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NOTICE: Activision Forums are Shutting Down Effective January 28, 2020, the Activision forums will be taken offline. They will be able to give you more information about authorisation holds policy. In stock Instant download Bundle Pack $1.22.

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Home - Ubisoft Support. The Sims 3 can also be downloaded for free using peer-to-peer file. Two years later, MW3 comes out and nothing has changed.

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Graphics is better in Mafia 2. Ps3 - Can I download DLC onto more than one PlayStation 3. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. akaBrando last edited by.

New MW3 DLC update for Xbox 360, PS3 – Product Reviews Net

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a return to one of the franchise's most iconic settings. I believe you'll only be searching for lobbies that have the same DLC installed as yourself, so it's best to have either no DLC installed or have all DLC installed to have the best possibility of finding a lobby. MW3 DLC News - Video Game Reviews, Previews and News.

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Articles; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer weapons, perks and pointstreaks guide Modern Warfare 3 content collection 1 DLC achievements. Anyone still play AW for PS3 and have the Havoc DLC? A lightweight and easy to use tool that might be able to improve the performance of your games.

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Amazon.com: Customer reviews: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=862. Download Call Of Duty Videos. I had Black Ops 1 and the Moon map pack for Xbox 360 and I recently downloaded it onto my Xbox One.

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For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "DLC Pack 1". Building on many years of research and development, Plutonium delivers a solid and refreshing gaming experience like none other. This is a very rare and leaked tool to download Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 Map DLC for free on your Xbox 360 game.

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DLC that is free may be posted here, please do not post anything that costs money on Xbox Live. Call of Duty - Activision Games Blog. MW3 Content Collection 1 Screenshots, Trailer Preview.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with DLC Collection 1

If yo do want to cheat, keep in mind that it is. DLC 1, 2, & 4 are definitely worth it. I still plan on playing MW3 after BOII comes out. Agree 2 Disagree 2 -+ SPAM Inappropriate.

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Microsoft has finally been able to explain how DLC will work within the overall sphere of backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. Dlc 1 mw3 able hacks. If you need a tutorial for them, feel free to comment below and say what DLC your trying to install.

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Free game demo, patch and trailer downloads. So I got this 15 digit pre-order code from Gamestop but it https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=880. You are able to just bury teams with kill streaks.

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If your Anti-Virus detect this as some kinda threat its because its an injector. I checked the store to see if it would let me just download it. Step 1: Learn the map and master all 4 Chi powers.

A critique of the game that *doesn’t* say it’s either garbage or the second coming of christ?

