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All CS: GO Console Commands and Cvars List 2020

I have just one question. It has Janus Transformation System that can do lightning bolt attack for a certain period. Myavr Workpad Plus Crack.

"Aimcfgcs100hs" by Casey Bernier

Counter Strike 1.6 V21 Patch. Man's Not Hot by Big Shaq: 60. Breath of the Dying: On kill: C: Blinding Banshee: Crew Challenge: Desolation's Edge: Radial burst of orbs on kill that explode: Full-Auto: 5-r burst: 1: VexHeIEIEIdZodEth: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction: 61. Good Juju: Any: The Rampager: Beneath the Meridian: Forgotten Basilica: Refills on kill. Berkeley Electronic Press Selected Works.

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Counter Strike is a FPS (first person shooter) game developed by Valve Corporation. Rebecca Smith: October 2020 websites. This script have some description in it but I will share my method of gathering recoil patterns - Go to Training Mode - Pick weapon you want to get recoil pattern - Stand in front of clear wall.

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Counter Strike 1.6 is the best game i have ever played. VoyForums Announcement: Programming and providing support for this service has been a labor of love since 1997. Important commands: rate 25000 cl_rate 25000 cl_updaterate25000 fps_max "101" cl_cmdrate "101" cl_rate "25000" For top Player Counter Strike 1.6 configs and profile.

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Learn to use the strong recoil of the gun to increase your ability to hit a target and increase the chances of getting a head shot (it deals over 100 damage to the face). To sum up, do not use untrusted CSGO hacks on your main Counter-Strike Global Offensive account. Kd max crack keygen Acrobat XI Easily edit and convert your PDF kd max crack keygen to Word, PowerPoint, and Excel docs.

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Counter- Strike 1. This video displays its features and the hack in. CS: GO Aimbot Counter Strike Cheats/Hacks. Steam community: counter-strike: global offensive. Mode perfectly suitable in order to get acquainted with the mechanics of militants and train with various weapons.

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Type /bind p "chooseteam; menuselect 6; menuselect [1 or 2]; menuselect 2" at the console. As in the original, Counter- Strike: Source pits a team of counter- terrorists against a team of terrorists in a series of rounds. Ally with teammates to complete strategic missions.

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PUBG Multi Hack by CSJ - Updated. Mar 26, 2020 - Explore Zaheer Alwani's board "Cs 1.6 Skins", followed by 193 people on Pinterest. Gnu Octave Packages Install.

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Counter Strike 1 6 Non Steam and Steam Cheat Hacks No https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=781. It have actually over million players worldwide. Download Rust Hacks, Cheats and Trainers.

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Counter Strike 1.6 skins for deagle, ak47, smg, sniper, grenades, etc CS Skins Counter Strike 1.6 Professional Download best cs 1.6 version of 2020. Largest live chat online. Download aimbot, wallhack, speedhack & lots of other hacks.

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Download the new cs 1.6 Headshot cfg aim + no recoil for sXe 15.7. Cs 1.6 Anti-recoil Script - Cstriketuts - Tips Tricks. Counter Strike 1.6 Full No Steam Zombie Plague domingo, 29 de agosto de 2020 El "Zombie Plague" es una modificacin del Counter-Strike, desarrollado como un plugin de AMX MOD X, que renueva.

[ Cheat ] Counter-Strike 1.6 Silent Aim + No Recoil script

Activity Counter V1.0 Name: TSRH s/n: 3704-3107-5447-9209 Activity Counter V1.1 Name: Bauer Lindemann s/n: 3063-3612-1161-5801 Activity Maker V2.3 Name: TUC PC2K s/n: am15308160 or Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: am928287360 Activity Maker V2.4 Name: Nemesis] s/n: AM86728902 Activity Maker V2.43 Name: TEAM ElilA s/n: AM928287360. A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Config Script in the Weapon Scripts category, submitted by MatekHaxior. Apr 5, 2020 - Explore Zaheer Alwani's board "CS 1.6 CFG + sXe CFG", followed by 226 people on Pinterest.

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No-Recoil for ALL WEAPONS!! ! [Counter-Strike 1.6] [Config

Welcome to the server page CS 1.6 #3 Exterminity Gaming [Automix III Recoil] 27027. A Counter-Strike 1.6 (CS1.6) Config Script in the Configs category, submitted by Pikachuu Legit no recoil config [Counter-Strike 1.6] [Config Scripts] [] Signup Login. Hacks for CS 1.6 - File Catalog https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=773.

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List of CS: GO Cvars - Valve Developer Community. CS Advanced Mod 2020 is a modification for Counter-Strike 1.6 that will make you play like a skilled player! GamerHack team has created a new app called Counter Strike 1. Because of many requests from your side, we decided to create a program that will make it very easy for you to play the cult game.

