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First impressions with the G2

First impressions with the G2
First off, this is a great headset. I feel privileged to have received it so early and am loving the experiences I am having with it.
This is going to be my daily driver until the next big leap in headsets, I do not regret pre-ordering it in any way and if you pre-ordered it, don't worry you will have great fun. The Reverb G2 is way better than the Rift S and Lenovo Explorer (that's all I have to compare it with). If I were given the choice, even with my criticisms, I would buy the G2 again - it is a generational leap, think PS1 vs PS2. It's not a PS3, but at least you can see what's going on.
With that said, I am going to be critical and compare the headset a lot to the Rift S, that doesn't mean it's bad, but it will hopefully provide some balance to the overwhelmingly positive reviews this headset got before release.
If you have any specific questions, games or experiments you want me to run, let me know and I'll add them to this.
I will be updating this as I clock more hours in the headset. For now I took the day off work and have spent an entire whole day playing mostly Half Life: Alyx, Onward and Boneworks. It's annoying (in a good way) because I want to play them through from the start but I also want to play them all right now. Feeling really enthused right now.
I realised that I was playing games using automatic resolution which may have masked the performance of the 5700xt. I will be extending the reviews to include what the performance and clarity looks like when sampling is set at 50%, 100%, 150%.
Looks like the auto setting had my games running at 40% super sampling. Just tried 150% super sampling in Skyrim and quick preliminary write up. I am blown away. It's seriously seriously unbelievable. People in the far away distance look like they would appear on a 1080p monitor. The game runs at 50fps though. I ran the stock game but I will be running through it using mods when I get to it properly.
FPS benchmark json files to read in the fpsVR viewer https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gjpoSQzg-0qdaqNiS-Ig1laNNM_gyjOW/view?usp=sharing
My computer is mid-ranged:
Motherboard Asus Prime B450-PLUS AM4 ATX
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6 Core
Graphics Card Radeon RX 5700 XT 8G
I believe the 5700xt graphics card performs around the same as a 1080ti or 2070
My first headset was the Lenovo Explorer, so I started my journey in WMR and am used to the ecosystem. The "house on the hill" menu and the interconnectivity with Steam, etc.
Charmed by VR I upgraded to a Rift S, which I imagined would be a huge step up and it honestly wasn't. The Oculus software was a bit of a germ, only allowing me to install it on the C drive and all sorts of crap. Heavy, janky and my general experience with it was "finding the quickest route to Steam VR"
Setting up the Oculus play space was great, though. You'd do so from within the headset, where the headset passes through the outside world into the headset and I would point at the ground with the controller and draw the border on the floor. With WMR you have to hold your headset in your hand and walk around the perimeter of your play space with the headset at stomach height, tracing the border with it that way.
The Rift S controllers were the big step up from the Explorer. The Rift S had smooth, responsive controllers that felt very premium and of everything, they were the big upgrade from the Explorer.
Setting up the G2
We are all early adopters of VR and with that comes jank! It's a crazy cool technology and we put up with a little bit to get it all up and running. Might be worth not expecting a perfect plug and play experience right away, you may have some teething pains getting set up as I did, but everything ended up just fine.
After unboxing the headset, I quickly rushed to my computer and plugged it in. My motherboard has USB-C so I tried that. I was greeted with an error:
Your headset failed to start at 90Hz. Make sure your headset's cables are plugged in correctly
Error code: 13-14
This is no fault of HP, my 5700xt has been very janky for VR even with the Rift S. So I updated my graphics drivers to the latest "optional" (beta?) Radeon ones and that did the trick.
I got another error related to the USB-C port, so I used the included adapter and plugged the headset into a USB 3.0 port and everything was fine from there (note, the USB 3.1 port did not work either).
From there everything was working great and I jumped into Steam VR to start my session.
Steam VR 100% resolution
In Steam VR settings the 100% custom render resolution is 3164 x 3092 but I have been playing everything at "auto".
Windows has the resolution of the screen as 4320 x 2160 (2160 per eye). I assume this means that "100%" to steam is actually 150% super sampling.
I guess "auto" will downsample as required for my PC specs. I will try manually mess with the sampling settings.
First Impression
