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This Personal Learning Edition (PLE) of Bryce 7 is a full-version with no watermarks or limitations of any kind in the program itself. TGR showcases skiing, snowboarding, biking, surfing and adventure stories, videos, trip reports, gear reviews and photos. In England No. 679215 Registered office: 1 London. Bryce, Hellems help NC State beat Wake Forest – The North.

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This viral father-daughter duo just hit No. 1 on iTunes Several months after going viral for their version of "The Prayer, " Mat and Savanna Shaw have released a debut album, an original song, and are preparing for two big concerts. Noon COVID Headlines: Nov. 17, 2020 – News, Sports https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=816. BRYCE 7, 1 records found. The Sky and Fog palette - part 1; The Sky and Fog palette - part 2 Using Daz Studio with Bryce More advanced Bryce controls and features The tutorials were made using Bryce 6.3 and 7 and Windows XP (the tutorials will be useful for older versions of Bryce too).

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All unreleased content can be seen here. Track storms, and stay in-the-know and prepared for what's coming. Dead Island: Epidemic was a game in the Dead Island series of games, a follow-up to both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. Bryce 7 gives you the ability to work faster and create more realistic environments than ever before.

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Manual download; Preview file. Trump calls into virtual G20 summit, talks COVID-19 with world leaders. Here's what it is like to be in a COVID-19 vaccine trial. Bryce Spare Parts Archives - Page 3 of 4.

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Cinema Stock 1 8) Soft Pastel 9) Guava Jelly. Anti-virus Warnings 15/01/2020. Prices are calculated as of 2020-11-02 based on a check-in date of 2020-11-15. Version Bryce 7 is a $ upgrade from Bryce 6. Instancing Lab - Enjoy true instancing with items that auto-follow the terrain.

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The COVID-19 virus has taken over many areas of cybersecurity in the same way that it has taken over many areas of our lives. Bryce 7.1 Serial Number Serial Number, key, crack, keygen https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=822. Download $800 Softwares Free read the full info here. For that, it contains a wide range of fully customized templates in its library.

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I need to test the USB for the virus without infecting another machine and I need to reinstall a copy of win7 on these 3 machines and get them back in. TikTok star Bryce Hall may have a lot less power tonight. And when it comes it IBL, the illumination is correct. Bryce 7 1 keygen no virus.

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Smallville FULL SUMMARY for Crisis

Season 1-5
Smallvile Season 1: Clark Kent learns about his origins from his parents and learns to trust friends with his secret, as well as that some can’t people be trusted. Most days, he stalks Lana Lang, hangs out with Pete and Chloe trying to solve a local mystery, asks Lex for favors, and fights a meta human each week. He has a rivalry with the school’s quarter back, Whitney, because he is dating Lana. Whitney goes off to the military or navy or something like that in the final episode and Clark and him kind of resolve their differences. Clark and Chloe (his best friend since middle school) briefly become a thing in the finale.
Smallville Season 2: Clark learns more about his powers and his vulnerabilities. Pete learns Clark’s secret. Clark finds the caves which contain Kryptonian symbols. He also learns more about his biological father, and his plan to have Clark “conquer the third planet from the yellow sun”. Clark dates Lana because Whitney is dead and Clark could care less. Breaks up with her because of some red kryptonite stuff. Clark and Lana keep going on and off for like 6 more seasons. Lex gets married to Helen Bryce, a doctor who found out Clark’s secret and at some point became bad and sold Clark’s blood sample to Lionel Luthor. She then tried to kill Lex during their flight to the honeymoon destination, and Lex got stranded on an island and is presumed dead. Chloe accepts Lionel’s offer to investigate Clark (can’t remember why).
