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The case for $TSOI

This is my second DD written so far on this subreddit, with my other DD being on NTRR, which was completely eaten up by the GNUS and XSPA rocket ships(https://www.reddit.com/pennystocks/comments/gx41wy/the_case_for_ntr). I probably should've written it last week, before it mooned on Friday, but I still have reason to believe that it still has plenty of room to grow, so we're writing this anyway. Additional warning, this stock, like NTRR, is also what I'd call a long-term hold, so likely not a quick flip.
TSOI, short for Therapeutic Solutions International Inc, is a pharmaceutical company that focuses on creating immunotherapy treatments for a wide range of diseases. Immunotherapy, in case you don't know what it means, is when the body's immune system is stimulated by an outside force to kill off certain types of cells in the body, like with cancer cells. Immunotherapy can also be used to suppress the immune system in certain scenarios, like if someone has an allergy, and both areas are being used by TSOI to create treatments to combat diseases.
What really separates TSOI from the rest of the other biotechs and pharmaceuticals is that they currently have twenty-two patents and applications filed as of this moment. Their products have/are been designed to fight liver cancer, esophageal cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, glioma, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), traumatic brain injury (TBI), cytokine release syndrome (CRS), diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, multiple sclerosis (MS), strokes, Alzeheimer's, elevated PSA levels, rheumatoid arthritis, tumor necrosis factor (TNF), sepsis, and, biggest of all, Covid-19 and SARS ( https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=156227701). In total, they have twenty-two completed/currently being worked-on products, which is not really an insane amount of products for a company that had been trading under a half a penny for the past year until Friday, as it's more like the number is off-the-charts.
TSOI re-patented their QuadraMune product, which was at first designed to treat cytokine release syndrome and initially patented on September 25, 2018, on May 5, and now it is designed to treat Covid-19 and SARS (https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-pk-TSOI/stock-news/82379211/therapeutic-solutions-international-leverages-file). On June 4 they announced positive results in a 32 patient study they had conducted with QuadraMune (https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-pk-TSOI/stock-news/82600993/therapeutic-solutions-international-announces-posi), and on June 8 they initiated a 500 patient study based once more again on using QuadraMune to stimulate the immune system to use against Covid-19 cells (https://ih.advfn.com/stock-market/USOTC/therapeutic-solutions-pk-TSOI/stock-news/82617340/therapeutic-solutions-international-initiates-500). That trial is currently recruiting on a government website, so it's really unlikely that it's a scam (https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT04421391?term=quadramune&draw=2&rank=1).
QuadraMune is made up of four natural ingredients: pterostilbene, which has been shown to possess antiinflammatory activity and suppress macrophage activation while enhancing NK activity, epigallocatechin gallate, which has been shown to act as an activator of T cells and a suppressor of neutrophil-mediated inflammation, sulforaphane, which protects lungs from inflammatory pathology, and thymoquinone, which possesses antiviral effects and increases NK activity (https://www.centerwatch.com/clinical-trials/listings/245747/covid19-quadramunetm-prevention-covid-19/?&radius=50).
The odds of them actually making a viable cure for Covid-19, if it is even possible to create a cure for Covid-19, is definitely unlikely, and I don't expect them to make a cure for it or let alone be the first pharma to release one, but they have so many products they are currently working on for so many numerous diseases that they are bound to stumble on something. From 2006 to 2015, the average percent of drugs that made it from Phase 1 to being approved by the FDA is roughly 9.6%, which means that on average we would see three of their products being approved by the FDA (https://www.bio.org/sites/default/files/legacy/bioorg/docs/Clinical%20Development%20Success%20Rates%202006-2015%20-%20BIO,%20Biomedtracker,%20Amplion%202016.pdf). Considering how widespread many of the diseases TSOI is currently making products for, any of the drugs could easily pull in nine-digits each year, even ten-digits, it's possibly the most appealing pharmaceutical on the block.

The Good:
They have twenty-nine products they are currently working on, unheard of for a penny stock.
Insiders have bought just under 400 million of their shares so far this month, nearly a fourth of their OS, which is 1.66 billion, so that is an extremely bullish sign.