Holy Sh\t.) Holy Shi*t. Super high clarity. The screen was so bright. The colours are so vibrant. I kind of felt the difference was like opening your eyes fully when you'd been squinting the whole time you were in the Rift.
The FOV was slightly wider in the G2 and that's nice. The head tracking also feels a little tighter than the Rift and strangely I fell less discomfort/nausea in the G2.
I remember moving from the Explorer to the Rift and noticing the head tracking in the Rift being a bit worse and causing discomfort.
The headset itself is very well balanced, the straps are great and let me customise the headset to my head perfectly. It's well balanced and the foam cushion is nice - great for long play sessions - better than the Rift S for sure.
Sucks when getting other people to use the headset, I share it with my partner and adjusting it to her head every time is a little annoying, but the comfort boost is worth it. There are worse things in life than taking 30 seconds to adjust a strap - haha.
Cable length is great.
EDIT: I might be a little overly critical of the controllers because I had so much pent up expectations for the headset and after some play time they really didn't annoy me as much as I rag on them below, but nicer controllers would have been better for sure.
The Feel
The controllers feel a little out of out of place with the rest of the headset, honestly. The headset itself is very very high quality, the plastics feel premium. The HP logo looks tasteful and lights up subtly. It feels like so much attention to detail was paid to the headset and then we get these toy controllers.
They feel cheap in the hand. The button clicks are shallow and feel like those little 2mm switches. Occasionally I wouldn't actually notice when I press a button because the click isn't very decisive. I worry about the longevity of the controller buttons.
I have experienced the Jitter of the Lenovo Explorer and don't worry, the G2 is much better than the first round of WMR headsets.
They were jittering a little. I played around with the room lighting and the jitter was minimal.
For comparison, the Lenovo Explorer would jitter relentlessly to the point where often I couldn't play certain shooting games. The G2's jitter is very mild, not enough to compromise aim in a game. I also experienced jitter with the Rift S touch controllers and I would say this is 95% as close.
It had a minimal impact on my games - I spent about an hour playing sniper in Onward and I never noticed controller jitter, though it popped up in HL: A and Boneworks when using pistols and rifles. My room is mildly lit with lights on.
Haptics were nothing to write home about but I don't mind them. Some people have been trash talking them but I'd rather have them than not have them.
They don't break immersion for me, but I know it's really important to some. They were a little noisy and feel between the Lenovo and Rift in terms of fidelity.
Compared to other reviews, nothing about the haptics was offensive to me, but it's possible I don't have a taste for quality haptic feedback.
The ergonomics feel like larger Rift S controllers, which I am neutral about. They are a bit heavier than the Rift S controllers which might impact me on longer play sessions - or maybe I just need to go to gym.
I mentioned latency earlier, this was my bad. I messed around with the WMR settings (documented below) and that sorted it right out.
The latency is identical to the Rift S and practically undetectable.
Okay, moving onto games.
Beat Saber (2 hours)
I figured it'd be the fastest game to get set up with. No complex controller bindings and quick load times. I am not Beat Saber master but can complete most songs on expert.
The atmosphere immediately feels more awesome. The game pops more and started seeing details I never noticed before. The neon colours looked more explosive the fog felt more foggy, the dots more dotty.
The headset is visually smoother than the Rift S and the controllers tight and responsive. The G2 will not hold you back if you're coming from the Rift S. The controllers are a little heavy though and my poor frail wrists didn't like some of the faster songs.
The headphones are really nice, obviously better than the Rift S. The quality is okay, probably similar to $40 over ear sennheiser headphones.
I preferred to use my Sony 1000xm4 headphones whenever I played anything more immersive (like HL:Alyx, Onward or Skyrim). I definitely prefer the sound quality of dedicated headphones over the ones built into the G2 and would have rather traded down the built in headphones to Rift S style in exchange for better controllers.
It's disappointing that there isn't an AUX port on the headset so upgrading the audio solution isn't an option.
I will be trying to pair my headphones via Bluetooth and use them over the built in headphones soon.
Super Sampling
Some notes on the different sampling settings to give you an idea of the performance of the hardware when matched with this HMD.
Delivered 90fps all the way up to 150% super sampling https://imgur.com/a/Sbs3iRf

