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All you need to know about Hardware and DCS VR. especially if you're poor.

am i good at click bait title ? =D can do better. i know it. tl;dr : just go to the conclusion.
Hi Everyone, I noticed a reccurent problem into the hoggit's community. Either people dont know shit about computers and just go for most expensive parts, (which kinda works...) Either peoples dont know shit about computers and dont buy PC parts. Because they're broke. Or have better things to do than putting 1600$ for a GPU and 1000$ for a CPU that aren't even available anyway. =D So i decided to take a bit of my precious time (few fucking days, actually) to demistify things for you.
Important notions to keep in mind concerning DCS's behavior with hardware. And if you dont agree with that you should really have VERY SOLID arguments AND proof.
  • GPU just need to keep up with CPU
  • The goal is 45 fps in Asynchronous reprojection. (we're poor, remember ? also realistics.)
  • DCS's core engine is cursed.

now the setup for you to have an idea of what to expect. Its the "cheapest" setup i could do with amd's lastest release. (i like small motherboards and got a very good deal on this one. i've nothing to compensate ok? same for the ssd =D)
  1. Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro AX
  2. AMD 5600x
  3. 2*16Gb 3733C16 Dual Rank Micron E-Die
  4. Sabrent 500gb PCIe gen 4 SSD
  5. GTX 2070 super 8Gb
what you must remember from that :
  1. any b550 motherboard will do. X570's features are irrelevant.
  2. this is the cheapest new Zen 3 processor
  3. This is actually a 3000c15 kit running at 3733c16. we will discuss that later
  4. any SSD will do, just avoid HDD
  5. the GPU is what it is. it's borrowed (i own a gtx1080) and i dont have any better so...
I also borrowed and tested the whole computer coming with the 2070s which is
  • Asus TUF z390-Pro Gaming
  • I5 9600k
  • 4*8Gb 3433c16 Single Rank Samsung B-die
  • Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500gb (Pcie gen 3 SSD)
  • same GTX 2070 super
note : even if i didnt cover overclocking, on Intel's plateform is not doable without a Z390-490 chipset and a K cpu.

I setuped a F18 scene around Kutaisi. a pass at low altitude without TGP, a loop looking in the sky then the ground without TGP and a pass at low with TGP. Those 3 scenario cover things good enough for the purpose of the demonstration. you can have a look at the scene in the link below.
Does i benchmarked Multiplayer ? Well, yes but not much. the reason is that Kegetys's Shader doesn't IC Pass so most servers are inaccessible. i disabled it and did few tests on the Grownling Sidewinder server though but since my GPU couldn't keep up it was not very relevant.
Informations are given to you in Millisecond from FPS VR. That's quite inacurate but the best i can find and good enough since we wont notice a difference below 1ms (or even more than that.)
Settings will be detailed in a picture. I'm running last OB patch with Shader VR Mode from Kegetys (man if you're reading this, big shootout to you \o/) DCS's oversampling is set at 1.3 and SteamVR's at 1.5 for a total of 1.95. why ? because that's my sweet spot for readability, and GPU's performance.
The marging of error is quite big and nothing belows 1ms of Delta will really matter

(edit)I might have skipt this entire section... sorry for that =D.
I know those numbers are not the FPS we're used to. Long story short : The Lower The Better. Those numbers are the time needed for either the CPU or the GPU to render a frame. To allow a certain amount of FPS you need those number to be below the time that sit between two frames. For example at 90 fps you need to render a frame each 1000/90 = 11.1ms. which give the following table for the 2 commons refresh rate found on HMD's
90 fps for HTC Vive/Oculus Rift kind of HMD's
  • 11.1ms for 90fps
  • 22.2ms for 45fps with asynchronous reprojection at 100%
120 fps for Valve Index and such (which support 80 and 90 fps by the way)
  • 8.3ms for 120fps
  • 16.67ms for 60 fps with asynchronous reprojection at 100%
To have a rough idea where performances would sit with any HMD on the market you can extrapolate HMD's resolution x Oversampling. As stated, i'm using here 150% on Steam VR and 1.3 on DCS's Pixel density. So 1.5x1.3=1.95. I'm using a HTC Vive which use a 2160x1200 panel so i need to push at least 4212x2340 pixels every 22.2 milliseconds into the HMD in order to achieve those 45fps with 100% reprojection.
to keep the Valve Index for example you should achieve similar result running Steam VR at ~112% and DCS's Pixel Density at 1.3