On a cod subreddit? It’s more likely than you think.
Cod credentials: - played since cod4 - Last game I played a ton was MW3, have played off and on since until MW2019 brought me back into the fold (I’m genuinely sad I missed the glory days of black ops 2 though, from what I hear it was one of the best ones) - I rush like a bat out of hell, but don’t like bunny hopping or slide-cancelling - I like trying new guns/setups (don’t just play with the same exact class every game) - I play many many other games besides cod and FPS games in general (not saying that to look down on people who mostly play fps games, I just feel like the perspectives inside the call of duty community get way too insular sometimes) - Pretty average/good player–I was garbage in MW until something clicked and I started going positive most games, equaling out to a 1.0 KD (so sometimes the very strict sbmm is a bro and sometimes it destroys me)
Personally I think the game has a very fun flow to it and my few play sessions were definitely more fun than my last few play sessions on MW–but we shouldn’t have to trade quality and polish for fun.
TO BE CLEAR: I dont mean “quality and polish” as in “reload animation is buggy so game bad” or characters models getting all Mr. Fantastic on us–general bugs are expected in an alpha clearly–I mean that there are so many things about MW 2019 that pushed the series forward and made me feel like cod had actually changed in a big way, that the standards got higher. It’s 2020, COD has been around since 2003–there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be able to have our cake and eat it too. “But treyarch had to take over and develop the game in 4 minutes and 32 and 1/2 seconds while juggling bowling balls” I really don’t care dude, if the game was in trouble and isn’t gonna be good, activision and treyarch and whatever other cod company is slapping it together should have delayed it and fixed the problems. There’s no law in any country or religion that mandates that a new COD must come out in November every single year. This game comes out in two months, not that much is gonna change beyond general bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and overall balancing. (However, it should be said that my decision on whether or not to buy this game will be decided by the beta, and reviews of the full game, not this alpha)
Alright, now that everyone reading this is sufficiently tilted, here’s my more specific critiques!
  • Map design is really good! I think it’s probably the biggest strength of this game so far.
(Full disclosure, I only played one game of the 12v12, the 6v6 is where I spent almost all of my playtime because the smaller, casters games are the ones I enjoy the most) Other than Miami, I’ve had fun on every map! Satellite is truly awesome, it feels like it caters to every play style and that’s really dope. Have not had a bad game on it. Moscow (on domination especially) is good, has a super fun flow to it. Definitely feels like it caters to rushers like me more but I mean I’m not gonna complain about that. Like I said though, Miami is rough. It honestly feels so bad in 6v6, sight lines are way too long, people somehow blend in to everything else, (even with the vibrant color palette) you either are getting shot from every which direction in the way too open area or running around for 2 minutes without seeing a soul. I’d hope that it would feel better with more players, but I honestly doubt it, I just think I would get destroyed in the wide open center area more. Domination is especially bad just because B is a nightmare to cap–you just have to pray that nobody is near you when you’re trying to take it, cause there’s no way you’ll see or hear them coming before you’re dead. This map needs a lot of work imo and I can’t promise that I won’t just leave the lobby every time it’s coming up next.
  • Overall TTK is perfect. I can react to being shot without feeling like I’m winning gunfights unfairly.
Don’t have anything else to say about this one. chef’s kiss
  • The guns in the alpha are fun to use, but simultaneously don’t feel as unique and different as in MW.
    Like I don’t want straight trash in CW like some of the guns in MW, but one of my favorite things about that game was picking up a new gun that I had barely used before and spending a play session or two learning it and really getting good with it, trying to figure out for myself what all the best attachments were. There’s a sweet spot in between some guns being absolutely garbage, and all guns being fun but feeling same-y, which is what the guns in the alpha felt like.
We didn’t have access to all the attachments in this alpha obviously, but I thought it was really strange that there were many attachments that just didn’t have downsides. (it could just be that there’s hidden downsides like how it was in MW, I’ve definitely learned to not fully trust the gunsmith stat screen)
