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Games And Technology: November 2020

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A lore wise fantasy question!

Guys, I’ve been wondering about this for a couple of days... I was a veteran Destiny player and have been playing Doom Eternal since it came out.
Who would win in a clash? The Slayer or The Guardian?
You got subclasses for the guardian. Warlock / Titan / Hunter
I think the guns are more heavy hitting in favor of the slayer. The guardian has Supers though.
Okay the Slayer has been to hell and back so I’ve read. And as the line goes in Icon of Sin: Two titans meet, as it was written.
But there are some Guardians who have the ability to blow up a planet (Ikora) or have aimbot aim (Shin Malphur) and so on.
submitted by ElusiveVisions to Doometernal

Anomalous Media Quest: Disc 1, Layer 1

I always used to hate the town I lived in. [REDACTED] was a total shithole, even if we would refer to it warmly as “our shithole” to out-of-towners that made the same trite observation. It sat like deposited sludge off a tributary of a river in the west of Ireland. We were on the edge of the Atlantic and it was no country for young men. But it’s funny to think back to the beginning of this, to the video and its simple word gushing title “GTASABIGFOOTREALBACKOBEYOND.wav” and how, if we had been from almost anywhere else, we might not have ended up so central a part of this whole debacle. We could have been one of the millions of spectators, watching the edited together debris of this whole puzzle, always with the word “EXPLAINED” tacked on in smug and severe all caps at the end of their titles as though anyone could even begin to explain the half of this thing. I hate my shithole town even more now.
See Ireland was a little different to its approach to these things since most states had begun taking what they called “Anomalous Media” seriously. The German videogame BBS had been the first to really begin drawing attention to a flood of East German games that flowed across a now non-existent border into the new federal Germany, and brought with them far more than just vector graphics and inventive circuit boards. By the time “spookyspiele.de” had been shut down by German authorities the platformer “Turandot”[1] had been mentioned in no less than 400 medical reports in psychiatric facilities around Germany and had found itself profiled in a small, sardonic article located toward the back of a 2003 edition of Der Spiegel.
By the time the German State had seized all known copies of Turandot and given it roughly the same legislative restrictions as an automatic weapon that fires pure heroin the damage was already done. A conference given for German psychiatry practitioners as Frei Universitӓt Berlin would lead to what’s been called the Turandot Wordcloud: an illustration of the words most commonly mentioned in medical reports of the aftermath of playing this first example of anomalous media and graced by such terms of “unhinged paranoia”, “unending feeling of being watched” and “strong belief that microphones have been placed inside the orbital bones in the eyes by forced unknown”. For years after you’d know a guy that had been captivated by Turandot on the street by his one eye that bugged in suspicion at everyone that passed.
I could hit many more particular examples here but I’m sure I’ll be able to give them all their moment in the spotlight as I unfurl this tale, but as more and more examples of ebay-bought gameboy game psychosis and muder-suicides motivated by “hyperrealistic eyes” in blank-VHS saturday morning cartoons began to emerge then the response became similar the world over. Strict regulation, state censorship and a couple of state-endorsed law enforcers-meet-QA testers to test out reports of new examples of what became known as “Ano-med”. But of course you give an handful of human beings access to these kinds of things and they’re going to share them. Lots of folks in our little anomaly hunting community suspected the state might just be doing it on purpose, siphoning revenues from blindness inducing episodes of Futurama anomalously placed on Ebay to generate dark revenue for some black op or other. And our country, our dear wee Emerald Isle, had taken a bold stance of light-touch regulation in regards to Ano-med, believing it might attract some nice tax-paying madmen from abroad who could employ an animation student or two to pump out frames full of hyperrealistic blood while they took a tax holiday on our dreary isle. And it was for that reason that, among the underground community of “AnoManiacs”, my mate [PHIL] and I were well placed on the edge of the Atlantic to live through the story I’m about to tell.
