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SpaceX's first high-altitude Starship a week away from

Every Answer from the Starlink team AMA

Link to the AMA on /Starlink

Sign up at Starlink.com

Starlink Careers

/Starlink FAQ

  • Q: Any updates about the space lasers? How much better can the latency be with them? How much better can transcontinental connections be with them? When will real world testing begin?
A: The speed of light is faster in vacuum than in fiber, so the space lasers have exciting potential for low latency links. They will also allow us to serve users where the satellites can't see a terrestrial gateway antenna - for example, over the ocean and in regions badly connected by fiber.
We did have an exciting flight test earlier this year with prototype space lasers on two Starlink satellites that managed to transmit gigabytes of data. But bringing down the cost of the space lasers and producing a lot of them fast is a really hard problem that the team is still working on.
  • Q: Top on my list: Data caps. Yes? No? Hard limit or fuzzy limit?
A: At this time, the Starlink beta service does not have data caps.
  • Follow-up Comment: The vagueness of this answer is worrying. I like how the SpaceX reply bellow has more upvotes than this
A: So we really don't want to implement restrictive data caps like people have encountered with satellite internet in the past. Right now we're still trying to figure a lot of stuff out--we might have to do something in the future to prevent abuse and just ensure that everyone else gets quality service.
  • Q: I live in Canada and the winters can hit -45C, do I need to worry about the dish at those temps?
A: Wow that's cold! While we've performed life-leader testing down to these cold temperatures with no issues the dish is certified to operate from -30C to +40C.
  • Q: Do you know what the target date for a fully open, non invite based, release is?
A: Steadily increasing network access over time to bring in as many people as possible. Notably we're planning to move from a limited beta to a wider beta in late January, should give more users an opportunity to participate.
  • Q: How do you think the speeds we're currently seeing from beta users will hold up once Starlink goes public and a lot more people are subscribed?
A: This is not going to be like your regular satellite internet where it gets way too crowded--as we launch more satellites over time the network will get increasingly great, not increasingly worse.
  • Q: Could you settle the debate over whether the dish has a heater?
A: The Starlink does have self-heating capabilities to deal with a variety of weather conditions. In fact, we'll be deploying a software update in a few weeks to upgrade our snow melting ability with continued improvements planned for the months ahead.
  • Q: How are beta users chosen and what's a good bribe amount?
A: No bribes necessary, our goal is serve everyone eventually. If you really want to help drive that the best thing you can do is send great software engineers over to Starlink to help make it happen.
  • Q: My question is regarding mobile use. I understand that currently the system is designed and optimized for use in a fixed location. However, I live on and work from my 47ft sailboat, currently tied, literally and figuratively, to a dock in South Florida. A mobile system that gives me reliable connectivity will truly set me free to roam the coastal US, Bahamas, and eventually beyond (once the inter-satellite laser link capability is ready). There's a lot of speculation as to whether the current hardware could handle a mobile platform using the phased array antenna and existing mechanical pointing capability, or whether more extensive active stabilization would be required. Anything you can share about this would be most welcome, including, especially, when mobile Starlink might be a reality.
A: Right now, we can only deliver service at the address you sign up with on starlink.com You might get lucky if you try to use Starlink in nearby locations, but service quality may be worse.
Mobility options - including moving your Starlink to different service addresses (or places that don't even have addresses!) - is coming once we are able to increase our coverage by launching more satellites & rolling out new software.
  • Q: The dish seems to consume a 100w at this point which is pretty great for normal use however on most small to medium sailboats that's a lot of power to be using. Any plans to build out a more efficient system in the future?
A: We have a couple of items in progress to further reduce power consumption. We are working on software and network updates to allow your Starlink to go into a deeper power savings mode to drop power consumption while still remaining connected to the network. Power reductions are a key item we are focusing on for the future.
  • Q: I'm super curious how the Starlink terminal locates the satellites. Presumably it has a built-in catalog of TLE's and/or state vectors or some other description of where the satellites are, which it can download from the Starlink network itself. But how does it make first contact? Does it use the phased array in a particularly low-directivity manner to just shout out "hey, can any satellites hear me? I need to know where you are!"? Does it come with satellite locations preloaded from the factory (seems unlikely, satellite elements go stale).
A: Good question! The Starlink actually has no knowledge of the satellites when it powers on; the constellation is updating all the time so this would be difficult to keep up to date. The Starlink is able to electronically scan the sky in a matter of milliseconds and lock into the satellite overhead, even though its travelling 17,500 mph overhead.
When it detects a satellite the Starlink hones in on its position and makes a request to join the internet. After that the dish is able to download a schedule of which satellites to talk to next and with that it can point right at the satellites when the time comes.
  • Q: Once there are more satellites deployed, how important will it be to have an absolutely obstruction-free view of the sky?