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Apex Legends No Recoil Hack Macro A small script for the game Apex Legends that you can download for free from our site. PUBG Cheats and Hacks: Aimbot, No Recoil, Infinite Health, Radar, Speed, and Wall hacks But running a game directly on the web browser does come with its own caveat, though.

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Project kickoff meeting video. CS aimbot, wallhack, speedhack, esp hack, bunnyhop etc - Page 1. Sw_elite "recoil 0. For the most part, the issue lies with the sluggishness that comes with preparing the needed asset to run the game on the web environment.

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You agree that your account may only be self-deleted if no posts are made. When counter strike released, it was obvious that the game would be the benchmark for all other FPS type games in the future. You also get tons of benefits such as no lock-in contracts, Sponsorships and get to be part of an AMAZING community.

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Play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in a cheat free environment and compete to win cash and prizes; weapon_awp is a point entity available in the following Source engine games: Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Wait for console message, and have fun. Counter strike 1.6 no recoil hack.

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My Opinion on WHY Movement(ADAD) Mechanic Should Be Tweaked, Explaining as Simple as I Can.

I'm not really good in English and i'll try to make this post as simple and logical as possible.
OPENING: Have you ever play the pistol round, where you play as CT in Long, getting flashed and on your half way back to the bombsite, the terrorist(s) show up on your screen? What would you do? Yes, the ADAD.. It's happening
Do you ever feel, as an average joe playing this game, frustrated to shoot people dancing left and right? This "ADAD" what I'd like to talk about.
The Good of ADAD:
  • It increase the required skill to aim. Now your opponent is harder to shoot and you'll be having hard time trying to shoot his head.
The Bad of ADAD:
  • It takes out the difference of the counter strike noob and the counter strike pro. but how can you say so? For a common fps player to jump into CSGO game, it is underneath their instinct to always reload after shooting, run into cover when in firefight, crouch when you spray and always on the move. The way CSGO's movement mechanic work right now is intended to keep the player to be as mobile as possible. Thus this ADAD spam encourage new player to keep doing it(ADAD) again and again, and this "ADAD technique" is applicable up to the highest level of competition.
  • It is much harder to aim and shoot at someone "ADAD"ing while the "ADAD" itself require less skill. basically it's just mashing two button repeatedly. Meaning that player with less-than-average aiming skill will have the more or less "awkward moment" against player with average aiming skill. It increases the chance of survival for the player with less aiming skill, by making decreasing the ability of your opponent to be able shoot you, this can be achieved by simply pressing two button randomly.
Proposed Solution by Community:
Increase Friction and/or Decrease Acceleration
Related Article m0rdock's movement value proposal
Valve's reaction to movement changes
What is acceleration? Think of a car, the faster it's acceleration, the faster it'll reach certain speed. What does acceleration do with CS? Think of your opponent as pendulum. When he decide to switch direction, his movement will stop for a while then accelerate to the opposite direction. It's like a car moving backward, and then speeding forward. To put it simply, higher acceleration = less time to hit maximum speed = less time for you to adjust your aim. I'm not sure how friction and acceleration in the game relate to each other but the research done by micronn shown that it's tweakable up to the competitive level.
The Good of tweaking Acceleration:
The Bad of tweaking Acceleration:
  • Different feeling compared to the current movement.
  • Slightly Nerf Pistol, shotgun and SMGs
  • Some might prefer current acceleration
  • Making the game less fast-paced. Preference..
Okay so there's another alternative?
Yes There is, the onepointpixel tagging mechanic
Tagging Mechanic
What tagging does, is basically something like when someone throw decoy and hit you in GO but instead of nades, every bullet behave the same way. If you get hit by bullet you'll stop
The Good:
  • Reward player with better reaction/aim. If get shoot, you cannot rely on spamming your button. You have to shoot the guy who shoot you and kill him first. This encourage you to aim at the guy
  • Nerfed pistol heavily. You have to be accurate with p250 and rely less on running around while spamming your pistol
  • Punish people recklessly running into bombsite
The bad:
  • nerfed shotgun (can be good or bad depending on the person's preference)
  • Hard to implement, unlike acceleration
  • Combined with aimpunch, making it too OP against ECO round. Pistol will be very weak against auto weapon
  • People can still abuse the huge acceleration if you miss, hence encouraging for body shot your opponent can still ADADAD you down with normal current speed as long as you miss your shot, making it more viable for people to just aim for body shot which require less skill than aiming for insta-kill headshot.
No it is not hard to implement 1.6 style heavy tagging, it's actually really simple. Tagging slowdown for each weapon is controlled by its respective weapon script's FlinchVelocityModifierLarge and FlinchVelocityModifierSmall values.
FlinchVelocityModifierLarge controls the amount of slowdown when shot in the head,chest,arm, abdomen/pelvis whilst FlinchVelocityModifierSmall controls the slowdown from being shot in the legs. The lower the value given, the higher the velocity penalty from being shot. Just reduce those numbers to get heavy 1.6 style tagging, that's all you have to do.
Also not many people know this about GO where if you get tagged the acceleration straight after becomes much slower than normal. In spite what everyone says about GO's acceleration being faster than 1.6/Source, the acceleration after tagging is a special case and is in fact much slower than 1.6/CSS accleration. cl_showpos 1 shows this. It's the rather high values given to FlinchVelocityModifierLarge and FlinchVelocityModifierSmall that gives GO it's rather weak tagging which by the way CSS has as well despite that game having slower 1.6 style acceleration.
Ok so it affects gameplay, any other alternative?
There's model animation in onepointpixel game.
Flipping-Model Animation
The Idea Is that when someone changes direction, his body flip. Notice which direction the player model's body is facing
The Good:
  • Doesn't affect the gameplay too much
  • Psychologically help your to react against your opponent
The Bad:
  • Require extra animation
  • Still doesn't actually fix the zigzag abuse
  • May mess up hitbox if not properly implemented
Add More Running Innacuracy
Basically, You shoot less accurate while running
The Good:
  • Encourage crisper shooting control instead of zigzaging
  • Easy to implement
  • Doesn't affect the feeling of your movement
The Bad:
  • Major overhaul in the way you shoot(major gameplay change)
  • Nerfs some weapon, rendering it unusable (unless is has given exclusion)
Increase inaccuracy only for pistol
More effective and simple way is to just nerf the accuracy of pistols while on the move. Then it wouldn't mess up entry fragging, peeking, or anything else, which are at good state IMO.
The Good:
  • Doesn't change the gameplay much
  • Easier to implement
  • Simple solution for CZ and P250 abuse
The Bad:
  • Only fixes pistol related problem
Too Long, Didn't Read; Acceleration in this game is an issue for average joe, for example this is just another scene where shooting someone ADADing is awkward.
Possible Fix:
  • Tweaking acceleration/Friction value of player movement
  • Tagging Mechanical, mimic of how when nade stuck into your body when you get shot
  • Adding Body-Flip animation to help your brain to react changes
  • Adding more spread of recoil when someone's running while spraying/shooting
  • Adding more spread of recoil of pistol when someone's running while shooting Our Mission is to find a way, so that the shooting isn't too easy yet to hard, without affecting the gameplay too much.
Any thought on this? Got some other ideas? post them bellow!
submitted by yoztpetra to GlobalOffensive

