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Monster Girl Quest: Servant Of The Monster Lord (Chapter 1)

Eroge Game Download For Pc additional reading. Therefore, in this version of IDM patch, fake serial Number is also fixed permanently. Version 1.6 [23/1/05] Criminal for Adults have been completed. Monster Girl Unlimited uses cookies to store client informations. Test your trivia knowledge against our 10 question pub quiz or try our quickfire game. Their quest was joined by Bilbo Baggins (the titular hobbit) and occasionally by the wizard Gandalf.

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Make your own games and upload to our arcade. The names in this generator are based on those of famous legendary creatures, like the phoenix, minotaur, kelpie, wyvern, undine, satyr and so on. Monster girl quest 1 english patch. Monster Girl Quest parts 1 - 3 100% save file?: MonsterGirl. Steak Dinner by NeoScriptGenius12 reviews. Not much is known about the.

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Specifications Of Monster Girl Quest PC Game. Shrink High Download English. This is a listing of notable characters from the video game Chrono Trigger, a role-playing video game released in 1995 by Square Co. (now Square Enix) for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game console. Coronavirus Activity; 2. Headline 3. Rhyming Song 4. Pirate Name 5. Male Name 6. Female Name 7. Drake Lyrics 8. Cause of Death 9. Twin 10. Paradox is quite similar to its predecessor, for Luka is the protagonist, there will be a Monsterpedia, several monsters and characters from the. He saw a monster like some kind of giant Lion, run and try to jump on top of one animal, but it ducked out of the way and the Lion got impaled and stuck on a long sharp branch in the eye killing it. Yes, its kinder garden, but it is a super kindergarden of life and death, for the young ones who live in the Jungle.

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Monmusu Quest - Guide and Walkthrough - PC - By Craneanime

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The Crystal Ball

It was half past 2 in the afternoon when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to a man wearing black holding a box.
“Are you Artemis Pontius?” He asked.
“Yes. Can I ask who you are?” I inquired.
“I’m here to give you this package and offer my condolences. A Wilma Reggis passed away and left her house to you. She also asked that I give you this box. She said it’s important I not leave until you have it in your possession.” He said.
Ah Aunt Wilma. Not my real aunt, of course. I was the closest thing she had to a daughter. My mom used to go hang out with her all the time. When mom passed, she checked on me at least once a week. She joked that she had no family she liked and that she would leave me everything. I guess she wasn’t joking after all.
“Okay. Thanks.” I said.
“So you accept this package? You take full responsibility and embrace what ever you may find comes with it?” The man said.
“Dude. Stop being creepy. But yeah. Whatever.” I said.
The man handed me the package and by the time I turned around to shut the door, he was gone. I checked around the house to make sure I wasn’t missing anything but he was gone. Maybe he drank a red bull and got wings.
I got the package to the kitchen and opened it up. Inside was a crystal ball, keys, and a note in Aunt Wilmas handwriting. I examined the crystal ball for a moment before setting it down for the note.
Should I fail at this task I need a back up. Someone I can trust. I’m so sorry I never told you the truth and I’m so sorry I won’t be around to help you, but you are strong. I’ve seen you endure the loss of two parents and continue on.
Take this key. There’s a mansion in the woods. Take the purple path and when it intersects with blue, grab the crystal ball. It will help you.
Again, I’m sorry and I wish I had said good bye*”
What is this? Is this like a quest? My hogwarts letter didn’t arrive and I didn’t get to go to camp halfblood so am I stuck with this? Whatever. I’ll bite.
The next day I called out from work citing stomach issues. I had the next three days off anyways, an extra one wouldn’t hurt just to be prepared.
I’m not sure what other people pack when they go on what they assume is a life changing adventure but I packed some clothes, some energy bars, and of course I brought along this crystal ball.
I was ready for any adventure I could find. I drove to the woods and started my hike. I walked down the purple path and when it intersected with the blue, I took out my crystal ball. I held it for a second but nothing happened. Maybe this is a prank and Aunt Wilma’s hiding in the tree’s? I looked around for a second but didn’t see anything.
“You look like an idiot. She gave you the crystal ball and you still look like an idiot.” Said a voice.