It was a standard enough Friday night. We had managed a synchronise a rare weekend off from our respective call centre jobs and the old rural, run-down bedsit we shared was about to become a haven of gaming and binge-watching, of both the ordinary and also anomalous, mind-altering, potentially lethal kind. At the time were knocking about on a copy of Halo 3, identified as such only by a strip of masking tape on the green xbox case with the title scrawled on it, that was rumoured to be among the copies home to the famous “Ghosts of Halo”. The videos had done the rounds in the usual “AnoManiac” imageboards and Dark Web newsletters. Player models that glided effortlessly through the map and did not appear on any scoreboard, popping into offline multiplayer games as though ripped from another dimension, and popping heads with the robotic accuracy of an aimbot. They left the player a mysterious epitaph- “killed by the Guardians”- a phrase normally reserved for those killed by map elements or as a result of their own stupidity. It was certainly among the tamer exampled of AnoMed out there, with neither a psychotic break nor a paper cut associated with it, but [PHIL] and I figured we’d start the weekend out casually enough, before ramping up into more heavy duty fare. A supposedly genuine copy of PC AnoMed legend The Theatre was due to arrive in the post the following day and we were saving our wits for that whole experience.
We were idly lobbing grenades at great piles on glowing mines on the desert floor of Sandtrap when [PHIL]’s phone buzzed. As his Spartan stood motionless and his eyes were on his phone screen I took the opportunity to grief him a little bit and clipped him in the back with an energy sword. He normally would have met his character’s death-groan with a groan of his own but I looked over to find him silent, turning pale. The way he choked out “Man, you have to see this” got my attention immediately and I shuffled over to his side of the cracked, faux-leather couch.
In his email was an alert about a new blogpost by Karvina89. Karvina was well known in the AnoMed community and something of a legend. Shortly after the foundation of the ATFA[2] he had taken up the challenge of recording himself playing a copy of the mythical Pokemon Black for 7 days straight and had made good on his plan. He had blasted through the haunting ROM that had first led Japan to take action on anomalous media supposedly without the benefit of narcotics, which I was fairly doubtful about. I was even more doubtful about his claims to have gotten the game blessed beforehand by a Shinto priest, who I figured were few and far between in his home of Lubbock Texas. But one or another Karvina was the real deal, even if many in the AnoMed community had been judging him to be kind of coasting on old glory, having produced very little in the way of original content or explorations in the years since that 2012 feat. But regardless his opinion was still prized in the community and his blogposts examining newly suspected cases of anomalies were always a subject of excitement in our little rundown house and beyond.
But [Phil]’s face made me think this was not one of Karvina’s run of the mill breakdowns of some shaggy dog story about a Rugrats boxset that gave you headlice or whatever. He was fitfully chewing at his bottom lip with tobacco stained teeth and fidgeting with his shirt collar that bore the marks of the jack and coke we’d been swilling since 7pm or so.
Eventually he handed the phone over to me the I saw the string of letters that would change our lives for ever.
Right away I had to suppress a chuckle. Bigfoot in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. There was an old chestnut. Now had it been one of the provably true anomalies in that open world classic, like Leatherface[3], that would certainly be worthy of some excitement. But the playground and imageboard tales of Sasquath lurking around San Andreas had never seen any substantiation. The title of the post were those damned string of letters and the main body was absent the usual style of Karvina who, usually lacking any impressive or eerie gameplay to show up, tended towards verbose and lengthy diatribes against those in the community he felt were ‘hoaxers’.
Instead there was only a little grey video box where a figure, recognisably Karvina from the greasy curls that fell from the small patch of hair that remained at the back of his head, sat cross legged in front off a humming CRT monitor with the recognisable pause menu of GTA San Andreas flickering on it. I pressed play.
“If I’ve done this all correctly” Karvina said, never turning to face the camera which sat maybe two feet from him on a stand of some sort “then you’re all about to witness something truly special”.
He slapped the original fat PlayStation 2 beside him and gave the usual assurances that this was a genuine original copy of the game disc and not altered in any way. Disclaimed over with he pushed a button on the controller and the menu faded with a bouncy sound and Carl “CJ” Johnson appeared standing in the middle of the screen. He was located, predictably enough, out in the boonies of the games world. Here the trees were tall and the lights of Los Santos, Rockstar’s sendup with early 90s LA, weren’t even visible in the distance. The night was clear and appeared to be starless. Most of the folks who tried to pull off an SA Bigfoot hoax usually set the weather conditions to foggy to add to the Silent Hill vibe, but Karvina had opened instead for a night that looked cool and bracing, as far as the limited polygons could convey.