Half Life: Alyx

4+ hours
Quick note for 5700xt owners, the game is unplayable using Vulkan. The game flickers and dances, setting it to Direct X 11 fixed that. This was the same on the Oculus Rift S too.
I started playing this game on medium settings and bumped it up to ultra. Turns out the automatic resolution and game fidelity in the game engine is highly optimised. I turning off the auto adjustment via the console and ran the game at a fixed resolution. While not playable in the higher end resolutions, it looks crazy good. This headset has potential far above what the my hardware combination can deliver - but the game still looks amazing with the auto settings.
Using the automatic mode though, the detail in the game is STUNNING. I feel like I am playing it again for the first time. In that first scene on the balcony, I look down and can see people in the streets talking. I can see the feathers on the wings of the birds flying above me. It was spectacular.
I ran inside because I couldn't wait to play with the whiteboard markers.
Using the gloves to flick things to you was fine, using guns was great, reloading and gun play were all great.
I can not get over how incredible Half Life played. It was smooth as butter and the detail was unbelievable. I can not state this enough, unbelievable. I could read the text on the little microchips on the gloves.
The Vortogot looks craaaazy cool. You can see details in his eye as he blinks.
I found the level of detail so high that it increased the immersion.
I also felt less motion sickness when using continuous motion, but that might just be my VR legs getting a boost from my enthusiasm and on a long play through, the headset remained comfortable.
I pushed the settings up to Ultra with the render resolution set to auto. Will try again with different super sample settings.
Super Sampling
Some notes on the different sampling settings to give you an idea of the performance of the hardware when matched with this HMD.
Low @ 50% Super
Felt smooth and playable 84fps average https://imgur.com/xRn8lQB
Medium @ 50% Super
Felt mostly smooth, action got a little choppy 74fps https://imgur.com/GdXQpV5
Ultra @ 50% Super
Pretty choppy, not playable 60fps https://imgur.com/8l1rz1c
Ultra @ 150% Super
The game looks unreal but you will feel significant discomfort 35fps https://imgur.com/DCAD2mG

Automobilista 2

30 minutes, seated, fanatec clubsport 2.5 racing wheel
My friend is a massive sim racing fan and he had a go with my G2. His exact words were
It feels like going from a CRT monitor to your first high definition LCD screen
He described that it changed the game for him and he was on the fence about upgrading from his Rift S but this is another level of immersion.
Personally, when sitting in the cockpit of the car, I could read the dials on the dashboard and they looked like reading text on a 1440p screen. No screen door effect and perfectly clear.
I can see considerably further down track and it's kind of like the upgrade between racing games for the PS1 and the PS2. You can see more, but it's still not a 4k 144hz monitor - not that I could afford the kind of PC needed to run that kind of headset.


2 hours
Dope dope dope dope dope dope dope dope.
Already loved this game but oh my god. The lines on the nullbody dudes are so crisp. In terms of performance, it ran, but struggled at some points.
The game did not come with controller bindings that worked for the G2. I spent 30 minutes stealing another binding and fixing it up for the HP controllers and intend to publish it to the Steam Workshop.
I spent 20 minutes in the arena and started a new story.
The game itself was perfect. Noticed no issues with gunplay, reloading/load weapons, time warp, movement, telekinesis. It felt very smooth and enjoyable.
The controller did get occasionally mildly jittery when aiming down the rifle, which I reset by dropping my aim down and bringing the sights back up. Didn't always fix it but yeah, hoping for a software fix to that.
As is customary in Boneworks, I have already punched my wall and can tell you the controllers are sturdy and can take a hit.
I felt less nausea than the Rift S and more comfortable in a long play session. When coming out of the Rift S, I would look like my face was sunburned around where I wore glasses (because of how tight the headset is on my face).
Super Sampling
Some notes on the different sampling settings to give you an idea of the performance of the hardware when matched with this HMD.
High settings @ 50% super
Smooth and playable 89 fps https://imgur.com/EBXNavD
Yeah this is not playable. Any action would drop frames like crazy. 72fps https://imgur.com/O83Ksqd
So so bad. The FPS average is brought up by the menus no doubt. 55fps average https://imgur.com/EBXNavD