In MW it felt like everything had a real trade off, big or small, and whether or not the attachment was super good or not depended on the gun. Now sometimes you really didn’t care about the trade offs, like the commando foreground for example improved accuracy without decreasing ADS which was phenomenal, but sometimes I really did want that movement speed and I noticed that decrease when I was using it! In stark contrast, With Cold War’s mags for example, if you’ve got the extra attachment slot there’s no reason not to use 40 round mags instead of thirty. Literally. There’s no downside. I know there were attachments with no downsides in MW like the first laser that increases hip fire, but the ones with no downsides also felt like the upsides weren’t very noticeable, whereas 10 extra bullets with no downside is absolutely bonkers to me.
  • I really love the color palette, and felt like the game has a lot of character in how it presents itself, but everything else, (audio, visual, and gameplay-wise) felt super empty and barebones to me.
This is going to be ambiguous and cover a lot, but the general feeling of emptiness is the biggest problem with the game imo. However, this is also something that I think will change a good amount between now and the final release–unfinished games always feel hollow in general–and the visuals are definitely influenced by me playing on a base PS4 instead of a pro. Many examples of that ‘phantom pain’ here tho:
movement has no weight to it, guns all sound the same, recoil feels the same, sound design is basic as hell in general (name five sounds off the top of your head in any map other than gunfire, footsteps, and explosions, it feels eerily silent when one of those three isn’t happening near you) operators only seem to say things very rarely (I got so used to the silence it actually startled me when they would say something, whereas in MW Iskra calls someone a c*** seemingly every time she exhales) textures and models are simple and boring, and operators handle every gun in what feels like the same exact way.
I don’t know shit about guns, but it’s so easy to see that in MW a lot of love was put into the textures, models, sounds, and animations for every gun, and this level of detail carried over into operators, maps (specifically visually–let’s not get crazy and say that MW has anything other than generally poor map design) and general design of the game. Modern Warfare is a genuinely fantastic looking and sounding game! The Cold War alpha is definitely not that, and the final game will most likely be similar.
  • Movement is so frickin weird
This point is definitely part of the last point, but I thought it needed its own section. The movement especially felt so fluid and natural in MW, and while I didn’t enjoy the generally slower pace of the game mixed with the near instant TTK, I never felt like my character was moving in a way that felt unnatural. In stark contrast, everything about the way my character moves in CW feels unnatural. This is the hardest point to explain for me but it just, feels, wrong. I flip flop as to whether or not running should be slower or faster, sliding goes at Mach speed, “climb everything for no reason” from breath of the wild is now also in cod, and so many more puzzling things. I genuinely wish I could explain this better, but it just does not feel natural or good. I think it’s whiplash from playing so much MW, but I honestly don’t think that a movement system that feels more like the OG black ops (a game released 10 years ago) than MW (a game released 1 year ago) is a good thing for a game launching on the next-gen consoles.
With this game it becomes clearer to me that the games are not going to build off of each other and reach new heights, rather they’re going to do whatever the hell they think will be good enough within their small window of dev time, regardless of what makes the games actually high quality or not. Listen I’m really glad this game was fun, some of those matches were genuinely phenomenal for me to play, but why should we settle for “fun, but looks sounds and feels like a PS3 game” when there’s no good reason we can’t have a fun game that does everything that the last game did but better? Games are becoming 70 dollars base charge with extra charges for battle passes and dlcs and cosmetics on top, the base game should be high quality product to justify that cost to the players. COD took a huge leap forward with MW that I honestly never expected them to do, but CW is setting itself up to do a massive backflip right back. That’s ridiculous, and even if the game is fun, you can still think that is dumb as hell and demand better.
TL;DR–game fun, but at what cost
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(Repost) Warzone Ideas