Destiny 2… The Game I Want to Play (Massive List of Solutions and Constructive Feedback) Part 1 of 5: Weapon Changes


I’ve played Destiny since its 2014 release. I’ve been through all its patches, updates, and expansions. I’ve beaten all the raids, farmed the perfect Hopscotch Pilgrim, and set up a summer home at the Lighthouse. I knew every square foot of the Cosmodrome, and I cared more about my Crucible K/D than my Roth IRA. Simply put, Destiny 1 was fun. Right now, Destiny 2 is not… And this sucks! I can’t believe I’ve stopped playing after only one month!
But, I want to help. I saw Cozmo’s Weekly Update a couple weeks ago letting us know they’re looking for player feedback, and I want to give… lots of feedback. Since then, I’ve been compiling a list of ideas and I’ve tried to create a game that I would enjoy and hopefully others will too. When brainstorming for ideas, there were three games I used as inspiration or a reference point of what a fun game “feels” like. These were Halo CE, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and Pokemon Red/Blue. I felt these games had the largest global impact, and captivated both casual and hardcore gamers.
Now, I felt I’ve written some pretty good stuff, but I don’t expect many people will read the whole thing. I’ve broken it down into 5 sections, so if there is a topic you really care about, this makes it easier for you to find. I tried to keep out as much fluff as possible, so if you have any questions or comments about my background or why I decided on something, please let me know. Also, I’m really curious on what other people are thinking, so if there is something you like, dislike, or have another idea, please write it in the comments below and let’s start a conversation!
Part 1 Weapon Changes A. Gun Mods B. Weapon Balancing C. Kinetic/Energy Weapons D. Foundry Changes
Part 2 Armor Changes A. Armor Mods
Supers and Abilities Changes A. Overall B. Hunters C. Warlocks D. Titans
Part 3 Exotic Changes A. Xur and the Rarity B. Exotic Armor C. Exotic Weapons
Part 4 PvP Changes A. Overall B. Competitive C. Quickplay D. Big Team Battle E. Free-For-All F. Trials of the Nine G. Iron Banner H. Private Games
Part 5 PvE Changes A. Overall B. Faction/Vanguard Rallies C. Horde (Prison of Elders Substitute) D. Raids