Smallville Season 3: Clark feels bad because he destroyed his ship in an attempt to escape his biological father and almost killed his own mother and did kill the baby she was carrying. Clark goes to Metropolis and becomes awesome for an episode and half. Jonathan makes a deal with Jor-El that some day Clark would return to Jor-El, if he gave him powers to stop his son. Lex develops PTSD and signs of dementia. When he discovers evidence his father collaborated with a crime-lord named Morgan Edge to kill his grandparents for insurance money to start LuthorCorp, his father begins to drug him and drive him to the edge of insanity, and then eliminates Lex’s memory. Before this, Lex finds out Clark’s secret, and also works with Chloe to find dirt on his father. Later in the season, Lex regains the memory of what he learned about his father, and works with the FBI, until they bring him down and Lionel is arrested. Clark finds out Lex has been investigating him for 3 years and walks out on their friendship. However, he and Chloe both testify to what Lionel has done. Lionel is sent to federal prison, and we have an awesome scene where as he gets his haircut, Lex is poisoned by a drink, Chloe and her father get blown up inside a safe house, and something else I can’t remember... oh yeah Clark goes into the cave wall with Jor-El to learn some stuff. Also, Pete leaves the show this season, Clark briefly dates a girl named Alicia, and Lana goes to Paris.
Smallville Season 4: Clark returns, reprogrammed as Kal-El, with a mission to assemble three powerful stones scattered on Earth. Lana meets a guy named Jason in Paris. Lois shows up and finds Clark naked in a field, with no memory of who he is, during the time she tries to look into her cousin Chloe’s murder. Later- Lois gets to stay in Smallville and finish her senior year in Smallville High. Clark starts to play football. Clark and Lex are not friends anymore. Clark meets Bart Allen, a young kid with super speed powers and if I remember correctly the first non-meteor freak meta-human we saw on the show. One of the power stones causes Lionel and Clark to switch bodies, and after this effect is done, Lionel gains a conscience and seemingly turns good. A 17th century witch inhabits Lana’s body, and she returns to Smallville. Alicia returns and her and Clark restart a relationship, now that Alicia is apparently cured. Because Clark will not be with her though, she uses red kryptonite on him. Alicia dies, and her innocence is proved after she was framed for trying to kill Lana, but not before she reveals Clark’s secret to Chloe. Clark and Lex try to begin their friendship again. When Clark does not do what Jor-El sent him to do at the start of the season, a second meteor shower comes to Smallville and Clark needs to unite the three stones immediately. During this quest for the stones, Jason dies because he wants to get the stones for his evil mother, who also dies in the finale. The meteor shower is tragic and destroys the Kent Farm and wrecks Smallville. Clark unites the stones and finds himself in the arctic in the fortress of solitude.
Smallville Season 5: A Kryptonian ship lands in Smallville and the aliens that come out of it seek out Kal-El, to restore Krypton on Earth and release General Zod. Clark becomes mortal after he disobeys Jor-El and does not return to him at the fortress. Clark and Lana enjoy a relationship finally, because Clark doesn’t have powers. Clark learns that Chloe knows about his powers and tells her the rest. Clark and Lex are seemingly back to being friends since late last season, but Clark and Chloe go on a mission to find a serum demanded by some thugs holding Clark’s parents and Lana hostage. Later Clark finds out it was a test by Lex and he goes to the mansion and punches him. REPEATEDLY! And then Lex punches him and he bleeds, and Lex realizes he really messed up that time. But is was actually because Clark’s powers got taken by Jor-El. He gets then back later after someone shoots him and he dies. Clark and Lex are now basically never really friends again. Clark meets Arthur Curry, who swims really fast and wants to save the fishes from a machine that Lex is developing. Milton Fine, who is really Brainiac who came with the ship at the start of the season, manipulates Clark into almost destroying the fortress and ending Jor-El, so that he may release Zod. Lex has a turning point. When presented with a possible future where he leaves his father’s company and makes good decisions, he rejects it and chooses to believe happiness comes from money and power. Some say Lex started down the path of evil in this episode. Clark proposes to Lana and reveals his secret. His father is elected senator. Lana dies in a car accident after Lex chases after her, because he was drunk and offended her. Clark changes time to save Lana, and does not reveal his secret, leading Lana to break up with him and go to Lex. His father is elected senator and later visited by Lionel, and in a confrontation where Lionel reveals he knows Clark’s secret, Jonathan’s heart gives out and he dies. Martha accepts Jonathan’s position in the senate and leaves. Clark meets Cyborg. Lana who is depressed after ending things with Clark and other stuff going on in her life, uses a drug that lets people die temporarily. Lana develops a relationship with Lex Luthor. Brainiac unleashes a virus and will only release the cure if Clark releases Zod. Zod possesses Lex.
