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[Everyone] Masterpost on Joseph Stalin

Two days ago was Stalin’s birthday and we have decided to make a mater post about him, his accomplishments and debunking some of the lies about him.
This post was created by the Central Committee of EuropeanSocialists.
In particular:
This master post is divided into 8 parts.
The rise of Stalin, debunking Trotsky
The Holodomor
The 1936 constitution and the 1937 elections
The great purge
WW2 lies and propaganda
The accomplishments of the USSR under him
The legacy of Stalin
Many are the slanders against Stalin, and even more are the myths surrounding him, and the USSR, epsecially during his tenure as the General secretary of the CPSU. Many lies also surround his "rise to power", and his faction's conflict with trotskye's. Even today, many leftists still believe that Stalin was somehow an ussurper, and that trotsky was the "rightfull" (whatever that means) successor of Lenin.
i)Stalin during the civil war and the first years of the soviet government
It is many times painted, that stalin played a minimal role in the civil war and in the first years of the soviet union, or even a negative role.(leave aside that he was one of the first bolsheviks, contrary to trotsky who only entered the bolsheviks in 1917, stalin was a close ally of lenin since 1905, writing the book Marxism and the national question, and also doing real revolutionary work by attacking banks for the sake of the revolution.
If stalin was not so famous during the revolution in the masses, was because he was in the gulag for about a decade right before he was freed in a little before the revolution) But let's examine the facts. It is impossible that stalin did not enjoyed support from the party since the very beginning. He was one of the ministers since the first days of the October revolution; he was the editor of Pravda before the revolution even occurred. Therefore it is illogical to even claim that stalin was "mediocre" as Trotsky wrote.
During the first days after the revolution, even bourgeoisie historians such as Montefiore, describe that Lenin, Stalin, Sverdlov and trotsky were the four most powerful bolsheviks. How could stalin be "relatively irrelevant" while he was a high member of the bolsheviks (and this means he enjoyed support) since the very beginnings after the revolution?
During the civil war, stalin was sent to many important posts, where he unmasked many traitors who were working for the white army (some of them were also on good terms with trotsky)
Bourgeoisie historian Robert H. McNeal wrote:
Stalin had emerged ... as a political military chief whose contribution to the Red victory was second only to Trotsky's. Stalin had played a smaller role than his rival in the overall organizationof the Red Army, but he had been more important in providing direction on crucial fronts. If his reputation as a hero was far below Trotsky's, this had less to do with objective merit than with Stalin's lack of flair ... for self-advertisement.[1]
During the preparations for the Polish soviet war, stalin argued against the war as unrealistic. After the defeat of the Soviets in the war, (to which stalin was a general in the front) most bolsheviks agreed with stalin that indeed the war was a mistake. Unfortunately, it was too late. Due to his actions during the war (plus his previous involvement before the revolution), stalin had achieved high prestige. He held two commissariats, one of the nationalities and one of the workers and peasants inspections. When another high bolshevik, Yevgeni Preobrazhensky(who was later a trotskyist and a member left opposition), complained against stalin holding these positions, Lenin himself replied:
What can we do to preserve the present situation in the People’s Commissariat of Nationalities; to handle all the Turkestan, Caucasian, and other questions? These are all political questions! They have to be settled. These are questions that have engaged the attention of European states for hundreds of years, and only an infinitesimal number of them have been settled in democratic republics. We are settling them; and we need a man to whom the representatives of any of these nations can go and discuss their difficulties in all detail. Where can we find such a man? I don’t think Comrade Preobrazhensky could suggest any better candidate than Comrade Stalin. The same thing applies to the Workers’ and Peasants’ Inspection. This is a vast business; but to be able to handle investigations we must have at the head of it a man who enjoys high prestige, otherwise we shall become submerged in and overwhelmed by petty intrigue.[2]
All this implies that even Lenin considered Stalin obviously a first rate Bolshevik. If trotskyists or any other person wants to present Stalin as a mediocre and a second rate bolshevik, then it can be said that Lenin himself, was also a mediocrity and a second rate bolshevik for having such a good opinion of stalin and entrusting him with such crucial tasks.
ii)Lenin's testament
Lenin indeed wrote a letter, but it was not a will, and it could not be, because the party was not Lenin's plaything, nor Lenin was the king of it. So, this exposes the mentality and the very un marxist thinking of the people who tried to refute stalin on the grounds of this "testament". Before anything, it must be asserted that Stalin was the second more powerful, if not the most, at around 1922-23 Now the question around on the word "power". Power comes from somewhere, in this case, stalin was chosen to by these people, (he was appointed) who vested this power in his shoulders to represent them. In 1923, he was the only person who as a member of both the politburo, the orgburo, the Central committee, and the secretariat. He was also the man responsible for Lenin's relations with the doctors.