I looked all around but I didn’t see anything. No one was around me. What was talking?
“Hey. Bird brain. Up here.” The voice said again.
I looked up and the most immaculate owl was perched on a tree.
“Hello. Are you talking to me?” I asked.
“Well do you see anything else around you that could talk to you?” He asked.
“I don’t know. What can talk?” I asked.
“This is about the longest day in history. It took you so long to get here - -“
“I had to take a snack break.” I interrupted.
“Whatever just put that thing back in your backpack and follow me.” He said.
“Can you tell me your name first?” I asked.
“No. Get a move on.” Said my winged friend.
“I’m not leaving til I get a name.” I said, flopping to the floor dramatically. I had decided if I was being punked then hunny, I was going to give them a SHOW.
“Okay it’s Icarus. Please get up and get going.” He said.
I got up and did a pirouette for the cameras. Icarus just gave me the same beady gaze.
I’m sure this was fake. I was so sure that that’s what I told Icarus when he asked why I wasn’t so freaked out that an owl was talking to me. He told me if I wasn’t going to take this seriously then I needed to pass the crystal ball to someone else. I shut up after that.
Icarus led me down lots of trails I never knew was there. I asked him for a map but he just made agitated bird noises. Eventually, we came across a clearing. Right before I passed the final tree Icarus asked me if I was ready. I did a little jig for the camera that I was sure was on me. He gave me a dirty look and mumbled something I sure my mother would not like. Icarus flew past the tree and disappeared.
“Where did you go?” I asked.
“I’m here. Just walk past the tree.” He said.
When I did that, a mansion suddenly appeared. I walked back to the tree and kept passing by it just to watch the mansion appear.
“Can you stop? We have business to handle.” Icarus said.
“Hey what would happen if I stood half in the clearing and half in the tree?” I asked.
“Anyone who happens to find this place would only see half of you.” He answered.
“Oh I’m so coming back to spook some people.” I laughed.
“FOCUS! This is where it starts. We can not fail.” Icarus said.
“What are we doing anyways?” I asked.
“We need to close the portal so no more monsters escape.” He said.
“Pardon?” I said.
“Your Aunt Wilma was a very powerful sorceress. The greatest of her generation. She guarded the portal to the monster world. When the evil wizard came, she tried to implement a plan to stop him. When she couldn’t, she locked all the monsters inside with her. She had a contingency plan in place in case she failed. That’s you.” He said.
So this IS like Gandalf coming for me for a quest. But just in case, I’ll still do a few jazz hands in case there’s camera’s.
The mansion was huge. It would make a really cool Airbnb. I saw some things moving in the windows. Maybe I could get lucky and it was just projections set up in the rooms. I asked Icarus how many rooms there were and he said as many as I could count. The house was infused with magic and was alive. We walked up to the door and Icarus perched on the railing.
“Did you bring the key?” He asked.
“No. Was I supposed to?” I said.
“Doors need keys. Do you not open your doors with keys?” He asked.
“Chill. I’m an ace at picking locks.” I assured him.
“It’s a magical door. It won’t respond to lock picks.” He said.
“Ye of little faith. Shush now and let me work.” I told him.
It took me 15 seconds. Personal best.
“ItS a MaGiCaL dOoR.” I echoed.
Icarus ignored me. It may have been a petty comment but I am, to no one’s surprise, a petty lady.
I opened the door to a hallway lined with suits of armor. There were doors in between each suit. Occasionally, the doorknob would rattle but nothing ever came out.
“Hey Icarus, if this were a movie this would be the part where the suits of armor attacked the woman for walking in the door. They’d claim she had to prove her strength as the new owner of the house.” I said.
Icarus landed on the floor and gave me that same beady stare.
“What? Not a fan of movies?” I asked.
“This house responds to you. If you think you need to fight off the armor to assert your claim to the house then guess what will happen?” He said.
About that time the suits of armor started to clank alive. They moved into formation around me.
“Oh. I get you.” I said. I was starting to get a little nervous.
The suits of armor raised their weapons. Then they dropped them. And they started to dance.
“What. Just. Happened.” Icarus said.
