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Virtual Dj Remix Pro for Android - APK Download. Pricing Guide for DJ Packages, A Division of Peoria Skye, LLC. The free version includes the following features - 2 decks mixer - Video mixing - iOS remote support - iTunes support.

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Respect Titania (Marvel, 616)

Respect Mary MacPherran, Titania

"Face it, Greenie. There's only room for one strongest woman... and it ain't you!"


Mary MacPherran had an unremarkable upbringing in Denver, Colorado as the runt of her family. In high school, Mary was mocked by her peers for her petite stature and nicknamed "Skeeter". Desperate to achieve the power and prestige of superheroes, Mary falsely claimed to be the true identity of Spider-Woman which resulted in her getting invited to a party by the popular girls. However, during said party their suburb was ripped from Earth by the Beyonder to be part of his "Battleworld". Mary and her friend Marsha then crossed paths with Dr. Doom who offered them superpowers in exchange for serving him in the Secret Wars. The girls agreed and were brought to his base where he used alien technology to alter their biology. The once scrawny Skeeter was transformed into a mighty Amazon named Titania, having eagerly accepted her new self with confidence and domineering pride.
Following the Secret Wars, Titania married fellow supervillain Carl Creel aka Absorbing Man. Titania has since been involved in several supervillain groups such as the Masters of Evil, the Frightful Four, the Femizons and the Illuminati. She is the arch-nemesis of She-Hulk and has made multiple attempts to prove herself as the stronger woman.


Hover over a feat to view its source.
  • Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars = MSHSW
  • Amazing Spider-Man = ASM
  • Avengers = A
  • Solo Avengers = SA
  • Captain America = CA
  • Thor Vol. 1, 2 & 4 = T1/T2/T4
  • Guardians of the Galaxy = GotG
  • Sensational She-Hulk = SSH
  • Incredible Hulk Annual = IHA
  • Thunderstrike = TS
  • Marvel Valentine Special = MVS
  • Heroes for Hire = HfH
  • She-Hulk Vol. 1-3 = SH1/SH2/SH3
  • Fantastic Four Vol. 1 & 3 = FF1/FF3
  • Web of Spider-Man = WoSM
  • Fear Itself = FI
  • Iron Man 2.0 = IM
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy = FItW
  • Avengers Academy = AA
  • Fearless Defenders = FD
  • Superior Spider-Man Team-Up = SSMTU
  • Illuminati = I
  • Avengers - Another Day To Save = AADtS
  • Black Bolt = BB
  • Weapon H = WH
  • Immortal Hulk = IH
  • Deadpool & the Mercs for Money = DP&tMfM
  • Defenders Vol. 5 = D


Lifting & Throwing
Pushing & Pulling




Reactions & Combat

Temporary Amps

Power Gem

Titania was briefly the wielder of the Power Gem after it was gifted to her by the former Champion of the Universe.


When Titania proved herself worthy of Skirn's hammer, she was possessed by her and became the embodiment of the Breaker of Men

The Hood

While working for the Illuminati, her powers were boosted by the Hood without her knowledge.


submitted by Skulenta to respectthreads

Every $uicideboy$ song ever! (I think?)