Seasons 6-10 follow
Smallville Season 6: Clark is trapped in the Phantom Zone, and then escapes to stop Lex/Zod and send him to the phantom zone. Some phantoms (prisoners of the zone) are released. A vigilante who Lois names the Green Arrow Bandit (later Green Arrow) shows up in Metropolis, and Clark learns it is none other than Starling City’s most eligible billionaire bachelor, Oliver Queen. Lana learns she’s apparently pregnant with Lex’s baby. Lex proposes. Lois dates Oliver and suspects he’s the Green Arrow but Clark covers for him. Clark, Arthur Curry, Bart Allen, Oliver, and Cyborg team up to take down a secret lab in LutherCorp, and we see a proto-Justice League. Clark meets the Martian Manhunter, who Jor-El apparently tasked with watching over him. Jimmy and Chloe become a thing. On Lex’s and Lana’s wedding day, the doctor threatens to tell Lana the pregnancy is faked, and Lex commits murder with his bare hands out of rage. Lana finds out Clark’s secret and apparently loses all interest in Lex, and she also finds out the pregnancy is fake. Lex gets trapped underground in an accident, and Clark tries to save him. However Lana knows there is a way out and keeps it a secret after she found out what Lex did to her, wanting him to die in there, but she comes forward with the blueprints to the underground structure when she finds out Clark is also down there. Clark tries to convince Lana to leave Lex. Clark goes after Lionel when he finds out he forced her to marry Lex or Lionel would supposedly kill Clark. Lana leaves Lex, and she dies in a car explosion, which Lex is arrested for because it is believed he murdered her.
Smallville Season 7: Clark confronts the last wraith that escaped the phantom zone a year earlier, and the wraith becomes a duplicate of Clark, Bizarro. In the fight, a water dam is broken, and the waters uncover the Kryptonian ship of a women, who is in search of a baby Kal-El. Lois is fatally injured and Chloe discovers her power of healing. Clark learns about his cousin Kara after he and Lois stumble into her ship in the forest. He also learns about Lana’s death from Lionel. Clark begins to trust Lionel after he explains why he did what he did to force Lana to marry Lex and that he is Jor-El’s vessel. Clark starts his training with Jor-El, finally beginning to trust him. Lana is not dead. Lex cloned her and Lana used a clone to fake her death fearing Lex would have actually killed her for leaving him. Chloe attempts to get rid of her powers. Lana returns to Smallville and gets back together with Clark, and Lex promises to leave her alone. Lana hates Lex and wants revenge. When she obtains Clark’s powers she goes after secret files in Lex’s mansion. A battle ensues between the three. Clark realizes Lana has changed and there is some tensions between them. Clark meets his biological mother, Lara, who is brought back in a twisted experiment begun by Zor-El, Kara’s dad, to save his family from Krypton’s destruction. Chloe reveals her powers to Jimmy. Clark fights Zor-El and Kara disappears while he is trapped in the fortress by Jor-El. Clark returns from the fortress, but this is actually Bizarro who takes advantage of the situation and poses as Clark. He even sleeps with Lana. Clark actually returns and Lana chooses between the two. This is a sad moment because even though she chose Clark, Bizarro’s last words were “I love you” and she had said she was happy with him. This creates tension between Clark and Lana. Lex finds Kara in Detroit, with amnesia, and befriends her. Pete returns in one of the worst episodes of Smallville... which is very disappointing for the character. (It was basically a glorified gum commercial) Pete leaves again and is never seen after this episode. Lex seeks to find out the identity of a so called traveller and tries to manipulate Kara. He also seeks a secret that reveals how to control the traveller. Lionel has Clark abducted (I can’t remember why) and Clark loses trust in him. Kara’s memory is restored and she saves Clark. However she previously made the mistake of trusting Lex Luthor. Kara tries to teach Clark how to fly to confront Brainiac. Kara disappears in the battle with Brainiac. Lana is left in a brain-dead like state of pain by Brainiac. Lionel attempts to regain Clark’s trust and warn him of the secret Lex is after, but Clark refused to trust him. The secret of the traveller, held by a group called Veritas, leads Lex to confront his father. This marks the moment in the show where Lex truly embraces evil, when he says to his father, “I was raised in your shadow. Now you’re going to die in mine,” and kills his father by pushing him out of broken window in his office at LutherCorp. Clark searches for Brainiac to reverse Lana’s condition, and the Department of Security arrests Chloe. Jor-El shows Clark a world where he never arrived in Smallville after Clark doubts himself. Lex is told he is destined to defeat the traveller, and he learns his identity, and believes Clark is a threat that he must take responsibility of. They face off in the fortress of solitude, which collapses. Lana is awakened from her comatose state.
