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Hack manually windows 10 build 10586 activation

Windows 10 Pro Activation Keys - Activate Windows 10 fast
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Registration key windows Product ID Change with "Windows 10 1511 Build

Visual Studio Enterprise (former MSDN) subscribers. Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) Before updating, please refer to the Windows release information status for known issues to confirm your device is not impacted. Download Windows 10 20H2 Build 19041.508 October 2020 Update https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=964.

Win 10 Pro 64-bit Free Upgrade License Key - Windows 10

But what's with the new numbering scheme. From the launch of Windows 10, our focus was on moving people from having, to choosing, to loving Windows. Does anyone know why I can't update to Build 10586?

Solved: How to Activate Windows 10 for Free Permanently 2020

Attach a blank USB flash drive with at least 8GB of space. It is the successor to Windows 8.1, released nearly two years earlier, and was released to manufacturing on July 15, 2020, and broadly released for the general public on July 29, 2020. You did not say what you used to justify it.

Download Windows 10 ISO File - Page 86 -

This tutorial from here on the forum is a good guide. Guys, need some feedbacks on my problem I'm facing right now on my WINDOWS 10 PRO - I tried manually entering the product code (which I noted down & saved when the Windows executive guy was activating my PC via remote access). If setup does not progress, close the wizard then restart your computer.

Windows 10 - release information

Windows 10 Version 1511 New Update KB3118754 Available now

Windows 10 Enterprise October 2020 Update) to the general public as "Release to Manufacturing (RTM)". Download Windows 10 1511 Build 10586 ISO [November Update. Also, on April 8, 2020, Microsoft is making available Windows 10 build 18362.30 as final version for the May 2020 Update in the Release Preview ring.

Direct Download links for KB4480116 Windows 10 Build 17763.253

This exciting update, which. Windows Update is now the only way to get Threshold 2. However using the new build 10586, the machines are no longer activating.

Manually update windows 10 build 10586 activation

Windows update code error 0x80240fff Solved - Windows 10. I am trying to activate Windows Home Single Language 10 (latest build ) using a Windows Single Language Product Key. ANDROID BEST BUY: Windows 10 Enterprise 1511 Build 10586.

Can't active windows 10 after manual aupgrade.

Windows 10 Version Build ISO Download [Feb Update] Get the latest Windows 10 version build ISO download [Feb update]. How To Activate Windows 10 Permanently (KMSpico Activator. Manually windows 10 build 10586 activation.

Official Tool to Download Windows 10 Offline ISO File for

Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 and are yet. View 7 Replies Similar Messages.

Serial code 10 Windows 10 Dark Themes (Ultimate Dark Edition Themes 2020)

Windows 10 Version 1511 Build 10586 ISO Download [Feb 2020 https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=975. Official Tool to Download Windows 10 Offline ISO File for Clean Install or Upgrade - Last updated on October 21, 2020 by VG. UPDATE: The Media Creation Tool now downloads the latest Windows 10 October 2020 Update build 19042 (Version 20H2). Windows 10 build 14316 for PC: Everything you need to know https://stroika64.ru/download/?file=977.