The Bad:
They stated in their 10-K that they may not have enough money to last the year because of their recurring losses the past two years, 1.7 million last year and 1.9 million the year before, so something has to change with that.
They are in an extremely competitive market, with not nearly as much money as other companies to create high-quality products.
The Catalysts:
Their 500 patient study is predicted from them to finish around November, which is also when the results of the trial are likely to be published.
Following the patterns of the last few years, their next 10-Q is likely to be released in the middle of August, as well as their next 10-K in April or May.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a registered investment adviser, broker-dealer, or member of any other association for research providers in any jurisdiction whatsoever and I am NOT qualified to give financial advice. Investing/Trading in securities, particularly microcap securities, is highly speculative and carries an extremely high degree of risk. The information, analysis, and opinions listed above are my own and may not properly reflect the underlying conditions of a company or security. You should do your own Due Diligence. If you trade based on anything I have written YOU ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND LIABILITY for your own trades and actions and hold the author of this publication harmless. If that isn't clear enough DO NOT TRADE, ACT, OR INVEST, BASED UPON ANYTHING I WRITE OR RECOMMEND. There, we should be solid now.

May the odds ever be in your favor.
​ Edit (June 25): more news, on June 22 they filed a patent for one of their products, StemVacs, which they have found in studies to increase the activity of NK cells, "natural killer" cells that have been found in their studies to inhibit the growth of Covid-19 (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/therapeutic-solutions-international-announces-intention-to-use-clinical-stage-nk-activating-cancer-immunotherapy-for-covid-19-301081006.html). They have two separate cures for Covid-19 that they are working on, yet they are currently a sub-penny stock. This is a volcano just waiting to erupt, especially considering how Covid-19 cases are starting to rise again.
submitted by EskettiMySpaghetti to pennystocks

bathrobeDFS - MLB Team-By-Team Preview: Part 20 of 30: Baltimore Orioles

Hey, everyone! bathrobeDFS back with another piece of my MLB preview. I’m gonna look at how the team did last year, any major roster moves, how they are projected to do/look this year, and then a final analysis of their rotation and hitters from a DFS perspective. I will do 30 of these (one for every team) and then, close to opening day, a final update to talk about any major changes between the preview and then (such as signings, injuries, breakouts, breakdowns, etc..) Well there’s a lot to do, let’s get going!
2018 Results
Record - 47-115 - Last in the World
Runs Scored - 622 - Last in the AL
Earned Runs Against - 824 - Last in the AL
RosteTeam Changes
No Longer On The Team
  • Colby Rasmus, RF
  • Adam Jones, CF
  • John Andreoli, RF
  • Tim Beckham, SS
  • Caleb Joseph, C
  • Ryan Meisinger, RHP
  • Breyvic Valera, 2B
  • Donnie Hart
  • Omar Bencomo, RHP
New Additions
  • Christopher Bostick, 2B
  • Lenin Rodriguez, C
  • Dwight Smith, Jr., LF
  • Jace Peterson, 2B
  • Gregory Infante, RHP
  • Carlos Perez, C
  • Hanser Alberto, SS
  • Cael Brockmeyer, C
  • Xavier Moore, RHP
  • Jack Reinheimer, SS
  • Rio Ruiz, 3B
  • Jesus Sucre, C
  • Nate Karns, RHP
  • Richie Martin, SS
  • Zach Vincej, SS
  • Josh Lucas, RHP
2019 Projections
Vegas Odds
To Win World Series - 1000/1 (lol)
To Win AL Pennant - 500/1 (lol)
Record - 58-104 - Last in the AL
Runs Scored - 658 - 14th in the AL
Runs Allowed - 895 - Last in the AL
Team Batting Average - .229 - Last in the AL
Team OBP - .292 - Last in the AL
Team SLG - .386 - Last (Tied) in the AL
FRAA (Defensive Metric) - -20.1 - 13th in the AL - 27th in the MLB
Record - 62-100 - Last in the AL
Runs Scored - 793.8 - Last in the AL
Runs Allowed - 1007.6 - Last in the AL
Record - 64-98 - Last in the AL
Runs Scored - 634 - Last in the AL
Runs Allowed - 787 - T13 in the AL
Projected Lineup
  1. Cedric Mullins, CF (S)
  2. Jonathan Villar, 2B (S)
  3. Mark Trumbo, DH (R)
  4. Chris Davis, 1B (L)
  5. Trey Mancini, LF (R)
  6. Rio Ruiz, 3B (L)
  7. Joey Rickard, RF (R)
  8. Chance Sisco, C (L)
  9. Richie Martin, SS (R)
Projected Rotation
  1. Alex Cobb, RHP
  2. Dylan Bundy, RHP
  3. Andrew Cashner, RHP
  4. David Hess, RHP
  5. Mike Wright, Jr., RHP
Bullpen and Bench
  • Mychal Givens, CL
  • Richard Bleier, SU
  • Miguel Castro, SU
  • Paul Fry, RP
  • Tanner Scott, RP
  • Cody Carroll, RP
  • Nate Karns, RP
  • Austin Wynn, C
  • Hanser Alberto, INF
  • Drew Jackson, UTIL
  • Renato Nunez, UTIL
Well, this is going to be easy. This is one of the worst teams I’ve ever seen. We are not going to use their pitchers. We are not going to use their batters. Let’s get this over with!
