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Keep repeating this trick to earn as much cash as you need. This co-operative action horror FPS takes you and your friends through the cities, swamps and cemeteries of the Deep South, from Savannah to New Orleans across five expansive Set in the zombie apocalypse, Left 4 Dead 2 (L4D2) is the highly anticipated sequel to the. Left 4 dead 1 exe cracked. More like Left 4 Being Alive And Playing With My Friends 2! Left 4 dead 2 WORKING keygen, crack, free, game, . Left 4 Dead 2 cracked download is a horror game like Arcade and The walking dead survival instinct In this game you will enjoy the action at. If a better version of the demo is released that can be used without patching Steam I will update my post with it.

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2K 165hz monitor stuck at 120hz after CS: GO is launched

Monitor: Lenovo Legion Y27q-20
Tested Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 2K 165hz, works just like it should and desktop refresh rate stays unaffected. Launched Left 4 Dead 2, changed to 2K in-game, no issues.
But if I launch CS: GO, Nvidia control panel won't let me change refresh rate to higher frequencies and stays stuck at 120hz. If I restart my PC it works like it should again. I even tried going to 60hz to see what happens, launched CS: GO, and desktop refresh rate was forced to 120. Quit CS and relaunched, CS was now 120hz too. Even if I launch CS with the custom launch option "-refresh 165", yes CS launches at 165hz, but desktop is still forced to 120hz and I can't change anything.
It's now better than before though. Before I deleted my CS config files it would stay stuck at 1080p 60hz untill reboot.
Updates: can't change the refresh rate or resolution from Windows either, neither Lenovo Artery (which is Lenovo's own program)
Firmware LG1.1
Using Displayport mode 1.4
Plugged back in my secondary monitor, Nvidia control panel let me change res and refresh rate. Reinstalled CS: GO, it launched at 165hz by default but the issue is still there, stuck at 120hz on desktop.

Update: I think I just accidentally fixed it. Went to csgo.exe properties and ticked the box "Disable full screen optimizations" I think it's fine now.
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Rankings, hot takes, and desires from a new fan of the series who recently just finished Total Madness and is all caught up.

So I’ve been doing a series of posts, as a Big BrotheSurvivor fan and new viewer of the series, putting together a ton of thoughts on every season from Fresh Meat on and I just recently caught up with Total Madness. To basically put a cap on things I wanted to do a bunch of general lists or rankings. Some are dumb, some are just random opinions I’ve kept track of through the series. I basically wanted to throw out all my hot takes and rankings now that I was caught up on the seasons and see how they’re viewed in general. Sorry they’re probably super long and some are overly explained, but I’ll try to format to make it easier to view at a glance.
Favorite Seasons:
  • Fresh Meat 2 (I’m surprised to be putting this above some seasons, but when I think about this season it had what I wanted most in the era of The Challenge, which is a game going back and forth. The Wes vs Kenny political game, the chaotic good Landon in the middle. I don’t think this season has one of the strongest casts. It has Cara and Laurel and the start of their story, the continually screwed Brandon, and then a bunch of dead weight in the works for Kenny and Wes to use in their back and forth. This season just had the right amount of story and strategy, with a crazy unexpected ending that just makes it one of my favorite seasons to even think about.
  • Duel 2 (I think this gets the nod here over Duel 1 in large parts due to it coming after The Island which was just so bad that this felt amazing in contrast. That, and the fact that the Duel one elimination rounds were a lot of times pretty anti-climactic and the whole “do it” challenge maybe being the worst elimination game of all time. The longer episodes, the start of seeing a lot more strategy and game talk and a great cast all around made this a great season.
  • Rivals 1 (CT is probably my favorite character in all of The Challenge and this season is basically CT: The season. He stopped being the crazy hot head for a season and became hilarious and sweet. Past that this season was pretty great, cast wise, competition wise and in the competition level. If it came down to it, this may be my overall favorite season.)
  • WotW 1 (This is another season that may benefit greatly on its coming after a terrible season, but outside of that the rookie class was great, it seems to steer the show in a new direction. It was all around just one of the best seasons in a long span and I have a hard time finding many faults in it.)