The doctors had ordered that Lenin must not be bothered by political matters, as this would make him lose the peace needed to recover. Stalin sough to obey this order, for Lenin's sake. But Lenin's wife, passed information to Lenin bypassing the orders of the doctors. Stalin angry at this, verbally attacked lenin's wife on the phone. When lenin heard this, he became very angry at stalin. Therefore the contents of the letter, need to take in light this personal anger of lenin at the time. When the writings became famous to the west, and many anti communists attacked stalin in 1925, and that the bolsheviks were hiding this "will". Trotsky responded at the time.
Eastman asserts in several places that the Central Committee has “concealed” from the party a large number of documents of extraordinary importance, written by Lenin during the last period of his life. (The documents in question are letters on the national question, the famous “Testament,” etc.) This is pure slander against the Central Committee of our party. Eastman’s words convey the impression that Lenin wrote these letters, which are of an advisory character and deal with the inner-party organization, with the intention of having them published. This is not at all in accordance with the facts.[3]
If all of these letters have not been published, it is because their author did not intend them to be published. Comrade Lenin has not left any “Testament”; the character of his relations to the party, and the character of the party itself, preclude the possibility of such a “Testament.” The bourgeois and Menshevik press generally understand under the designation of “Testament” one of Comrade Lenin’s letters (which is so much altered as to be almost unrecognizable) in which he gives the party some organizational advice. The Thirteenth Party Congress devoted the greatest attention to this and to the other letters, and drew the appropriate conclusions. All talk with regard to a concealed or mutilated “Testament” is nothing but a despicable lie, directed against the real will of Comrade Lenin and against the interests of the party created by him. [3]
Eastman’s assertions that the Central Committee confiscated my pamphlets and articles in 1923 or 1924, or at any other time or by any other means has prevented their publication, are untrue, and are based on fantastic rumors. Eastman is again wrong in asserting that Comrade Lenin offered me the post of chairman of the Council of People’s Commissars, and of the Council of Labor and Defense. I hear of this for the first time from Eastman’s book.[3]
The funny part is, that this is true! Lenin was neither a despot, nor the party his personal guard to follow "wills". Now if trotsky and his supporters ignore this, in favor of an explanation such as "trotsky was forced to write this by stalin", and if we take that what trotsky wrote is not true, and that trotsky wrote it under pressure, then this gives us a very strong info about these people. They thought lenin as a king? The party as his plaything?
Whoever agrees with the narrative pushed about the "will", he is fundamentally against the principles Lenin himself supported, which is democractic centralism. Therefore if someone is trying to paint what trotsky himself wrote, he attacks both Lenin, the viability of democratic centralism and the historical facts of stalin growing to become the leader of the party, little by little, by his own contribution as a bolshevik, as a pupil of lenin, and this was manifested to the appointments of him by the whole party in positions of power. Now, one needs to consider what the contexts around the letter is.
The context is Lenin as a sick, paralyzed man who was angry at stalin for speaking badly against his wife on the phone, and who lenin himself never spoke on the letter about any successor. He pointed that stalin was a perfect General secretary, and he would be replaced by someone who was less "rude". If we are to speak about rudeness being the issue(with rudeness even being mentioned, showing that Lenin was not in the best of conditions) for sure Lenin did not mean trotsky, who he was famous for being just that. After Lenin died, Stalin asked the CC to release him from the position of the General secretary. What happened was that all voted against it, including Trotsky.
This has a lot to show about trotsky and stalin. On stalin's own words on the issue
It is said in that "will'' Comrade Lenin suggested to the congress that in view of Stalin's "rudeness'' it should consider the question of putting another comrade in Stalin's place as General Secretary. That is quite true. Yes, comrades, I am rude to those who grossly and perfidiously wreck and split the Party. I have never concealed this and do not conceal it now .... At the very first meeting of the plenum of the Central Committee after the Thirteenth Congress I asked the plenum of the Central Committee to release me from my duties as General Secretary. The congress discussed this question. It was discussed by each delegation separately, and all the delegations unanimously, including Trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev, obliged Stalin to remain at his post .... A year later I again put in a request to the plenum to release me, but I was obliged to remain at my post.[4]
Stalin was already far more liked, trusted, and capable than any other in the party. It was obvious that in the case of Lenin would die, Stalin would become the leader. Trotsky tries to paint this as a conspiracy of stalin (conspiracy with whom? Did stalin stay in power for 30 years with the help of the Holy spirit? We will never know, according to bourgeoisie historians..One of the seven mysteries of the world) to "assassinate" Lenin, and to move to the leadership position. What trotsky and others miss, is that Stalin was already the leader in practice. He was the most capable of the post, he had all the requirements, he was already trusted in posts no one was trusted.
iii)Factionalism, and removal of Trotsky and other dividers from the party
But lets take things from the start. Trotskists and the like, accuse Stalin of banning people from the party (trotsky included) without legitimacy. The people claiming so, ignore that Lenin was the one that passed the resolution of ban of factions and removing people from the party that were supporting and seeding factionalism.