Hey everyone! The following are some of my mostly-Warzone related ideas! Feel free to comment on them... would love to see some of these come to fruition. Don't be toxic. Let me know if you think these modes should be 'playlisted' or ticketed events.
Please reply what you think, and upvote this post if you can. Stay frosty.
Thanks for your all of your hard work, IW developers and moderators!
BR6 - Squads of 6:
I believe we have enough tag/player colors for it. (Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink, correct?) I can’t tell you how many times ‘the new guy’ wants to join in the Tuesday night squad but can’t do Warzone with us because four is the limit. Happens all the time. Six would… spice things up. Could just be me, but I feel this would only take a few keystrokes to implement in Verdansk. Helicopters have enough seats. Helicopters already have already have a 5-person capacity and Cargo Trucks a 6. Not like any particular squad is limited to one vehicle anyway, right?
BR - Nightfall/ Going Dark:
Players deploy with NVGs, which I imagine would conflict with some operator skins, something I'm sure we can work around. Nightfall occurs during the second circle, and the map is enveloped in darkness for the bulk of the game. NVGs must be purchased from a buy station after any redeployment. During the final circle, there is a sudden sunrise! Warzone needs a night mode, and this is my favorite idea of them all.
BR - Island:
Instead of a plane drop, players deploy underwater outside the map, surface, swim, and work inland. OR players deploy via zodiac, approaching on an equal ring around the island. Instead of urban hubs, there are dense areas of foliage, vast LOST-esque bunker networks, more ‘loot tents,’ swamps and heavy fog. Some dockworks with underwateclearwater swimming areas. Fun opportunities for cool takedowns and camper-busting alike. I think this solves the irony of having UDT skins for some characters when there is almost 0 water insertion. Perhaps also a 2-seater hovercraft unique to this mode?
BR - Blizzard:
A winter event where the gas has been replaced by a bitter, zero-visibility snowstorm. Gas Masks could be supplemented by Heatpack or Themogenic pill. Players deploy with Heartbeat Sensors to defeat rainstorm/snowstorm conditions that are in the safe zone. (In the style of 'Cliffhanger.') Verdansk with snowmobiles. Heartbeats can only be obtained again via Loadout drop or buy station post redeployment. We have so many snow skins and no snow map. I know the background story of WZSS1-4 is focused on chemical weapons, but wouldn't a snowy map be fun to play on?
BR - Mini: 76 Players instead of 150. Smaller circle, 10-20 mins maximum duration. No Launchers. For when Warzone is your lunchbreak. I've heard many people complain Warzone is hard on causal players, and extremely time consuming. This is my second favorite mode. Perhaps we can call this Warzone Arcade.
Warzone - Tactical/HC : BR Classic +Redeploy. Deploy with a Loadout and an armor carrier. Crates only yield ammo and kill streaks, but no primaries. Armor is rarer. Less scavenging, more run and gun. After redeploy, you lose your load-outs and must scavenge from the fallen. Perhaps no launchers or vehicles in this mode to really test players' skills. I would slow gas speed down to pre-Season 3 update speeds. We can only run so fast, mate!
The following are operator ideas I've had that aren't related to the main thrust of this post but I felt merited inclusion nonetheless.
Merrick, Keegan, Ajax, Hesh, Logan, Papa Walker. Unique weapon blueprints. M13 mockup akin to the Honey Badger for the Walker Boys.
Some unique stickers and takedowns involving everyone’s favorite good boy, Riley.
(That game, in story and design, was ahead of its time. Many of us have feverish nightmares wondering what happened to Logan, why GHOSTS 2 keeps getting pushed away from us… further out of reach. What a phenomenal story. That Tsunami studium insertion? Oof! Plane crash cite in the jungle? Can you imagine playing it today with the mechanics and engine of MW?)
*Callsign 'Deadly;' Capt. Pelayo. One of the coolest side-characters in Modern Warfare 1 / Cod4. I think her story lives on. Badass Cobra pilot. Maybe a blueprint for a Custom MP7/MP5 and a USMC Recon/Aviation flightsuit exclusive to her. My baby sister wants to join the military one day and has been playing the classic MW triology. Mara is her favorite operator in WZ thusfar.
*OG 'Gaz.' Give him a new name, since we're rebooting and all, we can't have two Gaz's, but his character definitely has merit to reemerge. Is his voice the UK Fireteam/ Command/ Training voice we've been hearing this whole time? “Your teammate is RTB at this time.” Will we give him a new name and will he show up to help New Gaz brief (new) Soap for his mission in the next campaign or DLC?
*Other MWR characters. Will we see SAS Command/McMacillan, Baseplate, Truck, Sandman return in future installments of MW/WZ?
*Delta (slight nod to MW3’s Sandman and Truck, may I add.)
*MARSOC / Raiders / Navy Amphibious Recon Medic.
*PJ Skin IV (UDT)
*TF141: ex. 'Scarecrow,' 'Archer,' 'Rook' and 'Ozone.'
*SEALS: 'Worm,' 'Robot,' and 'Zach'
Vehicle Ideas:
*Another variant of the Tactical Rover akin to M1161-ITV, which is a little more jeep-like in my opinion.
*Another variant of the SUV that has two doors and an open canopy in the back. See: USMC IFAV (Mercedes-Benz Wolf)
Weapon Adjustment Requests: Please upgrade the .458 SOCOM magazine from 10-rounds to 15! It’s always frustrating when you’ve picked your DMR M4 loadout to find your long-range encounter became close quarters quick, and you’ve only got 10 rounds for 3 people rushing you. Maybe you have the skill to evade, maybe you don’t. 10 rounds feels nerfed in that context, and 5 rounds is an appropriate buff to allow some self-defense in CQB.
Please add the 1) FN five-seven and/or 2) make an auto-barrel for the X18/G18... to make a G18C. It’s a cool gun, and somewhat disappointing that we haven't been able to spray with it like we did in the MW2 campaign. 3) G36C! Where has our British 556 been?
Irrelevant MP Map Request: Winter Crash
Aside: If the rumors are true about Blops-Reboot/60s material finding its way into Warzone next year, adding SOG/SAG, Army LRRP, 5th SFG, Vietnamese Commandos (See: HRG 104-820, June 19th, 1996.) These men deserve recognition.
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