Smallville Season 8: Lex is presumed dead after disappearing in the Arctic. The League also heads to the arctic to look for Clark, and he is found by Oliver. Clark is also once again without powers. Lana leaves and Clark mourns her. Clark regains his powers. Clark begins working at the Daily Planet. Tess Mercer takes over the Daily Planet and LutherCorp after Lex’s “passing”. Chloe meets Davis Bloome. Chloe and Jimmy become engaged. Signs of a serial killer pop up in metropolis, and Davis believes he is the killer because of frequent black outs. Jimmy gets a picture of the Red Blue Blur, which is featured on the Daily Planet newspaper and Clark fears his identity is in danger. Clark and Lois are sent into the phantom zone but Lois believes they were abducted so Clark’s secret is safe. Clark runs into Kara in the Phantom Zone. Faora, Zod’s Wife escapes the zone and inhabits Lois’s body back on Earth as she searches for her son. Clark and Kara both escape the zone. Davis Bloome is stabbed by Faora to awaken the destroyer, who was sent to Earth on Clark’s ship by Zod to destroy Jor-El’s son and Earth. Chloe’s mind and memories is replaced with Kyptonian code by Brainiac. Clark takes her to Jor-El so he can heal her. Oliver is out to find Lex and kill him once and for all but instead he finds Lana, who is also after Lex but seemingly for different reasons. Lois and Clark grow closer, however Lana returns. Doomsday, Davis Bloome’s true form, wrecks Jimmy and Chloe’s wedding and badly injures Jimmy. Chloe, inhabited by Brainiac tells Davis he is Doomsday and he was created to kill the other Kryptonian. The legion comes from the future and helps Clark stop Brainiac and save Chloe. They take Brainiac to the future to reprogram him and make him a hero. Tess finds out Lex is alive and spying on everything she does through her own eyes. Tess cuts off Lex. Lana and Clark get back together. Yes again. Clark finds that Lana is missing and finds out why she really left from Tess. Lana gets powers meant to heal Lex after his injuries from the arctic, effectively stopping his plans. Lex retaliates and makes Lana absorb so much Kryptonite that Clark will die if he is with her. Oliver finds where Lex is hiding out and kills Lex. Clark tells Lois his secret and reveals himself to the world when a reporter threatens to expose him. People support him and all goes well until things turn around on him and the government goes after him and his friends. Chloe finds out Davis is Doomsday in this timeline. However Clark uses the legion ring to travel back in time before Chloe could tell him Davis was Doomsday. Tess tries to get Clark to reveal his powers. Zatanna. Tess wants Clark to destroy Davis, and she believes Clark is the traveller, but unlike Lex, she does not believe him to be a threat. Davis turns to Chloe for help. The relationship between Davis and Chloe strains Chloe’s own relationship with Jimmy and they separate. Tess assembles a team of metas to look for Davis while Chloe tries to convince Clark to save Davis and separate the beast and send it to the Phantom Zone. Oliver believed they can’t save Davis. The heroes fight Doomsday and Clark manages to separate the beast from Davis. Then Clark buries the beast beneath the Earth. Chloe and Jimmy meet up and Chloe reveals she only went with Davis to protect Clark, which Jimmy now understands because he knows Clark’s secret. Davis is infuriated by this and out of jealousy kills Jimmy. A fight between Lois and Tess sends Lois through time.