  • Gauntlet 3 ( Just going off my limited knowledge of the fanbase, this may be a controversial pick? There is zero competitiveness in these teams, it has an upset of an ending, the rookie cast may be absolutely horrible besides a few spots, but what this season had in spades was story and drama. The guys throwing competitions, sometimes hilariously, the people constantly fighting and arguing, the rookies continuing to get demolished and seeing how tired they are of losing. I LOVE the ending. I just find this season fun. The Vets team is completely stacked, has nothing but character after character. I think this season may have the most amount of drama and story packed in to the season and oddly I love it because of it.)
Worst Seasons:
  • The Island (Completely broken season strategy-wise, everyone acts horrible, the challenges aren’t really the same and aren’t really good, the whole survivor angle was completely dumb. There’s just so much to hate about this season.)
  • Battle of the Seasons (Was there anyone likeable this entire season? The winners and then the handling of the reunion just made it so much worse. Fuck this season entirely.)
  • Final Reckoning (What the fuck is this season?! Why was it so long? Why was there so many returning people from redemption? Literally CT being hilarious early on and Smashley taking the money are the only highlights of this season)
  • Rivals 3 (Zero competition, a format solely laid out and likely cast for the end moment. I hate Johnny, I hate this season.)
  • Battle of the Exes 2 (Horrible rookies, horrible twist implementation and timing, the vileness near the end, just so much of this season was a bummer)
Best Formats:
  • Free Agents/Dirty 30 : I think the best amalgamation of these two seasons would render the best format. I like the constant varying of daily team/individual makeup. I like it to be captaint/schoolyard pick. I like the fix of the double cross from Dirty 30 over the randomness of the cards in Free Agents. I honestly think this is the most pure and should basically be the base format for the show.)
  • The Duel: I don’t think this is really any surprise. I like the ‘left out’ aspect of the schoolyard pick, and I like being able to call people down. I desperately want another Duel season, especially with so much talk of late of people not going down in elim when they talk so much crap about wanting to take someone out. Tell me a duel season isn’t ripe for a lot of the people lately like Bear, Paulie, Wes, Jordan. Now is the time we need another Duel more than anything!
  • Cutthroat: I just like the whole multi team structure with basically an individual game being played on each team. I think changes just needed to be done to how the teams were made and how drafting was handled.
  • Battle of the Seasons: Hear me out, give us another Battle of the Seasons, but instead of seasons of the real world, make the teams comprised of shows the people came from. A big brother team, a Fresh Meat or Challenge team for no previous show, an old school team, a survivor team, Ex on the beach or whatever the uk show teams are. Also make the eliminations individuals instead of pairs.
  • The Island : Hear me out! The season is absolutely terrible, there is no arguing that. This format has potential though. Get rid of the survivor elements. Rethink the whole key/boat element that never really mattered or made much sense. But the idea was basically preliminary Red Skulls, but without dailies and eliminations. I feel like there is an amalgamation of these concepts that could be a potentially interesting season. Even if you bring in something like the safety from WotW or something. I think the season just had a terrible time with the cast, the numbers involved, and the survivor elements. The format itself has some kind of potential.
Favorite Dailies:
  • Mini finals: Not a specific one, but I love just getting mini finals once or twice in a season. They should have at least one every season.
  • Up all night: This is maybe my only real favorite of non-physical challenges. The one in Rivals 3 where they had to stay up all night and pay attention to everything. I think the issue with this is it’s hard to do repeatedly because people will expect it. This is just an all around great idea for an insurance comp.
  • The Riot shield one from Cutthroat: Bring this out on any season where tempers are high. This is just an amazing challenge.
  • Dug Out from Rivals 2. The intersecting lines for the balls. I really just want to see these people try to kill each other.
Favorite Elimination rounds:
  • Laurel and Ninja from WotW2 has to be on here. The wtf/confusion of it, the tempers involved, the ego and showing off. The all around just drama of it was too amazing. Most fun I’ve had watching an elimination through my entire watch and I say that as someone who absolutely loves Laurel as a character.