Weapon changes

Destiny aced the weapon balancing… almost. The majority of weapons are viable and effective in their intended ranges. Time-to-kills are little long, but I like how the shots-to-kill are balanced and so are the archetypes. Hand Cannons and Pulse Rifles could use a little polishing, but I’ll take Bungie’s side on this one. I never really used Hand Cannons that much in D1, but they were (by far) the most used primary followed by Pulses. In the beta, everybody was hyping up Pulse Rifles, so I think it was a good move to knock them down slightly in fear of it being a one-weapon meta. Good job with the weapon balancing! As for the loot ecosystem, I’m okay with Destiny being a collection game, but there should be some variety for our weapons in our decision making and loadouts. It should feel like customizing our Charizard or Pikachu. Many things stay the same, but details like the moves learned or held items should be open to the player. Let me explain:

A. Gun mods

All legendary guns can have their Scope/Sight, Barrel, Mag/Battery, and Grip/Stock changed using weapon mods unique to their manufacturer. These affect the stats: Impact, Range, Stability, Handling, Reload Speed, Rate of Fire, Mag size, Inventory size, Zoom, Aim Assist, and Recoil Direction. Energy weapons get an extra slot to change element damage. Some quick guidelines I thought of are:
 Sight/Scope: Affects Range, Handling, Zoom, and Aim Assist. Can also add certain effects while scoped including precision locations, highlight enemies, highlight enemies with supers charged, highlight enemies with grenades charged, highlight enemies with a unique color to show their subclass (solar, arc, or void), etc.
 Barrel: Affects Range, Stability, Handling, and Recoil Direction
 Mag/Battery: Affects Range, Stability, Reload Speed, Recoil Direction, Inventory, Fire Rate/Charge Rate, and Impact
 Grip/Stock: Affects Range, Stability, Handling, Reload Speed, Recoil Direction, and Aim Assist
The effects of individual gun mods should be subtle and minute. The gun’s base personality and behavior should remain roughly intact even after all the perks have been changed. It should be different and your choices should have an effect, but it shouldn’t be able to turn a gun with 40 Stability into a laser beam with 100 Stability.
A gun’s Trait and Intrinsic Perk (archetype) can’t be changed.
Increase the effect of Handling to make it equally important as Range and Stability. Handling should remain how fast the weapon readies, drops, switch, and aim, but the radar should come back as soon as the gun is zoomed out completely. Remove the current radar cooldown, but make low Handling a little more punishing based on this idea.
Create a trinity between Range, Stability, and Handling where any time one of these stats are affected, the other two are equally affected. For example, distribute 120 stat points for all legendaries in these categories. If a barrel mod adds 5 Range, it must take away a combined 5 points from Stability or Handling. Max Stability comes at the expense of less Range and Handling. Vice-versa for max Range and Handling.
Since Zoom has a much larger effect on Range than indicated in game, a higher Zoom should increase the Range stat more to show this change in-game and as a trade-off, reduce Stability and Handling more. Vice-versa for reducing Zoom.
Similarly, but not as stringent, connect Inventory Size, Mag Size, Reload Speed, Fire Rate, and Impact with equal trade-offs.
All of these weapon stats are visible when inspecting weapon. The difference between the base and modified gun is shown with either red or green bars over the base stats. Pressing a button within the weapon preview goes a step further and shows a number value for each stat from 0-100 for the current setup.
Weapons with top-tier Traits (i.e Kill Clip, Outlaw, etc.) should have worse stats to be balanced.
Weapon mods are one-time use items similar to shaders. Equipping them costs legendary shards, glimmer, and maybe another currency from an activity you get from killing (yes, killing) enemies in a certain activity. Vex cores, ether seeds, Hunters killed in Crucible, etc. You can compare your current mod and the ones available to use. Change is represented numerically and with a green/red bar.
All weapon mods are available from vendors, but the Gunsmith will be the main vendor. Weapon mods can be bought using Legendary Shards or another currency. Getting the gun to drop requires some RNG, but besides that, there should be no waiting for what you want based on RNG. If there is a certain gun and set of perks you want on it, there is a definite path the user can take to obtain it. Unlocking certain mods takes experience and completions in certain activities. Certain mods may provide better effects in certain situations (i.e. Improved Reload Speed when capturing a control point, improved Stability when Force of Will is active, improved precision damage against Shanks, etc.). Small joke to check if people are actually readings this…
All weapons drop from only one activity or location (i.e. you can’t get a Lincoln Green from a package on Nessus, a lost sector on Io, or the Gunsmith). Some weapons are specific to certain strikes, lost sectors, public events, crucible, etc.
Legendaries drop with the same pre-set perks every time. Every Better Devils drops with the same perks from the wild.
Guns no longer have the option to switch between multiple scopes, mags, etc. like the current method. For example, currently the Better Devils can be changed between Extended Mag and Flared Mag. Remove this and switch to how exotics are presented with only one option for each attachment. With legendaries you can use one-time mods to change the attachments. If you want a PvE version and PvP version, get two different Better Devils and customize them to your desired loadout.
The Gunsmith should offer a training/shooting range that allows people to test bullet damage, weapon behavior, and perk effects against targets and simulated PvE/PvP combatants. Perfect Dark did it… on the N64…
Gun mods also affect the appearance of the gun similar to how scopes currently work.
Exotics can’t have their mods altered.
Gun mods should only affect gun behavior and stats. Not abilities or cooldowns, unless it’s an Exotic. Save that for armor.
Getting killed by a gun in PvP shows the picture of its perks next to its name. Informs people, especially the casual players, what mods players are typically running.
Turn the kiosks into a Pokedex knock-off. Every legendary and exotic weapon in the database has a reserved spot in the kiosk in a revamped collection tab. The weapon and the location of where it can be obtained are revealed when killed by it in Crucible or a fireteam member has it equipped. Some super secret weapons or weapons with complex methods of obtaining can say unknown. Once a gun is obtained, it gets revealed (if not already), and its base stats and perks can be shown. Gotta Collect’em All!
Kiosks and vaults can be sorted based on several options including weapon class and a weapon stat. All obtained weapons and Exotics can be re-acquired from the kiosk for a very heavy price and resources unique to the weapon’s usual drop location. (i.e. Lincoln Green requires 100 EDZ Tokens, a raid weapon requires an Isenfyre-style Token, an Iron Banner weapon requires something similar, etc.)
Some weapons will be in the database but not available to the players due to an unreleased event or trigger. (i.e. Faction War weapons, Iron Banner weapons, Raid weapons, Hidden Exotics). This shows up as an unknown weapon. Destiny already did this with the Exotic kiosks in D1.
Keep the vault as is. With this revamped collection idea, it places less need on hording weapons in a vault. Kiosk becomes your collection, and your vault becomes your cache of commonly used weapons.
Your inventory needs to be able to hold every possible mod and shader.