All class-conscious workers must clearly realise that factionalism of any kind is harmful and impermissible, for no matter how members of individual groups may desire to safeguard Party unity, factionalism in practice inevitably leads to the weakening of team-work and to intensified and repeated attempts by the enemies of the governing Party, who have wormed their way into it, to widen the cleavage and to use it for counter-revolutionary purposes.[5]
In order to ensure strict discipline within the Party and in all Soviet work and to secure the maximum unanimity in eliminating all factionalism, the Congress authorises the Central Committee, in cases of breach of discipline or of a revival or toleration of factionalism, to apply all Party penalties, including expulsion, and in regard to members of the Central Committee, reduction to the status of alternate members and, as an extreme measure, expulsion from the Party. [5]
There are of course, people who claim that Lenin intended the ban of factions to be temporary; But there are no any evidence to suggest this. Clearly, it can be shown that Lenin meant for the ban of factions to be in place as long as enemies were there. And through the USSR's history, especially the period of 1917-1950(which also covers this topic), where it was perhaps the most "threatening" (at least in appearance) time for USSR, with famines, attempted counterevolutions, and invasion, it is ludicrus to claim that the removal of Trotsky and other party members on the basis of factionalism and fragmentation of the party was not legitimate. It was basically in line with Lenin himself. Therefore, any attack against Stalin in this topic, is also an endorsement of attacks made by the mensheviks, syndicalists, and the like against Lenin on the very same issue.
The supposed "Leninists" such as trotsky ignore this because it suits them.
McNeal: Stalin, Man and Ruler
Lenin at the Eleventh Congress Of The R.C.P.(B.) March 27-April 2, 1922
Leon Trotsky: Letter on Eastman's Book (1925)
Stalin:The Trotskyist Opposition Before and Now
Lenin at the Tenth Congress of the R.C.P.(B.)
The holodomor was a man made famine, we are always told. But in reality it much more complex than that.
The thing that triggered the famine was not that Stalin took the grain from the Ukrainian land owners, in fact it was the opposite.
Stalin tried to initiate collectivization but the rich landowners, kulaks, deliberately burned their stockpiled grain and killed their animals so the Soviets wouldn't take them.
When the crops failed, the kulaks didn't have any food left since they burned the food that was supposed to keep them going.
The famine has been used by western historians, especially before 1991 (so people who didn't have access to the Soviet archives) to claim that Stalin magically killed millions of people. One finds estimates anywhere between 2 million to a staggering 10 or 20 million deaths.
The Holodomor is nazi propaganda and not an actual genocide.
3) Gulags
Reddit has a cap on how many words can be written and we reached it. Here is the part on the gulags https://www.reddit.com/useJmlsky/comments/eb16go/ussr_and_the_gulag/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
Credit to comrade u/jmlsky
Few people of the left know about the 1936 Soviet constitution. It was called the "Stalin" constitution by the west. In this constitution, one does not need to look too much. This is the most proggresive constitution of its time, and even today it eclipses the today's western "democracies". We will examine some of the most crucial parts that may interest the reader, namely the economy and the elections. First, the part about economy. In the constitution, it is stated that there are only two types of property. The socialist property, (i.e, the state property, which is simply the proletariat class organized) and the cooperative property. The capitalist mode of production of NEP was disappeared. We are left only with these two modes, to which, no exploitation of man by man is made. The USSR was the only country to achieve this first.
ARTICLE 4. The socialist system of economy and the socialist ownership of the means and instruments of production, firmly established as a result of the abolition of the capitalist system of economy, the abrogation of private ownership of the means and instruments of production and the abolition of the exploitation of man by man, constitute the economic foundation of the U.S.S.R.
ARTICLE 5. Socialist property in the U.S.S.R. exists either in the form of state property (the possession of the whole people), or in the form of cooperative and collective-farm property (property of a collective farm or property of a cooperative association).
In addition to these, there exists also petty bourgeoisie property, where self employed people own their means of production, but they cannot employ other people.