Karvina swung the camera around delicately and demonstrated that he was located in a small farmhouse. I recognised it immediately. Like most of those AnoManiacs with a deep love for GTASA I could map every inch of its sparse and spooky countryside from memory and probably take a good stab at the desert surrounding ‘Area 69’ too. This was the Flint County Safehouse, a few clustered farm buildings atop a hill available for purchase by the player. Far from the usual spots explored by those hunting anomalies in the game and nowhere near the rundown cabin that house Leatherface in bootleg copies eagerly swapped by collectors and found torn in two at the scene of a triple homicide[4].
I looked on in puzzlement as Karvina used a series of awkward crouch-jumps to get to the top level of one of barns on the property, sidling up to the point where he was staring out an upper window. He then equipped his camera, took aim out at the night sky and steadily counted of one-two-three-four-five-six-seven photographs of nothing in particular.
The roar seemed to make the image on the television skip and jump and it made me jerk in surprise. Karvina seemed to take the odd sound in stride though and quickly changed to the detonator for his explosive charges. Several explosions thundered around the silence that had settled in the wake of the scream and I saw most of Karvina’s health bar eaten away in an instant. He paused for a moment and then repeated the ritual with the seven photographs. He then hopped out the window and was back on solid ground. Taking damage from the fall he had only a small silver of his health left, like a drop of blood clinging to the end of a needle.
He turned the camera and there, beside a blown up dirtbike, was the body of the beast. Even in the rough form of early 2000s textures he looked enormous and imposing. It was not the sasquatch that caught me off guard though but what was floating above him. In the San Andreas dead enemies would often leave cash or weaponry floating above their bodies for a player to pick up and take advantage of. But floating above the blown up Bigfoot I saw an asset I didn’t recognise from the game.
The giant coin bobbed and spun emblazoned with a single word: Token
Karvina scooped it up and let out a sigh. He hopped the fence that bordered the little farmhouse and hopped on a nearby ATV before hitting the dirt road that lead closer to civilisation. My face was screwed up in puzzlement but could not hope to match the shock and terror which seemed to have left [PHIL] nearly shaking. I looked up to my friend and his pallor remained as he insisted I “keep watching”.
I watched as Karvina drove to the sleepy little hamlet of Angel Pine, located nearby. He dismounted his ATV and quipped the coin, in black and white visage in the little weapon menu at the top right corner of the screen. As he rounded onto a little street in Angel Pine I saw an unusual yellow arrow bobbing outside the doorway. The arrow indicated one could enter a building and was only available in a handful of mission-critical locations in the game, aside from the businesses that would provide you with hash browns and hair cuts. It bobbed in front of a store with garish signage: ‘Belle Maitresse Beauty Salon’. To my knowledge he building had never been enter-able but Karvina walked right into the bobbing arrow and the screen transitioned to black. Three words appeared in white font at the corner of the screen indicating his location: The First Layer
The interior was bare, unfinished and clashing textures adorned the walls and the floor. A single halogen light above illuminated and the whole place seemed about half the size of our tiny little granny flat. But the bare décor and the unusual name and the half-finished feeling of the whole thing didn’t bother me two much. It was when I saw the machine in the corner that I knew the feeling roiling through [PHIL] on the opposite end of the couch.
San Andreas is home to a handful of old-school arcade game cabinet. They can make for a fun distraction and usually consist of lewd Rockstar takes on staples of the gaming industry in the halcyon days of noisy, sticky floored arcades. But this cabinet was jet black, the texture seeming to suck all surrounding light in to it. It was the single word in electric blue that announced its name that make my stomach leap…

1 Named for the late-in-life work of Bertolt Brecht, playwright and supporter of the East German Government. Its title led to further speculation among members about its origin as a Stasi created propaganda piece.
2 USA’s Federal Bereau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Anomalous Media
3 For more information see most notable incident of effects of this anomaly: “House of Horror Family Slaying: Shrink Takes the Stand and Points to Computer Game”, Brighton Gazette, September 2005
4 See footnote 3
submitted by DBTraven to creepypasta

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