2 hours
This headset is almost an unfair advantage. The view you get into the distance lets you spot people earlier. It's the only way I can play given they always spot me first close range - haha.
The buttons all mapped perfectly right away, which was nice.
All the basic expectations were met, grabbing the pistol from the hip while running was fine. Tablet over the shoulder was fine. Aiming was fine.
Grenade throwing was something I was anxious about but it's actually better than the Rift S.
It felt like the Rift S in all respects.
Using a rifle with a scope was the same as the Rift S - I had to hold my right controller in front, conscious of the tracking cameras. The higher resolution was very noticeable in the scope, very very clear.
Would be extra fun with a gun scaffold.
Gunplay was fine, though the larger controllers took a little adjusting to when I am used to not smacking together the Rift S controllers.
Once again, obviously, the visuals - oh my god.
It turned out to be a good test of the high resolution because looking down long distances in Onward (like down a street in Bazaar) in the Rift S, it would be hard to see people standing against the walls whereas the Reverb was much clearer, but still not perfect.
If the Rift was a 4 in clarity, the Reverb is a 7. It's honestly really clear.
Sitting in the spectating room and looking at the in game footage on the big screen, it looks like you're looking at a 1440p screen.
Super Sampling
Some notes on the different sampling settings to give you an idea of the performance of the hardware when matched with this HMD.
Notes, FPS
Notes, FPS
Notes, FPS


5 minutes
Coming soon.
Quick first impression was that the settings don't seem to run the headset at it's full resolution, downsampling it heavily - any ideas how to override the resolution settings in Minecraft Bedrock?
Will need to dig into this and find out.


Coming soon

Star Wars: Squadrons

Coming soon

Suggestions for HP

This headset is perfect in every way except the controllers feel a little bit cheap.
I realise it's too late for me but if HP were to offer a model of the Reverb with upgraded controllers with better tracking, also offering those controllers as an add on for existing headsets, you best believe I'd pre-order.
Off topic rant: Personally I don't see the fascination with AA batteries. I have been recharging my wireless controllers since ever and it's not like I died waiting for a controller to charge. I would prefer lighter controllers with built in lithium batteries but that's just my opinion.

Debugging for New Starters

Flickering screen and controller latency
Make sure you have your headset set to 90Hz in the WMR settings panel in the control panel. Windows might set it to 60 Hz and this will affect controller tracking, introducing latency and an annoying flicker.

AMD Drive issues
If you're using an AMD GPU and you're greeted with this screen:
Make sure you download the latest "optional" drivers from AMD's website (they may be the mainstream version by the time you're reading this)


Halo/god rays
Sweet spot and edge clarity
Performance in fixed resolution gaming, try to get some numbers
Watch a movie on free cinema and report back on the clarity
submitted by apatheticonion to HPReverb