ARTICLE 9. Alongside the socialist system of economy, which is the predominant form of economy in the U.S.S.R., the law permits the small private economy of individual peasants and handicraftsmen based on their personal labour and precluding the exploitation of the labour of others.
Also, it is cleared that USSR is a socialist country, yet to reach communism where the principle of "to each according to his ability, to each according to his need" does not apply.
ARTICLE 12. In the U.S.S.R. work is a duty and a matter of honour for every able-bodied citizen, in accordance with the principle: "He who does not work, neither shall he eat." The principle applied in the U.S.S.R. is that of socialism : "From each according to his ability, to each according to his work."
Second Part, Electoral system It is highlighted, that all organs of government are elected by the people, in a secret ballot each election.
ARTICLE 134. Members of all Soviets of Working People's Deputies - of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R., the Supreme Soviets of the Union Republics, the Soviets of Working People's Deputies of the Territories and Regions, the Supreme Soviets of the Autonomous Republics, the Soviets of Working People’s Deputies of Autonomous Regions, area, district, city and rural (stanitsa, village, hamlet, kishlak, aul) Soviets of Working People's Deputies - are chosen by the electors on the basis of universal, direct and equal suffrage by secret ballot.
In all, the soviet constitution of 1936, was, and still is a role model to the socialists of the world. The sheer attacks made against it to disprove it or slander it, is a proof of the fear the bourgeoisie have on this constitution. Their fear that this constitution will one day become the constitution of their own countries
Some people claim that the great purge was completely unnecessary, but in fact it was the opposite. Without it the USSR would be weak with traitors and opportunists in its ranks. Here are some of the most notable counter revolutionaries in the USSR.
First four traitors, Zinoviev, Trotsky his son Sedon and Kamenev. They formed an illegal underground bloc to try to sabotage the USSR. Trotsky was exiled to Mexico but the others remained and tried to sabotage the USSR from within.
After the trials of his Comrades, Trotsky famously denied the existence of the underground bloc, claiming instead that it was a fabrication of Stalin. But evidence, including the following letter, suggests otherwise.
Letter from Sedov to Trotsky
The (…)[1] is organised it includes the Zinovievists, the Sten–Lominadze Group and the Trotskyists (former ”…”)[2]. The Safar–Tarkhan Group have not yet formally entered they have too extreme a position; they will enter very soon. The declaration of Z. and K.[3]on the very grave mistake which they made in 1927* was made at the time of the negotiations with our people about the bloc, just before Z. and K. were deported.
The collapse of the I.N. (…) [4] Group, Preobrazh.[5] and Uf. 6 was provoked by a sick, partly insane man. They arrested him by chance and he began to talk. They have certainly found no document in the homes of I.N. or the others that could be “Trotskyist literature”. Some days before I.N. was arrested, he told our informant: “X. has betrayed and I am expecting to be arrested from one day to the next.
1 The missing word has been cut out with scissors. It seems to be the word “bloc”
2 The missing word has been carefully erased. It seems to be “capitulators”.
3 Z and K are obviously Zinoviev and Kamenev. *Capitulated to the Party majority instead of siding with Trotsky
4 The missing word has been carefully erased. It seems to be “Smirnov”
5 Preobrazhensky
6 Ufimtsev
An other traitor, Yagoda, the head of the OGPU and the killer of Kirov, the best friend of Stalin and a very influential politician.
In 1934, before the murder of Kirov, the terrorist Leonid Nikolayev was picked up by OGPU agents in Leningrad. In his possession they found a gun. and a chart showing the route which Kirov traveled daily. When Yagoda was notified of Nikolayev's arrest, he instructed Zaporozhetz, assistant chief of the Leningrad OGPU, to release the terrorist without further examination. Zaporozhetz was one of Yagoda's men. He did what he was told.A few weeks later, Nikolayev murdered Kirov.
What did he hope to accomplish ?
Yagoda had his own ideas about the kind of government whichwould be set up after Stalin was overthrown. It would be modeled on that of Nazi Germany, he told Bulanov. Yagoda himself would be the Leader; Rykov would replace Stalin as secretary of a reorganized Party; Tomsky would be chief of the trade-unions, which would come under strict military control like the Nazi labor battalions; the "philosopher" Bukharin, as Yagoda put it, would be "Dr. Goebbels."
Now let's talk about Bukharin, Rykov, Tomsky and Tukhachevsky. They were planning to coup Stalin when the war with Nazi Germany started.
Also they promised Hitler everything Germany had in 1917 if they recognized their coup
How does Tukhachevsky visualize the mechanism of the coup?"