“You said the house responds to me. I started thinking that a dance off would be MUCH safer then a weapons battle.” I told him.
“I’m over you. You’re exhausting. I wish I would die right now so I don’t have to help you.” He said.
“We’re besties now buddy.” I assured him.
I danced with the suits of armor for a moment before I told them to take their places. Play time was over and I had work to do. I couldn’t help feeling like this was a test and I barely passed. After all, D’S get degrees.
We entered the next room which was a giant foyer.
“Hey Icarus. Where is this portal at?” I asked.
“Wow. You remembered your reason for being here. I’m surprised.” He said sarcastically.
“Yeah yeah. I need an answer.” I said.
“It’s wherever you would put it. The house answers to you. So where is it?” He said.
“Either the basement for the creepy factor or the roof.” I said.
“Why would a portal to the monster world be on the roof?” He asked.
“So when it’s pouring rain and thunder is booming a monster and a human can play out a scene of the monster being called back to his world, never to see his favorite human again.” I said.
Icarus was so shocked he flew into a wall. I laughed. I think he did the bird equivalent of flicking me off. He said let’s try the basement first.
We went downstairs into a dungeon. We didn’t see anything portal like so we turned to leave. We turned back to the stairs and they were gone. A figure appeared out of the darkness.
“Hello! Have you come to play my game?” It asked.
“Ms. Reynolds from my senior year english class?” I asked.
“If that’s who you want me to be, child.” The creepy thing responded.
As she got closer I could see it was her. If she were a corpse. Her skin was green and missing in places. She had bugs crawling on her and green ooze coming out of her mouth.
“Icarus? Some help would be appreciated.” I asked.
No answer.
“Nows not the time for a midnight flight!” I called out.
“Silly girl. My will is stronger then yours. I control this room. Now sit! And be ready for a pop quiz!” She said.
A chair slid under me and a desk came up behind me. No book so it wasn’t an open book test. Icarus told me the house would respond to me though so I kept wishing for some help or for the questions to be easy. She raised her paper up with the questions.
“Are you ready dear?” She asked.
“Absolutely.” I told her.
“Question one! What sin did the mother commit in the short story ‘The Storm’?” She asked.
“Adulterous. She slept with the gentleman.” I told her.
“That’s correct. Next question. What do the blue curtains represent in ever story.” She asked.
“The author liked the color blue said decided they would be dope curtain colors.” I replied.
“Incorrect. Three strikes and you’re done. Do I have to explain what that means sweetie?”
“No. I assume death. This is high school after all.” I said.
“Correct. Next question. What is the female protagonists name in.... Mary had a little lamb?” She asked. She looked at her paper confused before giving me the same snare she gave me all year.
“Uh let me see. Mary?” I said.
“Correct. Who fell down the hill in Jack and Jill? These aren’t my questions?” She said.
“Jack and Jill?” I responded.
“Yeah but the class rule was once you got three correct you passed!” I reminded her!
“I’m stronger then you child. One more question. Where did your companion get his name?”
“Who? My dog billy?” I asked.
“Your winged friend.” She said.
“This winged friend?” I replied. Icarus came fluttering in from the darkness and landed on my shoulder. I stood up from my desk and walked towards Ms. Reynolds.
“He got his name from the Greek tragedy of Icarus. He flew too high to the sun and the feathers his father glued to his wings melted off. I know the story. This is my house and you have no power here. Return to your world. Now.” I threatened.
The ground sucked her up and took her to what I assume was the portal.
“Hey buddy. You okay?” I asked.
“Maybe your not as dumb as I thought you were.” Icarus said.
“Are you really the kid in the story?” I asked.
“Yes. A kind witch turned me into an owl. She told me I would soar through the sky’s forever.” He said.
“Are you okay with that?” I asked.
“It’s better then the alternative. Are we headed to the roof?” He asked.
“Kitchen next? I’m hungry.” I said.
“We have a portal to close.” Icarus said.
“And I have cosmic brownies to eat.” I replied.
Icarus sighed. We went upstairs to find the kitchen. I noticed the walls were starting to change colors. It started to look more like something I would live in and less like an actual witches lair.