Chapter One : The CPU
First question : Does the CPU Clock matter : MEH
  • 5600x runing at 4.65ghz max 12/10/12ms
  • 5600x running at 4.85ghz max 12/10/12ms
Of course CPU clock matter but that's not relevant for a ~5% increase and i didn't worked on CPU clock yet. Tools aren't available (yet ?) to figure what core can go how high and i wansn't willing to do that search by hand.
Second question : Does the CPU Matter at all ? Well...
  • MP 5600x stock (4.65ghz) : 25.6/18/21
  • MP 9600k stock (4.2ghz) : 27/18/21
  • SP 5600x stock (4.65ghz) : 12/10/12
  • SP 9600k stock (4.2ghz) : 14/11.4/15
At this point i have to clarify something. AMD Zen 3 cpus are known for having the best single core performances on the market currently. Cinebench R20 Single core performance of the 5600x is 604 while 9600k's is 481. that's ~20% More raw performances. While it translate rather well in SP, in MP it doesn't. I suspect the GPU bottlenecking the CPU here since GPUs stats are as follow
  • MP 5600x GPU : 22/22/22
  • MP 9600k GPU : 22/22/22
  • SP 5600x GPU : 15/15/15
  • SP 9600k GPU : 15/15/15
Also for the rest of the tests, Globaly GPU always sit between 13 and 17 as long as the CPU can keeps up.
Does DCS care about SMT ? (AMD's equivalent of hyperthreading). NO
  • MP SMT Off : CPU:20-25ms, GPU 20-25ms
  • MP SMT On : CPU:20-25ms, GPU 20-25ms
yeah, i know those numbers are probably GPU limited but in fact, almost all my tests are done SMT off since i forgot to turn it back on And its another variable i dont have to worry about anymore... its a win win !

Chapter 2 : the Ram !
Here is what i spent days doing. fine tunning those fuckers just to discover that Zen 3's bios are fucked right now and cant go beyond 1900 of Fclck. Mine actually is stuck at 1866.)
all thoses tests were made in SP with Shader mod On except those where i explicitly tell that they are Multiplayer.
First : Does the speed of the ram have an impact ? YES. well, a bit
  • 2133C16 UnCoupled : 20/13/20
  • 3200C16 UnCoupled : 14/12/15
  • 3733C16 Uncoupled : 13/12/15
as long as you go past 3000 or 3200 you should be fine though
Do i need to run ram in Coupled mode (fclock = ram speed/2) or not : YES, BY A LOT
  • 3733C16 UnCoupled : 13/12/15
  • 3733C16 Coupled : 11.5/10/13.5
Does DCS Care about Ram's timing and subtimings. running at 3733 Coupled ? No.
  • C16-20-16-16-38 : 11.5/10/13.5
  • C16-20-20-20-40 : 11/10/14
  • C18-20-20-20-40 : 11/10/14
  • C20-20-20-20-40 : 12/10/15
Well, ok. yeah it does a liiiiittle bit. but if you're running your ram at C20 you are doing it wrong.
Wanna go further ? Lets go further !
Does DCS Care about running very high frequency of ram ? No.
  • 2*8gb at 4400c18-20-18-18-38 : 11/10/14
had to use the samsung B-die kit for that. the ram was unstable but i managed to get results anyway.
Can DCS run on 8gb of Ram in Single Player? eeeehhhh...
  • 1*8gb 12.5/12/15. Ram usage : 7.3gb
  • 2*8gb 11/10/14. Ram usage : 10.9gb
Can DCS run on 16gb of ram in Multi Player ? eeeeehhhh...²
  • 2*8gb CPU 20-25ms, GPU 19-20ms, Ram usage 14.8gb
  • 2*16gb CPU 18-23ms, GPU 19-20ms, Ram usage 18gb
that's why you often hear to get 32gb of ram at least. Choosing a Kit of ram is trully a whole different topic and i wont go into that. You can go for Crucial Ballistix 3000-3200 2*16gb kit (that's all the same), they're perfect for the job and rather cheap. Also keep in mind that my windows is fresh and running only DCS, monitoring tools and OBS for recording.
Thanks for reading all that. Long Story short, This new generation of processor wont revolutionize DCS's performances in VR but it is now trully doable without an expensive intel plateform. Especially with mid range GPU coming along (~3060 ~6600-6700xt), i believe we will be able to run DCS VR in Okay condition within the next year. I didn't do all those bench with my GTX 1080 but, even if slighly slower than a 2070s, it runs the game totally fine with the same settings.
i hope anyway it helps people like me, that doesn't want to spend thousand in hardware but still want to get decent performances and readability in VR. I trully cant play on flat screen anymore and even if it's not perfect in all case scenario, i'm now able to play my favorite game in VR. Coming from a 3770k, it's an overall big leap in performances for me anyway !
If you have further question, please ask, i'll do my best to answer ! just doesn't ask me to tweak graphics settings to be able to play well in MP, i'm already at the bare minimum, every aspects wise =D
To ED : if you read this guys, thank's for all the work you've done on optimisation. Its trully something we need and we'll always be thanksful to you to do this ungrateful work ! I know you know about Kegetys's work on Shader VR Mod and i hope one day you could impletement something like that or create an exception rule to IC pass for servers to allow that kind of mod and reduce the GPU's load.
Thanks guys and fly safe.
DCS Settings : https://imgur.com/gallery/uGAkzBI
Kegetys's mod : http://www.kegetys.fi/
Multi player footage (Shader mod Off) : https://youtu.be/vldKHDjB1Dk
Single Player footage (Shader mod On) : https://youtu.be/R7JT_y-wnjo
(edit : the "interpreting the numbers" paragraph)
submitted by Cassiopee38 to hoggit