A: You should think about communication between the Starlink dish and the satellite in space as a 'skinny beam' between dishy and the satellite. So, as the satellite passes quickly overhead, if there is a branch or pole between the dish and satellite you'll usually lose connection (not - obstructions generally cause outages and not reduced speeds!).
We're working on some software features that are going to make this much better and, long term, the clearance you'll need is going to shrink as the constellation grows. So this will get much better!
Also, hot short-term tip! The satellites clump up around 53 degrees latitude (north and south). So I would focus on keeping that part of the sky clear as we keep improving this!
  • Q: What part of the project invited the most creativity from the starlink engineers?
A: Creating Starlink has come with tons of exciting challenges, but top few that come to mind:
  1. Selecting full phased arrays for the satellite and dish. It was a major leap of faith to start down this very technically challenging path and hope that we could arrive at an affordable and scalable implementation.
  2. Creating a truly "plug-and-play" experience for customers. We've spent a lot of effort and have gone thru tons and tons of creative ideas on how to make this as simple of an experience as possible - including mounting solutions, automated pointing of the dish, and general unboxing. Any and all ideas welcome!
  3. We've also had to be creative in how we operate what is now the world's largest satellite constellation. We have a very small operations team, so automated orbit guidance and collision avoidance was a must have feature. We tell satellites what their final orbital slot is and they figure out how to get there. For collision avoidance, we upload data on close approaches to relevant satellites multiple times a day, and the satellites then calculate on their own when and how to dodge something, if necessary. (Shout out to the 18th Space Control Squadron for being really awesome partners here!)
We need help solving problems like these everyday on the Starlink program - check out https://www.spacex.com/careers/index.html if you'd like to join us!
  • Q: Will starlink be supported in a situation where you can move it to where you need it? If I have a summer cabin that I visit, would it be okay to move it to the other location when we are there?
A: Mobility options - including moving your Starlink to different service addresses (or places that don't even have addresses!) - is coming once we are able to increase our coverage by launching more satellites & rolling out new hardware and software.
  • Q: How are the efforts to bring down Dishy's production costs going? Can you tell us how much it costs to manufacturer?
A: It's going well but this is no doubt one of the hardest challenges we're tackling and there are always ways to improve.
If you want to help design the Starlink production line or product, check out some of our hot jobs below, or email the team directly at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) .
Production Design:
Automation & Controls Engineer
Sr. Automation & Controls Engineer
Test Automation Engineer
Manufacturing Development Engineer
Product Design:
Certification / Compliance
Antenna Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
RFIC Engineer
PCB Designer (Redmond) and PCB Designer (Hawthorne)
Starlink Software
Software Test
  • Q: Do you have internal "human friendly" nicknames for the individual satellites? Who gets to name them? :)
A: Not yet. Any suggestions?
  • Q: Is there a bug bounty program? Is one planned? Looking forward to getting my hands on the equipment to start research.
A: Yes this :)
Source: https://twitter.com/scaleoutsavant/status/1329683147034828801
  • Q: What wind speeds is the dish tolerant of? How much shelter from the wind does it need? Is this something that should be taken in before a storm, or could you mount it on the tail of a flatbed trailer flying down the interstate into a collapsing thunderstorm? How does the presence of occasional strong winds, (greater than 30mph/48kph), effect the projected service life of the UFO?
A: We definitely don't recommend that you mount it on your flatbed and fly down the interstate into a storm!
The dish is not designed for tropical storms, tornadoes, etc. For high wind events it’s always the safer option to bring the dish inside if you have any concerns .
  • Q: what’s the most misunderstood part about starlink??
A: That we have it all figured out :) We are super excited about the initial response and future potential of Starlink but we still have a ton to learn. If you know any great people who can help us with that, please have them email their resume to [[email protected].](mailto:[email protected].)
  • Q: IPV4, IPV6 both? Does it matter? I've not seen info about this yet from testers.
A: We're testing out IPv6 now, and will roll it out soon! Once it's ready, you'll get both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address.
IPv4 addresses are a limited resource – IPv6 is the future.
  • Q: Do you have a target latency that you would like to hit in the future? What is the timeframe when this goal would be met?
A: We challenge ourselves every day to push Starlink to the fundamental limitations of physics. Current Starlink satellites operate at 550 km, where light travel time is 1.8 milliseconds to Earth. The roundtrip from your house to a gaming server and back is at best 4 times 1.8 milliseconds at these altitudes, or under 8 milliseconds.
There are many obstacles that get in the way of achieving these latencies. For examples,
  1. When satellites are not directly overhead, your data must travel through the air for more time.
  2. Small levels of packet buffering are helpful for a stable service, but hurt latency.
  3. Starlink traffic travels through fiber on the ground. This is an indirect pathway that is 1.5 times slower than photons in vacuum.
We will continually fight to provide the best latency possible, especially to provide a stable and reactive experience for gamers. We need experts who are passionate about pushing the boundary of physics and breaking expectations about what is possible with the internet! Send your resumes to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) :)