  • Derrick and Wes from The Duel. Just the sheer fact that neither of these guys were letting up and both fought to exhaustion. The ruthlessness of it, the fact that both were insane in eliminations and challenges at the time. This was just a hallmark battle.
  • CT coming in as a merc for Cutthroat and absolutely embarrassing Bananas. For the sheer hilarity of it. Maybe one of my favorite moments in all of The challenge.
  • Home Wrecker from Bloodlines. Arguably the best thing to happen in all of Bloodlines. The irony and hilarity of all of it. The concept. This was just great through and through and doesn’t even matter that it wasn’t anywhere close to being competitive. It was just hilarious and perfect.
  • The knot elim from Invasions. I love when people in a reality show basically break a competition or challenge and this was a perfect example of it. CT was genius and just straight up broke this challenge. This was just great to see.
Favorite Characters:
  • Laurel - She’s insane. She’s mean. She has a huge ego. But she’s amazing to watch as a character and she’s freakishly good at a lot of things.
  • CT - Has there been a more crazy story in all of reality tv? The ups and downs, the turn around in character. The slow build up of the comedy to him. He’s just amazing, and I hope he keeps coming back. Just wish he’d get back in shape a little. Just a little.
  • Landon - I’ve only seen him on maybe 2 seasons, but he was pure chaotic good. He was basically a thorn in the side of the JEK alliance at the time where they were steering the game in a more strategic direction. He wanted the game to be more challenge and performance based and would randomly shift stances on things and it often made the season better. All around great at the challenges and great for the make up of the cast.
  • Wes - I don’t really like Wes. I don’t even really like his ‘character’ but I think his character is great for the show. His ego and steroid infused drive against the house in Fresh Meat, his realization of wanting to break the JEK control of The Ruins, his constant coming in to screw up the game for Bananas, and then his eventual team up with Bananas. In every way he’s just entertaining on the show. He’s not really likeable, he’s not particularly good all that often as of late, but he definitely makes the season better if he’s on it.
  • Paula - This may be my craziest pick, but I honestly think Paula is underrated. She was far and above better than most of the other women in most of her seasons until her last season or two. I think she was a pivotal piece in Bananas success in the era of his success. And she benefits greatly from two seasons with arguably two of the strongest females in the game at the time. She was also just crazy enough to cause drama and chaos in seasons like Duel 2 and she was also just kind of a mess a lot of the times. I just thought she was good tv and underrated in her performance. In a time when most women were seen as dead weight she was usually a standout.
Why did they get cast?:
This took some work, because I had to go back through notes and seasons cast and it’s usually hard to remember just how much you forgot or blocked out a thought of someone.
  • Rihanna (Aneesa’s cousin, that she apparently didn’t even know?)
  • Shauvon (The girl who popped her boob, and then somehow still came back again. Infamous team captain in Cutthroat) If ever there was a casting that was solely going for a demographic. Wow.
  • All of the rookies in Battle of the Exes 2. This was straight up the saddest and worst group of rookies ever. Every elimination was met with complete and utter apathy like the people didn’t even want to be there. Half of that season the eliminations were just completely dead or the people yelling at them to try. Just horrible.
  • Anyone from Are you the One in general, except maybe Tori, Devin, Kam and Amanda. I had to look up how many people were from the show and I’m shocked at how many there are and how low the hit rate off the casting is. (Purposely left off Nelson, fuck Nelson)
  • Another standout from Bloodlines would be Cara and Cellyanne’s partners. I don’t know how many times during those seasons I had literally no clue who they were and then suddenly they’d have a story relevant moment and I’d be completely lost on who they even were. Cara’s partner ended up coming back and having some drama, but other than that these two on Bloodlines were probably the most forgettable people from a season of a lot of forgettable people.
Old school players I want back, at least one more time:
  • Derrick - Why did we get him on Dirty 30, have him brought in randomly at a reunion after that, but then haven’t seen him back again. I thought for sure he was going to be coming back again.
  • Coral - If we’re bringing back people like Aneesa or Victoria, can we please bring back Coral for a round or two?