10+ Years of Android ownership. Just switched to iphone 12 Pro. My thoughts/first impressions

I've been a long time user of Android phones due to their affordability and customization. My first flagship Android phone was the Galaxy s3. I immediately fell in love with the design and overall functionality. All my friends and family would have iphones, but I would always stay true to Androids. Then I upgraded to the Galaxy s6 right before I left for college. At this point, I was a little bit upset as Androids weren't (and still aren't) optimized for Snapchat, as this is when my social life started to sky rocket, so much of my time was spent on that app.
2 years later in 2017 I switch to the Galaxy s8. Now, I loved this phone and it's been a killer 3 years with it. Awesome camera, lightning fast, amazing customization/UI and just overall enjoyment.
I would always look over the fence though and see what Apple was up to with their iphones, and my friends would constantly brag about just how well optimized and user friendly their iphones were. I was never one to delve deep into unlocking Androids' true potential and being a power user, but I wasn't a grandma either.
Fast forward to 2020, I hear about the iphone 12 and its return to the iphone 4 design (which was my absolute favorite looking iphone - I was never a fan of the "rounded" iphones). This, combined with the fact that my S8 was not only coming on 3 years old now + the iphones and Galaxy series of phones cost about the same, made me switch.
I got my new Iphone 12 pro about 3 days ago.
I power it on and start setting everything up. I'm a little disappointed by the screen resolution and detail, but it's not a major step down from my S8. Another big factor that contributed toward me switching was the fact that Apple decided to add widgets. I was a bit surprised in the fact that there is no Alarm clock or Email widget, but i'll make due. Another feature that disappoints me is the fact that there is no dedicated "back arrow" on the bottom right of the screen like with androids. It's either gesture controlled or a you have to reach to the top left of the screen to return somewhere. Something I did with my old S8 that greatly improved speeds was turn off unnecessary animations (like apps opening) - A feature i'm not sure is available on Apple products.
When I first took the phone out of the box, I was immediately impressed by the phones weight and build. This thing truly feels like it can take a beating and then some. The true tone display is very nice and color accuracy is impressive. The camera, as expected, is absolutely stunning. I took my first night mode picture last night and im blown away by the clarity and resolution a phone camera is able to reach. Snaps on snapchat look crystal clear (Granted, this is mostly due to the fact that Snapchat is well optimized for iphones), and zooming in no longer blurs pictures to the extent my older Androids did. Having long term software support is also another massive plus. The phone is not only remarkably faster, but the battery life is muuuuuch better than my old S8. Obviously, this is going to be the case no matter which new phone you get when you compare it to an old one though. Imessage is awesome and I love the animjoi feature as well. Lastly, Iphones tend to hold their value pretty well, which is really nice
Overall Impressions
The iphone 12 pro is an amazing phone. I love its new throwback design along with its true tone display and impressive camera. However, there was something homey about Android. Something I can't quite put my finger on that I miss. Maybe I need more time with my iphone and get more familiar with its features and quirks, as it's only been about 3 days. But overall im very excited with my switch.
submitted by KnightFan2019 to iphone

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