B. Weapon balancing

Combine D1 time-to-kill (TTK) with shots-to-kill (STK) from D2.
Other than auto rifles, increase the hit box on heads to D1 level. I’m open to it staying the current way too, but it felt more fun and rewarding being able to reliably hit headshots. For some reason, aiming in the same zip code as the head with an auto rifle registers everything as crits (even though the gun is kicking like crazy), but my MIDA pulls a couple body shots in the same scenario. Is the ear considered a non-critical spot?...
Intrinsic perks for each class within an archetype should emphasize the Range, Stability, Handling trinity playstyle. For example, high impacts should have increased aim assist with their higher ranges (Accurate Frame), mid impacts should have more vertical recoil to go with their higher stabilities (Precision Frame), and low impacts should have faster reload speeds to go with their increased handling (Lightweight Frame). Slight change to current design.
There should be a trade-off between weapon forgiveness and lethality. High impact weapons that are the most unforgiving if a shot or headshot is missed, should have slightly faster optimal TTKs, but slower non-optimal kills. Within each weapon class, high impact weapons should have the fastest optimal, slowest body kill TTKs. Mid impacts should have the slowest optimal, fastest body TTKs. Low Impacts should be in the middle ground, but offer higher handling, reload speed, and other benefits that trade-off for worse optimal TTKs or forgiveness. For power weapons, the inventory size should be inversely proportionate to damage dealt. Destiny 2 has already done a good job of this, but it needs to be maintained to prevent another D1 Gjallerhorn situation…
Some quick guidelines I thought of:
-Accurate Frame-
 High Range  High Aim Assist  Increased flinch dealt  Higher precision modifier  Lower body damage  Low RPM  Faster optimal TTKs, slower body TTKs  Very unforgiving if headshots are missed  Favors highly accurate players, but comes with high risk
-Precision Frame-
 High Stability  High Recoil Direction  Decreased flinch dealt  Lowest precision modifier  Increased body damage  Moderate RPM  Slower optimal TTKs, faster body TTKs  Very forgiving if headshots are missed  Favors noobs and players who want an easy to control gun
-Lightweight Frame-
 High Handling  High Reload Speed  High Mag Size  High Inventory  Moderate flinch dealt  Moderate precision modifier  Moderate body damage  High RPM  Moderate optimal and body TTKs  Slightly forgiving if headshots are missed  Favors run-n-gun and spray-n-pray players
Simplify the game by keeping all weapon classes to these three archetypes. It will be easier to balance and allows all weapon archetypes in the sandbox to feel unique, but also competitive. This offers more diversity for competitive players, but also makes it easier for casuals to pick up any gun and not be at a steep disadvantage.
TTKs should allow for counter-play, but double kills should be possible and catching an opponent off-guard should almost always result in a kill. Double kills are fun, exciting, and personally rewarding when pulled off. Counter-play should only be allowed if both players are aware and engaged to the fight. Flanking and hitting unaware players should reliably reward a kill.
I created some numbers for each archetype. Of course, tons of playtesting would be needed to firm up the numbers, but here’s what I’m thinking. D1 had competitive TTKs between 0.8 and 0.9s. D2 wanted to encourage a little bit more counter-play in gun fights and increased the TTKs to approx 1.1 and 1.2s. I think a fair compromise would be in the 0.9 to 1s time range. This is similar to present-day D1s Monte Carlo, Vision of Confluence, Nirwin’s Mercy, and First Curse. For D2, that would be like SMG TTKs. Increase the gap between optimal TTKs and body TTKs to allow for a larger skill gap and make it more reliable to earn skill-based double-kills. Bring back D1 headshot hit boxes or hit registration to make sure this doesn’t get overwhelming for casuals. It would make it easier for them to land headshots, and they can blame themselves for missing their headshots and losing the gunfights. This promotes players to focus on headshots and improve their aim. Also, it’s much less frustrating than dying from uncontrollable external factors like:
 RNG bullets  RNG accuracy from either weapon bloom or weapon sway  Solo queue against a 4-man team where every time you shoot someone, it’s super easy for them to disengage and let their teammates clean up  Instant deaths from players you weren’t aware of. (Camping players in CoD just waiting for you to walk through a door)  Illogical encounters (sniper quick-scopers in CoD, getting “back-stabbed” by a Bladedancer even though you were definitely in front of the player, being unable to chase down a player while you are in an Arcstrider super even though you only get a super once a game and arc+hunters should equal super fast…)
If game design is the reason why they die, they’ll stop playing…
Also, I recommend keeping the archetypes TTKs closer. Can’t have one scout rifle kill in 0.8s and another kill in 1s. That’s too big of a gap and eliminates a large chunk of the sandbox. Archetypes within weapon classes should feel very different, but they should all be competitive.