Closing Comment:

Thanks for participating in our first Starlink AMA!
The response so far has been amazing! Huge thanks to everyone who's already part of the Beta – we really appreciate your patience and feedback as we test out the system.
Starlink is an extremely flexible system, and will get better over time as we make the software smarter. Latency, bandwidth, and reliability can all be improved significantly – come help us get there faster! Send your resume to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or check out some hot jobs below.
We’re continuously improving all of the parts of the system. We update all of our satellites weekly, and push software updates to the Starlink dishes, WiFi routers, and phone app every couple weeks.
All the feedback so far as been invaluable and is being directly incorporated into engineering decisions across the organization. This has been really inspiring to us all. We're incredibly excited to continue on this journey together as we bring internet to disconnected populations across the world. And, then to Mars!
Production Design:
Automation & Controls Engineer
Sr. Automation & Controls Engineer
Test Automation Engineer
Manufacturing Development Engineer
Product Design:
Certification / Compliance
Antenna Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
RFIC Engineer
PCB Designer (Redmond) and PCB Designer (Hawthorne)
Software Engineer (Starlink)
Senior Software Engineer (Starlink Network)
Software Engineer (Starlink Automation & Infrastructure)
Software Test
Product Security Engineer

Bonus Comments by Elon Musk:

  • Q: Any updates about the space lasers? How much better can the latency be with them? How much better can transcontinental connections be with them? When will real world testing begin?
A: Did you say space lasers? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ykL-iMtpV50
Closing Comment: If you want to build the Internet the way it should be, join Starlink
submitted by Smoke-away to Starlink

First Contact - TOTAL WAR - 245 (Black Box)