Smallville Season 9: Lois returns after having been missing for weeks. Clark begins training with Jor-El. Chloe asks Clark to bring back Jimmy and when he refuses, it drives a wedge between them. Lois gets involved in helping the Blur. General Zod and the Kandorians are released accidentally by Tess. Oliver suffers from depression after Jimmy’s death and has given up being the green arrow and has suicidal thoughts. Chloe orchestrates a kidnapping to get Oliver to start thinking clearly again and become the green arrow. Jor-El who was also released by Tess, goes to the Kent Farm looking for his son. Zod asks Tess for help finding the Blur. Jor-El impersonates the Blur. Clark tries to find Jor-El before Zod does but he fails and he finds Jor-El out in a field, about to die after being assaulted by one of the Kandorians. Tess kidnaps Lois to find out where she disappeared to. Clark decides to trust Zod. Clark and the league meet the Justice Society of America, a team of heroes who operated during World War 2 through the 1970’s. Clark goes on a date with Lois. Zod poses as the blur and reveals himself to Lois. Chloe discovers that Zod gained powers after Clark saved him from dying with his own blood. Tess and Chloe are trapped in Watchtower. Oliver confronts Zod. Clark learns that all the Kandorians now have powers. Martha returns to Smallville with Perry White who Clark had met years earlier and is now dating him mother. Chloe calls the suicide squad for help battling Zod’s army. Clark and Zod fight and the Kandorians try to take over Earth. When the Kandorians find out Zod was responsible for his wife’s death and her child, they turn on general Zod and trust Clark to send them to a world where they can repopulate and restore Kandor. Zod uses blue kryptonite to render him and Clark mortal as they fight and prevent himself from being taken along with the other Kandorians. Zod stabs Clark who falls off the building, taking the knife with him. When Zod realizes what he did, he yells in anger as he too is taken with the rest of the Kandorians. Now under their mercy, Zod is sent to the phantom zone where his body unites with his original phantom from prior seasons. Lois finds out Clark’s identity and saves him by removing the blue kyptonite knife and sending it away from Clark, which allows him to heal. Clark is unaware that Lois knows or that she saved him though.
Smallville Season 10: Chloe is desperate to find Lois. Clark sees his father, Jonathan, who has a message for him. Kara returns to Earth, sent by Jor-El. She warns Clark of a dark force that approaches Earth. Clark gets the suit, but Jor-El locks it away. Clark attends his 5-year highschool reunion. Brainiac-5, the version reprogrammed by the legion comes to the past and Clark is taken into the future and through the past. Clark meets a future version of himself working at the planet in disguise and being Superman. Clark and Oliver begin to trust Tess. Clark tells Lois his secret and she reveals she knew since his fight with Zod. Clark proposes to Lois. The team worries that Chloe betrayed them. Lionel from Earth-2 makes his way to Earth-1 and takes over LutherCorp from Tess. Lois suggests Clark protect his identity by being a nerdy, bumbling, clumsy mild-mannered reporter. Tess and Lionel (Earth-2) battle for the Luthor name. Clark is once again trapped on Earth 2 and Lois on Earth 1 seeks doctor Emil Hamilton’s help to get him back. Meanwhile Clark’s evil Earth-2 doppelgänger wreaks havoc on Earth-1. Oliver and Clark are tricked into going to the Phantom Zone. They encounter Zod (this Zod being a combination of the one Clark faced in season 9, the one who was cloned and spared from Krypton’s destruction, and the Zod from season 6 who possessed Lex and was responsible for Krypton’s demise). Oliver is infected with the darkness. Lois gets Clark’s powers for a day when they go to the fortress for Jor-El’s blessing. Oliver in an effort to redeem himself, searches for the bow of Orion, a weapon that can defeat the darkness. Lois calls off the wedding and Clark tries to change her mind. Lionel abducts Tess. The darkness takes over Oliver. Lionel (Earth-2) makes a deal to give his soul to darkside in return for his son to be reborn on Earth-1. Oliver tries to infect Clark with the darkness during the wedding but fails and is freed from the darkness proving it can be stopped. Lois tries to talk to the president about what’s coming and gets on board a flight. Clark confronts Lex at the ruins of the Luthor Mansion, and while Lex vows their destinies will be tied and they will be great men because of each other, Clark vows he will always be there to stop Lex’s plans. When Tess confront Lex at LutherCorp, he kills her, but not before she erases all of his memories. Lex remembers nothing, but is left with a deep hatred for Superman. Clark confronts Darkseid who is possessing Earth 2 Lionel’s body. Clark is suspended in the air and has a vision in which he sees all of his trials. He defeats Darkseid and gains the power of flight. Jor-El gives Clark the suit, and Clark flies. He saves Lois and the President on board a flight. He also pushes away the Planet Apokolips from Earth, saving everyone. SERIES FINALE- In the year 2018, Lex Luthor has been elected president of the United States of America and is presumably enemies with Superman. Clark Kent and Lois work at the Daily Planet with Perry White as their boss, and Clark hides his identity behind the glasses. They are preparing to get married for real this time, but before they can Clark runs off to the roof of the Daily Planet building and rips open his shirt to reveal the iconic superman logo.