The Rotation
I love it when things are quick and easy. First is Alex Cobb, who is bad. Last season he had a FIP of 4.8 and a WHIP of 1.411. He gave up a ton of hits and walks and home runs and didn’t strike out anyone. He can be stacked against every time he pitches. He is also a reverse splits guy so prioritize RHB.
Next up is Dylan Bundy, who is bad. He is young though, just 26, with potential to have a fantastic season. I mean, he won’t, but he could. Last season he had a FIP of 5.17 and a WHIP of 1.410. He gave up a bunch of hits and walks, but gave up a ridiculous 2.1 H9. He is someone who gets a bunch of strikeouts, so, if he plays a terrible team he can be used. But we’re basically going to just stack against him. He is an extreme splits pitcher, so make sure to play any and every LHB you can against him. I also have to point out that, so far this spring, he has 17 IP and has given up 27 hits, 15 ER, 3 HR with only 12 Ks, got a WHIP of 1.7, a H/9 of 14.3 I mean, I could go on but you get the point.
Pitching 3rd is Andrew Cashner, someone who couldn’t translate 100+mph stuff into strikeouts, wins, or a decent MLB career. If you average his last 2 seasons, his only in the AL, he got an FIP around 5 with a WHIP around 1.4. He gives up a ton of hits and walks and homers and gets like 5 K/9 which is absolutely insane for how fast he can throw the ball. That’s what he did this spring, and it’s what he’s projected to do this season. Whenever he’s on the mound, just take batters against him. Again.
David Hess will take the 4th spot in the rotation, coming off an underwhelming rookie season in which Hess had an FIP of 5.80 and a WHIP of 1.384 with a H9 of 1.9 and a K/9 of about 6. So, while I always point out that he’s a 25 year old kid who has a chance to learn and grow, odds are that’s what we are going to get from him again. Someone who we can stack against and never really play.
Closing out the O’s rotation should be Mike Wright, Jr. Wright has spend most of his career in the bullpen, facing mainly advantageous situations and he still has a career FIP of 5.21 and WHIP of 1.5. Like everyone else on this rotation he gives up a bunch of hits, walks and HR and not enough Ks to warrant considering him as anything other than another pitcher we will be stacking against.
The Hitters
It doesn’t get much better here. The O’s lead off hitter this year with 24 year old kid Cedric Mullins, someone who just barely got over his rookie limit last season making him a sophomore without enough of a sample size to adequately judge him. What I can tell you is, from looking over everything, and living in the Orioles market and watching their games, Mullins is not someone we are ever really going to play, unless the price or opponent really warrants it. He doesn’t hit for much power. He didn’t steal many bases. He doesn’t really hit for average or draw a lot of walks either. He wasn’t a top prospect and we shouldn’t really expect much from him this year, the mantra of this Orioles team.
Batting 2nd is Jonathan Villar, who was acquired from the Brewers at the trade deadline last season. As a 28 year old and former MLB SB champ, we can actually use Villar in situations this season. He has more pop than you would think, he is going to steal a bunch of bases and, while he doesn’t draw a ton of walks or hit for a high average, he is still better than someone like Dee Gordon, who will be more owned and higher priced.