Sexy Space Babes: Chapter Four

He wasn’t sure if the American military still did sparring in basic. The Shil’vati certainly did.
“Hold still, damnit!”
He was doing better than expected. Perhaps he shouldn’t have been surprised, given that him taking down one of the aliens was what brought him here in the first place. To be honest though, part of him still hadn’t fully believed he’d done it. He couldn’t remember it after all, and Shil’vati were big.
Skill certainly had a place in a fight, but someone who was twice your size was someone who was twice your size.
He ducked under an errant fist, stumbling slightly as the blow lightly skimmed the protective padding around his head. A human opponent might have been able to take advantage of that opening.
A Shil’vati? Not so much.
It wasn’t so much that the aliens were slow. They were pretty quick when they were in motion. It was their reaction time that was their real Achilles heel. Just a few microseconds slower than a human.
Not that he’d known that walking into the ring. He’d been shitting bricks after seeing two of the recruits that preceded him get into a no-holds brawl. It had been a veritable beat down that had left him wondering if he was about to go through the same.
This fight had been illuminating.
“Brotherfucker!” Freyxh winced as she saw that he was just out of reach once more. Sure, it was barely a few feet beyond the length of her arm, the sparring ring not allowing for more, but given the way her chest was heaving and how sluggish she’d become, he might as well have been on the other side of the planet.
To be honest, he was pretty sure his punches had done little more than irritate her. Exhaustion was what was doing the real damage. He figured a few more passes and she’d barely be able to keep her arms up any more. At which point he could pretty leisurely pummel her into submission.
He was getting ready to do just that when a buzzer rang out, causing both combatants to freeze in place.
“I’m calling it,” the DI said. “The human wins.”
“Wha- no I can still…” Freyxh tried to say, only to go deathly silent as their trainer leveled a glare in her direction.
“Two laps around the training ground for talking back, recruit,” the DI grunted. “I’d make it five, but given your current state I might have to fill out an autopsy report before you were through, and I hate paperwork.”
It said a lot about the Shil’vati feminine ego - or perhaps just hers - that Freyxh still looked like she wanted to complain, but after a few seconds more she took off at a fairly sluggish jog, an audible growl of frustration coming from her lips as she passed.
“What are you waiting for, recruit?” the DI said, turning to Jason. “Vacate the ring.”
Jolted back into motion by the command, he did so, moving to join the small crowd of observers as the woman went back to supervising the other ongoing spars.
“I’m impressed,” Tarcil said from where he was holding an ice pack over his eye. “I had heard the rumors, but I had honestly thought them exaggerated.”
“Rumors?” Jason asked as he moved to apply a medi-patch to his side, where a purple bruise was already starting to form.
The alien miracle drug would have it fixed up by the time they had to move on to drill practice; Shil’vati medical technology being part of the reason that the aliens could be so blasé about injuries sustained during training.
“Your fight with the marine back on Earth,” Tarcil said. “One of the girls discovered it on her omni-pad and it has since made its way around the cadre.”
Jason frowned. He’d heard nothing of the sort. “How the fuck do you hear about this stuff? You talk to the others even less than I do.”
Hell, if Jason were to describe Tarcil in the terms of a human woman, he would have called him an ice queen. The guy treated the females in the cadre with a distance that bordered right on the edge of disdain. He had yet to figure out whether that was a Shil’vati male thing or a Tarcil thing.
The male in question just did that infuriating little smirk of his. “A gentleman has his ways.”
Jason scoffed and rolled his eyes. “How come you’ve got an ice pack anyway?” He pulled up his shirt and gestured to the pack on his abdomen. “Wouldn’t one of these work better?”
Tarcil lifted the ice pack to reveal a medi-patch underneath. “Numbs the pain while it works.”
“It hurts that bad?”
Tarcil glanced at him, eyes widening slightly before they reverted to the alien’s usual half-lidded sardonic stare. “It’s moments like these that remind me that for all we look alike, you are very much a woman in a man’s body.”
Jason chuckled as he sat down in the dirt. “You know, back on Earth saying something like that could be considered kind of offensive?”
Tarcil smiled as he, somewhat daintily, joined him in the dirt. “I can well imagine, given that human men have a woman’s ego.”
Male ego, Jason translated. Male ego.
He was about to speak again when a loud thump heralded another person joining them in the dirt.
“What are you boys talking about?” Raisha grinned, her short black hair bouncing along with other parts of her as she gracelessly plopped down into the dirt next to them.
Though to be honest, Jason barely heard her. He was too focused on the fact that the woman had more blue patches than purple.
“Holy shit Raisha, did you go five rounds with Mike Tyson?” Jason said as he tossed her the pack of medi-patches.
Which to his complete confusion, she disdained.
“These?” She said, gesturing to the veritable patchwork of bruises and scratches. “Nothing. My sisters used to do way worse to me when we were play-fighting back on the farm.” She paused. “Who’s Mike Tyson anyway? A great warrior?”