This is my attempt of compiling every song by $uicideboy$ ever. Please let me know if I’ve missed any songs, they specifically have to be released under the $uicideboy$ name though.
I have separated the songs into three sections: album songs, loosies, and features. Each list is roughly ordered chronologically, but are probably far from in perfect order. For instance, I’m aware Vietnam was released much earlier, but I just listed when it was released on an EP.
I’m not including remixes, like 100 Blunts, Kill Yourself and Maple Syrup. Bonus tracks on all projects are included though. Also, $outh $ide $uicide is only listed once, regardless of being on two albums. The INLFTRGMH’s are all considered three seperate songs each, totalling 9 songs, as opposed to three different medleys. I didn’t apply this to the 4th because it’s on an album, not its own EP.
Album Songs
  1. Kill Yourself
  2. Mask and Da Glock
  3. Maple Syrup
  4. Rotten Souls
  5. Friday the 13th
  6. Ocean Side Suicide
  7. 100 Blunts
  8. Smoked Out Loced Out
  9. Heavily Medicated
  10. Lettuce
  11. Slow Motion Potion
  12. Nm Jc
  13. Lo Fi (Kill Em All)
  14. Prince Tulip
  15. Thieves
  16. Peso
  17. Sleepy Hollow
  18. Fuck a Hoe
  19. Deep Web
  20. Aphrodite
  21. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4
  22. Purple Ranger
  23. Gold (99-2000)
  24. Trapathy
  25. Saturn Sunrise
  26. Suicider
  27. Where’s Your God
  28. VIVIVI
  29. NOxygen
  30. Grey Boys
  31. Crucify Me Wearing Tommy
  32. Back From The Dead
  33. 333333
  34. Tempura
  35. Bags
  36. Kamehameha
  37. Vietnam
  38. Harvest Moon
  39. Don’t Give a Fuck
  40. Hair
  41. Durango 95
  42. Lemon Slime
  43. Smoked Out Loced Out Part II
  44. Flodgin
  45. Limp Wrist
  46. Sleep Walk
  47. Torcher
  48. Black Suicide
  49. Brooklyn
  50. Smoke Break
  51. Fema Camps
  52. And So It Was
  53. Number 1 Stunna
  54. Loot
  55. Pontiac Sunfire
  56. Magnolia
  57. Gabapentin Getaway
  58. Shrimp Poboy
  59. Prettyleaf
  60. To Kill a Mockingbird
  61. Clouds As Witnesses
  62. Gaudy Pack Shawty
  63. Behold a Pale Horse
  64. Kill Yourself Part II (includes hidden track)
  65. Free Gucci
  66. Chilly Gentilly
  67. Weightoven
  68. It’s About a 6 Hour Drive
  69. Ruby Is Finally Satisfied With His Verse
  70. Lacombe
  71. Whose Pills Are These
  72. 7th Or St Tammany
  73. Dead Batteries
  74. I’ll Pay For It (If I Want It)
  75. That’s Very Minimalist Of You
  76. Romulus
  77. Vices
  78. Straw Chairs
  79. 40 Oz and Sober
  80. Drugs/Money/Hoes/Etc
  81. St Bernard
  82. Leave Your Things Behind
  83. Rag Round My Skull
  84. I Miss My Dead Friends
  85. That Time We Went To Wal Mart In Memphis To Steal Some Shit Before We Met Up With TA To Shoot His Video
  86. Lte
  87. Gloss of Blood
  88. La Croix
  89. All My Life I’ve Wanted a Chevy
  90. I Ended Up Driving the Camaro Off the Causeway Bridge
  91. April Mourning
  92. Cerberus
  93. In Order To Cast a Shadow You Must First Light a Fire
  94. Handzum Suicide
  95. Sold My Soul To Satan Waiting In Line At The Mall
  96. Fuck Boy Blood Bath
  97. The Road To Hell Is Highway 59
  98. Sarcophagus
  99. Fuck a Hoe Part II
  100. G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S.
  101. Dolemite
  102. 666 Forever
  103. Diemonds
  104. Ugly
  105. South Side Suicide
  106. Mount Sinai
  107. Lincoln Continental Memorial
  108. Mannequins Are My Best Of Friends
  109. Sunshine
  110. Rotten and Paralysed In a Tropical Paradise
  111. Fake Pontchartrain
  112. Exodus
  113. Blackbeard
  114. Broken(N)
  115. The Crescent Moon and the Rising Sun
  116. Everest
  117. Let Em Burn
  118. Second Coming
  119. Oracle
  120. My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames from Hell
  121. My Scars Are Like Evidence Being Mailed To The Judge
  122. I Will Celebrate For Stepping On Broken Glass And Slipping On Stomach Soaked Floors
  123. Wifi Password Incorrect
  124. Germantown
  125. Newport Reds
  126. 93 Premium
  127. Malebranche
  128. Cold Turkey
  129. Muddy Blunts
  130. Runnin Thru the 7th With My Woadies
  131. Gluttony
  132. Vincent Van Gough Ain’t Got Shit On Me
  133. Reign In Blood
  134. Shattered Amethyst
  135. Fold
  136. Tulane
  137. Cherish the Dead
  138. Opal Ring
  139. T.R.U.
  140. Whoa I’m Woeful
  141. A Death In the Ocean Would Be Beautiful
  142. Fuckthepopulation
  143. Kill Yourself Part III
  144. Iron Veil
  145. I Will One Day Learn To Fly into the Stars
  146. My Closet Is A Graveyard
  147. CLYDE (I Hope At Least One Of My Ex-Girlfriends Hears This)
  148. Paris
  149. Converting
  150. Low Key
  151. Gutting Catfish
  152. I Think I’m Ian Read
  153. Evolution
  154. Underwater Malibu
  155. Dejection
  156. To Have and Have Not
  157. Can of Worms
  158. One Girl Six Blades One Night Of Sin