We walked into the kitchen and the door slammed shut behind us. Icarus landed on my shoulder, not wanting to be separated from me again. He also pinched me though so I think he also did it for some payback.
“Oh! Visitors! What a happy day!” Said a chubby man from behind the counter.
“Hello. I’m Artemis. Do you have a name?” I asked.
“Oh! A polite sorceress! And a new sorceress! It looks like someone’s power has been transferred to you! Oh welcome welcome to Ralph’s kitchen! What can I fix you? Would you like toad eyes with a side of purée crickets?” He asked. He was dancing around the kitchen so happy I almost didn’t have the heart to tell him no.
“Oh no thanks. Do you know how to make chicken nuggets?” I asked.
He dropped the pot he was holding and looked at me. Icarus gave me a quick squeeze as a warning.
“Did you just tell me no my friend?” He asked.
“Maybe. ” I said.
“No one tells me no. You will eat my food.” He said.
“My owl friend here would LOVE to try it! He leaves great reviews on Yelp!” I told him.
“Artemis Marie Pontius do not bring me into this.” Icarus said.
“You eat my food or you die. Those are your options.” He said.
“Take out isn’t an options?” I asked?
“Perish.” He said.
He threw a knife at me. He grew two more arms and used them to throw knifes. I managed to hide behind a cabinet that, for the moment, was catching the knifes.
“You couldn’t have just eaten it?” I asked Icarus.
“It was poisoned. If either of us ate it we wouldn’t have survived the first spoon full.” He told me.
“Any advice on how to deal with this?” I asked.
“The house responds to you but the monsters don’t. I suggest now is a good time to use the crystal ball.” He said.
“I don’t know how to use it!” I said
“You have the powers of your Aunt Wilma. Focus on the ball. It will show you what to do. This might bite me later but I believe in you.” He said.
I took out the ball. I focus on it showing me a way out of here. It showed me two ways. A secret passage through the fridge, or fighting my way out.
“It showed two ways. Either I fight or we make a run for it.” I said.
About that time the knife throwing stopped. I peeked out of my hiding spot to see the man running for me. He now had four arms on either side and was using them to propel himself forwards. I knew what I had to do. I had to fight. Fight for my right to own the house. Fight for my right to take on the responsibility Aunt Wilma left me. And most importantly, fight for my right to party.
I stood up and calmly walked towards the man. A sword and shield was waiting on the table for me. I grabbed them and stood my ground. The mans knife’s hit the shield. Icarus stood on the table and watched. Slowly I managed to cut each hand off. One by one, the knifes started to fall until I was able to rid the man of his legs. I stood over him as Icarus perched on my shoulder.
“I own this house and I will rid it of every last monster and demon. Get back to your world.” I told him. Just like before, the ground swallowed him up. Before he could disappear completely, one last knife flew my way and hit me right in the chest.
“Artemis! ARTEMIS!” Icarus cried.
“Hey buddy. I’m sorry about this.” I said as I pulled the knife out and fell to the ground.
The world was fading. The house was disappearing. I felt the blood pool around me. I felt Icarus scratch at my arm but I couldn’t get up. The knife landed in my heart and if I didn’t have a heart, I didn’t want to live. For a moment, I was pushed out of my body. I think I was a ghost but this part is hazy. I remember Icarus yelling that if I could still hear him to grab the crystal ball. He said it would save me. I figured I was dead anyways, what’s the worst that could happen? I grabbed the crystal ball and moved it towards my hand. The instant the ball touched my finger I felt a spark of electricity as I was shoved back into my body. Just like that, I was revived.
“What just happened?” I asked.
“The crystal ball thinks your worthy of the house. It chose to save you. How do you feel?” He asked. He didn’t like it when I responded with jazz hands. I ate an energy bar and gave half to Icarus. He seemed to like it.
We started our final trek to the roof. I opened the door to a man in a hood standing in front of a very obvious portal. It was pitch black with spots like stars and a foundation that didn’t look very sturdy. I figured one swift kick and it would be done for.
“Hi. I’m Artemis. If you’re here for the party you’re early! My chef just got fired and I haven’t cooked any food.” I said. Icarus perched on one of the nearby pipes. He did his best to look threatening.