“Sure,” Jason said as he deliberately shoved the pack back into her hands. “The greatest.”
“…Was he hot?”
Despite himself, he chuckled. “Not really something I’ve thought about to be honest.”
“Really?” Raisha sounded disappointed as she, somewhat reluctantly, started applying patches to her arms. “I thought human guys… you know… with other guys…”
Jason deliberately ignored the way some of the other observers – and even Tarcil – leaned in. “A gross exaggeration. Yes, some men prefer the company of other men over women. Some men like the company of men and women. I am neither. I like women and only women.”
There was that one time at a university party… but he tried not to think about that…
“Aw,” Raisha groaned. “Don’t take this the wrong way, human, but you’re turning out to be a bit of a disappointment.”
“I’m… sorry?”
It was at that moment that the somewhat oblivious alien realized what she just said. “Not like that!” She threw her arms up. “I just mean just… ugh.”
In one swift motion she lifted her top, exposing two ripe watermelon sized breasts, capped by surprisingly dainty dark blue nipples.
Jason stared. He couldn’t help himself. He was only human and he was surprised.
“See?” Raisha said, pointing triumphantly as her top fluttered back down to her stomach. “You’re clearly interested. Not like him.”
Tarcil was utterly unperturbed by the digit being pointed in his direction, just as he hadn’t been by being flashed by two particularly amazing breasts.
“Perhaps it’s less breasts in general and more your breasts that I’m unimpressed by?” The male said as he casually twisted open the cap of his canteen. “They are a bit on the small side after all.”
They most certainly were not, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell that by the way Raisha recoiled. By the look on her face, Jason was reasonably sure that the young woman had just been damaged more by those few words than she had been by getting pounded on in the ring a few minutes earlier.
“My breasts are fine,” she said, somewhat unconvincingly.
Jason almost felt a little bad for her. Was that like the equivalent of being told you had a small dick?
“They’re great,” he said despite himself, still a little flushed from the impromptu show.
Raisha immediately perked up again.
“Alright recruits, get up and in formation.” The DI stomped over with the rest of the sparrers. “We’ve got drill practice on the oval in five.”
Jason thanked the stars for the fact that he didn’t have to continue this conversation.
The uniform for a Shil’vati recruit was a simple thing. A mottled grey jumpsuit made of the same strange synthetic material that the aliens seemed to make all their clothes from. As it was intended for recruits, it had no unit designation or markings, simply a name written in Shil’vati script emblazoned across the lapel.
Given that it was summer on Horizon, many of the recruits had taken to unzipping and peeling off the top half of the jumpsuit in the dorm. At first, Jason had found it rather distracting, given that doing so meant a lot of them were thus wandering around in their exercise tops, which equated to a black tank-top or just a grey sports bra.
Now? Now he missed those days.
“This is your fault, you know?” Tarcil deadpanned from his bunk as another totally nude Shil’vati wandered past, practically shaking her bare purple ass as she did so. Not that the male paid her any attention at all.
It hadn’t taken long for Raisha to start wandering around in the buff - and from there the others had quickly caught on. Not all of them were doing it, but enough were. The worst thing was, Jason had only himself to blame. He couldn’t help it. He saw a great pair of breasts, he stared. It was like a sunset or a rainbow. You couldn’t just not look.
Jason looked up blearily from where he’d slammed his head into a pillow. Specifically Tarcil’s pillow, given that he was currently sitting on the effeminate male’s bunk. “You think I don’t know that?”
He deliberately tried not to dwell on how nice said pillow smelled. Like a spicy kind of lilac. Fuck, his life was already complicated enough without his only male friend smelling distractingly nice. Couldn’t the male aliens have the decency to be a bit more ‘manly’ if there were so damn few of them?
Damn aliens.
“I think you're still not wearing a top,” Tarcil said, his eyes aimed pointedly at his human friend’s bare torso.
“I think I’m still hot as hell,” Jason said, as he wiped a hand over said bare torso, showing how it came away slick.
“You sure are,” a voice called out, proving that someone was listening in on their conversation. Which was par for the course really. Apparently a high temperature being a euphemism for attractiveness crossed the species divide too, which was a little factoid he’d just learned.
Jason glanced up to see who had spoken.
“Vieysha,” he deadpanned. “Or is it Vieyshi?”
“It’s Vieysha!” the woman in question shouted indignantly, even as her sister did the same from across the room.
The two lithe – by Shil’vati standards - twins hated being confused for each other. Which was why they each had a different color streak in their short spiky white hair. Pink for Vieysha and green for Vieyshi.
To be honest, it made them both look like punk rockers to Jason, which wasn’t too far from the truth of their personalities given that both of them were the ‘rebels’ of the twenty person cadre. Well, that and the golden studs they both had through their nipples.
