp: Added EEPROM dump to “prospdp”. [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • 6999: nes_vt.cpp: Added two TV games; mpu4.cpp, mpu4vid.cpp: Split up more sets and improved descriptions. [David Haywood]
  • 7000: sound/ics2115.cpp: Resolved license issue, re-implemented envelopes and fixed ramping. [cam900]
  • 7002: Worked around issue updating MSYS2 packages from AppVeyor. [Belegdol]
  • 7005: ibm5150.xml: Added four entries. [ArcadeShadow]
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