“No thanks. I’ll take the house. If you leave, it would save me time. I already killed one master.” The man said.
“You killed Aunt Wilma?” I asked.
“Yes. I brought her with me.” He said, pointing to a chair. In the chair was the body of Wilma. A giant blood stain was over her heart and her stomach.
“Why?” I asked him, choking on tears.
“I want to set the monsters free. I want our kind to take over the world. Unfortunately, she transferred all of her powers and the ownership of the house to you before I could finish her off. How kind of you to deliver yourself to me.” He said.
“I’ll end you.” I warned.
“Try your best.” He challenged. I called every suit of armor to the roof and they responded. They wasted no time knocking down the door and surrounding him.
“Is this the best you got?” He asked.
“Watch them fight.” I told him.
I urged them to fight but they broke out in jazz hands. I can’t say that wasn’t my fault because it totally was. I urged them to fight again and they got the message. The man wasted no time blowing them up. I just needed a distraction. I got to Aunt Wilma’s body and placed her hand on the ball. I put my hand over hers and urged her to help me. I was pulled into a space. A river that she used to take me to when I was younger. I looked at myself and noticed I looked to be that age again.
“I see you got my message.” Aunt Wilma said. She was behind me keeping a close eye as always.
“Is this young thing permanent? Do I have to go through puberty again?” I joked. I hugged her and just took a second so I would remember the way she looked and the way she smelled forever. She always smelled like apple cider mixed with a hint of pumpkin.
“Always the jokester. I’m sorry you had to see my body. Ask the house and it’ll take care of me for you.”
“No no it’s okay. I just need to know what to do. I’ve always been ready for my grand life adventure but I never thought it would be this exciting.” I told her.
“I sense you had in injury recently. Are you okay?” She asked.
“Yeah. Some guy with like, 20 arms stabbed me. Icarus saved me. He told me to grab the crystal ball.”
“Oh good ole Icarus. Don’t give him too much trouble. He’s a good companion and witches live a long time.” She told me.
“I’ll do my best. How do I save the house? How do I close the portal?” I asked.
“You’ll figure something out. For now you need to get out of here. I just wanted to say goodbye.” She said.
“I’ll miss you.” I said as I hugged her one last time.
“No tears. Be brave. I chose you for a reason. I need you to bring light to this house like you brought light to my life. He’s destroyed all the armor. You need to move. Now!” She said as she pushed me away. I opened my eyes to see the man coming at me. I moved out of the way as a weapon he pulled off one of the suits came crashing down.
“Can I at least know your name?” I asked.
“Jet.” He shouted back.
“Okay vroom vroom.” I said. The house must have known I was in trouble. Something wrapped itself around his hand and trapped him there. I pulled out the crystal ball and asked what I should do. It showed me two options. Breaking the ball or again, fighting. It showed a weapon made specifically for me hiding in one of the suits of armor. It was a pocket knife. I was never one for weapons but this will do.
Vroom vroom boy had a sword and I had a pocket knife but I trusted myself. I came towards him but found myself unable to strike. He used his free hand to cast a spell and push me back. I hit the half wall as he broke free from his restraints.
“This is too easy” he said.
He raised his sword to strike and Icarus dove down and scratched his eyes out. He flung his sword wildly until he managed to get it wedged in the wall.
“Your will has to be stronger!” Icarus yelled.
I grabbed the knife and threw it, praying it would make contact. It echoed the same wound I had. A knife in the heart. The man pulled the knife out and laughed.
“I’m far more powerful then you. Do you think that would kill me?” He asked, spitting blood.
“No. But I think this will.” I said as I pushed him.
He could no longer see, Icarus made sure of that. And I pushed him right into the outstretched hand that was waiting at the portal. He disappeared as I ran to the portal and tried to close it. I tried kicking it but It was sturdier then I thought.
I remembered what Aunt Wilma said about bringing light to the house. I grabbed the crystal ball and held it to the sky, urging as much moon light as I could to come my way. Beams seemed to come down from the moon.
“Icarus! Get out of here!” I yelled.
“I’m not leaving you!” He said.