  159. Ashtray
  160. Grey Magic
  161. Omen
  162. Gorilla Warfare
  163. Sarcophagus III
  164. Paper Bag Mask
  165. Cherry Pie
  166. Praisethedevil
  167. Jeffer Drive
  168. AM/PM
  169. Jon Voight
  170. Marlboros and White Widow
  171. Golden Calf
  172. Aite Bet
  173. Grayscale
  174. Antarctica
  175. Novus Ordo Seclorum
  176. Not Much To Look At
  177. West End
  178. Slenderman
  179. Uzi Looges
  180. Hepatitis G
  181. Do You Believe In God
  182. A Girl Named Drool and a Pack Of Cools
  183. The Sacred
  184. Chevrolet
  185. Aokigahara
  186. Resin
  187. The Nail To the Cross
  188. Stop Calling Us Horrorcore
  189. Champion of Death
  190. Goosebumps
  191. Magazine
  192. Memoirs of a Gorilla
  193. Breakdalaw2k16
  194. Say Cheese and Die
  195. Eclipse
  196. Chariot of Fire
  197. I Want To Believe
  198. Uglier
  199. Water Suicide
  200. Elysian Fields
  201. 275 Suicide
  202. Lucky Me
  203. It’s Hard To Win When You Always Lose
  204. O Pana
  205. Ultimate Suicide
  206. Leave Your Things Behind Part II
  207. If You Were To Get What You Deserve, You Would Know What the Bottom of a Tire Tastes Like
  208. Soul Doubt
  209. All That Glitters Is Not Gold, But It’s Still Damn Beautiful
  210. Slip On a Banana Clip
  211. Obey the Walrus
  212. 20th Centurion
  213. Treat Em Like a Prostitute
  214. King Cobra
  215. Here We Go Again
  216. Temple Spray
  217. Nightmare Choir
  218. You’re Now Tuning into 66.6 FM With DJ Rapture
  219. Audubon
  220. 2nd Hand
  221. Planting the Roots Only To Fall Out the Tree
  222. O Lord I Have My Doubts
  223. Hard To Tell
  224. New Chains Same Shackles
  225. Fuck
  226. Pump Fake
  227. Venom
  228. Styrofoam
  229. Withdrawals/Withdrawals
  230. Pictures
  231. I’m Done
  232. Smoked Out Scoped Out
  233. Gloom
  234. Lamar Avenue
  235. Second Lines Come With Broken Souls
  236. Face It
  237. I Am The Apocalypse
  238. Goodbye
  239. From the Beginning of Time Until the End of Time
  240. Leave Me Alone
  241. Failure By Design
  242. Introversion 2.0
  243. For the Last Time
  244. I Hung Myself For a Persona
  245. Now I’m Up To My Neck With Offers
  246. King Tulip
  247. Bring Out Your Dead
  248. Nicotine Patches
  249. 10000 Degrees
  250. 122 Days
  251. Phantom Menace
  252. Krewe du Vieux
  253. War Time All the Time
  254. Coma
  255. Long Gone
  256. Meet Mr Niceguy
  257. Carrollton
  258. Fuck the Industry
  259. I No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel Part IV
  260. Killing 2 Birds With 22 Stones
  261. Sour Grapes
  262. Don’t Trust Anyone
  263. Individuality Was So Last Year
  264. Aliens Are Ghosts
  265. Nothingleftnothingleft
  266. All Dogs Go To Heaven
  267. I Wanna Be Romanticised
  268. One Last Look at the Damage
  269. Whispers Indistinctly
  270. Mega Zeph
  271. Putrid Pride
  272. That Just Isn’t Empirically Possible
  273. What the Fuck Is Happening
  274. Bizarro
  275. Scope Set
  276. Fuck Your Culture
  277. And To Those I Love Thanks For Sticking Around
  1. Smoke a Sack
  2. Storage
  3. Silent Night
  4. Royal
  5. Cup Full of Flames
  6. Kill Yourself Part IV
  7. Fuckallofyou2k18
  8. Either Hated Or Ignored
  9. Hung Up On The Come Up
  10. Scrape
  1. Chetta - Soul
  2. Queen Michael - Cult II
  3. $hroomhead - Sushi
  4. XTheDolphin - Suicidewave
  5. Izreal - Hotline
  6. J Trauma - Lethargy
  7. Swag Toof - G Double O D
  8. Raziah Jones - I Met a Witch In The Woods
  9. Noah63 - Dark Crystal
  10. StereoRyze - Die From Suicide
  11. Mike Good - 666House
  12. Wavy Jones - The Invocation
  13. Trez - Psychedelic Suicide
  14. Smug Mang - Hatred
  15. Ghostemane - Seppuku
  16. Chetta - Polluted Paradise
  17. JGRXXN - Avant Garde
  18. JGRXXN - Avant Garde II
  19. Supa Sortahuman - Make Your Own Way
  20. B.C. Tha Hybrid - Dipped In Gold
  21. Ramirez - Sarcophagus II
  22. CP97 - Guillotine
  23. EndyEnds - Check
  24. Germ - Fuck Y’all Hoes
  25. Mikey the Magician - Chamber
  26. $hroomhead - Bottom Feeders
  27. Pouya - But Wait There’s More
  28. Pouya - Fat Hoes
  29. Yung Dori - Agora
  30. Fat Nick - 2 Hot 4 U
  31. Fat Nick - TTYL (remix)
  32. Wifisfuneral - I Can’t Fold
  33. Getter - 2 High
  34. Yung Dori - Depraved Suicide
  35. Kold-Blooded - 666 Below
  36. Germ - Rukus
  37. Mitchell Bay - Suicide Bay
  38. Ramirez - GreyGods
  39. 6XSS - Numbing the Pain Because Nerves Are Overrated
  40. Craig Xen - As The Bridges Burn
  41. Night Lovell - Joan of Arc
  42. YKOM - Henny and Dope
  43. Bexey - Cutthroat Smile
  44. Germ - Awkward Car Drive
I’m aware I’m probably missing a SHIT TON so please give me as much help as you can! I want to find every $uicideboy$ song ever!
submitted by YoLamoNacho to G59

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