Audiobooked for Windows 10 BETA updates

Hi guys, we will be posting quick updates about the Windows 10 beta of Audiobooked in this post. You can read more about the beta on this previous post .
v4.0.1.12b March 20, 2016 - in certification (should be available in few hours):
  • fixed some problems with timer,
  • fixed some minor problems in synchronization of monitored folder,
  • another try to bypass the system issue - there is a chance that this time audio won't stop with the end of the track,
  • please note that bacuse of probable issue, in case you have plenty of books in monitored folder, you click sync, leave the app (synchronization running) and resume right away, the app will likely crash. That won't happen if you leave it for couple of minutes and let to finish synchronization.
v4.0.1.11b March 18, 2016 - published (should be available in few hours):
  • fixed some problems when picking a single file as book,
  • now leaving the app shouldn't stop initialization of books.
v4.0.1.9b March 15, 2016 - published (should be available in few hours):
  • fixed some problems, that arose after last update, in some cases you might have seen 'Audio file not found',
  • new option added in settings -> monitored folder - if you click the checkbox 'each sub-subfolder as separate book', the moniotored folder will be parsed and all sub folders from the folder-tree will be treated as separate books, even if they are all in one folder. Otherwise each folder in Monitored will be treated as single book with tracks from all its files and subfolders.
v4.0.1.8b March 13, 2016 - published (should be available in few hours):
  • fixed deletion problems - now you should be able to delete books from library and from phone, via select -> delete or holding finger over book -> delete,
  • few users reproted that app sometimes showed missing file message, I've implemented some changes, that may fix this issue, if you encounter such issues, please try to readd the book or reinstall the app,
  • there is a new option to add books in 'AddBookPage', besides onedrive and dropbox, you should find 'Device' - now it's possible to pick a foldefile from more places other than SD/Music. The option allows also more convinient import on desktop computers.
v4.0.1.7b March 07, 2016 - published (should be available in few hours):
  • car mode implemented, switch on full-paid mode in settings and then in main app bar you can turn on the car mode,
  • few users notified about random track jumping after the end of currently listened, as it's not suitable for audiobook player to behave like that, we have to resign for a while from gapless playback and return to previous method with some little modifications. I've tested it for few days and on my device seems to work stable, please give it a try and especially check if it stops playback when lockscreen is engaged (that was a problem in some W10 builds).
v4.0.1.6b February 29, 2016 - published (should be available in few hours):
  • another fix for OneDrive 50% issue - please test if now downloading from onedrive is possible,
  • in some cases on build 10856.107, the app had problems with connecting to the player after it was run by UVC (volume butoons/headset/bluetooth) - now it should work ok,
  • some users reported problems when tracks has been skipped, or not played when selected/jumped to - I have stumbled into a problem when track that has been played few minutes before, now is not able to start and systemshows Decoding problem. In this update I've changed a little the way how tracks are preloaded - I'm not sure if this will help (as far as I've tested in the past few hours - should work), but it's worth to try. Please give us a sign if you still enocunter problems in playing tracks in order, or at all.
v4.0.1.5b February 19, 2016 - published (should be available in few hours):
  • quick fix - with new track organization, the player started to have problems with adb/hidden files, now it should work without problems,
v4.0.1.4b February 17, 2016 - published (should be available in few hours):
  • fixed problem, when book added from OneDrive showed 50% pernament state,
  • fixed some problems where track showed on main screen had wrong number,
  • fixed playing from saved bookmark,
  • I've implemented new track organization inside the player, this allows for gapless playback between tarcks among one book and also speeds up a little process of chaning tracks/position within the book. A small drawback is that if your book consists of many (for example more that 70 tracks), then the player will load about 2-3 seconds longer after first initialization.
  • if you have Windows 10 build 10586.107 on your phone, please note that with the build there came some problems regarding background playback, what hadn't happened in earlier builds. The first is that the playback may stop once the app goes to background or you switch on lockscreen, it shouldn't happen if you start playback via the small player that pops up after pressing volume buttons. The second problem is that the playback may stop after track change. Both problems I've observed happening mostly on previous version ( of the app, the new track organization may help regarding both problems, but doesn't guarantee that they won't occur, as it may be a system problem.
  • as the track organization is a big change, we really need to test it rough, so please e-mail us if you encouner any problems regarding playback (or other)
v4.0.1.3b February 13, 2016 - published (should be available in few hours):
  • removed completely the indestructible update window,
  • initialization of files imported from phone should be few times faster now and it should start just after adding the book, not once you return to library,
  • in some cases there might have been a problem with player initialization, the update should fix the issue,
  • syncing books from monitored folder should now also delete the ones that you have removed from folder manually, as for now it won't track single files in book folders (tracks), but whole folders and files directly in monitored folder.
v4.0.1.1b February 09, 2016 - published (should be available in near time):
  • monitored folder - a new feature that you will find in settings -> library. Once you enable this, please choose a folder by clicking a button (otherwise it will show error during syncing). All folders (with their subfolders) and single files inside the monitored folder, will be treated as separate books and imported once you click sync button in library. This is the very first implementation of this feature and deleting in the app is still not working well (hold button on any book -> delete), so please use monitored folder wisely - for example don't add whole SD card as monitored - it should work, but result may be wierd. Also look out for option 'hide files' when doing this - it can change extension of all your audio files if you choose for example SD card as monitored along with this option. Last but not least - monitored folder now is only 'partialy' monitored - new books are being added, but if you remove folder manually and click sync - it won't delete book from library - this should be done in near future.
v4.0.0.7b (January 14-15, 2016):
  • added synchronization mode - this is a big one change and need some more explanation:
    • to activate synchronization, you will have to enter settings -> sync+backup and turn the switch on,
    • synchronization works only for books that are on your OneDrive in folder Audiobooked (if there is no such folder, the app will create one).
    • when you want to add a book, create in your OneDrive/Audiobooked a folder with book name, then copy any supported audio files there. You can put any number of files there, they also may be in subfolders - the app should handle that case. After that, open app on any device, go to library page and click 'sync' button on application bar. On mobile devices you should see a 'Syncing with cloud' information at system bar, on desktop the sync button will turn gray for a while (no other information right now, sorry for that). After a while books should start to appear in your library. For the very first time (or if there are any new books in OneDrive) the app will download the files.
    • as for now synchronization is 'manual' (I'm working on making it automatic, but as for now I've encountered some problems and must do some more research). A simple example: you travel by bus and listen audiobook on your phone, once you finish listening and get to your home, click sync button on the phone. Then open the app on other device, for example desktop, go to library and click 'sync' - the app should synchronize it's position with the one from the phone. Note - this works only for books that are in OneDrive/Audiobooked folder.
    • even if you are not interested in synchronization among devices, you may want to use it as a convenient way of adding books. It's an easy way to download multiple books (also with subfolders) with one click. The synced library may also be used as a backup after app reinstallation.
Thanks for helping us!
PS. We are still looking on how we can better communicate the progress we are doing, for now we will use this subreddit :)
– Cheers from the Audiobooked Team!
submitted by audiobooked to audiobooked