I urged the house to help me and it sucked him up. I asked it to please give Aunt Wilma a proper burial and I watched as her body disappeared too. I directed the beams towards the portal and watched it explode. Then nothing.
I saw Icarus come up to the roof looking for me. He said that if I could still hear him, it worked. The portal closed. The crystal ball shattered in the process. He said I was vaporized. He said the only way I could reform is if people stood under the moonlight and remembered me. Icarus does it every night. He’s been alone for some time now but he hasn’t given up hope. He believes people will help bring me back.
So please, if this make it to the mortal world please help bring me back. My will is weakening and I don’t known how much longer I can wait. I roam the halls of the mansion every knight, hoping to be pushed back into my body. The fight isn’t over. There’s still terrible things in this world that I can stop.
So please, can you help me?
submitted by Veryangryacorn to nosleep

A PS4/Switch owner's list of good Switch titles (that aren't already available on PS4)! Please feel free to add suggestions in comments!

As I own both, I prefer to get third party titles that exist on both consoles on PS4 strictly due to both performance (as an example, Overcooked 1&2 60fps on PS4 vs. 30fps on Switch) and storage space (512gb on my Switch vs. 6tb on my PS4). This allows me to fill my Switch up with worthwhile first party or Switch/PC exclusive titles that aren't available on PS4. Here's the list so far:
7 Billion Humans
8-Bit Yu-No's Great Adventure (bonus game that comes with the physical "YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world. Day One Edition")
A Robot Named Fight
A Short Hike (ALSO ON PC)
Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Arcade Archives: Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr. / Donkey Kong 3
Arcade Archives: Mario Bros / Vs. Super Mario Bros.
Arcade Archives: Punch-Out!! / Super Punch-Out!!
Astral Chain
Baba Is You
Bayonetta 2
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (ALSO ON PC)
Cadence of Hyrule
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Cave Story+ (ALSO ON PC)
Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics
Cytus Alpha
Daemon X Machina (ALSO ON PC)
DANDY DUNGEON: Legend of Brave Yamada (ALSO ON PC)
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Dragon Quest 1-3
Fairune Collection (ALSO ON PC)
Fast RMX
Fire Emblem Warriors
Fire Emblem Three Houses
Go Vacation
Golf Story
Good Job!
Grandia HD Collection (ALSO ON PC)
Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party!!!!
Hades (ALSO ON PC)
Hard West (ALSO ON PC)
Hyrule Warriors
Kirby Star Allies
KORG Gadget
Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and The Millionaires' Conspiracy - Deluxe Edition
Luigi's Mansion 3
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Tennis Aces
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3
Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
Mr. Driller DrillLand (ALSO ON PC)
New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe
Nintendo Labo Kits
Octopath Traveler (ALSO ON PC)
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition (ALSO ON PC)
Ori and the Will of the Wisps (ALSO ON PC)
Paper Mario: The Origami King
Phoenotopia: Awakening
Picross Lord of the Nazarick
Pictoquest (ALSO ON PC)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX
Pokemon Sword/Shield
Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee
Pokken Tournament DX
Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns
Ring Fit Adventure
Sega Ages OutRun
Sega Ages Phantasy Star
Sega Ages Shinobi
Sega Ages Virtua Racing
Shinsekai: Into the Depths
Spelunker Party (ALSO ON PC)
Splatoon 2
Spot The Differences: Party
Strikey Sisters (ALSO ON PC)
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
Super Mario 3D All Stars
Super Mario Maker 2
Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Party
Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido
Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum n Fun!
Tetris 99
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
The Red Strings Club (ALSO ON PC)
The Stretchers
The Touryst (ALSO ON PC)
The World Ends with You -Final Remix-
Tokyo Mirage Sessions
Ultra Street Fighter 2
World of Goo (ALSO ON PC)
Wunderling (ALSO ON PC)
Xenoblade Chronicles 1 & 2
Yoshi's Crafted World
(Bonus Japanese/Asian exclusive titles)
Oomori Charisou DX (Bike Rider DX)
Super Robot Wars T (available on PS4 as well, Asian version is in English)
Susume!! Mamotte Knight: Hime no Totsugeki Serenade
submitted by MapleStoryPSN to NintendoSwitch

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