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The news of not only who Victor was being confirmed but also the news of what he had accomplished, in retrieving both extinct species and bringing back the Sleeping Ones raced through the Black Box. The only ones who didn't show any signs of shock were the Confederate Agents, who simply nodded and stared at the being speaking to them as if they were looking at a particularly bright rock.
For the first few days everyone avoided Victor, who seemed content to merely stare at the Sleeping Ones and the cats and dogs in stasis cubes in the dimly lit chilly room, idly playing with a dataslate. Delta noticed that he had a still image of Osiris the Immortal Warsteel Flame on the datapad, staring at the heavy duty combat chassis version and the flesh and blood version.
Then came the questions, which either Victor ignored, told the questioner to mind their own business, or answered reluctantly.
Yes, he'd brought them back. No, he didn't remember how. Yes, being planet-cracked had a tendency to affect one's memory.
It was a week later that a ship docked with the Black Box and a single crate was offloaded before the ship detached and jumped into hyperspace while the Black Box shifted stellar position and reengaged the security protocols.
Everyone was called into the "Family Meeting Room" when the box was brought it.
It was old, battered, made from heavy duty plas over tempered steel, with locking hatches on the sides and heavy duty hinges. It was marked with scratched and faded logos that could no longer be read.
"What's in it?" Flower asked, moving around it, examining it with her senses. "Wow, organic petroleum plastic, organic and synthetic paint, magnetic resistant stainless steel, Faraday caging protection for the contents. It's old. What is it?"
Victor waited until everyone had a chance to look at it.
"I wanted you all to see the box. What you're about to see is a secret," Victor said.
"There's not even a classification code for a secret this big," one of the Confederate Agents said.
Victor moved up and undid the latches, opening the box to reveal shock protection cradling six small boxes of white plastic.
"There are twelve of these in existence. We now have six of them," the agent said. "More could be made, but the powers that be determined that Overproject Eagle Beak needed original manufacture versions."
Victor picked up a plastic box almost reverently. He placed it on the table and opened it, revealing two complex pieces of cyberware.
Flower, of course, was the first one up, walking around it twice to let her senses examine it. The others leaned back and watched.
Nelson Castle-633821 got up next and walked around it. "Cybernetics. Pre-Glassing tech. Oh, a SUDS interface. Read only. The two are linked, the smaller one looks like it's paired to the larger one," he looked at Victor. "A new version that was never put into use?"
Victor shook his head.
Flower moved up and looked again, then jumped back, staring at the Confederate Agent and then Victor.
"They're for a Treana'ad!" she exclaimed, pointing at it. "Treana'ad have two brains, one in their head and one in the upper third of their abdomen, in between their forward legs!"
"Exactly," Victor said.
Torturer moved forward, examining it. "Never put into full production. These are the prototypes," he looked at Victor. "Did they work?"
Victor looked at the Agent, who nodded slightly.
"Yes. They worked. We have that in records," Victor said. "The problem was mapping two brains in the same split second. The Treana'ad split their memories between their brains, their personalities are split between the two. A Treana'ad without his head will live for up to an hour and, as we saw during the war, can fight those two hours based on tactile sensation."
"Right. Sexual drive and responses as well as locomotion and reflexes are in the lower brain," Violet Fields said, bringing up a hologram of a Treana'ad. "There's a dedicated nerve fiber between the two, which is why a Treana'ad has to actually think about its actions outside of bare bone reflexes and sexual responses. Since they breathe through their legs and abdomen, pheromone sensing in the lower brain takes up more neural space than in the primary brain, which handles antenna, eyes, and taste."
"Why weren't the Treana'ad added to the SUDS network then?" Vanish asked, sounding slightly offended.
"Because Terra got Glassed, which probably destroyed the active ones," Flowerpatch said. "Which means we don't have the particles that it would have used for transmission, which means that..."
She went suddenly still, then slowly got fuzzy.
Everyone held still, the Agent almost vanishing from the senses.
"No. It can't be that simple..." she breathed, so distracted her voice came from almost three feet from her mouth.
"Yes. It makes sense though..." she said softly from one of the room speakers.
"If... then... but... oh my Unholy Chocolate Rave Mouse... that's why..." her voice came from the nanites in the room usually reserved for announcements. She was little more than a colorful smeared cloud. "Of course!"
She suddenly snapped back into high resolution before turning to Victor. "Of course! That's why what you did was such a big deal!"
"Explain?" Delta asked.
Flowerpatch turned around. "It's so blindingly obvious I want to die," she said. She turned back to Victor. "Did you have the bodies or genetic samples of the two you brought out of the old SoulNet?"
Victor shook his head. "No."
"Did you have their master-ID code so you could get it from the system?" she asked, leaning forward slightly.
Again, Victor shook his head. "I had a picture. Of Daxin, his daughters, and his wife along with their vital statistics that Daxin could remember, like birthdays, system identification numbers, blood type, place of birth."
She turned and looked at everyone. "Don't you see? He didn't just walk up to their bodies in their stasis boxes," she smiled. "He accessed the system and retrieved the data!"