Short season 11 recap (I have only been able to read the full length of the Season 11 comics once, including the specials and the miniseries. I don’t remember a huge amount though.)
Smallville Season 11: Superman is now a public figure 6 months after defeating Darkseid in the season 10 finale. Clark meets new and old heroes. When a Crisis approaches, Clark teams up with hundreds of heroes from the Multiverse to fight the Monitors.
submitted by Ian-Kal to Smallville

The Villains of Chuck

I've always wondered how much better the show would have been if the writers had more breathing room, rather than have to tie up complex story lines very quickly in fear of cancellation. While I was quite happy watching Sarah and Chuck's relationship grow, as well as all the humor the show offered, I think there was room for improvement, for instance,some of the villains, could have been better. I don't intend to go over them one by one, as many such as Del just have a purpose in the plot and aren't particularly memorable but also not bad.Obviously this thread will contain spoilers

I'll start with the villains I like first as I don't want this to be purely negative (not in chronological order or preferential order):

  1. Alexi Volkoff: I don't think this should surprise anyone. Unlike certain other villains that we're just meant to fear because reasons, the show really did well with "show don't tell", regarding Volkoff. From the start of season 4, we see Casey and Sarah struggle with their latest mission and have spent months on it, only to be captured without finding out who they're even after. It is one thing to be a successful arms dealer, but Volkoff's appearance was not even known to the CIA. He posed as Frost's handler, and was able to locate and destroy Orion's base as a result. Sarah and Chuck should have died too, had Frost not saved them. That is an understandable mistake on his end, as it is later revealed that he tests "double agents" by having them murder their former associates. We see how ruthless he is when Chuck and Sarah were "holding Frost hostage", as he would rather just kill them all including Frost, rather than negotiate. We see how intelligent he is with the hydra network, even if his associates are captured they won't have much to spill as no one knows anything more than they, need to or even where to find that information. Choosing his 6'8 bodyguard to be "hydra" was pretty smart, as for one, he's unlikely to get captured and even if he is, no one really expects the muscle to know anything. Before he's arrested, he manages to free himself from the chair Chuck tied him to ( granted it was revealed to be Chuck's plan all along, but it is impressive that someone who has the resources to have everything done for him, possessing the skillset to escape and fight by himself). Even when he's arrested, we can't really tell if he actually saw the light, as we see him being cooperative but still seemed menacing. One of my favorite quotes in the series: "Remember, family and friends are everything. Money,greed and power are a dance with satan, and he looks like me." So in short, he's cunning, intelligent, skilled, ruthless, unpredictable and funny. It was just a shame that he got captured so quickly.
  2. Mr.Colt: His only appearance was in Chuck vs the first date, but I enjoyed it. We see him dangle Chuck off rooftops twice like it is nothing ( keep in mind that Zach Levi weighs around 200 pounds at this point) and that he was capable of easily tracking down team Bartowski. I loved his humor and that he was still able to be menacing despite being charismatic and funny.
  3. Ty Bennett: Casey's former Sensei. Like Colt, he only appeared in 1 episode but he's made quite the impression. He breaks into a facility that was heavily manned nearly undetected, and quickly takes down Casey before escaping. He's also had one of my favorite quotes in the series "A wise man always treats a stranger with respect. for he could be gazing on the face of an enemy." He says this after crushing Morgan's soda can with one hand.