Got my Lumia 950 - any questions?

Please understand that I am not a professional writereviewer and I am just doing this for the sake of information being available. Some of the issues I experienced, I will attribute to the W10 Insider program. If you are not in the Windows 10 Insider program before upgrading to this phone, you can completely ignore the edits section.
Just got it in the mail. It is restoring from backup atm. Will answer any questions that I can as it finishes.
Installed W10 Version: 10.0.10586.0
Lock screen and glance are very responsive and fluid in this build. Which is pretty surprising compared to how it performed before this new update. And oh my god does this thing charge fast!


Continuum is a default installed app. I had some issues initially getting it going, but nothing a soft reset couldn't fix.
Ok, so I got it connected after a soft reset. Maybe an issue with the store installing so many apps at that time. It works OK and is is pretty smooth. Unfortunately I couldn't get a good resolution on my Xbox One wireless display app for it to be really useful.
I was using the display as a keyboard/mouse. I couldn't click appbar buttons with the mouse in the mail app at least. The continuum app doesn't support landscape mode for keyboard/mouse control so you will be typing in portrait at that point. After the use of this feature, I had to quit and reopen some apps as they did not detect that I was back on my phone (such as store and mail).
The input is really responsive though and I could really see this being useful with a dock or an x86 phone if that does end up happening. Mobile workers would benefit from this as well especially working on the fly in multiple locations.