All TTKs shown are for 7 Armor. Once you go above 7, you should start to survive certain bullet combos.
-Scout Rifles-
 Should have high base zoom, pinpoint accuracy, require moderate manual recoil control, and handle the worst of all primaries.  Should excel in long-range encounters, but struggle in short range encounters.  Increase precision damage multiplier, reduce body base damage.  Slightly longer optimal TTKs than other classes, but still competitive because it rarely gets damage fall off and with accurate aim, is the easiest weapon to obtain its optimal TTK.  Increase the amount enemies get flinched with headshots  Move 180 RPM scouts (i.e Nameless Midnight) into the high impact weapon tier.
High Impact – 0.92 to 1.84s TTK with 4 Headshots (H) optimal, 8 Body (B) worst case Increase aim assist and hit recognition to D1 levels. Remove how the gun gets less accurate when moving. Bungie shouldn’t be promoting anybody to stand still while shooting. Keep these weapons with naturally high range, low stability, and low handling. Highest aim assist.
Mid Impacts – 1 to 1.4s TTK with 3H2B optimal, 7B worst case Highest stability in class, but impossible to max out. Medium range and handling. Reduced precision multiplier, but increased body damage. Reduced flinch dealt. Very forgiving and easy to get near optimal TTK. Highest, most predictably vertical recoil direction.
Low Impacts – 0.96 to 1.6s TTK with 5H1B optimal, 10B worst case Highest handling and reload speed in class. Lower range and stability.
-Pulse Rifles-
 Jack of all trades, master of none.  Effective in all ranges, but not the best in any.  Second most forgiving weapon behind auto rifles.  Like Auto Rifles, should be easy to use since there is a lot of overlap in its effective ranges. Optimal TTKs are pretty fast, but difficult to obtain while controlling the burst fire.  Slightly faster body TTKs than Scouts Rifles and Hand Cannons to give it more forgiveness  Combine 360 and 450 RPM weapons into the Mid Impact tier  NOTE: my TTKs have some funky nomenclature because I was trying to take into consideration varied armor levels and the delay in between bursts.
High – 0.9 to 1.8s TTK w/ 6H (2 bursts) optimal, 12B (4 bursts) worst case
Mid – 0.95 to 1.27+s TTK w/ 6H3B (3 bursts) optimal, more than 12B (4+ bursts) worst case
Low – 0.93 to 1.63-s TTK w/ 9H3B (4 burst) optimal, less than 21B (7- bursts) worst case
-Auto Rifles-
 Easiest weapon to use.  Least amount of recoil of any weapons, and large overlap of effective ranges.  Least punishing weapon when not hitting critical shots.  Slightly reduce precision damage multiplier and increase body damage.  Reduce the amount enemies get flinched with headshots  Firing full auto makes it hard to control the bullet spread, so these should have fast optimal TTKs, but relatively impractical to achieve.  Typically, the TTKs will be just barely over 1s  Improved Hand Cannons and Pulse Rifles will make this weapon class less used by skilled players, but more used with novices craving a super forgiving weapon.  All archetypes should behave pretty similar in terms of their optimal TTK and forgiveness, but make it more about the aim assist, recoil direction, and bullet-hose trade-off/playstyle preference.  Combine 450 and 600 RPM weapons into the Mid Impact tier
High – 0.95 to 1.31s TTK w/ 6H2B optimal, 11B worst case
Mid – 1.05 to 1.15s TTK w/ 6H5B optimal, 12B worst case
Low – 0.98 to 1.19s TTK w/ 8H4B optimal, 17B worst case
-Hand Cannons-
 Rewards a skilled hand.  Lower recoil direction across the board  Randomize the recoil pattern  Increase muzzle kick  Significant increase of aim assist to bring in line with other primaries  Fastest optimal TTKs, but hardest to use and TTKs will drop when outside of effective range. Harshest weapon damage drop off – down to 25%  Significantly reduce bloom to be in line with other primaries. Bloom is frustrating to play with. If you’re missing shots, it should be because YOU missed a shot and not some random number generator embedded in code. A random, difficult to control recoil pattern and steep damage falloff is enough to balance the class.  Increase precision damage multiplier. Highest precision multiplier for primary weapons. Slight reduction of body damage  Increase the amount enemies flinch when hit with headshots. Highest flinch of all primaries, especially the high impact tier. It should feel like getting hit by a truck.  Combine 140 and 150 RPM weapons into the mid impact. Create a new archetype for the low impact that uses The Last Word as a template.
High – 0.88 to 2.05s TTK w/ 3H optimal, 7B worst case
Mid – 0.96 to 1.44s TTK w/ 2H2B optimal, 6B worst case
Low – 0.92 to 1.66s TTK w/ 4H1B optimal, 9B worst case
-Sub-Machine Guns-
 Slight decrease of range, aim assist, and zoom effects to bring them more in line with sidearm intended ranges (What I’m trying to say here is that putting a medium zoom scope on a SMG extends the effective range too much. Either reduce the effect, or remove medium zoom scopes on this weapon class like Hand Cannons, Sidearms, and Fusion Rifles from year 1 D1.) Also, this allows an area for Auto Rifles and Hand Cannons to shine  Reduce the range for Antiope-D and other high range, slow RoF smgs to behave similar to other SMGs.  Just like Auto Rifles, slightly reduce the precision damage multiplier and increase body damage. More forgiving than Sidearms, but slightly less lethal in skilled hands.  Reduce the fire rate of the mid impact to make it feel more unique from the low impact tier. Maintain its forgiveness.