  4. Riley: Volkoff's lawyer. I thought it was pretty stupid how he held Vivian at gunpoint to convince her to take her father's place, I would have much preferred if he continuously intervened with her life to prevent her from doing something else. Either way, Ray Wise just plays the villain pretty well. He's intimidating, he's smart and he's organized. He was pretty solid especially for a minor character.
  5. Vincent: He was just so persistent that he just seemed unstoppable. Even though it isn't the fanciest quote, I did like his quote regarding it being unprofessional not to kill someone.
  6. Leader: Sets a trap for Team Bartowski and allowing Jill to shoot him, just to access the CIA database. He's had a good interaction with Chuck
Chuck: The Nerd in me wants to say checkmate.
Leader: Never say that.
Chuck: Why is that?
Leader: Because you don't know who you're playing against
He delivers on that, considering Chuck's plan didn't factor in Leader's ability to kill Sarah and Casey through the bulletproof cells.
Unmet Potential
  1. Vivian: Honestly, I thought Lauren Cohan did really well with what she was given. It was just weird to turn a supposedly sweet girl into a villain just because the CIA lied to her, as well as completely trusting the man who pulled a gun on her in their first interaction (Riley) very quickly. I think one thing they could have added to accelerate her turn would be referencing Manoosh ( Chuck's asset that Chuck put in a cage with no trail or crime). They don't even have to bring the character back, they could have just had Vivian walk into a dark cell and say something like "Hello, Manoosh, I heard Charles Carmichael put you in here and you're going to tell me everything". They could have her repeat what he says like "So he played you, pretended to let you go, only to be tranqued in the back, and put you in a cage without committing any crime"? Something along those lines, to give context to people that may have missed the episode or just forgot the character's name. It would be believable, as we know that Volkoff has a huge reach and pretty much can do anything he wants.
  2. Decker: He's described as being the CIA's toughest agent by Casey and Casey admits that Decker terrifies him. He's supposed to be the man sent to kill the badasses who are assigned to kill people that know things that they shouldn't. We don't really see much of that, and it is even worse when Shaw reappears and reveals that Decker was a lackey all along. Chuck blackmails Decker and he doesn't backoff, yet Shaw, who is in prison is able to blackmail him? All he had to do was remove the intersect out of Shaw and deny what Shaw is saying. Shaw has absolutely no credibility. How he's able to fire Chuck, overriding General Beckman who literally says that she's his superior, after Team Bartowski takes down Volkoff is beyond me. We didn't really see him do anything impressive in action.
  3. Jill Roberts: From everything we learned about Jill, I just expected way more out of her. We see her betray Chuck ( for the second time), putting him and his team at risk of death by leading Leader to Castle ( she bypassed the lie detector by saying it wasn't a trap) and she was willing to shoot Sarah herself, then she has a sudden change of heart? When Chuck enlists her help after she's incarcerated,she knows that no deal they give her will be real, yet she helps anyway? After all those years doing as Fulcrum says, she's going to put a target on her back, FOR NO PAYOFF? Instead of escaping when the chance arises, she goes to save Chuck who then lets her escape and gives her the CIA ring. We never see her again. The CIA doesn't want her back in Custody? Fulcrum don't want her head for betraying them? I know Chuck the show doesn't really have any realistic consequences to anything, but sheesh.