  • Paula - in the same vain, if Aneesa can come on the show in the shape she was in on Total Madness, I don’t care what shape Paula would be in at this point I’d like to see her back.
  • MJ - I feel like the only time I ever saw this dude he was coming in as an alternate when someone got kicked out or quit.
  • Tyler - What happened to Tyler after the Bananas/Tyler win? He seemed to put on muscle and weight and seemed to really come around in the competition front. I was honestly just shocked not to see more of him.
People I need more of(Laurel is an unstated obvious one. I assume she’s asked every season but has some kind of conflict. If she isn’t, then what the hell mtv?!):
  • Emily - She was so damn dominant, but it seems like her tenure was so short. I’d love to see her back with the more physical cast we’ve been seeing.
  • Turbo - It has to just be a timing thing right? He has to be coming back.
  • Sylvia - Seriously may be the most underrated female competitor that I’ve seen. Even I underestimated her. Her and Joss all but looked like they won Final Reckoning. She killed it in multiple eliminations and she seemed pretty good for drama and social game. Why hasn’t she been back?!
  • Nehemiah - Can we get a Nehemiah return? I feel like this dude caught a raw deal of being on the outs of an era of the challenge that was heavily controlled by a clique or group. He was constantly shit on, even kind of bullied, and never went out of his mind on people or go crazy. He just accepted it and competed and I had crazy respect for him. He may not honestly be all that great at competitions, but I think he had a crap situation.
  • Jasmine/Jonna - These two were historical and honestly surprising when it came to challenges. They were feisty and they didn’t seem to give up. They seemed to have a crazy run of like 5 or 6 seasons in a row and then Zach seemed to ruin Jonna on the experience as a whole. I honestly could have taken more of them. They seemed completely crazy together but chaos and good for tv.
People I’m tired of:
  • The older woman spot: These three aren’t really comparable or completely the same, but lumping them in together because I feel like it could be a rotating casting seet. I don’t want anymore of Victoria or Aneesa. I don’t want anymore Nany. Have some kind of oldschool casting seat that is rotating each season or something and bring in some newer people for the spot (Paula, Ev, Jenn, anyone new that hasn’t been on in a while) I just feel like once they’re on once or twice and don’t really make much impact then they just need to move on.
  • Josh - I feel like Josh is spending every season trying to make sure he gets a call back. His throwing in Wes with Laurel in WotW2 and his emotional state in general keeps him coming back, but we’ve had enough at this point. He is basically the male Nany. Scared to death of elimination and sits around and whines about it.
  • Bananas - I say this not because I hate him. I say this for his own good. Go off and retire on a win dude. It took an aligning of stars and a specific style of season for you to even get to a final then the first time in like 4 seasons that a guy and girl were co winners for you to win and not be considered second. Take the win for what it is and move on. You ended the curse, so let the show move on without you.
  • Paulie - We’ve seen everything we need from Paulie, it’s not going to get any different. He talks a lot of game, he almost never puts up, and he’s largely just there for Cara drama and moments. There’s just nothing special you’re bringing to the table or in the drama department. It’s just all cringe all the time. I could honestly do without Cara too, but I still think there’s enough storylines around her and drama, especially if they bring back Laurel again.
  • Jenna/Zach - I don’t need anymore of Zach being terrible. I don’t need to hear anymore about how terrible there relationship while they constantly say they’re “in a great spot”. Jenna has lost her workhorse competitiveness that she used to have a lot of and that made her an interesting favorite. Zach is just a terrible person that seems to come in lately and just play a middleman game. I would be happy to not see them back anymore.
What I’d like to see in the game moving forward:
  • Casting: I feel like the style of the show has shifted a bit as of late and I feel like they need to further open up the casting. I want to see more interesting and crazy casting in general. Cast smarter people, people who want to see themselves as manipulators and puppet masters or scheamers. If the game is going to put in new formats to change up the strategy of the season they need to cast more people that are willing to play with it and work around it and aren’t just playing with the mindset of wanting to just get a call back for the next season, or just keep safe for the final. If you want to change up the play, you need to change up the type of people playing. If you’ve opened up the casting to more countries, go to Australia for their Survivor cast. There’s a ton I think would be great for the show, honestly more than the US version as their younger cast is usually more competitive where US’s younger cast is usually more strategic.