Mark Trumbo will once again fill the #3 spot in the O’s lineup. He is 33 now and it’s clear he is no longer the same player as when he was the major league leader in HR in 2016. Still, If he gets a full season (which is always a major question), he’s someone who is gonna hit you around .250 with 25 HR and enough other stats that we can consider playing him at a cheap price when a bad pitcher comes to town (or when he’s in a good park - for example in late May when the O’s go to Denver for 3 games)
Cleaning up for the O’s is former 2-time MLB HR leader Chris Davis. Now, while the other Khris Davis is leading the MLB in HR, this Davis is only likely to lead the MLB in Ks (if he could get a full season in). He hits under the Mendoza line (.200). His OPS is .530. In Spring Training he had 29 AB and a BA of .136 with SEVEN WALKS and 16 Ks. I highlight 7 walks because his OBP was .306 and his OPS (OBP + SLG) was sill .547. Dude can’t be played especially against LHP. Just be happy he’s in the lineup cause the pitchers you use against BAL every day are gonna get a buttload of Ks.
Up 5th will be Trey Mancini, a 27 year old entering his peak season. After a 2017 that saw Mancini place 3rd in the Rookie of the Year voting, he had the normal sophomore slump. Having watched him, I would expect him to come in somewhere between the two. He had similar advanced numbers across the 2 years, with a slightly lower .ISO. The one huge difference was that, in 2017 his BABIP was .352 and in 2018 his BABIP was .285. So his success this year is going to, in part, be based on how lucky he is. I will make sure to keep watch on his BABIP as the season progresses. He also shows reverse splits in terms of power, meaning he can get hits against both hits equally, but he has much better power numbers against RHP.
Next up, manning 3rd should be Rio Ruiz, a 24 year old kid with 169 AB over the last 3 seasons. In that time, he has hit .189 with an OPS of .584. It’s a small sample size, sure, but is it accurate? His minor league numbers have shown him as a relatively consistent .250-.260 hitter with an OPS of around .740. Not someone we are going to use a lot if he shows us those numbers. But, again, he won’t be 25 for another 2 months. He has time to grow. And in Spring Training this season, in 48 AB he has hit .270 with 3 HR and 4 2B, along with a K/BB of 6/11. Good for an OPS of .899. Now, I don’t think we can expect that (especially since he has seen, like, AA pitchers most of the time), but it certainly shows that he is someone who has a chance to produce. We will have to see if he can do it against MLB pitching. I wouldn’t bet on it.
Joey Rickard will bat 7th for the O’s this season. He’s been used in more of a backup role the last few years. In that role, he’s performed admirably. Let’s see if he can do it over the course of a full season. What we have seen is someone who can hit you .250 with an OPS around .700. If he gets a full season of AB, I would expect him to get double digits in both HR and SB. Not someone we are going to use a lot, but someone we can consider when the O’s are viable. He’s also shown noticeable splits in his career so far, so prioritize taking him against LHP.
Catcher Chance Cisco was a top 100 prospect before the 2017 season. He was tearing up AA, hitting .310 with an OPS over .800 in 2 seasons. But AAA didn’t suit him so well, and he saw his numbers fall off considerably, hitting .260 with an OPS of .733 over his 3 seasons there. Now, those aren’t terrible numbers by any means, but that big a decrease from AA to AAA portends doom when you go from AAA to the actual real pitching in the MLB. Well, the 178 AB he’s gotten in the MLB have shown us someone who hits under the Mendoza line, at .197, with an OPS of .626. Now, as I always say, this is a 24 year old kid. So saying all is lost would be premature to say the least. But no one is talking about him as a top prospect anymore. And I certainly wouldn’t bet on him being able to hit. We will see and I, of course, will keep you updated through the season.
Closing out the Orioles lineup will be rookie Richie Martin, who will truly be livin la vida loca this season. People might be hopeful that he bangs, but he has shown himself to be a light hitting player at all levels, and he’s making the jump from AA to the MLB, which normally doesn’t go to kindly. Shake your bon-bon.
So that was a mess. Sorry, O’s fans.
submitted by bathrobeDFS to dfsports

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