Which, together with the hair, told Jason that the Shil’vati military was a lot more lenient when it came to personal effects than any human military would be. Of course, he’d sort of been able to guess that when he’d not been able to find a single word against fraternization in the Rules and Regulations handbook, beyond ‘don’t let it get in the way’ and ‘don’t do anything on duty’. Not in so few words of course, but that had been his takeaway.
It was moments like that that reminded him that for all its similarities, the Shil’vati military wasn’t just an inverted version of a human military. It was an entirely alien culture… with entirely alien rights and wrongs.
“I should have known,” Jason grinned. “Vieyshi’s got the bigger breasts.”
“She does not.” Vieysha’s hands shot up to cover hers.
Just as Vieyshi practically preened. “I do?”
Jason had to resist the urge to roll his eyes as laughter rolled across the room.
It was almost too easy. As far as he could tell they were exactly the same - but like it even mattered? Breasts were breasts. Big or small didn’t matter one whit to him. You wouldn’t believe it by listening to the Shil’vati though. To listen to them go on about it, you’d think an inch one way or another was the difference between being a real woman or not.
As if he could even tell…
Jason was doing some soul searching.
It wasn’t like he was against sleeping with an alien. On Earth he might have been, but here? After two weeks of being surrounded by a veritable bounty of feminine flesh and not a moment of real privacy, he was just as pent up as they were. Some days it was all he could do not to grab the nearest cat caller and drag the delighted alien into the nearest lavatory for some seriously frantic fucking.
Something he knew for a fact many of them were hoping he would do. Apparently, Raisha had been speaking the truth. A number were quite disappointed that he had thus far failed to live up to humanity’s vaunted reputation for promiscuity. Not that it had stopped any of them from trying to tempt him.
To be honest, he didn’t know why he was still resisting. At first it was just obstinacy on his part. The alien conquerors had wanted something from him, and he’d withheld it more out of habit than any true opposition. Now though? He was horny and frustrated.
…Which he imagined wasn’t all that different from how any other recruit felt, human or otherwise.
The only exception seemed to be Tarcil, who Jason wasn’t entirely sure wasn’t a celibate monk, given how little heed he gave any of the females in their cadre.
“Are all Shil’vati males like you?” he asked between spoonfuls of vaguely purple paste.
“Kind of a vague question don’t you think?” Tarcil smiled. “Are all humans like you?”
Jason rolled his eyes. “Knock it off, you know exactly what I mean.”
Tarcil’s smile faded as he returned to his customary cool demeanor. “I assume this has something to do with how you’ve spent the last five minutes watching recruit Adrilla fellate a gorofruit? Something I can assure you she’s noticed given that the poor thing is probably touching her tonsils by now.”
Jason flushed, as he realized that was exactly what he was doing, and turned away before the woman in question ended up choking herself on the vaguely banana-shaped food item. He also wasn’t too sure if in Tarcil’s mind the ‘poor thing’ was Adrilla or the fruit. Either could have been true for the quietly sarcastic male.
“Are all Shil’vati males so disinterested in females?”
Tarcil took a sip of his drink as he seemed to mull the question over. “Depends.”
“On what?”
He shrugged. “The individual, the culture and the circumstances. Some are more like me. Some are less. The thing you’ve got to realize, is the females outnumber us eight to one, and they know it. A family unit might have eight females to one male on average, but not all of them. Many have less. Some girls can go their whole lives without even touching a male, and all of them are keenly aware of that fact.”
Jason nodded to show he was following along.
“Showing interest in a girl can be… risky. You’re constantly surrounded by women. If you show one a little more attention than the others, they usually take it to mean way more than you intended. They’ll start pushing for more, and if you deny them, they’ll claim you were leading them on. Things can get ugly and it’s usually better just to avoid the whole thing entirely.”
The Shil’vati male sounded bored as he spoke. “Of course, that’s all a gross oversimplification. Everyone’s their own person. From what I’ve seen of your media, we still have a lot of things in common with humanity. One-night stands, affairs, prostitutes and the like. The long and short of it is that most of us guys tend to act a little distant to avoid creating misunderstandings or developing unwanted entanglements.”
“Sounds lonely.” Jason paused as he thought over what had just been said. “You think that’s what I’m doing? Giving off signals and making them think I’m interested?”
Tarcil scoffed. “You definitely are, but I doubt it’s made all that much of a difference. I’m pretty sure most of the girls here are just after a wild night with the exotic alien from the sex planet. Nothing you can do or have done would have changed how they’re acting.” He glanced over at the human sardonically. “Though going shirtless and the fact that you keep reacting to their... ‘flirting’, probably isn’t helping.”
Jason ignored the comment about his world being the ‘sex planet’. “So basically, they’re just after some fun?”
“Probably? Fuck the exotic alien. Get an opportunity to brag to their friends.” Tarcil returned to his food. “Some might be after more though. Who knows what goes on in the heads of females? Why?”
“Just thinking.” Jason said as he scooped up another spoonful of mush.

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