  • Consequences and reasons to win - It’s been pretty short, but I am already tired of the tribunal era of the show. I’m tired of there being no consequences for sucking in dailies and the only real incentive being to win for safety or power. I don’t know if the last person/people need to instantly be in elimination, but there needs to be some mixup for sure. Make it to where the last two teams or last certain amount of people are the only ones up for house vote or something along those lines. I don’t really know an exact solution but I’m just tired of the winners of a challenge being the only thing that matters. It makes the dailies in general less interesting when most of the people possibly suck and it doesn't really matter. They started doing Purge’s but they’re specifically called out ahead of time and rarely happen so they aren’t that big of a motivator from challenge to challenge.
  • Variety in the eliminations the last couple seasons has been phenomenal and I just really want to see that continue.
  • Can we have better reunion hosts? Seriously, what has been the last few reunion hosts? I understand if they couldn’t get Miz as often so they had to start going out to other random sports people or whatever the fuck Justine was, but these people have been godawful at actually hosting the show and interacting with the people. Even Miz kind of had his downsides where everyone would just start screaming and yelling over each other, but he at least interacted with people and asked followup questions and didn’t just let stuff drop. I would honestly advocate for Bananas to host reunions at this point and retire from being on the show. He is a great shit stirer, he isn’t going to let people go with bullshit. My only problem with him is he very clearly plays favorites and changes how he acts with people depending on if he likes them and that can be shit. But if he could put that aside he’d be great.
General Hot takes:
Fuck TYB in general. They’re fake, they suck, they’re blowhard loud mouths that for the most part have accomplished nothing. Nelson is fake as hell, with his constantly talking about respecting women and standing up for women, but it obviously only pertains to women he’s interested in or attracted to because in Total Madness he’s fine just yelling and ranting about women left and right. Foosball, aka Hunter is just so forgettable outside of Ashley taking his money and running lol Cory seems like the most sane and rational guy, but he just sucks at everything. TYB is terrible, and just suck in general.
I think Bananas has a very predatory and problematic way of playing the game. Look at almost every single woman he works with and it’s women he’s slept with or was rumored to have slept with. He flirts with them on their rookie season, hooks up after the season or before the season starts, then when they come back on another season with him they have no televised relationship but suddenly the women are insanely loyal to him or actively crying over them(like Nany) and he almost always screws the women over. The guys he does just about the same damn thing only he doesn’t sleep with them, and he doesn’t screw them over as often(at least personaly) He targets them they’re rookie season, in the off season and mostly the reunion he butters them up and talks their heads and egos up and then makes them crazy loyal. They get screwed over just as often, the only thing is he basically gets his underlings to do it to each other. (Exes 2 with Leroy/Nia getting screwed to go against Wes/Theresa) He just avoids the decision and makes the other people do it. One of the only women he’s worked with in the past he didn’t knowingly sleep with was Jenna and he spent the entire reunion from her rookie season talking about how amazing she was and how she was an MVP.
If Real World and Road Rules are done and Are you the One was mostly a bust for casting, they need to look in to possibly spinning off some kind of Challenge all rookie type of show. Do some kind of all Fresh Meat season and use vets to come in as mercenaries all season or some kind of coaches. There needs to be more way for them to check out new fresh meat or rookies while also not being afraid of losing viewers without having vets on the season.
I thought the hour and a half runtimes of the recent seasons was a plus, but it seems like most of that time has been being put in to the dailies which haven’t been all that good. So if you’re going to use up that extra time, maybe not show me every single crate that is thrown out of a helicopter, or every teams entire run through of the comp. Either that or make better challenges.
That's all that really came to mind as far as rankings and overall thoughts I had in mind as I went through the seasons. Feel free to tear me apart, or agree emphatically with my opinions. If you think of something else I didn't think of, just let me know, or by all means share your own. Like I said, I mostly just wanted to put a cap on my ending of the series as I just recently caught up I wanted to return to all these thoughts that I had throughout the ride. Let me know what you think!
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