Now onto the purely negative:
  1. Shaw: Honestly, I don't know how some people consider him to be the best villian of the show, him and Quinn are by far the worst in the show in my opinion, and I don't think it is even close. For one, his turn to the dark side was predictable. He was an ass so it wasn't like he was just going to go away by himself. The fact that he was just a dick to everyone, an incompetent spy and a shitty mentor, by coming in between Chuck and Sarah, and then rubbing it in Chuck's face, prevents his turn from having any emotional affect on the viewer. I don't know if the plan was originally to have Bryce be the person who turns against them and Matt just wasn't available, but its weird to make someone so unlikable change sides, could have just made him a villain from the start. What is worse, is that the writers don't even take advantage of his closeness to Team Bartowski. Other than team acknowledging he knows everything there is about them and him calling Sarah, "Sam", as a villain, his time as a "good" guy didn't really lead to anything. Even without knowing them, he would want Sarah dead for killing his wife. Take, James Keller, who recruited Casey into his black ops team and uses knowledge about Casey like 20 years later to track him down, uses Casey's status as a loner to use him, thinking that Casey would not have someone watch his back and use his weakness of caring about Kathleen against him. Yet Shaw who pretty much lived with Team Bartowski for ages, supposedly knows everything about them including their habits didn't come close to what Keller was able to do who doesn't even know present John Casey. We never saw Shaw just go after Sarah and Chuck using that valuable knowledge, by catching them when they're hanging out with family or anything like that. When he takes Sarah to France to kill her, he just expects Chuck to walk away and let him do it. You know, the guy that brought his friends as a distraction to get Shaw away from Sarah on their date in their restaurant, just to try to win her back AND when they're actually together... he expects Chuck to just watch him kill her? Then we have him somehow survive getting shot 3 times and drowning with no one being there to save him, and the plot is even dumber. The CIA records have him trying to kill Sarah and supposedly dead, yet he's just going to take General Beckman's place? Then we see him get caught, because he didn't see a scenario of a building full of CIA agents overhearing him say his grand plan ( even if he didn't assume Chuck would use LITERALLY THE ONLY PLAY HE HAS LEFT BY EXPOSING HIM),and sends a text message using his ring PHONE IN FRONT OF A ROOM FULL OF CIA AGENTS.Then, at the buymore instead of just shooting Chuck, you know he decides not to continue the trend of doing the one smart thing he did, by shooting Orion instead of going into a fight he doesn't know he can win, he decides to just disarm. It is weird how he has this weird vendetta against Chuck, he admits its to get to break Sarah, so just shoot him like she shot his wife? Then when he returns in Season 5, he somehow forgets that Chuck is good with computers and doesn't anticipate Chuck putting the virus in his intersect 3.0. But I guess we already knew that Shaw is a great spy
  2. Quinn: He's not smart, it took Morgan retracing his steps for him to track Team Bartowski whom he's supposedly been tracking all throughout the show's history. He's not scary, he looks more like a couch potato than a spy. He appears in 3 episodes and should have died on multiple occasions if it wasn't for plot armor. Back to him not being smart, he's constantly threatening Team Bartowski ( like Grabbing Casey's daughter) and not really anticipating a reaction. Casey, who killed Keller over his fiance that he hasn't contacted in forever, wouldn't just shoot Quinn on sight when his daughter was safe. I don't really know what to write tbh, I guess he's like the one time there were consequences in the show by Sarah losing her memory, but he's never demonstrated being good at anything.
  3. Fulcrum: As a whole, what are their motivations? We get the "government uses outdated technology" so we need to replace them, but is that it? Fulcrum don't have a working intersect, so the whole "outdated" thing doesn't even make sense. You'd think agents killing themselves instead of talking, would be do it to protect an organization that is more organized, and have some kind of goal.
  4. The Ring: We here from General Beckman that the Intersect is the only hole in Fulcrum's armor and then we learn Fulcrum is only a small part of the ring. Yet we have never really seen a real threat? Even in the season 2 finale, we see them talk about how "no one stops us", just before the guy WHO WAS ALONE IN THE INTERSECT ROOM, stops them. I know we're just meant to see how cool the new intersect is, but its annoying because the power isn't consistent and he gets his ass kicked a lot ( nonintersect Shaw 1v1 in vs the other guy for example), it just makes them look pathetic. Then, they just turn into Shaw's bitches who already sucks without throwing anything else into the mix.
  5. Justin Sullivan: The guy who tricked Ellie. He's one of the main reasons I don't like Ellie, his story that made her trust him is just laughable. I didn't even see the scene where he makes a phone call in Africa talking about giving Devon malaria symptoms. Its just obvious when a person follows you into another country they're either a weirdo stalker in love with you or they just want to use you or kill you. He never told her what she was protecting her father from and she didn't find it weird to put A TRACKER on her Dad? If no one can find him, WHY DOES HE NEED PROTECTION? This wouldn't be annoying if Ellie wasn't a doctor and wasn't depicted as being smart in numerous other occasions.
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