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/u/oprahsbuttplug on Is there a principled way for us to fight against companies deplatforming conservative voices?

I don't agree with forcing companies to do something because that can set a bad precedent.
I see more than a few avenues to approach this.
  • Try to campaign against using social media. All the evidence we have suggests that social media doesn't replace in person interactions, makes people feel more isolated and the mobile apps are specifically designed to overstimulate your dopamine receptors in the same way heroin does to make people addicted to them.
Good luck with that one though because as stated, mobile social medias apps are purposely designed to make you psychologically addicted to using them. People react the same way to hearing their phone go off and not being able to look at it the exact same way they react at the moment of impact during a car accident. Facebook used to have a blue app badge and the notification bubble was a different shade of blue. They did some research and found that blue did not encourage someone to look at so they changed it to red. Red as well know is the universal color of "not good" red is nearly always used as a color that represents danger or hazards. Red, black, yellow and orange are all natural danger colors that humans have evolved to associate with danger. GameStop did some studies years ago about what color combinations are more likely to get people to look at certain things and they found that black and red has the highest probability of getting someone's attention. Guess what two colors GameStop changed their branding to?
The other way to fix this is on the governmental interjection side.
Currently the reason that Facebook, and Twitter had to have sit down with Congress is to determine if these companies deserve to have "platform" status or if they are "publishers."
Platforms do not curate their content. 4chan is a platform definitively. No one who runs the website is deciding what content can be posted.
A publisher would be a newspaper, Craigslist, blog, any organization that specifically removes content they don't endorse from their hosting.
Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are being evaluated to determine if they're truly a platform or if they're a publisher. The Crux of this is that platforms are legally insulated from any legal consequences of the content that people post. If someone posts a YouTube video telling people to kill blacks and Jews, YouTube is not liable if someone goes and kills blacks and Jews.
Publishers are liable for their content because they are making an endorsement of the content by virtue of deciding what's allowed.
The trouble is that these companies want it both ways. They want to use their first amendment right to free speech but they also want to control what other speech is allowed.
So what we can is demand that they pick one. I'm perfectly fine with Facebook saying they don't want me on their website as long as they are actually saying that directly.
The other issue is whether or not these companies constitute being a public utility at this point. Facebook has 2.8 billion accounts and Twitter has hundreds of millions. Both of these companies have taken tax reliefs to encourage them to expand so the idea that they are solely private corporations is not true. They accepted public money to build, their service exists because public utility companies built the infrastructure to support them with tax funds and they have been given tax breaks to grow.
Twitter is the digital age town square which is where the idea of free speech comes from same with Facebook.
from oprahsbuttplug on Is there a principled way for us to fight against companies deplatforming conservative voices?
submitted by rightwingnews to DebateRightists

Is Hollywood Undead riding a downward slope?

This is a topic that's been bugging my mind for a while now and I wanted to see what the sub's take on it is. I wanted to create a discussion around this topic, as I believe there is something here to be addressed.
I can't help but notice that after the release of V, HU's relevancy started to go downhill, if we're looking at youtube views, for example. PSALMS wasn't really a hit, the audio for Bloody Nose on youtube gathering only 720k views. Gotta Let Go is still sitting at just 4 million views and considering it was a lead single with a music video that wasn't crap, that is still very poor. But we haven't gotten to the worst part yet.
Already Dead's music video is still sitting at a laughable 1.7 mil. views. This was the 1st single off of New Empire Vol. 1. Time Bomb did a little better and is sitting at 2.8 mil. views. Still... considering that just 3 years ago back in 2017 when California Dreaming was released, it gathered 1 mil. views in just a few days and is now sitting at almost 11 mil. views and Whatever It Takes has 18 million views, almost as much as the lead single from 2015, Day of the Dead, shows that something went wrong here. I'm not gonna talk about We Are and Bullet, those are the highest viewed HU videos on youtube, but they're also quite old at this point. Nothing in the recent times managed to find an audience on youtube. Or at least not a big one. Heart of a Champion and Nightmare (2 of the best songs on the album) still sit at under 1 mil. views. Idol, with Tech fucking N9ne still over a month after its release hasn't gathered 1 mil. views.
Why is this downward trend happening? Some could argue that youtube isn't relevant anymore and Spotify is the only thing that matters now. That is true, albeit just partially. HU's monthly listeners are still growing, despite the tragic numbers on youtube. The number of plays on Spotify for Volume 1 is also decent considering it's only been out for 8 months, but it could also be a lot better.
I've thought about the fact that after Day of the Dead, the band went independent. Full creative control for them is certainly a positive, but it also means they lose the big name that Interscope is. Despite that, V did surprisingly well considering it was their first indie album, charted at 22 on Billboard and gathered decent views and quite a few plays on spotify.
So what the hell happened now? Why was there such a huge loss in numbers from V to New Empire? The marketing was barebones, true... but it was lackluster for V as well. Why did New Empire chart at only 125 on Billboard? Album purchases are dying, that's true... but if we take a band like Sabaton (which is a lot less mainstream than HU), their 2019 album managed to hit 42 on Billboard, yet their Spotify following is smaller than HU's.
Also, if we take a look at lyric videos for HU's songs, we also see a huge drop in views with this latest record. Only a few hundred thousand views per video, while stuff from V, DOTD and before pulled millions on each song.
And finally, is it just me or does their Facebook page keep losing likes? It was almost at 3.5 mil. likes at it's best moment and now it's sitting at 3.303 mil.
Meanwhile, we have bands like Bring Me the Horizon or Falling in Reverse who managed to release huge hits on youtube and pretty much all platforms. I could argue that Parasite Eve or Ludens from BMTH don't bring something necessarily better than what HU has to offer, yet they seem to be riding a giant popularity wave right now.
So I wanted to create a discussion in our little community of diehard HU fans and see what do you all think about this. Why is this happening? Why now? Why such a big loss in a short period of time?
Let's discuss.
submitted by Dark0pz to HollywoodUndead

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