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Key generator cs 1.6 cheating death hack

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Slight rage post.

So, about two years ago give or take I started playing CS:GO, after having played source and 1.6 for a combined total of 4400 hours and quitting CS altogether for about a year, started up again in 2013 give or take, played for about a year and managed to hit LEM after 1200 hours or so, slow I know but the grind is annoying when you get bad teams consistently. Now, the community wasn't nearly as toxic as it is now from what I've noticed, and keep in mind I didn't always play MM, I swapped to playing ESEA for a bit and managed around a 10-15 average RWS for the 6 months I played it, so I was doing good. I quit the other game I went to play instead of CS because again, I needed a change up in pace of what I was playing for fun so I reinstalled CS:GO and went at it.
I was LEM at 1300 hours and 320 games played when I quit playing in January of last year. I picked the game up again about two months ago and my first match win placed me at Gold Nova 1, from LEM, which makes zero sense but I went with it and began my journey up in ranks rather quickly, dropping around 40 kills every match I played up until I hit MG1 and hit a complete brick wall of bad teams with no common sense, microphones or ability to actually aim with guns like the AK and M4. So, naturally even with 30-50 kills per match I played I lost nearly every single game with my longest match loss streak of 4. I am now Gold Nova 3 and my last 8 matches consist of two ties, two wins and four losses, all being over 40 kills with the exception of one match being at like 25 because it was a no warmup yolo drunk game.
Now to the meat and potatoes of my post, every single game that I have played for the last week, being well over 20 matches, have been filled with the absolute scum of this game, I kid you not. I had no idea how bad the nova ranks were because when I started CS:GO I ranked straight to MG2 a long time ago. My last match tonight was going okay, first 5 rounds or so I had racked up about 15 kills and my teammates thought that I was cheating or etc, whatever goes through the mind of boosted silvers. I told them the usual jargon that I was a high ranked player and quit, etc etc, they didn't believe me obviously and the game just went on, at around round 12 I ended up doing the good ol' voice_enable 0 and just did my own thing and they were making calls to me I guess because they kept typing to me and raging that I wasn't listening, come round 20 I was over 30 kills and doing quite well compared to the two bottom fraggers of my team being at 5 and 7 kills respectively.
This is the point where they attempted to vote to kick me, the bottom fragger, me having queued solo I was quite annoyed that they can just kick the guy giving them an absolutely free carry, the game was tied at 12-12 for the first attempt at kicking and I just kept going on like nothing had happened, I was making calls for my teammates, and the game was at 14-13 with us being ahead, and they attempted to vote kick me once more. The T side rushed B upper tunns and I was there alone because boosted silvers, with a p90 and a smoke on tunns, I sprayed and got 3 kills and hit the last two for 80 and 90 each. They had managed to kill all other 3 players on my team minus the bottom fragger with 5 kills or so at this point in the match and he rushed in with his 5-7 and instantly got 1 tapped by the last guy alive on less than 10 health.
They then proceeded to call me names in in-game chat and then attempted to vote kick me once more, which also failed because one guy was wanting me in there for some reason. The game went on, they caught up at 15-14 T side, I rushed lower B tunns and got two more frags and then was teamkilled by our bottom fragger, they then proceeded to rush in and die one by one because boosted silvers and the last guy alive decided to save and initiate one last vote kick which went through with 15 seconds left on the bomb ticking, on round 29. I was at 46 kills with 19 deaths and the second fragger had 15 kills, both bottom frags being under 10.
Moral of the story, this community is incredibly toxic and I feel as if this is why this game has not soared to 12-15 million people or more playing. I cannot go 3 matches of CS without this happening.
Rant over, sorry if there are any typos.
submitted by SicBrah to GlobalOffensive

Can we have alltalk back in Casual? Also some Casual suggestions

I miss the atmosphere of friendly talking and mutable micspam. Seriously, it's called casual for a reason - why is there no alltalk when living, and only on death? What? It feels like Valve is trying to compromise between the two groups and failing miserably.
CSS and 1.6 have fun casual servers where you can sit back, shoot people, and maintain friendly conversations. Why isn't this in CSGO?
The kicker in all of this is that NO ONE even talks strategy in casual - which was why the change was made in the first place. It's just quiet, and you can't even call out because gravetalk is off.
If this isn't going to be reverted, and since this change can be traced directly from Reddit, here is an actual suggestion:
Stop hosting official casual and gun game servers, and let the community make the servers themselves
When doing "matchmaking" for gun game and casual, create a UI that lets players select from a list. Server tags would organize the list, such as alltalk, ff, no awps, etc.
Valve is always trying to outsource their work to the community for free. Why not kill official casual and gungame servers, and let the community create the servers themselves? Having official servers for both of these gamemodes is a bad idea in the first place which I could go into detail on if needed. The easiest and best solution is to have the community create their own casual servers with custom settings, so reddit can have its drop in/drop out 5v5 that no one plays.
  • Reddit can have its "competitive" 5v5 casual servers
  • Casual is no longer a cheat testing ground thanks to player moderation
  • Squeakers and micspam will can be muted server-wide depending on what server you join
  • HUGE boost to community servers and the CSGO modding community (everyone wants this)
  • We might even get sprays back. Obviously it's a bad idea for sprays in mm, but for community servers where moderation exists, it would be nice. Friendly reminder that sprays work in CSGO's engine, it's just been disabled by Valve/Hidden Path since beta.
  • New players might be confused? It wasn't a problem in CSS, 1.6, Insurgency, Contagion, L4D2, or literally any Source game, so I don't know why it would now
  • Valve ends its monopoly and stops trying to subtly murder the modding community
but there already are community casual servers! 10v10 is a stupid idea, CS was never made for it!"
Yes, and those community casual servers are either nonexistent or completely dead. Also, 16v16 and 32v32 worked fine in 1.6 and CSS - it's lighthearted fun where you can sit back, drink, and shoot people - not everything has to be muh esports. 16v16 casual was even in csgo's launch in 2012 for crying out loud.
Any thoughts? Hopefully I'm not alone in thinking this.
submitted by Goyim_Montag to GlobalOffensive

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