"That's the business of the military organization," Tomsky replied. He added that the moment the Nazis attacked Soviet Russia, the Military Group planned to "open the front to the Germans" - that is, to surrender to the German High Command. This plan had been worked out in detail and agreed upon by Tukhachevsky, Putna, Gamarnik and the Germans.
"In that case," said Bukharin thoughtfully, "we might be able to get rid of the Bonapartist danger that alarms me."
Tomsky did not understand. Bukharin went on to explain: Tukhachevsky would try to set up a military dictatorship; he might even try to get popular support by making scapegoats of the political leaders of the conspiracy. But, once in power, the politicians could turn the tables on the Military Group. Bukharin told Tomsky: "It might be necessary to try those guilty of the `defeat' at the front. This will enable us to win over the masses by playing on patriotic slogans..."
Here is also a pro Germany quote from Tukhachevsky
"You are wrong to tie the fate of your country to countries which are old and finished, such as France and Britain. We ought to turn towards new (nazi) Germany... Germany will assume the leading position on the continent of Europe"
Now finally let's talk about Yeznov.
He tried to sabotage the USSR by falsely accusing innocent party members of betraying the revolution and then kicking them out of the party.
From his trial
"All of this was done in order to cause in order to cause widespread dissatisfaction in the population with the leadership of the party and the Soviet government and in that way to create the most favorable base for carrying out our conspiratorial plans."
He and his fellow conspirators kicked more than 200 thousand people, about 60% of which were innocent and reinstated when everything was discovered by Stalin.
A quote from one of them
We endeavored to expel as many people as possible from the party as possible. We expelled people when there were no grounds for expulsion. We had one aim in view - to increase the number the number of embittered people and thus increase the number of our allies"
Speaking about Stalin, he was always opposed to the number of people kicked out from the party. He criticized Yeznov a lot on the issue.
Here is a dialogue between them from a Central Committee Plenum (June 1936)
Yeznov : "Comrades, as a result of the verification of party documents, we have expelled more than 200 thousand party members"
Stalin : "[Interrupting] Very many"
Yeznov : "Yes very many. I will speak about this...."
Stalin : "[Interrupting again] If we expelled 30 thousand, and 600 former Trotskyists and Zinovievists it would be a bigger victory"
An other quote from Stalin about Yeznov after this had all this had ended .
"Yeznov is a rat,in 1938 he killed many innocent people. We shot him for that."
What you might say is that the trials were somehow staged by Beria and the NKVD but that is simply not true, even the American ambassador to the USSR, Joseph E. Davies, who was present at the trials of these criminals said they were not staged.
"With an interpreter at my side, I followed the testimony carefully. Naturally I must confess that I was predisposed to the credibility of the testimony of these defendants... Viewed objectively however and based upon my experience in the trial of cases and the application of the tests of credibility which past experience had afforded me, I arrived at the reluctant conclusion that the state had established it's case, at least to the extent of proving the existence of a widespread conspiracy and plot among the political leaders against the Soviet government,"
Without a purge the USSR would have been weak and unable to fight the fascists. Stalin wasn't a lunatic or a power hungry politician that purged his opponents, he protected the USSR from revisionists and traitors.
6)WW2 myths and misconceptions
“Stalin was a bad military general and a coward”
Stalin never left his cabinet at the start of the war as many people would like you to believe by saying he was “shocked, paralised and did nothing”. Stalin stayed put, this is seen by the people he had meetings with at the start of the war. On the 22nd of June he had meetings 29 times starting from 5:45 am.
Molotov NPO, deputy. Prev SNK 5.45-12.05
Beria NKVD 5.45-9.20
Tymoshenko NPO 5.45-8.30
Mehlis Nach. GlavPUR KA 5.45-8.30 5. Zhukov NGS KA 5.45-8.30
Malenkov Sec. Central Committee of the CPSU (B.) 7.30-9.20
Mikoyan deputy. Prev SNK 7.55–9.30
Kaganovich NKPS 8.00—9.35
Voroshilov deputy.
Vyshinsky sotr. MFA 7.30-10.40
Kuznetsov 8.15-8.30
Dimitrov Comintern 8.40-10.40
Manuilsky 8.40-10.40
Kuznetsov 9.40-10.20
Mikoyan 9.50-10.30
Molotov 12.25-16.45
Voroshilov 10.40-12.05
Beria 11.30-12.00
Malenkov 11.30-12.00
Voroshilov 12.30-16.45
Mikoyan 12.30-14.30
VYSHINSKY 13.05-15.25
Shaposhnikov deputy.