Windows Hello

To setup windows hello, the button to configure it is beneath the pin setup under Sign-In options in the lock screen settings. Little bit hidden there.
The setup was kind of a pain, as it kept trying to "detect my eyes" and it was awkward for me to steady the phone during that time. It is a simple setup otherwise. If you have glasses, use the improve recognition option after initial setup with your glasses on. It makes you take them off for the first recognition setup.
Takes about 2-3 seconds to recognize you. Turns on a bright red light (camera) in the top right above the screen when you go to unlock your phone. It is amazing. I tried it with straight glare all over my glasses from a certain angle. A normal camera could barely see my eyes through it. This worked flawlessly and unlocked in that scenario. Win for us blind folk.
There are some nuances with the Iris recognition. The angle is weird, you have to have the phone decently close to your face and at the right angle. But you get used to it.
Restarting the device makes you manually enter your pin on the first unlock, then you can continue using iris detection.


I'm not a photographer and I can't spend all day taking photos/videos. But here are some sample photos and a very short (10 seconds), 60mb 4k/30fps video from this gloomy and very windy day. These are the full res copies straight from my phone to my computer.
Photos - taken with focus but auto settings
Some more photos - Sorry I couldn't get more examples, we had to cancel our trip to the park due to rain. I'm also not a very good photographer. These are all point and shoot with focus and auto settings for everything.
Video - use the download option to get the full resolution

Call Quality/Speaker Quality

I had a 45 min conference call and was able to get some testing in on the speaker, call and speakerphone quality.
The speaker quality is pretty good, although there is a slight rattle when turning up the volume. These speakers are LOUD though.
Call Quality is great, it truly is comparable to the quality of T-Mobiles Wi-Fi calling. Very clear. The only negative thing is that speakerphone vibration. It has a weird vibration/whine/rattle to it at medium to loud volumes.

Bluetooth Quality

Will edit this if I get the chance to test this with my cars/home theater system.


The display is truly ClearBlack. It is crystal clear and the colors are vibrant on it, they really pop out at you. Glance is wonderfully black as well. I have no leaks/dead pixels on arrival like I have had with other OLED screens on other phones.
The display settings default to very low resolution/scaling. I adjusted it to 300% scaling (the lowest it can go) and everything seems to be the right size now. Not sure why they defaulted to that. With 300% scaling, you can get 4 medium tile wide start screen by enabling it in the start screen settings. Doesn't seem to work with other scalings as mentioned by another user in here.

Setup process edits

Edit: It crashed during the restore. Upon restarting/soft resetting I cannot login now. It is stuck in setup atm. Requesting a ton of data constantly while asking me to log back in to "keep your life in sync".
Edit 2: To be able to recover from this crash, you have to click "Previous" once and it will then check your account info for a minute or 2 and then fail. It will then let you try to sign in again. This is pretty buggy. I can't get past this "checking account info" and "unfortunately we weren't able to connect to your account" loop.
Edit 3: The OOBE just crashed, and I can see the start menu which allowed me to do a factory reset on the phone. Going to give this another try after the factory reset completes.....
Edit 4: Reset completed, attempting another restore. By the way, please customize your settings. A lot of privacy settings that will go missed. They also moved the "send my location to Microsoft upon device activation" option into there instead of the login screen.
Edit 5: Yay the restore completed successfully but "couldn't restore some settings". Still seems like everything mostly restored properly, including my start screen layout, apps, and most of my settings that I can see. Wish they were more specific here as it did not restore my pin refresh setting.
Edit 7: Store immediately got stuck on "restoring user data" for facebook and mytube. Attempting a soft reset now to alleviate that issue.
Edit 8: Soft reset completed. "Advanced info" can't install for some reason as well "Error, see details": 0x803F8006 - Store is still very buggy on this build so far.
Edit 9: Advanced info still failing to install and 2 more apps got stuck on "restoring user data" for 15 mins. (facebook beta again, remote desktop). Trying a soft reset now to see if it will alleviate that issue.
Edit 10: Completely restarting the phone and clearing the "advanced info" app from the downloads list fixed the issue. I checked for updates, it found it and installed it correctly.
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