High – 0.72 to 1.26s TTK 8H optimal, 14B worst case
Mid – 0.86 to 0.93s TTK w/ 6H6B optimal, 13B worst case
Low – 0.81 to 1.00s TTK w/ 10H3B optimal, 16B worst case
 Increase damage of non-Omolon sidearms to bring in line with Omolon 3-burst sidearms.  Buff accuracy significantly within its small range. Only outside of its effective range should ghost bullets start appearing  Buff stability significantly. For such a small gun, it shouldn’t kick as much they do. They should all behave like the Last Hope or D1 Trespasser.  Buff precision damage, reduce body damage.  Same cost-benefit relationship between Hand Cannon and Auto Rifles should be with Sidearms and SMGs, but at a reduced range, and increased lethality.  Move 260 and 300 RPM weapons into the high impact tier. 360 RPM becomes the mid impact tier on its own. Move all non-semi-auto weapons (i.e. Omolon Burst, SUROS Rapid-Fire) into the low impact to help player achieve those high fire rates.
High – 0.72 to 1.26s TTK w/ 4H optimal, 7B worst case
Mid – 0.84 to 0.98s TTK w/ 3H3B optimal, 7B worst case
Low – 0.77 to 1.10s TTK w/ 5H2B optimal, 10B worst case
-Rocket Launcher-
 RLs should cause more screen shake when hit by one. It should be random and move your reticle off of center. The screen shake should be significant. Unflinching (Read Part 2: Armor mods) negates this.
-Grenade Launcher-
 Significantly buff blast radius and velocity of non-proximity detonation grenade launchers. When hit, create a random screen shake that moves your reticle like RLs and explosive rounds. Not as severe as RLs, but greater than explosive rounds and dragonfly. Unflinching negates this.
 Significantly increase aim assist and reduce flinch.  Snipers should be like they were in year 1 Trials if they’re going to be competitive in the power weapon slot.  High and mid impact snipers should be able to one-shot supers with a headshot  By far, snipers should have the highest precision modifier and flinch dealt. When you get hit by a sniper, it should shake your screen almost like being tethered, but upward. If a Hand Cannon feels like getting hit by a truck, snipers should feel like getting hit by a train. Unflinching doesn’t negate this.
 Remain unchanged. Shotguns were really well done.
-Fusion Rifle-
 All fusion rifles should do the same amount of damage regardless of their charge rate. Not sure what the numerical damage should be, but 4 bolts should kill anyone with 4 armor; 5 bolts kills everything else.  Bolt spread should significantly decrease as charge rate slows down. You shouldn’t be charging up to do extra damage; you should be charging up to increase your effective range and accuracy. Makes every fusion rifle tier viable depending on player preference, and does a better job of separating quick charging, close range FRs and slow charging, long range FRs.
-Linear Fusion Rifle-
 Unlike fusion rifles, LFRs should increase damage as charge rate slows down.  Significantly increase aim assist and reduce flinch  Slight increase of the radius of the bolt to make it a little easier to land “precision headshots”. Add a perk that makes the bolt even wider in exchange of a slower charge rate.  All LFRs should be able to one-shot supers with a headshot
 Just like mastering your movement is rewarded with shotguns, it should be even more rewarding with swords at the expense of slightly less lethal range.  Increase hit detection or auto-aim within its intended range.  Increase the animation speed in and out of blocking. Blocking should be lightning fast. It’s a cool mechanic that never gets used. It’s balanced because the required reaction time to block is so little, it uses sword ammo, and when you’re blocking, you can’t attack with your sword.  Increase movement speed slightly while blocking. Affected by mobility.  Unable to ability jump while blocking, but can block in mid-air without losing momentum. Can single jump while blocking.  Efficiency of sword blocking should be drastically improved. Blocking air shouldn't take away sword ammo. Sword ammo should only be consumed with swings and when blocking actual damage.  Element of a blocking sword should be more visible.  A kinetic weapon takes away sword ammo against a blocking sword.  An energy/power weapon with a matching element takes away significantly more sword ammo against a blocking sword.  An energy/power weapon with a non-matching element takes away significantly less sword ammo against a blocking sword.  Slightly reduce ammo on pickup to bring it more in line with other power weapons
I would need to do some playtesting to establish firm numbers, but I believe the base precision modifiers should be different depending on the weapon and should follow this order from highest to lowest.
-Precision Modifiers-
 Sniper  LFR  Hand Cannon  Scout  Sidearm  Pulse  Auto, Fusion, Shotgun  SMG  Rocket/Grenade Launchers, Sword