Delta jumped up, rezzing badly for a second. "How did we not see that?" he blurted out. He turned to Victor. "How? How did you access the system?"
Victor stared with his mouth open. He shuddered and shut his mouth with an audible click. "I... I don't remember."
"You must have," Flowerpatch said. "That's the only explanation. You accessed the system, put in the identifying information, downloaded everything from their current genome to their mental engrams, then stripped out all the agony and pain and memories that weren't theirs, then restored them."
"I... I don't remember," Victor said.
"Wait, we have the repeaters and the other cyberware, we're already talking to the SUDS system," Vanish said.
"No, no, no, we aren't," Delta said.
"Then what are doing?" Vanish asked.
Delta moved over and brought up another hologram of blocks. "OK, data comes in, gets translated, gets stored, the old data is probably backed up, which is probably how Victor managed to restore them, then the data is streamed out. None of that involves what Victor managed to access."
"I don't understand," Violet said.
Delta sighed. "OK, everyone here is familiar with a CAD program, right?" Everyone nodded and murmured they were. "All right, just using the CAD program doesn't mean we're accessing the operating system, it doesn't give us access to say, the video settings and the hologram resolution settings," Delta said.
He looked at Torturer. "We're looking at the eyes and ears of the SUDS system and thinking that it's going to let us figure out how the broodcarrier song is getting into the Gestalt system and into the SUDS system. It's not."
Flower had started to drift again, perfectly still.
"The Gestalts use up about eight percent of the bandwidth, and nobody knows where the hardware is located. I checked. There was a Gestalt system in use on pre-Glassing Terra, most people assume it was rebuilt after the Glassing," Delta said. "It wasn't. As a matter of fact, the current Terran Gestalt..."
"IT WAS THE DIGITAL OMNIMESSIAH!" Flowerpatch suddenly blurted. She whirled around on Victor. "How long after the Digital Omnimessiah was killed did the Terran Gestalt come back?"
"According to the logs, it came online roughly thirty Terran Standard Days later," Victor said, sitting down in the chair. "You're right."
"The Gestalts get their data from the SUDS system, somehow," Flowerpatch said.
"I thought they got it through datalinks?" Violet said.
"The data moves through... how could we have been so blind," Torturer said. "It moves through SolNet, which is built on the foundation of the original, which was tied into SoulNet."
"We need to access the root level software, down in the hardware application layer," Delta said. He looked at Victor. "Somehow, you figured out how to access the system itself, not just request data regarding SUDS or Soulchips."
"And either the dogs and cats were a byproduct of that, or restoring the Sleeping Ones was a byproduct of that," Herod said, stepping forward. "You're an Immortal. What happens if the Black Box got planet-cracked? Do you go away? What?"
Victor shook his head. "No. It's hard to explain. I drop out of a portal wearing Combine Era armor, my memories intact as if no time had passed."
"Hellspace, huh?" Herod said. He threw up particle interactions. "Why Hellspace? How did they keep the facility from being dissolved?"
"It isn't Hellspace," the Confederate Agent said.
Herod looked at her. "What is it?"
"Deadspace. I come out of Deadspace," Victor said, shrugging. "Daxin comes out of Hellspace."
"What in the name of the Unholy Chocolate Rave Mouse is Deadspace?" Violet asked.
"Someplace terrible," Victor said.
"Could they have stored the SUDS backbone there?" Herod asked.
Victor shook his head. "No. Well, maybe. I mean, the place is weird. The Big Bang was more like a Tiny Whimper, and time itself didn't exactly form."
"No, no, you'd..." Herod stood still. "You'd need time, but not distance. Someplace you can access from within a stellar gravity well consistent with Sol, maybe even accessible from a planetary or orbiting body gravity well. Particle interactions would be more about the rules on the receiving end, where the SUDS array is located, not ours."
"You'd just need a form of binary data transmission," Delta said. "Between this dimension and the other dimension."
"There's seventeen catalogued dimensions, excluding Hellspace and Deadspace," Trifold Carthage said. "I'll need to look at the mathematics for all of them."
"Look between the Treana'ad/Human War and the Mantid Strike, that's the era that the SUDS was developed," Violet said.
Flowerpatch was still perfectly still, blurred as the nanites drifted apart with the loss of processing power dedicated to holding her together. She suddenly snapped together in a puff of bluish-black dust.
"It explains all of it. The miracles, the Apostles, all of it. A massive supercomputer that would make a Digital Sentience Creche look like an abacus, with massive energy reserves normally reserved for stellar masses," she said. She looked at everyone. "You know what we're actually looking for? What we're trying to do?"
Everyone shook their head then looked at Victor when he started laughing.
"What's so funny?" Herod asked, feeling his digital flesh crawl.
"We're looking for the Digital Omnimessiah's body so we can commune with his spirit," Victor laughed.
Has anyone seen TerraSol lately?
I assumed he was off doing war things.
Do you need me to go looking for him?
Would you? I need to talk privately with him.
Our new home is beautiful.
We had forgotten what beauty was.
OK, that was weird. Did anyone else feel that?
Oh, thank the Digital Omnimessiah, I thought it was just me.
No, I felt that too. What
soft blanket warm blanket nappy time for good podlings sleepy podling happy podling cuddle podling nighty night brave podling sweet podling dreams
What was I saying?
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submitted by Ralts_Bloodthorne to HFY

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