Tymoshenko 14.00-16.00
Zhukov 14.00-16.00
Vatutin 14.00-16.00
Kuznetsov 15.20-15.45
Kulik deputy. NCO 15.30-16.00
Beria 16.25-16.45
This is what Vasilevsky had to say about Stalin in his memoirs - “In my deep conviction, Stalin, with the second half of World War II, is the most powerful and colorful figure in the strategic command. He successfully carried out the organisation of fronts, all the military efforts of the country”. During the battle of Moscow, Stalin stated that he would stay in the city when the Wehrmacht was closing in. He had a parade organised for the 24th anniversary of the October Revolution after which troops left off to the frontline which were the outskirts of Moscow. Furthermore, most vital plans had Stalin coordinating them such as the operations to crush the German 6th army at Stalingrad and the German pincer at Kursk. Stalin's name was even assigned to 10 blows to the Germans as “Stalin's ten blows”. Thus, we can conclude that Stalin never turned his back on the Soviet people and did not break as Capitalist leaders did.
“The Soviets won only because of Order 227” - Order 227 was issued by Stalin only after the Red Army kept retreating deeper and deeper into the East of the country. As Stalin states, the Red Army left behind “70 million” Soviets for the Germans to torment, rape and pillage. It was only a countermeasure and was issued towards the commanders and soldiers of the Red Army. Furthermore, the Germans also punished those who deserted their position without an order from the high command of the Wehrmacht. Could we also assume that the Germans conquered all their territory out of fear? Moving on, there were only 200 men behind the frontlines, they would not be able to stop entire divisions even if they wanted to. In reality, most troops were told to return to the frontline or arrested and sent to a military tribunal, only in rare cases were they shot, while many Wetsern movies such as Enemy at the gates depict mass friendly fire instances which were never recorded. Lastly, order 227 was abolished by Stalin on the 29th of October 1944, which shows us that the Soviets did not win the only because of 227. The Red army lost more troops compared to the Axis powers
“The Soviets only won because of numbers, they charged machine gun nests”(cough cough, you mean Omaha beach?). In reality, the Red Army lost around 10 million troops, while the Axis troops combined lost 9.5 million troops(dead + captured). However, 3.5 of the 10 million Soviets died in captivity. While only 500,000 Axis died in captivity. Furthermore, if you look at the frontline in 1941, the Axis troops outnumber the Soviets 2:1, does that also mean the Germans were winning initially just because of their supporierty in numbers? If not, why does the same not apply to the Red Army?
The Soviet winter defeated the Nazi’s - It may be true that the Soviet winter was cold, however one cannot state that the Soviets were not affected by the cold as much as the Germans. Furthermore, it was the Soviets that were always in the offensive during the winter. Primary examples could be seen during the winter of 1941 and 1942, where the Soviets first launched a counter offensive around Moscow and then launched Operation Uranus around Stalingrad, beating back the Nazi’s in both cases. Some may suggest that the winter actually benefited the Wehrmacht as roads would solidify for the Mechanized units to push further along after the long muddy season. Thus, we can conclude that the winter was not the main reason for Nazi defeat, as saying so removes credit from the heroic actions of Soviet men and women.
Sources: http://pgsca.org/files/Polish_Deportations_and_Exiles/Ukrainians_Killed_Under_Nazi_Rule/World%20War%20II%20casualties%20of%20the%20Soviet%20Union.pdf - numbers https://ru.wikisource.org/wiki/Приказ_НКО_СССР_ - Order 227 original https://ru.m.wikisource.org/wiki/Журнал_посещений_Сталина/1941 - Cabinet Journal for 1941 Дело всей жизни - Александр Василевский
Stalin’s greatest achievements:
Economy Created a superpower from a backward agricultural country in just 20 years, we have a saying - “Stalin accepted Russia with a plow, and left with an atomic bomb”. 20 years is a very small amount of time and yet Stalin and the Soviet people which were powered by the Socilalist economy were able to do this for the first time in history. This is humanity's greatest achievement.
From 1926 - 1953 the Soviet Population increased by around 60 million people, ie 146,6 million up to 208,8 even though they went through 3 wars. From 1926 - 1953 the Average humans age increased from 44 to 63, while the death rate fell from 29.1(1913) to 10.1(1950) per 1000 people which shows the great emphasis on medical care the USSR had.