C. Kinetic/Energy Weapons

Energy weapons and Kinetic weapons should feel more different and have more unique roles, but at the same time, your two primaries should feel the same in PvP as they do in PvE. Kind of paradoxical, but here’s my idea.
Introduce a strengths and weaknesses principle amongst the kinetic and element weapons to provide more room for mastery, increased loadout decision-making, and greater differences between your two primary weapons. It should feel like Super Effective!, Not Very Effective!, and Normal effective! moves from Pokemon.
Here are some quick guidelines. These damage multipliers are multiplicative of precision modifiers listed earlier and super resistance modifiers.
-Kinetic Weapons-
 1x base damage multiplier against guardians and red-bar enemies. Same as all energy/power weapons  1x base damage multiplier against all supers, PvE shields, blocking swords, and Titan barricades.  0.5x base damage multiplier to non-precision hits to Majors/Ultras. Same as all energy/power weapons  1x base damage modifier to precision hits to Majors/Ultras.
-Energy/Power Weapons-
 1x base damage multiplier against guardians and red-bar enemies. Same as all weapons  2x base damage multiplier against matching PvP supers, PvE shields, blocking swords, and Titan barricades.  0.5x base damage multiplier against non-matching PvP supers, PvE shields, blocking swords, and Titan barricades.  0.5x base damage multiplier to non-precision hits to Majors/Ultras. Same as all weapons  0.5x base damage modifier to precision hits to Majors/Ultras.

D. Foundry Changes

For the foundries, they should have a typical strength:
 Hakke: Range (Velocity)  Suros: Stability  Omolon: Handling  Veist: Reload Speed  Daito: Mag size  Cassoid: Inventory  Nadir: Recoil Direction  Crux/Lomar: Blast radius  Raid and Trial Weapons: For balancing, Raid and Trial weapons drop with a perk that is slightly overpowered in its game mode but can be swapped out by ordinary mods if desired. For example, a raid weapon that reloads faster when Force of Will is active, but if you want, you can change it to Steady Rounds, etc. Their other trait should be close to exotic level traits. These are fixed and can’t be changed.
TL;DR: If you could combine Halo: Combat Evolved’s gunplay and vehicular combat; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s intricate map design and player perk selection; and Pokemon Red & Blue’s loot mechanics and customization… That’s the game I want to play!
EDIT: If you want to check out another section, they’re listed below:
Part 1: Weapon Changes Part 2: Armor, Supers, and Abilities Changes Part 3: Exotics Changes Part 4: PvP Changes Part 5: PvE Changes
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