Full industrialization of the country, around 6000 small to large scale factories were built under Stalin’s five year plans. This means that there were 1.5 factories being built per day, most of these factories still run up to this day. In 1920, the National Per capita Income was 120 dollars by 1980’s standards, while in 1950 it was already 1100 dollars by 1980’s dollar value. In 1920 the share of world industrial products was 0.6%, while by 1950 it was 7%. The USSR had eliminated homelessness and joblessness for the first time in history of mankind. The number of scientists in 1950 increased 1.5 times compared to 1940 even though the Soviets went though the bloodiest war the human race has ever seen.
The number of scientific institutions in 1950 increased by 40% compared with 1940. The number of university students in 1950 increased by 50% compared with 1940. There were over 4,000 newly created sovkhozes in the country by 1940 alone, this number kept rising in the 50’s. 531 thousand tractors, 182 thousand grain combines and 228 thousand trucks were built and worked in the fields by 1940. Gross agricultural production in 1940 increased by 1.14 times compared with 1913, including grain - 1.1 times, raw cotton - 4 times, sugar beet - 1.7 times, sunflower - 2.4 times, potatoes - 1.6 times, vegetables - 2 times.(Keep in mind that the Russian empire was a highly agricultural society already). 70,000 Soviet cities, towns and villages were destroyed by the Axis. Destroyed in that process were 6 million houses, 98,000 farms, 32,000 factories, 82,000 schools, 43,000 libraries, 6,000 hospitals and thousands of kilometers of roads and railway tracks, most if not all of which were rebuilt after the war by Stalin without the help of the Marshall plan, which Capitalist Western Europe could not do. (The British empire crumbled with the help of the US and the war did not affect them as much either).He was in charge of one of the first Socialist Nations in the world. Gave equal rights to all ethic groups and races. Gave equal rights to both genders. Eliminated homelessness and joblessness.
Gave the Soviet people, free housing, free medicine, free education. Foreign Achievements Was the first to condemn Nazi Germany and tried to make an alliance with France and Britain to combat them. Offered to send troops to Czechoslovakia when the Western Capitalists sold them out to the Nazi’s.
Beat back the combined forces of Capitalist Europe with Nazi Germany at the forefront in a long 4 year war saving the peoples of Eastern Europe and the world, while showing the might of a planned socialist economy. Spread Socialism to Eastern Europe and held the imperialists at bay by not accepting the dollar, thus saving the people of East of exploitation and dependency towards a more powerful capitalist state. Helped the Chinese Communists defeat the imperialist supported Chinese Nationalists. Helped the Koreans fight off American imperialism and beat them back to the 38th parallel.
9) The Legacy of Stalin
As we have clearly have shown you, Stalin was a great leader for his time, he was also one of the most important Marxists ever. He turned a feudal country to a world superpower in just 20 years and he continued Lenin's legacy that destroyed the Nazi invaders both in the East and the West. Many people, mostly bourgeois historians or revisionists lie about him for personal gain. Do not fall for their propaganda comrades!
More posts debunking Stalin and the USSR: https://www.reddit.com/communism/comments/dps2rc/stalin_and_the_myth_of_innocent_people_being_shot/
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All the history and lore about villagers, illagers, witch, traders,

in the villager religion are creepers holy or may have creeper god because on the back of the Cleric villagers there is a creeper face and in the desert pyramid you can find a creeper face on the chiseled sand stone. and because of this desert pyramids may be villager in origin and creepers are holy. And what i am about to tell you is probably my worst theory so take it with gran of salt because this may sound stupid and you may have a better guess but maybe some time ago villagers had a culture like the Egyptian empire and the villager had a ritual that involved taking the soul of they rulers or pharaohs and putting it in to some peat moss and then you have the first creeper aw man and this could also mean that villages originate in desert but also the priest work block is a brewing stand and non of the Cleric trades have noting to do with brewing which seems suspicious are all Cleric witch's but think not because any villager can become a Cleric if what i said is them are all villagers witches but no witches because Zombies wont attack witch i can explain later but what about the brewing stand you may ask my guess is that the cleric use the potions with more responsibility and what i mean by is only making a few potion. and some of them may know magic.
Witches are Villagers or clerics who wanted more freedom in making of potion or they are just villagers that got struck by lightning and got mad and are looking for a cure. then the clerics get kick out of there Village and ran away to work for the Illagers so they could learn more magic and eventually becoming evokers them selves. but why do zombies not attack Witches maybe they there brain just does not taste good any more or because there may be a potion of zombie repellent that make they brain taste bad so that the witch and illagers can wander at night but where did they got does potion from. there is no nether portal in any Structure so no way of getting nether wart. but there is a Another way for Witches or wandering Traders traded with Endermen just think Endermen can go to a dimension with out a using a portal and Endermen were once human perhaps Endermen have a little bit of sentience but what could they give would because i don't know Endermen want. and the not all witch are evil because i believe that the igloo is witch in origin because the igloo was a place were a witches discovered how to cure villager zombies.
Wandering trader or just trader this is interesting i thought they were just villager who went out to trade with other to villages. but a friend of mine said that the wandering traders come from the far land idk if this is truth i have not found anything but tell me if you found some thing did but if so then this add a big mystery like is there a far lands where is it but if there is it is most likely to be beyond the world border how in 1.14 you cant go beyond the world border in minecraft. the trader can a lot things from him mostly from other Biome one item in particular coral the only way of getting is by going underwater in a heat ocean and it would require potion of water breathing to get the coral but at night the trader will drink a potion of Invisibility but where did he get these potion it from he most likely buyed it off a witch or cleric. other thing to point out about the trader is that his Llamas.but how did The trader managed to train his llamas to defend him agents mobs so perhaps trader llamas are a different bread of llama or far away there is a beast master villager that sells llamas that can defend them self and there owner.
At some point illagers were once villagers when the builder left villages had to defend them selves some villages used iron Golem but others had villagers that took arms to fight the zombies at night but i think is violent what originally made illagers. why i don't know but the illagers went off in to the dark oak forest were they build or found a wood land mansion where they learned magic soon after and plot they revenge. now i said found there but could that be true if they did not build then who did it could have been the builders but no there are at lest one illager faces but the illagers could have put them there but illager builds have a style where birch floor dark oak wall and Cobblestone at the side which mean that the builder did not build them. now i have bean looking thought the mansion room but one room in particular and this is the very suspicious fake end portal now this is a secret room which mean there is no entrance you will have to break in but why would the illagers want to hide this and also there is TNT next to a trap chest as if if someone got in they could destroy stop him from finding out what it was but why do they have an end portal in the first place unless the illager want to go to the end but how do they know of the end and why do they want to go there maybe the endermen told them because we now that endermen can some what speak and may have told them that a few thousand year ago they left the over world with all there treasure to the end and with that we can know why the illagers want to go to the end they want that loot that could help them in there quest for revenge or possibles to get something that does not exist in minecraft in 1.14 so the illagers started work on an end portal tying to find out how the builder did it. but right now they don't need the diamond gear to take raid villages so the illagers started building pillager outpost where they could organize raids on villages and took some of the villagers as slaves as we see in the minecraft dungeon trailer and the villagers slaves may help build some of the outposts and fought each other gladiatorial battle in the rings in side the mansion for entertainment and to increase there numbers and they also started sending patrol to hunt down you Steve/Alex because you are really the only one that can stand agents them.
in the mansion there are these wool statue of animals these are not what you would think. to find out what these things are we must look at the ravager is a killing machine he like a cow and a villager came into one but is that true what if the evokers made this with some messed up ritual that turns two mobs in to one but are those animals statue well the statue are magic ritual gone Wrong because the villager and cow is the only one that works.
but what is illager magic well now in 1.14 you cant use magic but i may have a clue to what it is you may be have not know this but evoker have a third spell so basically if you have a sheep dyed blue and an evoker the evoker will make some age of empire priest noise and the and the sheep is red why i think it is because of the blue dye made of Lapis what is lapis also used for enchanting and what is enchanting.so basically what happened is basically the evoker was taking the the lapis from sheep's wool to give him more mana and why the sheep turns red maybe the process is not that is not that healthy and the sheep bleeds a little. so basically illager magic is enchanting without a table like with the earth fangs he is just enchanting the ground to make spikes come out of it and with the vex well they are just ghosts well you may be thinking ghosts do not exist in minecraft well what if i told you that ambiences are ghosts i am working on other theory about that but any ways vex are enchanted ghost so be some what real.
but where are the Illusioner what are there purpose in minecraft well look what we do know illusioners are one of the few magic using mobs in minecraft in the illusoner magic spells he will give his opponent blinding and then he will clone him self and take out his bow he is basically if mysterio and hawkeye came in to one but where ever he is this does confirm that evokers are not the only magic users.
now i put all of these villager Profession in one paragraph because they all have one thing in common and that is they all sell weapons and armor but why maybe they want to help you Steve in fighting the illagers or some villages could be working with the illagers and selling them weapons or my favorite theory is that the clerics are working on a potion that can make villagers fight with out them turning in to illagers so they can fight back.
now one more thing we already now there was a human civilization but i found bit of evidence that no one has touched on that is the animals because before when there were no real life civilizations farm animals did not exist till humans started agriculture but if the humans went extinct then all the wander the world as we see in minecraft but thanks for reading my post pls up vote and share.
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